Transition from boyhood to manhood

In many cultures special ceremonies are conducted which initiate a boy into manhood. Such events mark the point of departure from one stage of development to the next. It is a commencement juncture or line of demarcation whereby a youth is inducted into what it means to be a man. This might include being taken into the woods at night and exposed to darkness, danger, and doleful sounds. In other cases the youth may have to prove his mettle by killing some ferocious animal. In isolated cases in the west some fathers do their own thing in terms of inducting … Continue reading

NNP False promises and Bold face lies

We will deliver lies and false promises   * Is Political Correctness a case of giving Hope or spreading lies!*CCC work will start by the beginning of July.   *Nobody will be victimized, nobody will be sent home   *There is a lot of activity on the docks   *We have a plan to rescue Grenada   *We have reduced substantially unpaid claims in the Treasury   *Busmen are making 6 and 7 full trips from the country to town   *We will restructure the National Debt   *We will discontinue the Free School Programme only in Private Schools.   … Continue reading

‘Carnival is we Kulture!’

This line from the lyrics of one of the current musical mutations has given me much food for thought. Not that the line itself was nourishing but what it suggested awakened certain ideas in my mind. The chanter was evidently seeking to justify the character and content of his performance by his message. Recently, I was speaking to a group of over fifty kids and young people at the closing program of a vacation bible school out in the country. I asked them, “What do we celebrate at Christmas?” They replied, “The Birth of Christ.” Then I asked, “What do … Continue reading

Name and shame them

It is payback time for tax dodgers in Grenada. For a decade many well-placed people refused to pay government millions in taxes and were getting away with impunity. Now that a potential tax fraud scandal could be exposed many are on the run with nowhere to hide. Ironically, it was a rookie parliamentarian that instigated the showdown breaking a taboo by calling on all politicians to pay their fair share of taxes. This was unprecedented, unheard of in the State of Grenada, and it triggered a frantic investigation in high places to corner the culprits. No one is above the … Continue reading

Open Letter to Hon. Anthony Boatswain

Hon. Anthony Boatswain Minister of Education St George   Dear Mr. Boatswain,   The confession of Dr. Jeffrey Britton- Principal of TAMCC at the school’s graduation ceremony that the institution is facing financial constraints confirmed that what was stated in the article is true. This is the reason why we the people of St. Patrick expect you to move expeditiously to reinstate the St. Patrick’s Multi-Purpose Training Centre. There was not any long overdue process when it was transferred to TAMCC so reversing the decision should not be any problem. Instead of government having to find money to give to … Continue reading

Legislation most foul

This proposed legislation (internet crime bill) is attempting to place a yolk or muzzle on the people of Grenada. Millions of people have died for the right to free speech and freedom of the press. The most cherished freedom in America is free speech and press freedom. The U.S Congress and Senate zealously guard these two freedoms. Any attempt to curb or infringe on their freedom spells war. As a U.S Army veteran, millions of Americans would be willing to lay their life on the line to protect the right to enforce those freedoms. Most of our television programs in … Continue reading

A few things to smile about

On Saturday 27th July 2013, son of the soil Kirani James won yet another 400m race. This time it was at the Anniversary games Diamond league competition held in London, England. Most athletic pundits worldwide believe that Kirani is well on his way to retaining his world championship 400m title at the Moscow world championships in August. The very next day, on Sunday 28th July, racecar driver Lewis Hamilton (a Grenadian by descent) convincingly won the Formula 1 grand-prix race staged in Hungary. This show of success at the International level, coming from these two fine young men, products of … Continue reading

A tale of NNP lies

The man promised on the campaign trail and in Parliament full consultation on issues of national importance, yet still he trying as much as he can to slip in the casino license to Zublin through the back door. How come he isn’t talking about going to the public with such a controversial issue? How come he talking about a deal that will limit Grenadians from gambling without hearing if that is what the Grenadian public really wants? How come the talk on the street is that they used a past GG to rake up an acquisition deal with HYATT of … Continue reading

‘Hope’ to NDC-ites

Death puts an end to the physical body. The flesh with all its vanities and sinfulness is no more, but the Spirit is alive and active, it still has work to do. Nothing can be done with a body that is dead. It cannot be healed. It cannot be restored. It has no senses. It has no purpose. But believers know that death is not the end of all life. They also know that before bodily death sets in we have the promise of both physical and spiritual life. To gain further ordinary life in the face of imminent or … Continue reading

Do more for the victims and their families

Many people are observing that prisoners, who would have committed heinous crimes against person or persons, are being treated with greater interest and fairness than the victims and the victim’s family. In recent times, we have witnessed Organisation such as Human Rights Watch etc., becoming more embolden and forcibly ensuring that prisoners who are doers of serious crimes are given maximum privileges and special consideration in preference over those they have committed the crimes against. As a result of such cozy and protective treatment to those prisoners, the would-be criminals, may be encouraged to commit similar acts against other citizens … Continue reading