What an embarrassment!!!

Let me state categorically that I am a foundation member and supporter of the New National Party (NNP) since the days of H.A Blaize. Our party really came to life when the Doc took over the leadership from Blaize. It was people like Dr. Lawrence Joseph and Grace Duncan who stood alongside Dr. Mitchell when Blaize and his cronies like Ben Jones and George Mc Guire tried to turn back the tide for change. I did not like what was done to Sister Grace by the Doc as he dumped her after calling him “a little boy” but that is … Continue reading

PM – You’re measured by your own yardstick

Grenada went through a Constitutional Referendum almost two years ago which was held on November 24, 2016. The two-third majority that was needed to make this referendum successful failed because it was struck down by the people. There were a number of circumstances why it failed – one being lack of effective consultations with the people. I have always lived by the notion that “a man must be a man and admit his mistakes but if he continues to cover it up, in the long run it will only create serious consequences for him latter.” Grenadians must not be absent-minded … Continue reading

A question on beauty: Why Queen Show?

I heard two related thought provoking questions this last week. This is the second. “We now live in a world where women are world leaders and trail blazers, how do you think judging women on the basis of their looks and a single question contributes to the Women’s Movement?” A friend challenged us on Facebook and this was my immediate response. “I thought it was a brave question to ask a contestant in the very show that was under the question’s scrutiny. Personally, it’s a double-edged sword. A beauty contest is based on the visual and the snap shot question … Continue reading

Response to “A Message for Atheists to Consider”

You point to the peace treaty signed by Ethiopia and Eritrea as a sign that the world is saying “Peace and Security” and that this indicates that we are in the time of the end. The problem is that you cannot point to a prophecy that has no time frame and any likelihood of happening as being proof of a God. Of course, the bible says we do not know when it will come, because if they were to put a timeline on it there would be a way to disprove it. Such as the Jehovah Witnesses prophecy that armageddon … Continue reading

Spicemas is thinking backwards

Spice Mas Corporation is the body responsible for spearheading everything carnival. While most other contemporary administrative bodies in the region has come to the realisation that you cannot make a profit from monies collected in carnival produced shows we yet to realise that in Grenada. The problem faced with Pan last year was due to the vexing problem that carnival and Pan have become a financial burden to the administration and by extension Spice Mas Corporation. These people want to collect in their hands not through other avenues monies. Pan in particular is a failure as a revenue earner in … Continue reading

Should Guyana’s oil be left in the ground?

We are being told by UWI’s (St Augustine) economist, Dr Roger Hosein, that the oil production potential of the hydrocarbon discovery made in Guyana is of the order of 4 billion barrels of oil, which translate into a production of some 350,000-barrels per day (b/d) by 2025. Trinidad and Tobago, the traditional hydrocarbon producer in the region was just able to produce 240,334 b/d as its top production level in 1978. When this level of production seeps into the economy of Guyana, its economic growth rate is expected to jump to an average of 22.9 percent, while its non-oil growth … Continue reading

Attack on press freedom!!!

To our regional media colleagues Many of you will have noted the recent editorial-writing initiative by The Boston Globe that has enlisted scores of newspapers across America proposing a coordinated response under the theme “The dirty war on the free press must end” to President Trump’s escalating “enemy of the people” rhetoric. While we may not face the same rhetoric as US media, domestic regional news outlets in particular do face politically motivated attacks, ranging from threats of defamation lawsuits (including criminal libel in some jurisdictions) to economic pressure by the threatened or actual withdrawal of government advertising, all of … Continue reading

Open letter to Tobias Clement

Hon. Tobias Clement, There are far worse thing than receiving $1171.72 per sitting in the lower house. Please allow me to enlighten you on a few. – Being insultingly underpaid as a nurse, doctor or other hospital staff. – Waiting to be attended to in the General Hospital for many hours as it’s understaffed. – Not being able to get proper medical attention at the hospitals or medical stations as they barely have the necessities. – Patty Williams being injured while on duty as a nurse and refused compensation by the government. – Paul Martin Noel “legally” thrown off his … Continue reading

A Message for Atheists to Consider!

I am kindly urging all Atheists to consider the following. In recent times, the President of USA has been talking of peace and security for the whole world. Ethiopia and Eritrea have also recently signed a treaty ending the 20-year long enmity that had existed between the two countries. The United Nations Secretary General spoke of that move as a symbol of hope for the whole world. The Bible, nearly two thousand years ago, recorded at First Thessalonians chapter 5, verses 2 and 3, (1 Thessalonians 5:2, 3) the following: “For you yourselves know very well that Jehovah’s day is … Continue reading

NDC – a drifting and lost ship

In the Grenada Elections on March 13, the New National Party (NNP) was returned to office, winning all fifteen seats. In the region, this was followed by the Barbados elections on May 24, in which the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) sustained a similar humiliating defeat, not being able to win a single seat in the Barbados thirty-seat parliament. This seems a chilling testimony of how our NDC leadership is similar to that of the DLP in attitudes, political skills and vision. One of the attitudes shown by the NDC leaders over time, which may be true of the DLP, is … Continue reading