We shall know them by their deeds

Those who are interested in the well-being of the Grenadian people are now well known.

Those who are not, stood out clearly on Friday, 20 July 2012. Keith Mitchell, Modeste,  Bhola, Nimrod, Church and Hood demonstrated their wicknedness and screwed  the Grenadian people. All in the name of dirty politics! All because they are trying to make the government look bad and gain the elusive upper hand!  They were so blinded in their attempt to gain power that they lost sight of the people’s business.

Could you imagine that the NNP group which presided over the poorest regulatory period in our history, a period, when insurance companies were allowed to virtually do what they wanted and the offshore sector ran wild, again failed to do the right thing?

During that period, thousands of persons in the USA and Grenada lost money. In Grenada’s case, a few thousands lost all their money in Cap Bank, Clico and Baico and a few hundreds lost their money in Nalgico. Some still cannot rebuild their homes after Ivan.

And now, in an attempt to put proper structures and practices in place to prevent things like that from occurring, the NNP group has blocked it. KCM claimed that it was the wrong time. Imagine that it is the wrong time to protect Grenadians! He said that it was the wrong time to introduce the VAT. He gambled with the economy which fell apart under his watch.

He used up all monies that he could have put his hand on to pay salaries. So even the money given by Trinidad to buy the coast guard boat was used to pay salaries as his tax structure was inadequate AND HIS EXPENDITURE HIGH. St Lucia is now introducing Vat, St Kitts introduced it last year but it was wrong for Grenada.

So they killed the Insurance Amendment Bill (2012) designed to introduce a sort of reserve requirement ratio for insurance companies wishing to do business in the Spice Isle.

Minister for Finance, Nazim Burke upon the Bill’s second reading insisted that in view of the fact that the financial sector has been bombarded with incidents of folding financial institutions, which resulted in intolerable losses for the public and investors, Government felt that it had become necessary to institute a clause which makes it mandatory for companies doing business in Grenada to make a deposit of EC$500,000, to the Grenada Authority for the Regulation of Financial Institutions designed to serve as a safety net.

Pointing to the CLICO and British American debacle and the SGL saga that left thousands of Grenadians without their life savings and pensions, Hon. Burke noted that the Government owed a duty of care to its citizens to try and provide in some way for that eventuality, and even to prevent it. “

In his opposition to the Amendment, Leader of her Majesty’s Opposition Dr. Keith Mitchell, sought to point out that in these hard economic times, the government was seeking to place an additional burden on its population, an argument countered by the Leader of Government’s Business, Nazim Burke who commented that it was better to spend one dollar extra to protect your hundreds of dollars, rather than wake up one day and find it altogether gone. ”

But perhaps the dumbest thing that transpired in parliament is the performance by Hood. He got up and asked the most stupid question heard for a long time. He obviously was wrongly advised. He appears not to know that there is something known as non- interest bearing accounts. He appears to know very little about how insurance companies are run.

He appears not to know about the concept of statutory reserves and its role in the protection of peoples deposits. Poor fella.

But driven by his intention of destroying, he demonstrated his true intentions. God must be in pain to see this ungodly act against the common people. And from a man of the cloth! Imposter or joker! Church is already lost and Gilbert was late in coming. But the planned intentions were quite clear. Frustrate, frustrate, frustrate.

And in the process, the Grenadian people got screwed. Compliments the NNP group!

Silent Observer

A dangerous Sub culture

While many of our institutions, stand by and watch our society, go down the drain, so too our social workers, homes and even some of our schools are guilty of condoning this practice, reluctantly.

Today when one travels around this beautiful little island of ours, one will be shocked at what the eyes will see, but yes it is perfectly true believe it or not. Almost every young man with the exception of a few can be seen wearing their trousers far underneath their bottom with no respect for the society, the elderly or even the Law.

This is discourteous, rebellious, and very much disgusting. I often wonder why the police are not charging these misguided youths for indecent exposure. It is so stupid to see a young man riding a bicycle with three boxer shorts on, one is lower than the others.

Sometimes you can see them holding on to their trousers with both hands. Some of the underwear is even dirty.  I call this a menace, a nuisance. I honestly now believe for a fact that when America catches the cold we get a phenomena. If that is the type of role    models we highlight, I believe that we are on our way to a failed state. With people like Snoop Dog, Fifty Cent and others’ influence on not just Grenada but the entire region, what is happening to us? No longer are young persons willing to get up and give elderly persons their seats be it on the buses or waiting at the General Hospital.

