Budget clash: Youth vs middle class; austerity or largesse?

Not since Eric Gairy’s “Land for the Landless” program has a Government of Grenada set up a senseless and damaging conflict between two sections of the population, as is being set up today between the middle class and the youth. It is plain to see that the middle class is being taxed to pay for the Government’s promises to the youth of the country. While the middle class is being called upon to pay about $40 million in additional taxes, levies, user fees and licences, Government can find an additional $46 million to allocate to its youth program. This highpoint … Continue reading

What is the status of lecturers at TAMCC?

The Government of a country relies on a number of statutory bodies to deliver its services. They are established by government legislation to carry out a particular function. A statutory body should only be set up if it is the most appropriate and cost-effective means of carrying out its given function. It is necessary to review statutory bodies to determine their openness, transparency and effectiveness. T.A. Marryshow Community College was established as a public tertiary educational institution by Act No. 41 of 1996. Currently this institution is facing a number of challenges in meeting its statutory function of delivering quality … Continue reading

Hypocrites in the woodwork

While everyone is jostling each other to heap praises on Nelson Mandela; recalling what a great statesman and example to the rest of the world he was, it is important to note the history of the Grenadian opposition to Apartheid and support for Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress. Those of us who achieved political awareness and interest in social and racial justice in the late seventies and early eighties will recall names like Kwame Toure (Stokely Carmichael), Walter Rodney, Michael Manley and of course the bold and brave freedom fighters in Southern Africa. At the fore of our … Continue reading

A refined version of N.N.P

The New National Party has shown a new mindset, and a refined model of its intention to tackle Grenada’s grave economic problems which we all know is not easy for any government taking office at this time. However, we all should get on board to ensure that Grenada succeeds as a nation, and not continue with the same type of low down politics by putting one party supporter against the other because if this trend continues we would surely return to the nasty politics of the 1970’s. For too long we have been continuing with this unhealthy trend which is … Continue reading

Speaking up for Grenada

Although it is highly desirable, you are mistaken if you believe that the handful of intellectuals in Grenada owe any duty to the people to grow their understanding of critical issues in the life of the society. But an appeal for help can certainly be made. Exploitation of the masses is a concept that became very popular in Grenada during the Revolution. One understands that it covers both political and economic relations. Whether the purpose is that of extracting votes or extracting taxes, the intention is the same. Politicians sometimes call in aid those who can convince others as to … Continue reading

By their actions you shall know them

The NDC reminds me of a failed athlete rebounding from a disastrous defeat; he impresses his coach with a stunning performance in the wake of the penultimate meet. Now a lean and mean machine his performance was so convincing that his coach was obliged to give him a second chance. But like much in life, success sometimes brings with it healthy doses of cockiness – the late and eminent Sir Eric Mathew Gairy would have said they were, “overcome by the weight of the moment.” To the most casual observer though, they were overcome by their own. Mesmerised and frenzied, … Continue reading

Politicians and squatters

For too long the politicians have been giving signals to squatters in order to gain political mileage to squat on state lands, throughout the length and breadth of Grenada. These persons have squatted on so many government lands including prime lots, which could have been used for serious business development that could have benefited us as we fight for economic independence and food security but on the contrary leaving much of this country’s deprived of its most important natural resource . Today squatters in Grenada have gotten away with such disregard for law as it relates to the squatting of … Continue reading

Is the Grenada minister of tourism short-sighted or does she lack vision?

I read with great interest the article published in the various weekend newspapers supposed to be written by and published on behalf of Tourism Minister Alexandra Otway-Noel. One paper headed the article “Grenada to observe Tourism Awareness Week.” Another: “Hon Minister of Tourism Alexandra Otway-Noel on the Commencement of Caribbean Tourism Day – 2013.” In the article, the minister talks about the beginning of the cruise ship season and “initiatives to improve the quality of experiences that visitors can enjoy during their brief visit to our shores.” Which I have to say is very encouraging; however, the article went on: … Continue reading

Wanted! The member of parliament for St George’s North East

Our Member of Parliament for St George’s North East, Tobias Clement MP, appears to have gone missing soon after his election to office. Perhaps wherever he is, he (Tobias Clement MP) will be good enough to come forward and grace us — the people of Radix, Mt Parnassus — with his presence. If Mr Clement doesn’t know exactly where Radix is, the direction is to travel along the Mt Parnassus road heading north out of Tempe; Radix is signposted on the left hand side of the road at the sharpest of corners on the brow of the hill. I am … Continue reading

What an insult to Sir Paul Scoon!!!

I hate writing to the media but I have no other choice but to do so to express my utter disgust and annoyance in regards to the treatment meted out to the greatest Governor-General we have ever had here in Grenada. We all knew who Paul was and what he stood for. These attributes were all so eloquently emphasised during his funeral service at the St. Peter Roman Catholic Church at Gouyave, St.John that I need not go into that again. My annoyance was that Sir Paul was “lying in State” at the Trade Centre, Morne Rouge on Wednesday, September … Continue reading