Time to step out of the shadows

This year, 2014, we should lay the responsibility on the doorstep of every Caribbean leader of government who continues to fiddle around, seek safe haven, and or practice business as usual within the traditionally safe shadows cast over our countries by western democracies. We must articulate forcefully our desire that the Caribbean heads of Government demonstrate the requisite ‘chutzpah’ to step out into the sunlight, to fully embrace and avail our countries of all of the opportunities that new and emerging nations offer; advantages that can help us to realize the required growth and development that our region, and our … Continue reading

The Book: Public Enemy Number 1

In Grenada the art of reading is in crisis and dying. It is said “if you want to hide information from Grenadians put it in writing and publish it”. It will be hiding in plain sight but will not be seen by most even in big jumbo prints. This may seem a gross exaggeration but it underscores the widespread aversion of the vast majority of Grenadians to reading and that is a serious indictment on our nation. The exception to the norm is a very small minority. And most newspaper readers only look for gossip columns, sensationalism, and jokes, ignoring … Continue reading

Bowen told, ‘revisit your decision’

Hon. Gregory Bowen Minister of Communication, Works & Physical Development Ministry of Works – Ministerial Complex Tanteen – St. George’s GRENADA   February 24th, 2014   Pronouncement re demolition of York House,   Dear Minister,   It was with grave consternation if not alarm, that on the evening of Tuesday February 18, 2014 almost ten years after Hurricane Ivan, you made a pronouncement on one of the evening newscast that York House was structurally unsafe and it would not be cost effective to spend funds on its repair/ restoration, or words to that effect. York House is one of Grenada’s … Continue reading

The decision of the Australian Government

The recent announcement of the decision of the Australian Government not to finance what is described as Phase 11 of the project for the New Parliament for Grenada, must be analyzed closely from two perspectives-: • The development of the project and something that occurred during the planning phase or Phase 1 of the project and • The contents of the letter from the  Australian High Commissioner to Hon. Nicholas Steele, Grenada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, in which he conveyed the decision of the Government of Australia not to finance the construction phase of the project referred to as Phase … Continue reading

What a shame/disgrace

Mrs. Alexander Otway-Noel Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation & Culture Ministerial Complex Tanteen St. George’s   It was and still is a wonderful thing to have unsung heroes brought to light and I would have liked to wholeheartedly say “hats off” to all those who caused such a thing to be manifested resulting in plaque/s to be erected at the Tri-Centenary Park, in the vicinity of Fort George, naming persons, who by and large contributed in one form or another towards the building of the town of St.George’s over the past three hundred years. However, what a disgrace and shame … Continue reading

Engage the creditors!!!

Dr. The Right Hon. Keith Mitchell Prime Minister of Grenada Ministerial Complex Botanical Gardens Tanteen St. George’s.   Tuesday, 18 February 2014   Dear Prime Minister Mitchell, Re: Concerns Regarding Grenada’s Debt Restructuring and Dissatisfaction of Grenada’s Creditors I write to you in my capacity as Political Leader of the National Democratic Congress ( NDC) to express the party’s concerns regarding the contents of a press report that speaks to dissatisfaction of Grenada’s creditors on the matter of Grenada’s Debt Restructuring, which, if accurate, can have devastating consequences for our country. As a credible National political party, which secured over … Continue reading


On February 6th 1974 my mother went into labour, I was born on February 7th 1974. My mother’s name is England and my father was Eric Matthew Gairy, they called me Grenada Independence. Lots of people did not support my birth. At the maternity ward there was no electricity, so I was delivered under vehicle lights. My birth place was Fort Frederick. My mother left me with my father Eric Gairy, who took care of me and watched me grow and develop. Lots of negative things were said about my father Eric. Some called him obeah man, others dictator. On … Continue reading

Food for thought!!!

A short time ago, I happened to be in Sauteurs on business. Having completed my affairs I was desperately in need of a cup of coffee. I was told to try Helena’s. Tucked neatly near the Post Office, I found the place. When I entered, I stood a while in surprise. The place was spotlessly clean, lilly white tablecloths, silver gleaming and the floor tiles polished. There was a great aroma of food coming from the kitchen. Before I was seated a young lady appeared. I ordered my coffee and a sandwich and sat back. Within minutes my order came, … Continue reading

The real enemy of progress

Nicholas Sparks is on record as saying – “You are going to come across people in your life who will say all the right words at all the right times. But in the end, it’s always their actions you should judge them by. It’s actions, not words that matter.” This very pertinent prose should come into prominence after listening to Dr. Keith Mitchell – Grenada’s Prime Minister as he delivered his Independence Message at the activities to mark the observance of our 40th anniversary of independence from Great Britain. Grenada as we know has been dubbed by renowned Historian and … Continue reading

Tourism Rebranding or Nation Branding?

The Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) inaugurates with Tourism Minister Otway-Noel announcing a bold rebranding industry make-over to conquer the world. She speaks volumes on tourism rebranding not once raising the critical question of “nation branding”, leaving much speculation as to what exactly is our national brand – if in fact we have one. For skeptics rebranding is just a new coat of paint: systemically and structurally nothing changes. But one cannot keep repeating the same thing over and over and expect a different result. Tourism is our nation’s window to the world, the whole nation, all its products and services, … Continue reading