There is no constitutional challenge nor is there any constitutional crisis in Grenada having no Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament. The constitution provides for the appointment of a Leader of the Opposition, section 66.2, as well as for when such an appointment is not possible, section 62.2; and in both cases, the Governor-General acts in his/her own deliberate judgment. In fact; Grenada’s recent history attests that for the previous two general elections in January 1999 and in February 2013, when the New National Party (NNP) formed the government after capturing all of the fifteen seats in the House … Continue reading

The progressives are very impatient!!!

Because of Good Friday we can celebrate the risen Christ. Without Peter’s denial and betrayal there would have been no Good Friday. In the midst of betrayal and hypocrisy there is hope. I trust that you had a Blessed Easter and that we can muster the hope required to survive the turbulent times ahead. As a youth in the 70s, many of us young people dedicated our life’s work to building a nation where the poor and working people could have a decent chance at life. Young impressionable minds, looking up to leaders who spoke a language that inspired us … Continue reading

CBI agents holding sensitive state positions

The President & Members The Judicial and Legal Services Commission Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court 2nd Floor, Heraldine Rock Building P.O. Box 1093 The Waterfront, Castries ST. LUCIA March 31st, 2018 Esteemed President & Members, Citizenship by Investment Agents Holding Public Office re Legal and Judicial System Permit me to present my compliments and best wishes! I take this opportunity to write to you as a follow-up to my letter of October 13th, 2017 in which I expressed great concern about “conflict of interests” in the context of Citizenship by Investment Agents holding certain sensitive public offices in our legal and … Continue reading

Allegations of irregularities

Mr. Alex Phillip Acting Supervisor of Elections Tanteen Terrace, St. George’s GRENADA, W.I. Dear Mr. Alex Phillip: A number of allegations of irregularities were brought to your attention by several entities prior to the General Elections which you promised to address after the elections scheduled for 13 March 2018. Somehow the date of 19 March 2018 stands out in my mind as the date given by you to address those matters. To date, however, I have heard nothing about a report or explanation about those allegations. One would think that in your capacity of Supervisor of Elections – after reading … Continue reading

Don’t legalise the herb!!!

Grenada, the lovely land of my birth where people lived as one family. People cared for others and bore others burdens, today things have changed to the extent that some who have climbed life’s ladder tries to throw it down on reaching the top where there is plenty of room. There are people who have achieved much in this life and would like to leave a legacy behind. There is one person who I believe means well and has good intentions and wants to do something for his country, but at the same time, I remember the old folks said … Continue reading

Bank fees!!!

I went to a particular bank to do a withdrawal over the counter. I know the amount to do that is $1.79. However, I was astonished when I was told it had increased to $2.40. I inquired from the teller when this came into effect, I was told on February 26th, 2018. I said but there isn’t any sign indicating the change, I was told they forgot to put up the sign. I mentioned it is not my fault, I have to pay the increase, I would not pay it, she said it would be deducted from the withdrawal. My … Continue reading

A mistake should be the greatest teacher

Grenada deserves what they get. No leader can go in and change what Keith created – a group of young people who want instant gratification, hand outs and a little $700 a month to keep then impoverished and right where he wants them. Keith operates like all populist leader. You keep your people at a level so that they will always need you. You don’t enlighten them for the fear of realising that his policies are actually bad for the country, communities and families. No different from what Gairy did. We are seeing exploitation and recolonialisation right under our noses … Continue reading

Silver Sands Phase 2

Permit me to draw to your attention to the Bill Board which has been recently erected in the Riviera Lot adjoining Camehogne Park – Silver Sands Phase 2. There are reports that surveying of the road area has been taking place over the last few weeks. There are suggestions that the road will be relocated. What is now Wall Street will be replaced by the road. We can now make some deductions as to why the BUS STOP was moved to its present location. The round about will disappear and the road leading to Journey’s end will be closed off … Continue reading

NAWASA needs major surgery

Would you believe it? Grenada has been awash with rain for almost a month but we experienced in the Radix area cuts to our water supply for approximately 18 hours of our first week in the country. The week that followed we had some dry and sunny days so the experience was two consecutive days for approximately 12 hours without mains supply and this week, beginning Monday 5th March, the skies opened from above from about midday with torrential rain causing major flash flooding throughout St George’s yet in Radix we had our water supply cut off for approximately forty-eight … Continue reading

The “Progressive Forces”

This is intended to shed some light on the hypocrisy behind the persons charading today as the progressive forces and mastermind of Project Grenada who have conveniently taken up residence in the House hoping to evict the landlord and take full control. After all this has been their only modus operandi. Look back at the power struggle they waged after 2008 for control of the NDC Brand. Allow me to refresh your memories. After the demise of the revolution in 1983, the progressive forces needed a place to rest their tired selves. Tillman Thomas, against the wishes of his membership … Continue reading