The gang is getting real nasty

By The Stone Crusher

The late H.A Blaize told us before his death that the worst kick one can get is from a dying man.

This is so true given the events that are now unfolding within the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government between Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and a rebel gang.

With political reality hitting home, the rebels, sensing that their political days are numbered, are getting involved in all kinds of nastiness and more confrontational issues in the past few days to try and force the hands of Uncle Tilly.

This group has decided that if they cannot have their own way in NDC then Prime Minister Thomas must not remain in power to be their leader and it is better for the NNP to get back into power.
The main strategist for the gang is of the view that if NNP gets back into power, the leader will continue to engage in his old ways and that would be the platform for the gang to launch a fresh attack and hopefully win State power on their own.

How foolish!!! Who tell these myopic minds that the Grenadian people will ever trust them given their past record in 1979-83. Even when they were given a fresh start again in 2008, look how they have been behaving – wanting power at all cost.

The gang is refusing to accept the fact that politically they are dead and cannot be resurrected in Grenada. No one can clean them up of the blood that is still fresh all over their bodies from the tragic events of October 19, 1983 on the fort.

The rebels are putting out all kinds of silly statements in the name of the National Executive of the NDC that reminds one of 1983 when the Revolutionary Armed Forces put the Comrade Leader under house arrest.

The major difference between now and back then is that Maurice Bishop was placed under house arrest by the OREL/RMC faction within NJM while Prime Minister Thomas is not under house arrest because of our democratic system of government.  As such the PM is free to rally his troops against the dissidents
The gang man is so fresh and full of himself. Imagine this little political non-entity going around the place telling people that up to now nobody in NDC have thanked him for saving the day for Uncle Tilly in Parliament with the No-confidence motion brought by the Leader of the Opposition.

This little red nastiness should thank himself for not going against the government and creating a kind of history that would have been recorded against his name forever and ever. Is this the same man who has the unenviable record of bringing down two governments in 33 years? Look at it another way – every 16 years and 6 months, he is engaged in some kind of underhand deal to bring down a government.

And if he had voted with Keith to bring down NDC it would have meant that he record is one of bringing down three governments in 33 years. So in effect every eleven years, this little communist boy would be responsible for mashing up another government in the Spice Isle.

Not even Basdeo Panday in Trinidad holds that kind of record. That would have been held by an RMC/OREL relic of the Grenada Revolutionary era.

Gang man, this is St. George’s, Grenada and not Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. It is only in Trinidad that people engage in hijacking of vehicles and putting the driver in the trunk. The NDC supporters will not allow you to put any gun- real or imaginary ­ at the head of the Prime Minister and take over the country.

Uncle Tully gave you a free ride on the NDC bus and look at what you are trying to do the man. You want to kidnap the man and take charge of the bus at gunpoint with your RMC brigands.
Gang man, that will never happen because the NDCites are clamouring in loud numbers that they want to ride on Uncle Tilly’s bus and not on that of any counterfeit NDC leader. Worst yet a leader who has blood on his hands from back in the days of ’83.

Talking about Port-of-Spain, the NNP sell-off everything during their 13 years in government to the big folks in Port-of-Spain.
The members of the Gang and NNP concocted the US$150, 000.00 lie that was told about Uncle Tilly. Keith told us that the Republic Bank is the one that was involved in the financial transaction. How then does Keith know that Uncle Tilly has a bank account in Republic? Is it because NNP and Keith gave the Republic Bank people in Trinidad such a sweet deal with our local bank that Keith is now getting information from the said bank at will? Is it pay back time for Keith?

Is the NNP Leader now having access to people¹s private info in their bank account in exchange for selling the bank to them? What is it?

Gang man, remember that NCB was a creature of the Revolution under your own leader Bernard Coard. You should have been fighting inside the NDC government to help get back the bank into the hands of the State. Don¹t you think that Bernard Coard would have been proud of you? But instead, you are fighting Uncle Tilly who is not the real enemy for political power and control of the country.

Gang man, just stop and thinking for a moment about all the bad deals between Keith, NNP and the Trinis in 13 years of NNP rule.
The first stadium at Queen’s Park that started to crack before it even finished. Who built it? Trinidadians. What about the tragedy with the Dunferlime Housing Project? Who built it? Trinis. What about the sale of the two people’s bank that was started by the PRG? Sold to Trinis.

Gang man, what about the millions lost in the Garden Group hotel project? Lost because of bad advice from the Trinis to the NNP and the Paint Man. This is what the Gang Man and his infidels should be fighting and not with poor Uncle Tilly.

Gang Man, what about the millions lost by the Marketing Board with the project in the Lagoon? Another bad deal again because of the NNP connection with Trinis.

These are the real issues that the Gang should have been fighting along with NDC but sad to say, the rebel leader was too occupied with becoming the Prime Minister, and instead decided to concentrate on jooking down Uncle Tilly from the Throne.
But let the chief rebel know that this is Uncle Tilly’s time and not your time. In fact, the gang man¹s time has expired and the countdown has started for the remainder of his life as an elected member of the house.

The Stone Crusher is advising Uncle Tilly to go ahead with his public meeting in Gouyave on Sunday and forget about these little 2×2 destabilisers.

When they were in power in 1979-83, they branded everyone who did not subscribe to their philosophy as counter-revolutionaries and lumpens.

Now that they are not subscribing to the principles to the NDC ­ how should we call them? There is no need to give them any traction since the people have already spoken about their love and support or the simple, honest and decent man from Hermitage in St. Patrick’s.

Gang man, no one in this country will ever be able to see Uncle Tilly on the same political platform with you again. Go mount your platform with the union leader and the mass murderer who is refusing to come to reality that he was sentenced to prison for the deaths of the Comrade Leader and Jackie and others.
Uncle Tilly will have on his platform a whole set of decent people. If you do not want to believe The Stone Crusher then send your spies to Gouyave and Sunday to take pictures of the platform and the thousands of NDC members and supporters.

There will be no smell of bloody in Gouyave to remind anyone of the carnage that took place in October 1983.

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