All sides of the Revo!!!

Our true history needs to be told for the HEALING to begin. We avoid future mistakes only when we dissect the past and learn from our shortcomings. As we approach the anniversary of the March 13th Revolution, I want to ask all Grenadians to cast aside political leanings or personal feelings and take an unbiased look at what really happened…..the good, the bad and the ugly, during those four and a half years of the Revolution. In hindsight, we can now see the political power play, the jockeying for position, with ambition and ego running rampant, as the interests of … Continue reading

Creating an OECS police service

Over the past ten (10) years, citizens in the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) have grown increasingly concerned about the level of violent crime. Murder rates have risen from fewer than fifteen (15) cases per year in decades past to nearly forty (40) cases per year over the last few years in the most affected islands. The increase in criminality is in large measure a consequence of stagnating economies and the disintegration of social and community structures. More specifically, the decline of agricultural export commodities and the difficulty of establishing new economic sectors have exacerbated an already high level … Continue reading

Maduro – A Cuban plant in Caracas

I read Sir Ronald Sanders commentary with some amusement, because he has actually helped damn Maduro in his analysis. Nicolás Maduro was raised as a Roman Catholic, although in 2012 it was reported that he was a follower of Indian guru Sathya Sai Baba and previously visited the guru in India in 2005. His interest perhaps comes from his mother’s East Indian heritage. Racially, Maduro has indicated that he identifies as mestizo (“mixed [race]”), stating that he includes as a part of his mestizaje (“racial mixture”) admixture from the Indigenous peoples of the Americas and Africans. Maduro stated in a … Continue reading

The victim label

I arrived on the island of Grenada in January 1979, just in time for their first revolution. Maurice Bishop brought the Cubans and communism to Grenada. Over the months and years that I lived there, I noticed something that he did not bring to Grenada, and that was hope. Every holiday was called something like Bloody Monday or Murderous Friday. The celebrations in Grenada were not happy celebrations and I knew in time that people would not be able to live forever in that environment. I often think back to Grenada when I hear about the #MeToo movement and the … Continue reading


Public officers appointed in the public service of Grenada after 3 April 1983, have been disenfranchised from their constitutional entitlement to receive pensions from the State. This happened with the gazetting of the Pensions (Disqualification) Act, labeled as People’s Law No. 24 of 1983 (PL24 of 1983) by the People’s Revolutionary Government (PRG), on 16 September 1983. Although the demise of the PRG on 25 October 1983, the PL24 of 1983 has been drawn-on to depress pubic officers, to destabilise the public service and to destroy the public service sector trade unions. Furthermore, this distressing situation places Grenada at a … Continue reading

An experience with Caribbean Airlines!!!

I would appreciate it if you could publish this ‘open’ letter to sensitise Caribbean Airlines (CA) staff as well as passengers regarding this airline’s treatment of people. I had an online chat regarding my complaint of an experience I suffered on Dec. 17, 2018, Flight # CA601. The person advised me to make the complaint using their online form which I did. After completion, a message came back saying that I would hear from them via email within seven working days, and via regular mail within 40 working days. So far, I have had no correspondence from CA in any … Continue reading

Beauty and the Beast!!!

Citizens here are concerned about the beautiful but massive “black” building now being erected along the Woodlands road and, for which, so far, there seems to be no facilities for PARKING – this road being a heavily used road in and out of Grand Anse area. Equally, the ¼ inch concrete drain that passes in front of the “black beauty” can hardly contain water when it drizzles. Ahead of the impending rainy season could someone address the need for a 2 to 3 foot concrete drain starting perhaps at the corner before “black beauty” and continuing around the corner in … Continue reading

Money Socialism

A new and strange political ‘thing’ has emerged and is on the rise in Grenada. ‘Money Socialism’ is of recent vintage but is already showing itself to be a harmful political development. Noticeably, some people are actually instigating one set of poor Grenadians to fight another set of poor Grenadians. On the flip-side and by causation, it has given birth to a so-called ‘Council of Ministers’ for St Andrew. (See last week’s article, ‘Revo in St Andrew’.) In both cases, the evidence is that throwing big money behind poverty only creates more poverty and does nothing to develop communities. Generational … Continue reading

Run Wid It!

Run with what? Someone else’s possession? Absolutely NO! That is asking for trouble! I am urging parents and guardians to run with the great idea that tells you to spend more time with your children. It is a way of telling your children that you really love them. In many communities, parents and guardians prefer to be with someone else loitering or just chatting for extended periods about nonessential things. Deuteronomy 6:7 tells parents/guardians to spend much time teaching children God’s standards – in the house, on the road etc. Doing so, your children can be protected against bad influences, … Continue reading

Ideas for National Sustainable Development Plan

The National Sustainable Development Plan 1935 is a concept I fully endorse. That such a written document be developed by all sectors of the population of the State of Grenada and eventually accepted by most of the people forms a framework of principles that would guide Government and public workers for the next fifteen (15) years or so. Pathways may be varied but all head to the same end. Indeed, the timeframe must be the same yet, maybe sub-divided and phased as determined by adequate resources. In this document, I am proposing the State of Grenada be supported on six … Continue reading