Intentional delays and breeches of law

Mr Edvin Martin Commissioner of Police Royal Grenada Police Force Fort George St George 14-11-18 Sir, No person is above the law. There seems to be an accepted pattern of actions contrary to that which is expected of our police establishment. Actions, which, in my reasonable view, tantamount to treachery. I simply refuse to sit heedlessly and allow peace officers the false prerogative of aiding and abetting criminal activity when it is seemingly beneficially convenient. On too many occasions our officers refuse law abiding citizens their right to justice; – Citizens are refused their right to give statements at police … Continue reading

Mixed signals from the police!!!

I heard recently on national TV of the Police’s intention to curb the loud horns on vehicles, especially the mini buses. While I find this commendable if they are breaking a law, I think that there are some other areas that should engage the attention of the said Police. I would like to see the Police pay consistent attention to the loud music on some of the same buses, the parking of vehicles on sidewalks, forcing pedestrians to risk their lives with oncoming traffic. One area in particular comes to mind is that area between Ross Point and Lexus Inn … Continue reading

Has Cornwall confessed?

Further to my letter in your November 9th edition, “Bogo do better than that!” I have been reading the statement by Winston Simon recorded by Christopher Williams, member of the Advisory Council, in which Simon describes being tortured by Ewart Layne and others, and I noticed that among the names Simon listed was that of Cornwall. I quote,” Later on Redhead, Cornwall and Randy Bobb came back, picked me up and brought me near a drum of old oil. They lifted me up and put my head down in the old oil …………….Then Redhead heaved me on a pile of … Continue reading

Open letter to NIS

I am not writing to be critical but to get a clearer understanding of the Benefits from the National Insurance Scheme which all of us who are mandated to contribute. I only became curious because one of my employees reached retirement age and was told that in order to be eligible for pension, 500 contribution has to be made. I conclude a contribution is one monthly payment. Being a business person I sat down and calculate how one will be eligible for a pension. There are 60 contributions in 5 years. 360 contributions in 30 years 500 contributions in 42 … Continue reading

Answers are needed!!!

I will be most grateful if you will grant me space in your papers to enquire of Cable & Wireless Grenada Ltd. or any relevant authority why is it that there has been no Annual Report to the shareholders since the 2013/2014 report. I was of the view that all public companies were obligated to inform all shareholders of their companies’ Annual Shareholders General meetings and to furnish them with such reports. Is it because, in the case of Cable & Wireless Grenada Limited, that members of the public who own only 992,767 or 2.5% of the company that they … Continue reading

A furious PM Mitchell!!!

Don’t be disappointed and furious Mr. PM because you and your team is responsible for the unsuccessful referendum. It turned out the way it did because of your stubbornness. You’ve forgotten that the main focus was supposed to be about the Grenadian people – those from all walks of life the rich, less unfortunate, the haves and haves not. Instead of trying to take your time and educate, likewise redress the issues with the judicial system, you’ve found yourself on many occasions castigating the decision makers. You also failed to recognise that the judicial system is one of the executive … Continue reading

Will Police Officers rest and reflect too?

Who would have thought that just a mere eight months after a general election in which the NNP won all fifteen seats we workers would be taking industrial action? After all it seemed just before the election that everything was good. Who can remember the speech at Pearls in which we were told that oil money will flow, and we could not trust Nazim Burke with the money? Today we are being told that for six years straight we have had positive growth, and yet government cannot honour their obligations to the workers of the nation. Why are we in … Continue reading


Mt Craven/Mt Rodney has suffered great losses of beach in the past year. It has been argued that some of this was due to the Breakwater project while others argue that this is just the cycle of what happens on the beaches in Sauteurs. The facts of the matter are that approximately seventy trees and around 20 ft of beach were lost on Mt Craven beach last year. This was well documented last year November. The trees on both Mt Rodney and Copeland beach are now showing their roots due to beach erosion and yet sand mining abounds here in … Continue reading

MNIB investigation smells of conflict of interest!!!

Dear Lady Avril Anande Trotman-Joseph, Grenada Diaspora Fraud Probe Center is closely following the MNIB scandal. One of many that came to our attention, creating the Grenada Scrutiny project. We call on you to RECUSE yourself. This Investigation smells bad of collusion, with intent to deceive the masses. I urge you not to be party to this complicity. Further details we will outline in our Global Blog. We feel you are not qualified to perform these investigative legal duties because of your very likely Conflict of Interest and surely your Lack of Impartiality. This news article and the several prior … Continue reading

Allard is full of himself!!!

This is in response to Mr. David Allard in an essay entitled, “A Letter of Apology From David Allard to Brian Grimes and a brief note to The Professional Agitator.” I reviewed what you wrote and called a letter of apology in the Grenada INFORMER newspaper dated Friday 26th 2018 to Mr. Brian Grimes, Public Relation Officer of PWU and yet you still find it in your heart to justify what you did in trying to tarnish his reputation as being right. I will be frank and honest with you and boldly say sir: “THIS IS NOT A FORMAL LETTER … Continue reading