Time to move on without the Rebel Gang

By Stone Crusher

It is quite clear that the gang man and his disciples have been conquered.
It is quite clear that his two advisors ­ the left over relics of our communist past who saw him as their last hope to regain power in Grenada have resigned themselves to the realisation that nobody wants them.
One of them remains in close daily company with the gang man himself since he was forced to go job-seeking while the other ­ a neighbor of his two partners, can kiss his eagerness good bye as he has been unmasked and there is no traction for him as he is not as popular as he thought he was.
Instead, he has to worry about meeting up with two tough negotiators that unmasked his weakness in the recent Breweries strike action.
Corporate Grenada is now looking to Dr. Patrick Antoine and attorney-at-law, Mr. Dickon Mitchell ­ the dream team negotiators to represent their interest in salary and benefits negotiations with TAWU. The union man who is the main strategist for the gang leader was badly decimated in the Breweries strike and lock-out.
Now that these relics are relegated to the dustbin of our pedestrian history, the time is now right for a “sterilised” NDC to plot the way forward.  Now is the time to do what is necessary and right to move forward.
Gang man, you are now totally exposed and should stop engaging in dirty tricks and actions to prevent the NDC Convention from taking place.
The people have spoken by their numbers at the recent public meeting at the Grenville Car Park in support of Uncle Tilly. Stop being a counter-revolutionary Mr. Gang Man and allow the NDC Prime Minister and Political Leader to hold the convention soon after the carnival so that systems could be put in place for Election 2013.
The Stone Crusher will be watching the every move of the gang with a hawk’s eye if they think they can sabotage Congress as part of the ploy to open the
door for the NNP to get back into power.
The Prime Minister now needs to take the bull by its horns and interview candidates to fill at least five constituencies which require urgent attention.
The issue of St. John’s has been settled by their constituency branch (probably the most organised within the NDC Camp) so much so the “bus’ kite” they elected the last time was not even considered by them and they have a new and more qualified candidate with gentleman qualities firmly planted in the constituency.
Similar signal needs to be sent in other constituencies like the one Pastor Karl Hood was elected to represent but was missing in action from day one.
The little gang man disciple who is running through the constituency putting up posters need to be put in his place so he would behave.  He probably did not get the news yet that the gang man has been dismantled and that there is no room in the NDC for any sympathisers of the gang man.
Mr. PM, start the ball rolling in St. George south-east in order to make Gregory Bowen understand that this is a constituency that is truly liberated from NNP.
The word on the ground is that the NNP Oil & Gas man is holding almost nightly public meetings in different parts of the constituency. His foot soldiers are seen each and every days trampling through south-east as if they think they own it.
The NDC also needs to have a presence in St. Andrew’s North East to take out the 27 vote champion ­ Roland Bhola of the NNP.  That constituency should have had in place a caretaker candidate since the July 2008 elections as Bhola’s cage has proved to be weak and needed to have been rattled constantly in order to shake him out the next time around.
Who was responsible for that level of organisation within the structure of the NDC’s executive?  Of course the General Secretary, Peter David but he was too busy making mischief and had absolutely no interest in rattling the cage of the NNP as it would have prevented their collusion which resulted in the No Confidence Motion and the US$150,000 from Saudi Arabia allegation by the Opposition Leader that the Prime Minister Thomas received in his personal bank account at Republic Bank.
It is pointedly clear to many then that the gang man was more concerned with insulating his gang members against Political Leader Thomas’ wrath by running unconstitutional constituency group elections for candidates against the norms of the party¹s constitution. Do you remember the vulgar ones held in the South St. George and the St. Patrick West constituencies?
So while the General Secretary was busy fighting the Political Leader & Deputy Political Leader in order to take over the party, Bhola was never on the run and therefore had a free ride for almost the entire five year term.
Could you imagine this stupidness taking place under Sir Eric or even Keith Mitchell? These two political animals would have used the machinery of the State to undermine opponents with a view to unseating them in the next election. But the General Secretary who is responsible for party organisation had a different agenda. Did he put any structures in place to take the seat from Bhola in 2013? Should he remain as NDC General Secretary after the next convention?
Mr. Prime Minister, NDC needs to wake up and start to smell the coffee while the tide is in favour with the party. Since Pastor Hood officially resigned, up to now the party has not thought it fit to have a meeting to apologise for his “missing-in-action” behaviour for all of his term.
This is lacking and badly needed in order to reassure the constituents that things are in order for a replacement instead of having three vultures crawling around the constituency confusing people. Time to select the candidate and empower the person for 2013.
In the case of St. David’s, Mr. Lett has already indicated that he is not going to be the candidate and the grapevine news is that a doctor from the parish is the only worthy replacement.
The Political Leader should take the bold step to profile the new man who many in the constituency regards as virtually unbeatable. It will not be surprising if the NNP look beyond their current man who is not getting any serious traction in St. David’s.
Considering that Sen. Anne Peters is not running for any seat, she may think it prudent to approach the Prime Minister and ask him to relocate her to some other position and allow the replacement candidate for St. David’s to take over her position in the government.
