There are no two sides

It was rather unfortunate the manner in which a genuine caller had to be short stopped in her tracks when she aired her opinion on me not being on the “Sundays With George Grant” programme on June 30, 2013 along with the President of the Grenada Olympic Committee, Mr. Royston La Hee. There must have been a communication problem between George and myself. Hence I was very shocked and embarrassed when I listened to the rebroadcast and heard him say he invited me to be on the programme and I refused to show up or call. I will like to … Continue reading

Going forward with Agriculture

Enough talking – it’s time for action. It is a well-known fact that we in Grenada, for far too long have failed to recognise the tremendous potential of the Agricultural Industry on our lives. We have concentrated almost exclusively on export crops Nutmeg, Cocoa and Bananas. We have mouthed time and again about doing something with our fruits and vegetables, but sadly, that is only old talk. The growing global food crises must awaken us to the concern voiced by the United Nations General Secretary, that most small developing states (such as Grenada) will fall deeper into poverty which will … Continue reading

Robberies on the rise

I will like to bring to the attention of the general public the amount of robberies that are taking place on this island and causing fear for our local and foreigners, alike that are not being reported to the police for fear of retaliation and the court’s bureaucracies. This issue must be addressed urgently as we are preparing to welcome home returning nationals and visitors for carnival. They need to be extra vigilant of the surroundings where they live. What I have seen is village bars being used as disguise to sell drinks etc. put engage in selling illegal stuff … Continue reading

NTRC should step in

I want to jump in the discussion which LIME’s drastic reduction move has started as it relates to benefits that can be derived from open competition in the market place to us consumers. I humbly call on all fellow Grenadians to join in to call on the National Telecoms Regulatory Commission (NTRC) to act in the interest of us consumers. It is instructive to note that this is a call made by LIME’s Country Manager who has been doing a great job to enlighten us on this issue. Who would have ever thought that the telecommunications industry would have reached … Continue reading

Absolute power corrupts absolutely

Recent accusations of political spying here in Grenada reminds us of the saying that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and often we see this being played out in ruling circles. Politicians and other people in positions of power, even when their power is overwhelming, may not be satisfied that they have enough and may want to flatter themselves that like God they are most powerful. Therefore, they will give people the impression that not only are they all powerful, but they are also all knowing and can be present everywhere, even inside the head of people, so they … Continue reading

A backward step

Please permit me to say briefly that I am an Educator with a track record of 100% success working with my daughters, and children (of other families) including some who were written off by the education system as hopeless. Accordingly, I speak with grand authority on education. For the last couple weeks I’ve strongly resisted writing on the performance of the ruling NNP administration particularly as it relates to education; however, their education policies amount to such a vexation of the spirit to the extent that my pen has sprung a leak almost out of control way beyond midnight. The … Continue reading

That Is Man

Nelson Mandela would celebrate his 95th birthday next month (July), God willing he survives the physical challenges that he has been experiencing in recent years, that necessitated that he be admitted again to a South African hospital this month. Madiba, (his Xhosa name) in my opinion, is the personification of the term man. An uncompromising activist against the brutal apartheid regime in his homeland, South Africa. Nelson Mandela sacrificed the prime years of his life whilst involved in the struggle to free his people from the yoke of prejudice and oppression. Nelson Mandela is no doubt a living legend. His … Continue reading

The hundred days have come and gone

‘There is none so blind that would not see’. That statement bothers me deeply as I realise that we are a people grouping blindly for we know not what! We cannot identify what we want; no vision of where we ought to go, nor direction how to get there; no idea of what is substance nor what is ether or ephemeral. On the contrary we have become a me-too nation growing a copy-cat generation, willing slaves to American TV and addicts of cell phone and Digicel gadgets, great at pushing buttons and viewing garbage or unable to think and carry … Continue reading

The Marina project in Carriacou

I write with concern regarding the proposed re start of the marina project at Tyrell Bay on Carriacou. Whilst I confess that I am not a Grenadian resident, I visit Carriacou as often as I can and have watched the development of the marina with some interest. I should also admit that as a visitor but not one of the yachting fraternity I was quite worried about what this development would do to the environment and ecology of the island. However, when work started I hoped that the project would be finished as soon as possible but when the work … Continue reading

Treatment of Ministers on Labour Day

Please someone tell me what is wrong with our society. Every May Day as far back as I can remember the Ministers are booed while making their presentations. This is a matter that must be addressed urgently and in a serious way. Is it the correct thing for members of the unions to be doing? I strongly believe that it is wrong and should be stopped immediately. There is no place in our society for such action by professionals. An apology should be sent to the Minister by the T.U.C. Teachers, how will you feel to be in front of … Continue reading