Siqqidui Sylvester removed as Chairman

Siddiqui Sylvester – did not contest the election

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas has moved one step closer towards taking control of the National Executive of his governing National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The pro-Peter David executive member, Siddiqui Sylvester has been replaced as Chairman of the St. George North West Constituency branch of the party.

In elections held last week Wednesday night, long-standing journalist, Wayne Modeste was elected unopposed as the new head following a meeting held at the Grand Mal Community Centre.

Under the NDC constitution, Modeste is now guaranteed a place on the National Executive of Congress.

Modeste, the current Editor of THE NEW TODAY newspaper, has served before as Chairman of the branch.

Wayne Modeste – elected as Chairman of St. George’s North-West Constituency Branch

He is widely expected to steer the branch in a different direction from that of Sylvester who is widely known to be a close ally of David.

Sylvester and his deputy Marcus Edwards failed to attend the meeting that was set two weeks earlier when the membership of the Constituency Branch voted to have the elections that were overdue.

However, days before the meeting took place Secretary of the branch Wade Phillip received an e-mail message from Sylvester from which another e-mail sent by Yvonne James, Assistant General Secretary on the National Executive was copied advising on going ahead with the election of Officers.

James said, in the message, that should the election take place it would be considered  null and void.

Prime Minister Thomas who is the Political Leader of NDC along with Deputy Political Leader, Nazim Burke (Minister of Finance) and National Executive Treasurer, Bernard Isaac attended the meeting.

A party release said 25 members representing each of the seven polling divisions were present to elect their new executive.

“The newly elected executive extends it heartfelt thanks to the members for placing their trust and confidence in us. We pledge that we will do our utmost to maintain and abide by the core values, as stipulated in the party’s constitution”, it added.

This is a clear reference to the internal battles within Congress in which Prime Minister Thomas has been engulfed in a power struggle with a so-called group of rebels who are bent on taking the party on a new direction.

The group, led by David, is said to be in favour of flirting with Venezuela and its ALBA finances and opening the doors for investors to set up a casino on the island.

Political pundits regard the downfall of Sylvester as a major blow to the General Secretary who is engaged in a tussle with the Grenadian Leader for supremacy within the party.

A party insider told THE NEW TODAY that supporters of the Prime Minister were expected to use last Thursday’s executive meeting to call for a date to be selected as soon as possible for the convening of the postponed annual convention as the next step to get the party ready for the upcoming general elections.

Speculation is rife that a pro-Tillman Thomas slate is being put together to challenge several executive members who are known to be pro-David.

A party insider hinted to this newspaper that David, the former Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation could be challenged for his position as chief party organizer.

Following are the persons who were elected to serve as officers on the NDC Constituency branch in St. George North-west that is under the control of Dr. Keith Mitchell, the Political Leader of the main opposition New National Party (NNP):
Chairman:         Wayne Modeste
Deputy Chairman:    Davis John
Secretary:        Wade Phillip
Treasurer:        Evette John
Asst. Sec/Treasurer:    Patricia Williams
Public Relation Officer:    Ali Dowden

Floor Members: Terrie Registe, Abel Medford and Alban Bruno.

Lavaman believes in himself

by Lincoln Depradine

Soca Artiste Lavaman entertaining the children

Soca star, Lavaman, has several memorable renditions that easily roll off the tongues of Grenadians of all ages, including kindergarten tots.

This was clearly demonstrated on Saturday when he was mobbed by hundreds of fans – parents and children – who knew the words to every song delivered at an event at the Tanteen Playing Field in St. George’s.

It was the first-ever “Uncle Lava Daycare Fun Day.’’ The event – backed by businesses such as LIME and George F. Huggins and Company Limited – offered free entry to children who were given complimentary drinks of Ribena and lined up to have their faces painted.

They also enjoyed cavorting in a bouncing castle and jostled to have their photos taken with a number of popular cartoon characters.

The excitement of the afternoon intensified when Lavaman appeared on stage and the gleeful crowd ably assisted him with all his songs, including “Psycho.’’

It’s the rendition that earned him top spot at the 2012 Soca Monarch semifinal in St. Andrew on July 27. He heads into the final on August 10 at the National Stadium as the odds-on favourite.

