NDC supporters need to demand party convention

By The Stone Crusher

Due to the hard-hitting nature of THE STONE CRUSHER, very special care is taken to research the facts and to deliver them to the public.

The pen of this patriotic son of the soil must reach the consuming public with truth and nothing but truth since this column must never look anything like the propagandists of the NDC OREL Gang who are peddlers of lies, half truths, and innuendos.

Many persons do appreciate the consistency in delivering historical facts about the communist murderers and how they did things back in the lead up to the 1979 revolution and for the life of the revolution until its crash on October 19th 1983 with the barbaric execution of Maurice Bishop and others.

It is now the equally bloody hands of those off-springs and sympathizers of the bloody era who are today showing signs of wanting to do the same to Uncle Tilly.

All of this was said to introduce a slight correction regarding something, which regrettably the Stone Crusher delivered last week.

While the Grenada Bank of Commerce was sold by the NNP, the sale of National Commercial Bank (NCB) was overseen by the Nicholas Brathwaite-led NDC administration together with GRENLEC.

Let us not loose sight of the fact that the daggers are now drawn between the two warring factions of the ruling NDC as they went about their business with the “high-jacked”, rebel-infested executive holding its “ghetto jam” at La Tante Beach that could not even attract the 700 supporters they are suspected to have in their corner.

The Political Leader and Prime Minister led his Cabinet of Ministers to an accountability rally at Gouyave with the noticeable exception of Michael Lett and Glynis Roberts – the latter being a devoted rebel, stays on in the Cabinet as probably an agent of the rebels on the inside.

Very early in the game, Mr. Lett had declared that he is not interested in a second term but now seems t o be supporting the sentiments of the gang man.

The Gang members have gotten into the head of the MP for St. David’s with the ole talk that Uncle Tilly should have put him to act as Prime Minister all the time, instead of Nazim Burke, since he is the elder statesman in the party.

It is quite clear that the rebels have absolutely nothing to lose as they’ve lost it all already, but proceed to hold on to the executive while frustrating the process of registration of new members and renewal/updating (of membership) of existing members.

This is termed a deliberate ploy by those sympathetic to the General Secretary (the main party organiser) so as to turn people off as he realized that his faction cannot attract any new members worthy of note while the Political Leader is able through the ground swell of support he is receiving nationwide to attract to the party new members.

The reason the gang man’s executive is giving is that they have no cards.  One would have thought that he would have used some of the ALBA dollars to procure stationery for the party, if he really wants to pull rank over the party.

The gang man is the same one who recently told the nation that he does not know where Uncle Tilly is getting his donations from, although his donations come through a local financial institution while he (the gang man) goes to collect his privately abroad or locally under to cover of darkness.

It is only fair that he must declare where he got his funds from to pay for his “ghetto lime” in La Tante with the “pot-a-food” gutter celebrations.

He might not have paid for some of the drinks since it is said in some quarters that the Union Man might have footed the bill for the drinks.

Now that the gang man and his half a dozen infidels realise where the party support is (and that it is clearly not with them) they should retreat and go back where they come from. It is clear that the Union man and the convicted mass murderer are not in touch with today’s reality.

Living in the past has contributed to the proverbial “mass mutiny” by the people who are moved to support Uncle Tilly and not the gang man/ghetto prince with his bunch of “nastinesses” – the ‘apahwah’, the frock woman/glorified secretary, the drunkard, the big head casino man.

It is time for the gang man to set a date for the party’s convention by virtue of the organisational role his position in the party’s executive has given him. But this must not be done before completing the registration of the wave of new applicants for party membership.

The truth is because of the gang man’s sinister agenda to hijack the party and deliver it to the dictates of the irrelevant union man and the convicted mass murderer, he is doing all in his power to prevent the party from making the necessary changes which will bring an end to the impasse in the party.

Gang man/ghetto prince, big head casino man, the frock woman and glorified secretary, drunkard, security man,  baker man, the ghetto doctor, and the “dottish” hairy crab at SGU who always “running she ‘moute’ on talkshop”  – all of them have to go.

Ordinary rank and file NDC members need to go to the St. George’s Baptist Church in Springs/Belmont and look for the man who fits the description of “can’t-speak’-English”, fake pastor and tell him to use whatever influence he has to get his gang leader to call the convention.

The NDC massive might have to go to Ciboney Chambers or all the Magistrate Courts in St. George’s to see if they can find the General Secretary and tell him to call the party convention.

They need to go around the island to all the rum shops and see if they can find the drunkard and ask him to get his gang man partner to call the party convention.

They need to go on the mourning ground to see if they find anybody who knows where to find the big “obsorkey-looking” glorified secretary or frock woman and tell her to plead with the gang man to call the convention.

Imagine this “ooman” should be still on the mourning ground, but she out there getting on with she “stupidness”. People have to be sorry for Mr. Lett, who unfortunately has secured a dim corner on the pages of our political history.

If all efforts fail to get the rebels to call the party’s convention – rank and file NDC supporters, you will have to consider taking legal action against them for not calling the convention as that may be the only alternative to getting them to release the party from their stranglehold.

The other alternative for Uncle Tilly might be the formation of a new party like The People’s Congress or Congress of the People for the 2013 general election.

There cannot be any accommodation with the red nastiness and the gang. What is there to discuss with the rebel group? Uncle Tilly is not under house arrest like Maurice Bishop and is free to take his people away from bondage.

The gang man needs to understand that under democracy – majority rules and the NDC party members want the convention to settle the matter once and for all.

When the matter is settled and you are right positioned (out of the executive and party) you are free to form your own party where democratic centralism could be your centerpiece.

