Commanders’ Coordinator Jacques del Rio called the January 6 uprising a ‘dust’.

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Jack del Rio, the Washington Commanders’ defensive coordinator, cut short the attack on the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6, compared to the racist justice struggles that followed the death of George Floyd in 2020. .

“I can see pictures on TV [of the Floyd protests] – People’s livelihood is being destroyed. Businesses are burned. No problem, ” he said. “Then we’ve got a dust on the Capitol, nothing has been burned, we’re going to make a big deal out of it. I think these are two types of standards, and if we use the same standards, we’re going to be fair to each other and discuss.

Del Rio’s comments were in response to questions about a social media post he posted earlier this week. The 59-year-old senior football coach has spoken openly on Twitter every three seasons he has been the generals coach, mostly on conservative political issues.

Eleven months later, after more than 1,000 interviews, the latest tweet came Monday night in response to a report by the Brookings Institution, the Washington think tank about the House Committee investigating the January 6 attacks. The trial is set to begin on Thursday. Del Rio wrote, “I want to understand the ‘whole story’ about summer riots, looting, arson and destruction of personal property, but this is ??? # public knowledge.”

Del Rio’s comments seem to contradict the NFL’s recent racial justice news and contradict the way the league and his own group reacted to Floyd’s death. In June 2020, Rivera said he was supportive Soldiers kneel during national anthem against racial injustice and police brutality, in August Filming by Jacob Blake.

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Commander-in-Chief Jason Wright led the group’s recent efforts to promote racial justice and staff diversity. This has become a theme in the team’s search for a new stadium site, with Maryland officials pointing to the social change the team can make by keeping its majority in Black Prince George County. A group spokesman did not respond Wednesday to requests for comment for Wright.

Virginia lawmakers are currently considering legislation to relocate commanders to Virginia, and point out that the comments of one state senator, Del Rio, may resonate in Richmond. “I have sealed the agreement to give my vote as NO,” the state Senate said. Jeremy S. Macbike (D-Prince William) Tweeted Wednesday. “I think the ground that is burning today.” McPike revealed bookings about previously proposed stadium law and possible traffic concerns around the Utbridge location.

His comments have angered some fans and commentators, including former Cornerback Diangelo Hall A clown tweets an emoji Senior coach and Brian Mitchell calls on Commanders head coach Ron Rivera to rectify the situation.

“How [you] When you have such a guy in the position of defensive coordinator, do you expect anyone on that team to act directly? Mitchell said on his 106.7 The Fan Radio show Wednesday.

“Jack del Rio is an ignorant, ignorant man,” former Seattle receiver Doug Baldwin wrote on Twitter. “It’s as loving and respectful as I can say.”

Del Rio said he was not worried his tweets would offend players – because he did not think “there is no race” with rebellion – or that his Twitter usage could affect the team.

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“No matter what I occasionally speak or write, I am comfortable speaking or writing in front of all of the players and coaches I work with,” Del Rio said. “I express myself as an American; we have that ability. I love this country, I believe what I believe, I say what I want to say. Occasionally, some people find it hurtful.”

Rivera declined to discuss Del Rio’s tweets with reporters Wednesday, and did not say whether he discussed them with his defensive coordinator. Rivera said Del Rio’s comments were “not necessary” to affect the locker room, which is mostly black and includes many players who supported the Floyd protests two years ago through words and social media posts. If it becomes an issue, Rivera said he will deal with it.

“How I deal with it, I’m not going to share with you because it will be a personal matter,” he added.

Del Rio said he would welcome discussion if any of his players were offended by his comments.

“I will talk to anyone about it,” he said. “No problem. Any time. But they don’t [offended]. I express myself, and I think we all as Americans have a right to express ourselves, especially if you are respectful. I am respectful. I asked a simple question. In fact. OK let’s go. What did I ask? A simple question. Why don’t we look at those things [around the 2020 protests]? “

In an interview with NBC Sports Washington, Jonathan Allen, one of the most vocal leaders in defense, said that although he was aware of Del Rio’s tweets, they did not provoke much discussion in the locker room.

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“In the end, you can disagree and still respect each other,” Allen said. “I know our country is like that. That’s ours Of the team About So, I personally, I do not care about his opinion until he shows up every day and works hard. That’s what I want from my defensive coordinator.

Senior cornerback Kendall Fuller said he did not see Del Rio’s tweet and after reading it had no reaction.

“If I have a reaction or feeling about something, I will express it with him,” he said.

Since the summer of 2020, players have been constantly discussing betting in the locker room, Fuller said.

“This is definitely something the guys still have,” Fuller said. “It may not be as vast as it all was when it happened. But this is something you can still see, guys still conversations. Like everything in the locker room. I like the NFL locker rooms because everyone is so comfortable. We all know each other, we are all comfortable with each other, everyone. We are open to listening and listening.

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