Lavaman is hoping that “Psycho,’’ or maybe “Gyal Alone’’ or “Ah Wukking,’’ also would enable him to successfully defend the Lucozade Road March crown he won in 2011.
Together with Wayne Green and Roots Rhythm, he was able to snatch the Road March title with “So We Dey’’.

The excitement of Saturday reached a frenzy when Lavaman’s close friend, Tallpree, showed up at Tanteen. There was a roar when Tallpree passed the microphone to his young son, who chanted lines from some of his father’s “Jab Jab’’ songs.

The two soca artistes, who have performed together for eight years, spent more than an hour taking pictures with fans and signing autographs.

Afterwards, Lavaman expressed appreciation to his corporate sponsors, his team of volunteers and assistants, and for the backing received from private individuals.

“It was a fabulous children’s event. I’m happy because the children are the future,’’ Lavaman said.

Discussions will be held on making “Uncle Lava Daycare Fun Day’’ an annual event.
Lavaman was born Marcus James to Lennox and the late Monica James. His father was an ardent cricketer and footballer, and his mother displayed her sporting skills as a netballer.

However, Marcus chose the route of music. He migrated to Toronto, Canada, where he developed a following as a disc jockey.

“My best talent is deejaying,’’ he told broadcaster, Ray Roberts, in an interview. “I used to deejay in Toronto and they used to call me ‘Cutchie, the Volcano’’’.

He returned to Grenada in 2001 and a shortened version of his Toronto nickname was adopted. Marcus James became Lavaman.

“I’m good with it,’’ he says in reference to the name, Lavaman. “Once the fans good with it, I’m good with it.’’

Lavaman has a passion for soca music. Soca, he says, “has that vibes, that tempo, that makes me get up.’’

In addition, “I feel the only way you can get a break in Grenada is through soca,’’ he argues.
However, his entry into soca performing was rather tentative. In 2003, Junior Duncan produced a song titled, “No Girls, No Carnival,’’ for the then shy Marcus James, who did not even identify himself as the artiste.

But 2004 was a breakout year. Lavaman released the Kevon Charles-produced “Man to a Woman’’ on the Mad Indian Rhythm. The beginning of the strong bond between Lavaman and Tallpree had its genesis in that song and in a performance in Vendomme in 2004. Tallpree was a major driving force in the organising of the Vendomme show.

“The song tear up Vendomme,’’ Lavaman recalls.

Another of Lavaman’s hits of 2004 was “Not in a Good Condition.’’ This was followed by “Position’’ in 2005 and “Behave Yourself’’ in 2006.

Asked to describe his musical style, Lavaman calls it “unorthodox’’. He also refers to himself as “down to earth’’ and someone who tries to keep himself “on a level.’’ He spends a substantial amount of time at home working at his small music studio, and in devoting time to prayers.

What is “unorthodox’’ is how words and music come together for Lavaman.
He discloses that he doesn’t script his songs; nothing is put to paper. The last song he scripted was “Position’’ in 2005.

It was in the studio that he came up with the lyrics to his Road March winner, “So We Dey.’’ In his words, he just “free-styled.’’

“The only thing I could remember coming to my mind was, ‘tell them is so we dey.’  I normally hear the beat and vibe it one time,’’ Lavaman says.

When Lavaman won the Road March in 2011, it was the first major song contest won in more than four decades at Grenada’s carnival by a performer from the Carenage community.

Walter “Dictator’’ Thomas, a calypsonian and pannist, won the Calypso Monarch title in the late 1960s with, “Brighter Out of Darkness.’’

Lavaman takes his music seriously and works at it year-round. “As soon as the carnival finishes, I start preparation for the next season,’’ he reveals.

“This is your work; this is serious business. I’m not in it for fame, girls and all that. It’s country, myself and my community.’’

It’s in keeping with his commitment to community that Lavaman spearheaded a post-carnival event in 2011. It was a celebration of his Road March title, the victories of Republic Bank Angel Harps Steel Orchestra in senior and junior panorama championships, and the runners-up places in the Band of Year fancy mas’ competition by Andre Garvey and Associates and RKD and Associates.

Lavaman also gives deep thought to his approach to each carnival, including adopting multi-dyed hairstyles. He has been doing that since 2007.

“My hairstyle alone is supposed to move the place before I start to sing,’’ he says.
For each carnival season, there is also a theatrical theme. “When carnival arrives, welcome to the movies; it’s like a movie with me,’’ says Lavaman, who has performed in various cities in the Caribbean and North America.

