ALBA-TCP summit begins in Havana

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and other leaders were in Cuba to attend the Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Peoples of Our America (ALBA). The Alba was created 14 years ago on December 14, 2004, by the deceased presidents of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, and of Cuba, Fidel Castro, describing it as an alternative to the Free Trade Area for the Americas (FTAA). On December 12, 2018, before the opening, the Cuban head of State received the participants of the meeting, at the venue of the Protocol Hall Cubanacan of Havana. Attending the meeting are the Secretary-General of the integration … Continue reading

Mosquito spraying at Silver Sands!!!

Crime in Trinidad has increased exponentially. Murder is the new sport. Another gruesome murder today, leading the relentless murder toll to climb to 509, threatening to break the 2008 record of 550 murders, leaving 2017 at 494. Thus far, January has been the bloodiest month of the year at 40 killings. Why? Oh Why? Even though the government allocates billions of dollars towards crime, this has made no impression. Murder continues to hamper the economic prospect of the city, affecting tourism as countries have issued advisories warning their citizens about our little island. Immigrants from Venezuela, Columbia and Cuba are … Continue reading

Why is it so hard to amend Caribbean constitutions?

On Tuesday, November 6, the citizens of Antigua/Barbuda and Grenada soundly rejected the entreaties of local and regional elites to vote “yes” in separate referenda to replace the London-based Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (JCPC) with the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as their highest appellate court. This outcome should have come as no surprise to those familiar not only with Commonwealth Caribbean constitutional amending procedures but with the difficulty in amending constitutions in most democratic countries. When the ill-fated West Indies Federation was established in 1958 by a British Order in Council, a single West Indies Supreme … Continue reading

Unblock Cuba Now!

For the last 26 years (1992-2018) the United Nations General Assembly continue to vote for the USA to lift the financial and economic blockade against the Government and people of Cuba…It is time to Unblock Cuba. Before my second birthday, the Government and people of Cuba started to feel gaunt of the financial and economic blockade imposed by the USA on the backs of our Caribbean brothers and sisters in Cuba. It is important to know that after the Historical Leader and Commander In Chief of the Cuban Revolution, Dr Fidel Castro Ruz declared the character of the Cuban Revolution … Continue reading

Committee of Human Rights Grenada, UK is a sham

When I read in a relatively recent issue of New Today, an article by one Alan Scott condemning the U.S. invasion of Grenada I went to Facebook and typed in his name. There were other Alan Scotts, but I knew immediately which was the right one when I saw that among his friends were Selwyn Strachan and others of “The Grenada 17”. So this British person Scott who is Secretary of the Committee of Human Rights Grenada, UK is evidently an extreme leftist in cahoots with Grenadian communists living in the UK. So strange that such an organisation is not … Continue reading

Sauteurs Breakwater

Work on the Breakwater in Sauteurs has come to a halt, it stopped early this year with rumours that work would recommence in October or November. To date, the work has not restarted and inquiries were made to the local Parliamentary Representatives as to what the future of the breakwater might be. Questions were asked as to what investigations or assessments had been or will be undertaken to ensure that the destruction of November (2017) does not happen again. Last year we saw the complete loss of the beach in Mt Craven with the sea taking approximately twenty foot of … Continue reading

An undiscovered paradise!!!

Last week, Grenada stole my heart. There hasn’t been another island that has had this kind of impact on me aside from my beloved Jamaica. I was there as a speaker for the Caribbean Entrepreneurship Summit. It sought to strengthen collaboration in our region. There’s a movement of young Caribbean business owners determined to see us more productive and prosperous, and I believe the summit made a big leap in that direction. As excited as I am about the opportunities that were identified and acted upon and the fact that Sweetie products will be on Grenadian shelves come February, my … Continue reading

Ewart Layne – a despicable mass murderer

At last, someone is coming out in the open to cry grievance for the crimes committed by the likes of Ewart Layne. The nephew of Hyacinth Brizan now writes under the name of Christian Soldier to tell his story in your issue of December 14th, 2018. Why are those responsible for Brizan’s death not being brought to justice? It appears that Layne’s call for “justice” with regard to his application to be allowed to practice law in Grenada is bringing out a can of worms. We need more people who suffered under the PRG to come out and tell their … Continue reading


Although now a senior citizen, I can still recall as a lad growing up on the Lance in Gouyave during the 1940s, ’50s and even the ’60s, when the Priest, the Teacher and the Police were revered members of our society and the local community saw them as national ROLE MODELS. Today, from about the time of political independence in 1974, buttressed by the surge of the “information – overload era”, followed by the current trend of FAKE NEWS; the Grenadian persona has undergone a metamorphosis (a change) which is recognisable by those like myself of a bye-gone age, on … Continue reading

Some simple questions

A few years ago someone wrote that Grenada has one of the highest potential rates for engaging in corruption. Upon considerable reflection, I am now convinced, this is even more eminent, especially with the constant cloud of doubts over everything taking place in this country. Even when our leaders call for inquiry into things, these investigations seem to die along the way with no definitive results being made public thus leaving many to wonder maybe it has to do with protecting some of the persons involved. Moreover, it seems to be a constant Carnival and Bacchanal when it concerns the … Continue reading