Some Questions for the Union Boss

Since your expulsion from the Party you seem to have taken your ranting to new levels of hysteria. Quite frankly, Chester, you sound like you are hopping mad. Now, this is rather surprising since you declared in the media that this whole expulsion thing was of no consequence to you. So why you so vex then? You know, you have left me wondering. I am trying to understand where you are coming from these days. If you were younger, I would say you were going through some mid-life crisis. But you kinda old, and there is hardly anything more undignifying … Continue reading

Short memories

As we enter into another election cycle (silly season) let us not be fooled once more by all the promises of investors lined up to come and invest in Grenada. Let us become even more politically astute and let us become fully aware of our circumstances, our realities and our potential as a people. “Grenadians do not be fooled” by the cheap political tricks now being embarked upon by those who have gambled with our future as a nation for 13 years, or by those NDC losers who for one reason or another now have some axe to grind with … Continue reading

Call it a day!!!

During the 2008 election, I listened attentively to members of the National Democratic Congress as they gave reasons why they should be elected to office. Among the reasons given included that the Leader of the New National Party was corrupt, mismanaged the finances of the country resulting in big debt etc. Today some of these members are accusing the National Democratic Congress leader of being stubborn headed and dictatorial etc. Can anyone with a clean mind elect such persons? Are these people interested in the well-being of persons and the country’s successful growth? The building the Forrester’s started to house … Continue reading

The gunmen are restless

Grenadians, do you know what the two fiercest critics of the Prime Minister has in common? This is an important question the people must ask these two individuals whenever they come back on our radio and television stations to speak out in defense of their new idol, Captain Peter David and to try and castigate the Prime Minister. These two old revolutionaries have one thing in common – either using the gun to kill or to export arms and ammunition so that Maurice Bishop and Bernard Coard could have plotted the overthrow of a duly-elected government in Grenada. The one … Continue reading

Not all that glitters is Gold

In recent months Grenada was introduced to The Grenada Web Shop also called “The Blackberry and Android Store”. This business place has been advertising the sale of items (Blackberry’s, IPods, Tablets etc) on Hire Purchase. Sounds good right! However, in order to qualify for Hire Purchase one must have a job letter, proof of address, two pieces of identification and a deposit of $99.00. If qualified, the items will be ready for collection within the next seven working days. But as the old saying goes, not all that glitters is gold and oh how true that will continue to be. … Continue reading

Need for public debate on education

Winford James, a University of the West Indies lecturer, writing in the Trinidad Express of May 10, 2012, reveals to us some of the woes and frustrations experienced by teachers in Trinidad as related by a certain secondary school teacher. According to him, she lamented that: “She was called upon to teach students who brought no text books to school, came to class when they wanted; walked out of class at will; shouted randomly at classmates when the teacher was talking to the class; lay their heads on tables in sleep or lethargy, held conversations with other students passing noisily … Continue reading

Lies, lies and damn lies!!!

The more things change, the more things remain the same. And as KCM retracted his earlier utterances, he really can’t change. The same ole NNP again. The strategic rally at Tanteen had all the traits. Set up the stage for the cameras, squeeze people in a particular corner and look big on TV. Same ole, same ole. Claris was at her best. Wajang! The NNP chief liar. Despite having all the facts she repeats all her lies in every meeting. She got the truth in Parliament but it makes no difference. And a lot of people believe the lies. Grenada … Continue reading

The truth about the Hamilton deal

This little upstart called Nikki Steele over the last few weeks continues to demonstrate that he is a real political rookie. His poor performance at all his public appearances clearly demonstrates that he is in the wrong business. When he entered politics, I felt good, as he appeared to be a talented Grenadian from a class that never bothered about public service. However, it is quite clear that the culture of the NNP is too strong for Mr. Steele to make a positive impact. On the contrary, the converse has occurred. Mr. Steele has been baptised in NNP’s culture of … Continue reading

Get the records straight

In your weekend newspaper, August 24, 2012 and in a subsequent document on Pg. 11, “Overview of Dock Labour at the Port”, paragraph 3, it states in part “According to the General Foreman of the Seaman and Water Front Workers Union (SWWU), the last fatality on the port occurred back in 1958…”. That statement is incorrect for according to the death certificate of James Taitt – “On February 6th, 1964, The Pier, St. George’s, James Taitt, male forty six (46) stevedore…….”was struck by a case of searchlight batteries while working in the ship’s hatch, which fell from a sling of … Continue reading

Open letter to NIS Manager

The Manager National Insurance Scheme Melville Street St. George’s Dear Sir: I write on behalf of all the persons who have been contributors to the National Insurance Scheme since its inception in 1983, and who are now being faced with the possibility of having their retirement ages increased from 60 to 65. The National Insurance Scheme has stated that the pension fund is being depleted due to the fact that fewer people are contributing toward the scheme and that persons are living for longer than they did previously. The former reason is understandable since unemployment is exceptionally high and continues … Continue reading