His themes have included “Grenada to the World’’ and “Starring Krook.’’

Lavaman has more than a dozen compositions for 2012, and was the first to release music for this year’s carnival season. Among the songs are “Mad Man Doh Dance’’ and “Drunk by the Case’’.

Deputy Commissioner Raymond Charles bows out

D/CoP Raymond Charles – served the RGPF for 36 years

Having stumbled into the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) due to his passion for cricket, Deputy Commissioner of Police (D/CoP) Raymond Patrick Charles has bowed out after giving 36 years of unblemished service.

Lead by Commissioner of Police Willan Thompson, rank and file members of the RGPF bade farewell to Charles during a grand ceremony at the SSU compound last Friday.
But for the man himself, it was with bittersweet emotions he reminisced the 36 years of service.

“Sweet as I say goodbye to stress and welcome to rest, or… goodbye tension, welcome pension,” he said.

He said however there is some bitterness in having to say a formal goodbye to an organization that reflects his identity, and one that runs through his veins.
D/CoP Charles said it was not by accident that he joined the RGPF on January 4, 1976.
“It was basically for my love of cricket,” he said.

The retired Police Officer said having been a member of the national team he was only allowed one of the three trial matches before the team was selected.

He said he saw the need to move somewhere else where he can have the opportunity to play cricket.

Charles served in a number of areas including the Regional Police Training Centre in Barbados as an instructor, Criminal Investigation Department, and a stint in Prosecution before rising to the level of second in command.

Charles spoke of the 36 years journey not being easy but that he stood for principle and gave everything to the best of his ability.

He said that upon reflection he has seen the transformation of the RGPF from an alleged rag-tag bunch of officers, stigmatized substance abusers without pay to an organization focused on the tasks of national security and law enforcement.
Charles hopes he has impacted the organization just as some of the members have impacted him.

“I have seen the Force moved from policing by accident to policing by intention guided by a Strategic Plan,” he said.

D/CoP Charles said he dreams of the day when law enforcement and national security would get the respect and resources to maximize their true potential.
The retired Police Officer also spoke to the need for proper accommodation and the welfare of the rank and file to be comparable with the rest of the public sector.

However, he admonished the men and women in uniform to remember that the safety and security of the nation is more important than the individual.

“Protect the integrity of the organization because it is the foundation of our legitimacy. Respect our social contract with the public and treat them fairly, it is important that we do that. Continue to be impartial, compassionate and understanding in the application of your awesome power and authority. I urge you to use it to protect and empower the masses, and never to abuse or marginalize,” he told colleagues.

The Retired Deputy Commissioner had a cordial relationship with Commissioner Thompson.

Charles advised him to embrace the Executive Team and afford them the opportunity to share in his dreams for the RGPF.

He also commanded the Commissioner to be attentive to the needs of his troops, and to champion their cause.

Commissioner Thompson believes D/CoP Charles was probably one of the most well known Police Officers of his day and generation.

He said he first encountered the retired Police Officer who was the then Instructor at the Police Training School in July 1985 after having been recruited into the ranks of the RGPF as a Cadet Officer.

The Commissioner said working along with D/CoP in the Eastern Division provided him with a further opportunity to enhance their relationship.

Commissioner Thompson described the retired Deputy as an administrator, a meticulous investigator, a father figure, a mentor and a teacher.

As a young Police Officer, D/CoP Charles was assigned the policing number 442, and after his initial training was posted to several geographical areas within the State of Grenada, and several departments within the RGPF.

In 1981 he was promoted to the rank of Corporal, moved up to Sergeant in 1984, by May 1986 he was an Inspector, in November 1990 he was promoted to Assistant Superintendent of Police, on December 1, 1997 he was promoted to the rank of Superintendent of Police.

On November 21, 2005 he achieved the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police, and Deputy Commissioner of Police March 6, 2006.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Dowlin Bartholomew who cited the highlights of Charles’ service to the RGPF felt that he touched many persons in different ways.
ACP Bartholomew said the retired Policeman served on several occasions as the Commissioner.

D/CoP Charles whose tenure ended on May 24 precedes four other Police Officers who joined the RGPF at the same time with him.

They are Superintendents Ruben Maitland, and Frank Philbert, and Assistant Superintendents Ifrus McGillivary, and Kirabe Belfon.

