Election victory possible – says Party Secretary

Last weekend saw the division within the NDC party, in its most glaring showcase nationwide, since the confusion and the political chaos became apparent.

And to add more drama to the nation’s ongoing party politics ups and downs and sideways, the opposition NNP also had its Convention and a public meeting at Grenville – while the NDC Executive held its cook-up and fun day at St. David’s, and the Government of Prime Minister Tillman Thomas had a Thanksgiving and celebratory get-together at Gouyave.

Two or three of the Government M.P’s attended both the St. David’s and Gouyave celebrations, while the south East St. George NDC M.P attended all the three Meetings, and apparently received a rousing welcome by the NNP crowd.

The ex-Cabinet Minister for Foreign Affairs, M.P. Karl Hood, is from the same Constitution as the Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Mitchell – so maybe there could be things in the pipeline to come forth in the months ahead.

There was a wild gossip news flash at the Gouyave NDC Celebration, that there was fighting and disturbances at the NNP Grenville Convention – but that was clearly not true and the occasion was very peaceful.

The only prevailing questions by many, were why did the NNP chose the anniversary date, on which the party was soundly beaten by the NDC group, to take over control after thirteen consecutive years in office.

The few answers forthcoming from the lively crowd in Gouyave, had more to do with séance and suspect underhand dealings by head-hunters of the underworld.

The crowd at Grenville for the NNP public meeting, was nothing as compared to the NDC Gouyave crowd in celebration of the four years anniversary.

So now that the people have seen the three sides of the political landscape, that currently prevails in the country – the questions arising therefrom, are where we go from here onwards, and more particularly behind which Leader and group the majority will be traveling?

Against that scenario, comes the NDC General Secretary’s forecast that the party can and will win the next Election.

He did not say who will be leading the winners, and in the current political chaos and division existing inside the NDC Government – the question of Leadership must be of  paramount importance in the coming few months.

Will the National Executive of the NDC party, which all the stories suggest is led by the said General Secretary, and M.P for the Town of St. George, Hon. Peter David – be supporting the General Secretary or the existing Party Leader and Prime Minister.

And even if the support is behind the Prime Minister, the bigger question would be – can the people of Grenada rely on that manner of convenient support, in light of the open confrontation and disunity that have destabled the existing Government for the past two years especially?

It is against that level of questioning I find the General Secretary’s prediction so confusing.
But I can very well see the rationale for the predictions, if they were generated by the crowds that appeared at the St. David’s Beach Lime, as opposed to that in Gouyave.

Whatever it maybe – the very much bigger questions have to do with how the delay, and the general uncertainty existing nationally, as well as the effects on any possible Investor who may be willing to help Grenada, but cannot wait indefinitely, nor for these party political differences to sort themselves out.

But over and above the foregoing, which has to do with party politics on both sides – there can be no doubt what-so-ever, that the situation in the country as a whole is under serious pressure economically.

A whole lot of people and families generally, are struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis – and promises now, of what may happen after the next General Elections whenever that maybe, these are just not good enough.

And if nothing is forthcoming soon to ease that pressure, and release the very serious tension thousands are existing under, we could as a people, be faced with greater problems down the road.

At the Prime Minister’s Celebration of the Fourth  Anniversary victory on the 8th July at Gouyave – the Minister for Works and Roads etc, Senator Modeste, he listed a whole lot of Roads and other projects that have been on the drawing boards for sometime now – but they are still awaiting all sorts of approval for funding and whatever else, before people can be hired to start work.

We are now counting down the months in the last year, and those Roads and Bridges have been in their present conditions for years now, and only getting worse with nothing being done to stem their final collapse.

If anyone in control maybe thinking, that bringing those works on stream in these last months, and nearer the election date to help influence the people’s final choice – such persons could be making serious mistakes.

The damages that have already been done to the ruling party’s image and reputation, have been so widespread and indepth – that those who will be contesting the next polls under the NDC ticket, they will need to come up with a lot more on offer, and ready to be implemented, to be able to influence and persuade the long-suffering voters, that the tide is truly changing course, and better days are ahead with a second term in control of state power.

The one thing that the opposition cannot accuse those now in control of – is any hanky-panky or misdeeds with the people’s funds that came into their hands in the four years.

As for the One Hundred and Fifty Thousand U.S. dollars ($150,000.00 U.S.) that the opposition alleged was deposited into a Minister’s private Account at Republic Bank, that matter is very hush-hush; even after the Prime Minister admitted that he had received Fifty Thousands dollars for the party, from an unknown source in the Virgin Islands.

The further statement from the opposition PRO, that the matter had been passed to the NNP’s Legal Advisor for whatever action – that too is still quietly pending.

Now whether the opposition strategy Advisors are hanging on to whatever evidence they may have – and waiting to declare same much nearer the Election date, for more damaging effect as it may have – only time will tell.

The separate meeting held by the Ruling party last week Sunday (8th July), have surely added more fuel to the fire of the widespread division within the group, as it relates to the major issue of who is Leader and in control.

The division within the National Executive as now existing, has the General Secretary as the leader of the Majority – and he resigned from the Cabinet, after he had more or less agreed with the Opposition’s no-confidence motion in Parliament, although he voted against it.

The convention to elect a new Executive is still pending, and the outcome of that Election whenever it is held, will have a whole lot to say about who will be contesting as NDC Candidates – and who will not be wearing yellow.

The one thing that is very certain about the control of power – is that the Party leader, as the current Prime Minister, cannot be voted out as leader of the Party at the Convention.

Against the foregoing background, and in the prevailing circumstances as I see it – unless there is a major turn around, in a whole lot of situations and people’s attitude almost overnight – I cannot see the General Secretary prediction being fullfilled in the coming year – when he said the NDC can and will win the next Elections.

What is more likely to be happening, in the troubled tri-Island State in the coming months leading up to “D-day” – is that the economic conditions will surely become much worse as the months go by, with no relief any where in sight – to cushion the hardships that will definitely result therefrom.

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