Grenada votes against Isreal

I don’t often write but I was compelled to do so after reading a letter sent in by one of your contributors titled “Grenada votes against Israel”. The vote being the UN General Assembly (UNGA) resolution that criticised President Donald Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. From what I understand the writer did not accept Grenada voting against Israel because we are a Christian nation and the writer is indeed a Christian. Even If I were to believe we are a Christian nation I would like to ask, does Christianity believe in the dehumanisation of a people … Continue reading

The illegal bar on the plaza

On Sunday, July 22nd, our Government was hard at work patching holes on the Carenage. Undoubtedly, we are trying to present a good impression to all who returned to vote, and having done their bit to ensure the progress continues, will come back to wine down the place. It is noteworthy however, that the largest volume of Bitumen left on the Carenage roadway, somehow managed to create a ramp in the vicinity of a “Bar” illegally squatting on the Public Space known as the Pedestrian Plaza. Said Plaza provided to the people of Grenada via the generosity of US AID. … Continue reading


We humans have always had a love relationship with poetry since Adam first saw Eve in Eden and in the throes of the wonder and ecstasy of love cried out: BONE OF MY BONES AND FLESH OF MY FLESH, SHE SHALL BE CALLED WOMAN. Instantly, poetry was born! Poetry is the product of the passions of man and in its purest form expresses the sublime. It is his natural response to the experiences of life and the flow of his imagination. I am also a lover of poetry so it is no surprise that I have also written several pieces … Continue reading

Fix the flooding in River Road!!!

I visited the residents of River Road just after the heavy rainfall to talk with them and to see how they are coping with the effects of the severe flooding of the area the day before. Most people were in good spirits and had mostly cleaned up and are trying to return to their daily routines. We are a positive, resilient people and will always bounce back. However, as I interacted with them, I realised that beneath all the resilience and positivity is a whole lot of frustration. The people of River Road are frustrated because the flooding of the … Continue reading


(PART FIVE) In the strictest legal sense, within constitutional governance as is typical of Grenada, justice begins at the law-making point and ends at the point of receiving satisfactory solution for an unlawful action. In effect, the spectrum of addressing justice entails the structures and processes from the formulation and passing of laws in the Parliament, to the administration and application of the laws by the Executive, and to the interpretation and judgement on the laws by the Judiciary. The Parliament, Executive and Judiciary form the government of the land, which has been developed to facilitate justice by means of … Continue reading

Four On Murder Charge

An altercation between 22-year-old mentally challenged Woburn resident, Bradley Francis and four others resulted in his death last week Monday morning. Police have since slapped non-capital murder charges against four suspects including three 19-year-old St. George residents for the death due to stabbing. The suspects who appeared in court last Friday are 19-year-old Woodlands resident, Kendal Stanisclaus, Donte Joseph from Frequente and Tyrell Frederick of Woburn, along with 36-year-old Brendon Gill of Morne Jaloux. Francis met his unfortunate demise after receiving a stab wound to his back and what appears to be chop wounds to his right shoulders. Sources told … Continue reading

The stooges are dead!!!

I have been reading with interest the last two editorials from your newspaper on the situation involving Olinga, the son of our Prime Minister. I fully agree with your paper that Dr. Mitchell has big plans for his son to eventually replace him not only as his successor in St. George’s North-West but hopefully as the Political Leader of NNP and the Prime Minister of our beloved country. As I read the paper, the thing that came to my mind is what Peter and Chess will now be thinking with Dr. Mitchell springing Olinga onto the political scene. Chess and … Continue reading

Untrue and misleading!!!

Dear Editor Please allow me to write this short response to comments made by the interview in an article appearing in the July 6 edition of THE NEW TODAY entitled: Earl Maitland still seeking redress on outstanding issue. Mr. Maitland’s matter was duly investigated by the Office of the Ombudsman as mandated by the Ombudsman Act#24 of 2007. He was informed in a letter dated 31st January 2018 that his case was closed, along with reason for so doing, in keeping with Section 24, sub-sections 3 & 4 of the said Act. Mr. Maitland was further advised in that letter … Continue reading

The Calistra Farrier case

Commissioner of Police Fort George St. George July 16th, 2018 Dear Sir, It is every citizen’s right to pursue justice. I write to draw to your attention and express my concerns as a fellow citizen on the above mentioned matter, specifically as it relates to the handling of the investigation and prosecution of the case against the individuals who had been arrested and charged for attacking a Journalist. After being properly educated as to the events that led to the dismissal of the criminal case against two senior election campaign staff of the ruling NNP who were recorded on video … Continue reading

So many questions but little or no answers!!!

Lately the Grand Bacolet rehabilitation center has been at the forefront in the public domain with several issues and concerns which need addressing. This center is an institution which was established with the sole intent to rehabilitate the juveniles and misguided children of our nation but instead there we have abusers and questionable persons leading and guiding them. Could this be one of the many reasons why they reoffend? On the 6th March 2018 there was an incident of a missing cash kit with some $1,400 plus dollars. Before conducting any investigation, it was alleged that four female members of … Continue reading