Wesley College to stage first Reunion

As part of the Diaspora home coming, the ex-students of Wesley College will be having its first reunion starting from August 5 to August 9.

The activity begins with a Church Service at the Methodist Church, St, George’s and the launching of the Carl Williams Scholarship Fund.

Carl Williams was an ex-teacher at Wesley College who gave his life in grooming students in Sports, Culture and Education.

He was always at the fore-front of the school and pushed students to the extreme where he felt they had potentials.

Marian Langaine, the Chairman of the Wesley College Reunion Organizing Committee said that this is one way to pay-back to the real effort of one of our great teachers who died.

The rest of the activities will be a beach lime on BBC Beach on August 6, a Cultural Night, Island Tour, and a Dinner and Dance.

Date set for NDC Convention

Peter David – likely to be challenged at the convention

September 30 is the date set for the long-delayed annual convention of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) of Prime Minister Tillman Thomas who is facing an internal battle for control of the party from his former Tourism Minister, Peter David.

A well-placed source told THE NEW TODAY that the date was set at last Thursday night’s National Executive meeting held at the party’s head office on Lucas Street, St. George’s.

He said that pro-Thomas supporters on the executive were able to outnumber those who normally vote in favour of David and got the majority vote for a date to be finally set for the much-anticipated annual convention.

This session which is the highest decision making body in the party has been put on hold in the face of a major battle between Thomas and David for control of Congress.

The source said that during the meeting it became apparent that the David faction was on the retreat due to the large number of persons that attended the recent public meetings organized by PM Thomas in Grenville Car Park, Gouyave and Tivoli in St. Andrew North-east.

File photo of delegates at the last convention

David was only able to attract a handful of persons for a July 8 event organized in the name of the Executive held at the La Tante beach to mark the 4th anniversary of the party winning the last general elections.

The Prime Minister held a government rally on the same day and attracted a crowd estimated to be in the region of 4, 500 at Gouyave.

The source spoke of little or no resistance coming from the so-called Group of Rebels to a move by supporters of the Prime Minister to push for a date for the convention in which a number of senior positions will be up for grabs.

He said the only person who tried to disturb the smooth flow of the meeting was Ralph Lord, the Assistant Public Relations Officer of the party who is known to be an activist for the pro-David camp.

Speculation is rife that the biggest casualty at the convention could be David himself as General Secretary of the party and that of Pastor Stanford Simon, the acting Chairman of Congress.

According to the source, the National Executive also took a decision to rescind an earlier decision taken by the David-controlled body to declare as null and void the recent election of the Women’s Arm of the party.

During the election, Jennifer Simon-Rapier, a strong supporter of the Prime Minister was elected to the post of President to replace Carmen Maria Roberts-Pascall who is considered in party circles to be pro-David.

The pro-David faction had sought to cancel the outcome of the election on the grounds that the Executive had taken a decision to put a halt to all elections within the party in the face of the worsening Thomas/David conflict within Congress.

The Prime Minister and his followers took a different view, arguing that the Executive decision was taken in respect of election of persons to be considered as candidates for the forthcoming general elections.

The pro-Thomas faction cautioned the National Executive against taking a decision in which they could vote on issues and seeking to deny persons at the constituency level to participate in the democratic process and to take decisions that affect their own well-being.

The source pointed out that during last Thursday night’s meeting, the pro-David faction within the party accused Deputy Political Leader, Nazim Burke (Minister of Finance) and Senator Glen Noel (Minister of State for Information) as the two persons who should be blamed for the recent problems in the party.

He said the attack on Burke and Noel were led by Yvonne James, an Assistant General Secretary of the party who is aligned to David.

James reportedly told the Prime Minister that in time to come, he would realise that these are the two persons who are really undermining him within Congress.

The Prime Minister was quoted as saying that the people will deal with all those who are engaged in destabilisation within the party.

This newspaper was told that during the meeting, a challenge was made to the presence of Siddiqui Sylvester at the gathering on the grounds that he had lost his position as Chairman of the St. George North-West Constituency Branch.

Sylvester, another of the pro-David supporters retorted that he is a senior member of the party and that in itself automatically qualifies him to sit on the Executive of the party.

General elections are constitutionally due in 2013.

Police Woman to compete in calypso final

A female Police Officer is in the line up among nine finalists for the Calypso Monarch Title.