Your tiny Central Committee clique would be able to dictate freely in your own party if they want to bring in your irrelevant union man friend, and any number of convicted mass murderers and sympathisers of your alien ideology.

The Maurice Bishop Killers will not take any chance with the gang leader to lead them in the first place. They know that during 1979-83 the gang man was a weak leader who had to be put in a straight jacket with someone always on top of him to make sure that he was able to perform.

Stone Crusher has noticed with careful thought that the gang leader is applying and employing all Bernard Coard’s tactics that were played out in the crash of the revolution.

During that period back then, Bernard Coard and the convicted mass murderer (Chief among advisors for the gang man) used to move by night to co-ordinate their onslaught on Maurice Bishop and his side. Remember, how they moved by night to meet with the Cuban Ambassador, Julian Rizo to get assurances that the Cubans on the island will not massacre them and free Bishop from under house arrest.

The gang leader can be seen moving up and down all over under the cover of darkness in the various constituencies.

In fact he was seen one night in the company of the doctor man that was recommended to take over the St. David’s seat. The two of them, under the cover of darkness, was moving into the St. George’s South East Constituency to give support to the little boy in Health.

Gang man, please remember that Bernard Coard resigned his Cabinet position of Minister of Finance in the People’s Revolutionary Government (PRG) but he remained in the NJM Central Committee and Political Bureau while being head of OREL and continue to jam lash in Bishop’s tail.

Peter has now done the same thing. He has resigned his Cabinet position but holding on to his party position while he resorts to jamming lash in Uncle Tilly’s tail with a few pot hounds.

When Bernard Coard gave evidence in his own trial at the Lion’s Den at Richmond Hill and he was asked if he killed Maurice Bishop, he said he was in a dungeon at Fort Frederick being nursed back to health because he had a bad back and while there he heard what had happened on Fort Rupert.

Gang man, there will be no killing of Uncle Tilly as what happened between Bernard Coard and Maurice Bishop. Anybody to die politically is you and as far as many Grenadians are concerned you are already politically dead. If you had any doubt, you saw the poor showing you and your gang received in La Tante on Sunday with your dog-food cook-up.

If you are really the patriot you want people to think of you as, you would lift the veil off Grenadians and stop attempting to hold the nation and NDC hostage.

Gang man, you are behaving identical to your hardlined communist mentor. It is time GBN, Channel 6, MTV, GrenadaBroadcast.com and other responsible local media outfits call you out from hiding.

You need to appear on Beyond the Headlines, You Decide, Specials with Ria Murray and George Grant – just to name a few. You need to be called out and stop sending the drunkard to assault the nation with ghetto lyrics and his usual dottishness!

The gang man and his infidels have sought to confuse the nation by telling us up front that Uncle Tilly is a papootan, appawah, stupidee, aint-have-a-clue, dottish, etc. But since he started to assert himself in response to the rudeness, disrespect and childish rants of the gang man – he became a dictator.

Gang man, ghetto prince, mammy “spoil-child”, in short – red nastiness – stop confusing us. Tell us which one Uncle Tilly is as you have us confused. Is Uncle Tilly a weakling or a dictator? If the gang man speaks the truth for once, then maybe The Stone Crusher might be willing to support him.

It is no secret that the Union man has gone silent, all apart from him being away for the Castries CARICOM summit last week.

He cannot be happy at the missed opportunity for the gang man and his team to compromise and do their function in La Tante in the morning inviting the Political Leader and his team to attend and then all report to Gouyave to attend the Prime Minister’s government celebrations later in the afternoon.

Gang man, you have shown that you are wanting in many respects. If you really want to be a Prime Minister check Ramdhanny and see if he will name you Prime Minister of Sugar Loaf or do some research and find out who the owners of Glovers Island are and ask them to give you the right to name yourself as Prime Minister of that small island.

It is quite obvious that you have no clue as to how to behave in a democracy. If you did you would have realised that our constitution in this democratic culture has no consideration for the National Executive of a political party as it only recognises a Cabinet of Ministers headed by a Prime Minister.

This democratic centralism model has eroded your brain matter to the point where you like too much Central Committee, Political Bureau and too much communist and Marxist nonsense.

The Stone Crusher has noticed that the “can’t-speak-English” fake pastor and the gang man’s media mercenary have both gone crazy. They seem to have taken charge and leading the PR distribution of the rubbish coming from the gang man. Even the Union Man is getting fed-up with the foolish propaganda of the pastor and media mercenary.

It would also appear that the ALBA dollars are getting smaller because reports are circulating in the country that the MWAG man was promised some money and he is today upset because he is not getting it. Take a look at the drop in programmes on the media outlet on the Lagoon Road.

The gang man’s media team seems to be fighting over money now.  While all of this going on, the gang man’s media mercenary is here but hiding from the bailiff who went to MTV looking for him the last time he was here to serve him with a writ for selling a property which he had no title to but collected the money. In short for fraud!

There are several people of repute who can attest to the gang man having an agenda from day one when he told several NDC operatives who are now drawn to Uncle Tilly about wanting their loyalty before he can do anything for them.

In the case of a couple others whose loyalty he was not sure of and whom he sought to remove from influential party positions, he is reported to have told them he is securing his interest.  If that is not testimony of his unsavory agenda from day one – you tell the Stone Crusher what is.

People within the NDC need to rise up and stop watching their party go down the tubes with this red nastiness who has lost it all already and with nothing else to lose is prepared to go down with everything and everybody.

Too late shall be the cry! The next phased must start right now ­ pressure the gang man to call the Convention soon after the carnival is over.

As Black Wizard would say, when the carnival is over we still have a nation to build since there will still be problems of a national nature to deal with.

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