This should be done in the interest of the NDC Team. The PM can offer Sen. Peters an advisor position in his ministry in order to make sure that she is adequately looked after. The goodly female Senator should be repositioned within the political strategic arm of the government service and have the Medical doctor sit in as Minister through the Senate so he can get a chance like Dr. Vincent to sure up himself in the governance process.
What about a campaign manager?  Has the NDC got a campaign manager yet?  Of course we see the NNP has returned with their “Baghdad Bob” who is waffling
and bungling all over the place showing how expired he is. NDC needs to have a campaign manager of a level befitting the party¹s image and not one similar to Baghdad Bob.
The Prime Minister held a Thanksgiving rally at Grenville Car Park soon after the No Confidence motion in parliament and since then the NDC has done absolutely nothing.  Who are the planners in the NDC camp?  Of course one can understand the fracture but it is time for the NDC to realise that the General Secretary and his faction are not interested in planning anything in the interest of the whole and so they need to be forgotten and treated as if they do not exist.
NDC supporters need to be kept motivated with meetings strategically planned around themes that would climax whenever the election is called.  Where is the strategy team for the Political Leader¹s only NDC?   Most Grenadians
know who the strategists for the gang man’s side are ­ the declining union man and the convicted and recently pardoned mass murderer.
For some time now, the name  Denneth Modest has surfaced as the candidate for St. Mark’s and he is now at the head of the Ministry of Communications and Works ­ but one cannot feel him in either direction. It is roughly one year now since he has been appointed and he reminds us of the “missing-in-action” pastor.  Has Sen. Modeste held a public meeting in
Victoria yet?
The NNP went to St. John¹s with its rent-a-crowd, and its leader went there and said some things which came back to haunt him terribly ­ yet for all the NDC did not think it fit to mount a meeting there soon after to cancel the NNP out.
The evidence is too far reaching and extensive to support the destabilising effects the General Secretary efforts over the years have had on the NDC as a party and more recently as a party in Government ­ for him to feel he must represent the NDC as a candidate.
He just simply cannot be part of the team and for the consummate NDC supporters of the Town of St. George ­ the NDC must put forward a candidate.
Interesting to note is the fact that he is telling some of his NNP sympathisers that he is going to sit out this election, although he got his Canadian pen to release recently his intention to run again.  If that is not the making of a confused individual, Stone Crusher does not know what else
can compare.
How come the other overseas media mercenary seems to have gone quiet all of a sudden?  Stone Crusher can answer that clearly.  He did not know that so much was known about him and his untoward behaviour rendering him a neat fit
to be in the company of his RMC gang man, the drunkard and the big head casino man. Oh how they all have dwindled to nothing! Ha! Ha! Ha!
While on the subject of these renegades wanting to run again, it is important that the big head casino man is not considered at all.  Stone Crusher suggests strongly that a replacement candidate be sought FAST to run in his stead.
NDC has strong support in St. Patrick West and a good replacement for the Cassy Man is no big thing.  The much-talked about person from the Chantimelle area is a more than suitable replacement to keep Tony sitting on
the opposition benches forever.
Uncle Tilly needs to turn off his metaphoric hearing aide when agents of the gang come calling to see if he could forgive them.  The scandal and shame they brought on the NDC as a party and government render them useless and
unfit for public office under the NDC ticket.   In lieu of all the collusion with those on the opposite side, they should consider seeking refuge there instead.
That can be the next subject of discussion at the rum shop in Grand Anse between their friends who congregate there regularly.
The New National Party (NNP) needs to take seriously the revelation of the GrenadaBroadcast.com poll, which showed up Peter David as more popular than Dr. Mitchell to lead Grenada. That is a serious indictment on Dr. Mitchell who claimed recently to have changed but slipped back into the political drain during his contribution to the No Confidence motion of May 15th, and then later on accusing the Prime Minister in the most virago fashion of receiving US$150,000 from Saudi Arabia into his personal bank account at Republic Bank under the guise of legal fees.
If your memory serves you well, Dr. Mitchell is yet to present the evidence he says he has to indict the Prime Minister as he claims contradicts the PM’s declared US$50,000 from the British Virgin Islands.   Instead he tells us he has lodged his information with his legal counsel without identifying who this person is ­ stating he would not wish to be questioned on it anymore (or words to that effect). That is the level of his conmanship which really cannot change.
Uncle Tilly did the decent thing of disclosing the financial contribution to NDC in the official bank document. Dr. Mitchell is suffering from a lapse in memory. It is like he forget that former Offshore Regulator under his watch, Michael Creft gave evidence in a court in the U.S about the thousands he collected as the bag man for Dr. Mitchell and NNP.
Dr. Mitchell, how much did Creft hand over to both you and Deacon Tony Joseph, the then Treasurer of the party? Did these funds pass through any of the local banks? Does the FIU know anything of the large amount of monies that Creft collected and passed on to Dr. Mitchell? Men in glass houses must not throw stones.
Stone Crusher’s main advice to Uncle Tilly¹s NDC is to put things in motion to ready the party and by extension the supporters for the battle that lies ahead in 2013.
The Prime Minister won Round One of the battle against the gang but Round Two is the real thing ­ keeping NNP out of government.
The gang man and his few disciples have been crushed and the focus should now be on Round Two of the struggle.

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