Katurah George who is one of the lead singers with the Royal Grenada Police Force Band received the nod of the judges after 20 calypsonians faced off in the semi-final round of the Calypso Monarch competition at Victoria Park last Sunday.

With her songs of “Police Brutality,” and “No Misfit” George, a new comer to the competition, warmed the hearts of not only the judges, but the patrons as well.

Two former Monarchs, Scholar and Black Wizard are also included in the line up as they attempt to dethrone the reigning Monarch Pamela ‘Pam’ Courtney.

The other semi-finalists include veterans Randy Isaac, Teacher Eddie, Sour Serpent, and Sheldon Douglas.

Soca Artiste Shortpree who entered the calypso arena for the first time last year is another finalist.

Quako who is known for producing music for Pan Ossia is another new comer to the competition that is scheduled for Dimanche Gras Night, August 12.

Drug Mules Caught With Cocaine

English Woman Nadine Jones – contracted the services of Arley Gill in the drug case

Two residents from London, England were unsuccessful in their attempt to leave the country last week Thursday with a quantity of illegal drugs.

The two, Nadine Jones and Simeon Archibald who is a 35-year old photographer were nabbed by Police Officers attached to the Drug Squad of the Royal Grenada Police Force at the Maurice Bishop International Airport while they were preparing to leave the country on an English flight after spending one week at a hotel in the south of the island.

At the time of the arrest they had in their possession 1.3 kilos of cocaine that has a street value of $133,800.

A confidential source told THE NEW TODAY newspaper the drugs were stashed in a number of jeans pants.

Charges of possession and trafficking in an illegal substance are laid on the pair.

Jones and Archibald appeared in court on Monday before Magistrate Tahera Gellineau at the Number Two Magistrate’s Court, but due to ongoing investigations they were remanded to custody at the Richmond Hill Prisons, and are due to be brought back to court today, Friday August 3.

Simeon Archibald – carrying his suitcase on the way to court

The 31-year old Jones is being represented by Attorney Arley Gill who is seeking to have a speedy trial for his client whom he said is a mother.

However, Police Prosecutor Kerry Swan told the court he cannot say how long the investigations would take.

Swan said with the likelihood of the investigations going on for as long as nine days, it might be possible that the matter can be heard after the Carnival festivities.

Tougher criminal laws after half a century

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas piloted the Criminal Code (Amendment) 2012

Grenada’s Parliament has upgraded the island’s Criminal Code to allow additional fines and confines for criminal offences and to make provision for prosecuting of crimes that did not form part of the old Code.

The Criminal Code (Amendment) 2012 which provides for the revision of parts of the Criminal Code CAP. 72A of the 2010 Continuous Revised Edition of the laws of Grenada, was passed during a recent Sitting of the House of Representatives.

These amendments will seek to make the dispensation of justice more efficient and workable by providing for the following: Granting Magistrate powers to try a wider cross section of offences; Granting Magistrates greater sentencing powers; and Increasing maximum sentences for certain indictable and summary offences.

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas piloted the Bill that saw 62 amendments to the current Criminal Code drafted since 1958. PM Thomas who is also Grenada’s Minister of National Security and a lawyer by training said the existing Bill is archaic and must be revised to provide for and be in keeping with modern Criminal Justice Systems.

He told the House that an area of concern within the Criminal Justice System is the backlog of criminal matters before the High Courts, which shows that one of the main reasons for the volume of High Court matters is the fact that the summary courts in Grenada have too limited powers, and many matters have to be escalated to the High Courts. He said that experience has shown that on occasions even the most minor incident, assault, has engaged a judge and jury for weeks in a High Court and therefore amending the Criminal Code is critical.

A second area of concern he said is the fact that the maximum penalty for certain offences are woefully inadequate, specifically sexual offences. Grenada’s punishment for most sexual offences and other offences falls below the mark set by other jurisdictions and the punishments being meted out by the courts are not serving as a realistic deterrent.

The amended Code ensures that several of the existing offences provided for as indictable offences can now be tried summarily. A new summary offence of Indecent Assault has been created to carry a term of five years imprisonment while the indictable offence of assault has been increased from two years to five years. The Bill makes provision for the controversial matter of marital rape whereby a spouse, male or female, found guilty of the offence is liable on conviction on indictment to a term of imprisonment not exceeding fourteen years.

