Joseph Ewart Layne responds to false allegations printed in The New Today

Mr. George Worme Editor The New Today Dear Sir, My name is Joseph Ewart Layne. It has been drawn to my attention that commencing on 5th October 2018 or thereabout, and continuing up to 5th November 2018 thus far, your newspaper has carried a series of articles focused on my quest to obtain a licence to practice the profession of law in Grenada. Indeed, my attention was triggered by information sent to me from someone in England who accessed one of your articles, dated 5th November, from your website. I have now had the opportunity to read the series of … Continue reading

Testing the ‘Winner’: Pension Tension

If you are vain and boastful and glorify the self you will be put to the test by the One who is greater than you, at some point. In our Grenadian culture, many people look to the Minister of Finance to provide for their most basic needs. For public workers, basic needs include the payment of salaries on time and the payment of pension, especially gratuity. Recently, one Minister of Finance could not pay salaries on time and he was roundly condemned. Today, another Minister of Finance declares that he is unable to pay certain gratuities when due. So the … Continue reading

Pension dispute echoing send the fool further on

The Governor-General of Grenada, Her Excellency, Dame Dr. Cecile La Grenade, and her Government of the New National Party (NNP) led by Dr. The Right Honourable Keith C. Mitchell, in the Throne Speech of 2018, tend to concretise the position and intent for public officers, with particular reference to their constitutionally-entitled State pensions. On this ‘long-standing and recurring decimal’ social abuse, the Ceremonial State Opening of the Second Session of the Tenth Parliament on 19 November 2018, signals either to continue insulting, disrespecting and fooling public officers, and/or to confirm that public officers are defeated, weaken and vulnerable. The record … Continue reading

Focus on FLOW!!!

Dear Editor, First I would like to thank you for publishing my letter then I would like to thank you again for giving the “little man” a voice. They say that help sometimes comes from places where you least expect it. I have got the feeling that you are willing to be the mediator. If that is so I will be happy if you can relay my feeling about the issue. I am attaching a letter that was written to the manager some time ago but the facts remain the same. I would only like to add they should return … Continue reading

Stop Discriminating Against Them!

Many, like me, have observed the way persons react to a certain religious group that is well known for going around house to house and preaching the Bible. Often, some persons would quarrel, even use indecent language, when they see members of this religious group walking along the street or coming toward their homes. In other countries too, people oppose this religious group, speaking strongly against them, slamming their doors in the faces of these visitors. (Matthew 24:9; Acts 28:22). In some countries, this religious group is even banned. (Acts 4:17 to 20). I am kindly asking those persons who … Continue reading

Can Chocolate SAVE the Grenada Cocoa Industry ???

In regard to the above-captioned subject, the answer is YES!! BUT. There is need to do a complete change in the operations of the Grenada Cocoa Association and how the Management of the GCA Board thinks. There should be emphasis on not selling Grenada Cocoa Beans in crocus bags but selling chocolate as semi-processed chocolate (or cocoa liquor). Chocolate finished products such as milk chocolates (both locally, in the region, and in the rest of the world), and as Finished Dark chocolates such as Bonbon, Truffles and other special end products & also instantised “Cocoa Tea” products, cocoa powder, and … Continue reading

Should Same Sex Marriage be legalised?

The above question is being discussed by the population. Some say “Yes”. Their reasoning is that homosexuals are people too like everyone else, so we should not discriminate against them. Others say “No.” They say that the Scriptures condemn that practice. They are right. Most of us know that God destroyed the city of Sodom mainly because of homosexuality. (Genesis 19:4, 5, 13, 24, 28) Romans 1:26, 27 tell us that women with women intimate relationship and men with men are NOT natural; they are contrary to nature. Clearly, God does NOT approve of homosexuality. Romans 1:32 mentions that those … Continue reading

Politically motivated Public Sector Union officials

Following weeks of reading about the industrial dispute between the public sector unions and the government I have decided to put on paper what I believe is a disgusting situation formented by political ambition, spite and greed. It was not so long ago (as recent as 2013) the government of the day was borrowing from the banks and raiding our Social Security funds to pay wages to themselves and public sector workers. Private businesses to whom the government owed money for goods and services rendered were not being paid because the Treasury did not have the funds. Our country was … Continue reading

MNIB investigation – a deceitful sham

Dear Mrs. Trotman -Joseph, I sincerely doubt the sincerity or the genuine ethics behind the MNIB Investigation that is led by you along with the Grenada Integrity Commission. This is just smoke to hide reality thus a deceitful sham. Many of us with families and relatives back in Grenada – all they talk about & what we see is simply smoke to cover up this, as what has happened to many other scandals of the past under PM Mitchell. The repeat cycle of corruption continues & continues, as well as growing in size and damages caused to the good name … Continue reading

Francis – NDC to Blame!

It has now become customary to bash (rightly or wrongly) political parties for all ills in the society, headaches included. It may be a safe place to be as it is now fashionable to speak about “petty politics”, partisan politics etc. which on the surface seeks to rubbish the role that political parties play in our democracy. Reference is made to terms like “In the national interest”, ‘what is good for Grenada” which seem to suggest that no political organisation can claim to be acting in the national interest. It also begs the question – who determines what is best … Continue reading