Tim Tim starts to speak

I was thinking for some time now to write a letter about this boy called Timothy Antoine but was reluctant to do so. However, after listening to a caller on the George Grant show last Sunday, I decided that it might be appropriate to finally write the letter. For some time now, I have been watching this Antoine boy and his almost deafening silence on matters of finances as the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of finance. The only time that I heard Tim Tim open his mouth is to speak on issues about CLICO and Baico. This man has … Continue reading

Doc is a changed man

The appointment of Cajeton Hood as our Attorney-General is proof enough that Dr. Keith is a changed man. I was doubtful when the Doc said that he was coming back more for his legacy than anything else. The man has forgiven Cajeton of his sins. I can remember reading many articles in the newspapers written by Cajeton prior to the 2008 general elections when he was on the offensive against the Doc. The articles were stinging and sent goose bumps throughout my body as Cajeton used to beat up on the doc every week in some hard-biting commentaries. I know … Continue reading

NDC – the most credible and meaningful party in opposition

Inspirational leadership may not be the most important factor in politics. But if there is one lesson to be learnt from the recent election results, it is this: inspirational politics – that ability to articulate the issues, to connect with and move the people – is definitely one of the most important requirements for winning in politics. Examples of this imperative abound: The staid and reserved Herbert Blaize versus the personable and oratorically gifted Eric Gairy. The sociable and charismatic Maurice Bishop pitted against the stoic and brilliant Bernard Coard. And in another time, when the Lord called upon Moses … Continue reading

Repent Grenadians, Repent!!!

The results of the last elections left the nation shocked. NDC supporters were shocked and disappointed, “ah, not one seat”. The NNP supporters were shocked. Yes, they chanted, “we want Kit”, but in retrospect, the intellectual minds of the NNP anticipated the safety net of a strong opposition, while the others, suddenly awoke to the reality of a “lottery” promise, wrapped up in one hundred days. Christians were disappointed, as once again, the ungratefulness of our nation was expressed to God, as we voted for food, under the guise of progress and dethroned Almighty God as deliverer of our nation … Continue reading

No statute of limitation for genocide

In Jamaica, a government commission has revived a reparation commission to research slavery’s social and economic impact and examine whether the predominantly “Black” Caribbean Island should seek compensation or a formal apology from Britain to heal old wounds. According to historians, slave labour alone made a vast difference to the economies of the New and Old worlds. In Jamaica, the historians said, most slaves were forced to work under brutal conditions on sugar plantations. Ms. A. Shepherd, chair of the commission said that the legacy of slavery has impaired the Caribbean nation’s ability to advance and compete globally. The Jamaican … Continue reading

The delivery train

I will start this article by saying hats off to the National Democratic Congress for fighting vigorously all the way through. As a proud NDC-ite, I felt the energy and the will power to push forward for a second term. I hope that members and supporters will come together to ensure that the party is equipped with the necessities it requires to permit a win in the next five years. Now for the core of the article, there are many so-called people who occupy spaces in the media arena who are still in the celebratory mood in light of the … Continue reading

PM Mitchell – the Doc’s Mystique

The worms again and again invaded his political porridge; he was expected to dash it away and change his diet as his intestinal fortitude became clogged by the invading parasites. Little did they know that they provided the invaluable protein that strengthened both body and mind – his resolve grew stronger and stronger. He did not take cover and cowardly run; he stood strong as an honourable leader and patriot repulsing the onslaught. His forces were young, inexperienced, broken and defenseless. He “felt their pain!” A wounded but confident warrior, he knew that he could ready them for the next … Continue reading

‘Progressives’ engaged in Unholy Alliance with NNP

The People of Grenada have spoken and we now have to live with the consequences. How does one begin to make sense of what has transpired? In doing so, my angle will be on the role of the leaders of the “progressive forces” as they love to label themselves. In the build up to the 2008 Elections, the progressive forces threw its weight behind the best alternative to the NNP – i.e. the NDC. By 2008, the people had had enough of the NNP’s excesses in Government, the blatant disregard for fairness and equity in handling Government’s business, not to … Continue reading

Problems in Agriculture sector

As someone who is worried over the deleterious direction the island has taken, I feel obligated to voice my concerns about some of the issues that are propelling us to that disastrous cliff. The utter ugliness – both physical and behavioural – that is bedeviling our people and island is depressing. I am exposed daily to this ugliness and it saddens me deeply; from the rudeness of civil servants to the public, who pay their salaries to the reckless and inconsiderate bus drivers who behave as though our public roads are theirs alone and to the young women displaying their … Continue reading

Grenada Road Tax: Is this system fair?

Having been 11 months away from Grenada I arrive back the day before the country’s general election to find my vehicle (which was garaged for that period of time) un-insured and with an invalid road tax license disc -both of which expired at the end of June 2012. The very next day I went to the insurance office to renew the insurance policy for 12 months then went off to the road tax (revenue) office to purchase a new road tax license disc only to be told at the cash desk that I also needed to have a vehicle inspection … Continue reading