A new summary offence has also been created for exposing a child to grievous harm with a term of five years imprisonment while the indictable offence has been increased from five years to ten years. A new summary offence of housebreaking has also been created giving the Magistrate power to try housebreaking offense where the breaking is not associated with any serious offence.

The revised Criminal Code has also introduced other stiffer penalties. The following are some of the proposed amendments in order to increase penalties; – Rape to be increased from fifteen years to thirty years; Stealing to be increased from five years to ten years; Fraud in sale of land to be increased from two years to five years; Burglary, to be increased from fifteen years to thirty years; and falsification of accounts to be increased from seven years to fifteen years.

Sexual offences provisions have now been amended to provide for both male and female victims. This amendment seeks to modify the provisions within the current Criminal Code that in most instances only provided for female victims.  A section has also been added to deal with prostitution.

A common prostitute that is liable on conviction on indictment to a term of imprisonment not exceeding ten years; a person found guilty of keeping a brothel is also liable on conviction on indictment to a term of imprisonment not exceeding ten years.

In this overhaul of outdated laws section 177 to 183C of the current Code has been repealed and new provisions drafted, some of which include – the old law that defined rape as “Carnal Knowledge of a female of any age without her consent”.  The new definition of rape states “A person commits the offence of rape if; he or she intentionally and unlawfully commits an act which causes penetration with his or her genital organs, of another person; the other person does not consent to the penetration; or he or she does not believe that the other person consents to such penetration or is reckless as to whether the other person consents or not.”

Another fundamental amendment has been made with regard to the offence of Murder. This offence is presently on the law books as a capital offence. Case law has ensured that a Judge retains discretion as to whether to impose a maximum penalty or give a lesser sentence.

In light of this throughout the region, some territories have rendered assistance to the court by seeking to categorize and distinguish various levels of murder. This move has now resulted in two distinct categories of murder: capital murder being the most serious offence and non-capital murder less serious offence.

The Amendments make provision for community services once a person is convicted of an offence punishable by imprisonment.

Other offences and penalties include: taking and using cattle without owner’s consent – fine not exceeding $250; fraud pertaining to tickets, witchcraft – a term of imprisonment not exceeding one year; Pigs in town – a fine not exceeding $400; habitual drunkenness – a term of imprisonment not exceeding six months; Prohibition of selling goods on Sunday, Christmas Day, Good Friday – a fine not exceeding $500; having instruments of obeah in Court – a term of imprisonment not exceeding six months; Mischievously frightening animals – a fine not exceeding $250; and unlawful voting at election – a term of imprisonment not exceeding one year.

The improved laws have been unchanged for 54 years.

Patty Shack showing appreciation

A Patty Shack Customer being served

Patty Shack is showing appreciation to its loyal customers for the support it has received during its first year of operations.

In an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper, the restaurant’s supervisor Kasha Celestine said that as a result of the overwhelming support that was received from the customers they saw it fitting to give something back to them.

Customers have the opportunity to walk away with various electronic items, weekends at local resorts when they make a minimum purchase of $10.00 or more.

The promotion runs up until the end of August, and the grand draw would be made on September 1 in commemoration of the first year anniversary.

Weekly prizes of cellular phone top-up are also available.

Patties containing various meats are not the only item being offered by the restaurant.

Celestine spoke of a wide range of snacks and soups being on offer.
According to her, the public is also provided with all types of seafood including shrimps of various styles.

The soups include beef, lambie and chicken, while sandwiches include fish.

“We have a wide range of everything that customers would be actually looking for. We are not a chicken restaurant, but at the same time we have a wide range of different things for different people,” Celestine indicated.

She said customers in the St. George’s area can take advantage of their delivery service at a cost of one dollar.

That order should take approximately seven minutes to be filled, and the delivery about five minutes.

However, Celestine has guaranteed that if they are late in making the delivery the cost would be waived.

“If I’m late I would not take your money,” she said.

She said there are a lot of things that people do not know that are on offer at Patty Shack.
The Supervisor said they are trying their best to establish the products that are on sale such as the fish fingers.

Administrator Mourises James said all of the items available at Patty Shack can be obtained on a daily basis six days a week.

James spoke of the patties that are always baked in a timely manner as being always fresh.

Huggins gets into modern technology

Patricia Maher, Laurence Duncan and Richard Menezes signed the contract

Modern business is now conducted using e-mail, instant messaging, mobile phones and videoconferencing along with traditional landline services.

The reality is that with the widespread use of mobiles, the workforce has also become very mobile, alleviating a host of problems and gives us the ability to be easily reached, having ready access to information resident at the office while at the same time keeping costs manageable.

The demands of the traditional and modern communication methods are very different and not readily brought together but it is vital for this convergence to take place to improve collaboration among co-workers, partners, vendors, and customers.

Digicel, the Caribbean’s leading telecommunications provider recognized very early the growing needs and demands of modern business and embarked on offering a unified communication solution which brings the fixed line assets and wireless and mobile assets together at the PBX and beyond.

George F. Huggins & Co. (G’da) Ltd., one of Grenada’s leading private sector companies with 13 locations around the island and a diversity of business, took the decision last year to ensure that they were in a position to reap the benefits of enhanced reachability and improved productivity while controlling costs, when they invested in an IP PBX from Cisco, the leading supplier in Unified communications equipment as well as a Motorola Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) all provided through Digicel Grenada Limited.

This solution allowed the company to effectively manage its calls – incoming and outgoing, provide a one number service to customers while enabling intelligent call routing – that is instantly differentiating a mobile call from a landline, all by bringing the wire line and wireless services together in a seamless manner.

“Businesses are always trying to find ways to do more with less and especially in the current economic downturn,” said Patricia Maher, Digicel Country Manager. “With these latest technological innovations, we are helping to make communicating and collaborating more efficient for our business customers helping them stay in touch with their increasingly mobile workforce at the most affordable costs.”

The solution is the first Motorola multi point connection installed by Digicel in Grenada connecting all departments of George F. Huggins & Co. (G’da) Ltd. to the corporate headquarters located at Grand Etang Road, St. George’s.

The departments include : SwiftAir Cargo Handlers – Maurice Bishop International Airport & Frequente Industrial Park;
Automotive Division – Maurice Bishop Highway, St. George’s;
Foodland Supermarkets – Kirani James Boulevard & Market Square, St. George’s;
Pharmaceuticals Division – Kirani James Boulevard, St. George’s;
Office Services Division / Color World / Shipping Division / Shore Excursions / Customs / Human Resources – Carenage, St. George’s;
Agostini Insurance Brokers (G’da) Ltd. – Scott Street, St. George’s;
Farm & Garden – Corner. Gore & Halifax Street, St. George’s;
Distribution Division & Petroleum Division / Foodland Prepack – Mt. Gay, St. George’s;
Grenville General Store – Jubilee Street, St. Andrew’s.

The company made this bold move when they were looking to replace their outdated PBX with a more effective and efficient communications system.

Today their PBX features include single number dialing, single voice mail, conference calling, hold and transfer and short number dialing all linked to their Digicel provided Smartphones.

George F. Huggins & Co. (G’da) Ltd. has been served by DIGICEL mobile since 2005 and with Digicel’s roll out of Business Solutions for the corporate world, this step was the natural progression for the company.

The Chairman Richard Menezes and Director Laurence Duncan, signed the contract with Digicel’s Country Manager Patricia Maher in August last year initiating the order of the state of the art Cisco equipment.

A year later, the Board of Directors at George F. Huggins & Co. (G’da) Ltd. can attest to the improved call quality and productivity which has been achieved as a result of the solution.

Recently appointed Director Anya Chow Chung expressed the Board’s satisfaction with the savings and said, “the installation of our new PBX system has done wonders for our inter departmental efficiencies and connectivity. The reduction in telecommunications costs we have realised since implementation is indeed encouraging. Our company thanks Digicel management and staff for their excellent service and commitment to value which we have thus far enjoyed.”

George F. Huggins & Co. (G’da) Ltd. no longer has to pay high commercial line rentals for all their locations and has reduced the number of unnecessary lines for the business. The company has kept its primary advertised numbers which connect seamlessly with the new internal system from Digicel.

In addition to the fixed monthly cost savings, George F. Huggins & Co. (G’da) Ltd. enjoys further savings on their recurring costs by using Digicel as the gateway for all their calls – local, regional and international.

The Country Manager said she is delighted to see the full implementation of this Unified Communications Solution at George F. Huggins & Co. (G’da) Ltd.

Maher said “Digicel Business can save companies up to 65 percent on their PBX costs as well as bringing leading edge technology to their businesses thus improving productivity.”