This is the same folks and other rap singers who called women names like bitches and whores in their Rap Music videos; who disrespect women to the lowest while the same women are dancing to the music. Where are we going?  Ex police commissioner James Clarkson attempted to tackle this menace and later became silent even before he started, as if someone higher than him instructed him to leave this alone. Whatever it is, we are in a very sad state, not just economically but morally, and the people who can make a difference are not doing anything.  I would really like to hear the loud mouth people who claim to champion the cause against social decay.
They represent social institutions including the Government, the churches, schools, and most importantly, the homes. They are the ones that condone it the most but in the same breath they tell you that charity begins at home.
I am calling on the government to please take a stand and enforce the existing law of indecent exposure. Why are we so reluctant and apprehensive in doing what is right for the society? I am bewildered by the soft manner in which this burning issue is being handled.  It’s like no big deal!
You can also see young women entering buses exposing all the cracks of their buttocks which is a very unpleasant and disgusting thing. We are dead wrong based on our concept of how to handle these problems. Not too long ago instead of the law doing what it was designed to do called gangs members on motorcades treating them like celebrities. We are totally lost.
Let us wake up and smell the coffee, if these problems are not addressed now, society will not be able to handle them later, and therefore we will only have ourselves to blame. The youths of today is the future of tomorrow so let us think  of what we are cultivating and inculcating,  but more so what we are condoning.
The laws are already  in place to wipe out these problems;  all that has to be done is for the police to enforce them.  Someone has to explain this to me because I do not understand the level of ambiguity which clearly lies with the policy makers, and no one else.
Kennedy Jawahir

NDC party – Hot potato or golden egg

Let’s be impartial for a moment and take an honest and real look at what is happening in our Country today:

* We have a fragmented Government that is not functioning consisting of 2 fractions that are irreconcilable at this point.

* We have a PM that  refuses to call elections

* We have parliamentary representatives who refuse to support a no-confidence motion (hanging on to the fat paychecks)

* Businesses are closing and Jobs are being lost left right and center. The ruling party appears to have absolutely no regard for us suffering Grenadians.

* Our credibility internationally as a Government is falling by the day.

* More staff layoffs are allegedly planned next month from 1 large construction Company, 2 large firms and at least 1 car dealership and a supermarket.

* Various NDC members are on the air daily voicing their reasons for non-productivity and government breakdown, yet still remaining in their positions and accepting no personal responsibility.

* Peter David making excuses and pointing fingers  at all others (but not himself)

* The ruling party Ministers appear to be content staying in their positions until June 2013 (and to continue doing nothing while looking at things get worse).

* The Prime Minister Tillman is NOT in touch with what is happening on the ground (75% of his promises have NOT been achieved); evidence perhaps of him being out of touch with reality, actually we have received more hardship than promised.

* Poor people say that this has been the WORST period of leadership in Grenada’s History. What a DISAPPOINTMENT Tillman Thomas and the divided NDC have been to Grenada.

Apparently inside sources allege that the plan is/was for the NDC to unite for the election period and run as one party to defeat NNP and then what? Back to this mess we find ourselves in? Disappointing that Tillman Thomas would think this is a good idea.

The NDC needs to split into two parties and run against the NNP as 3 separate parties for a new government and we Grenadians will go with whoever wins fairly.

As a Grenadian I am left to wonder, who does the ruling party think voted them into Government? It is us the people they are supposed to be serving and seeking our interest. Yet none of these politicians seem to be doing this nor are they listening to our cries, Instead they are on TV blaming each other.

Neither Tillman Thomas nor Peter David want to leave NDC (an apparent Golden egg in their eyes), they are foolishly hanging onto the coat strings of the party hoping the other will go (admittedly) Peter David appears to have more strings in his fingers right now).

News flash… Any marketing person or good campaign manager will tell you both it’s better to leave NDC with its old baggage, stalwarts and personality issues and start a fresh party.

The NDC Legacy now leaves it being a bit of a hot potato and nothing I would want to hold onto if campaigning. Why are you both hanging onto this old plagued NDC which by now has a tarnished and ineffective reputation?

If either David or Thomas is to have a hope of winning against NNP, now is the time to make a clean split and build new parties in preparation for immediate elections. Every day they maintain the status quo both are losing support and credibility. Election needs to be called NOW!

Fellow Citizens, the ship is sinking and sinking fast. Many Grenadians voted NDC for change but now we need to be realistic and come out and voice our opinions peacefully and insist that a  general election be called NOW. Our survival depends on it, we cannot continue in this free-fall downward spiral.

Correction: Dr. Mitchell, I think we need more than a rescue mission right now, a miracle would be more appropriate. Citizens need to look at the before and after NDC regime and make a clear and sensible choice.

Ann Barker

It’s time to call it quits, Mr. Prime Minister

The Prime Minister’s address at the “Government’s rally” in Gouyave on July 8th  had been billed as an account of his government’s performance over the past four years.

This was one of the most remarkable speeches made by the Prime Minister during his four years in office. It was refreshing to hear the Prime Minister give such an accurate and honest account of where we are in Grenada after four years of this Tillman Thomas “led” Government.

What was so remarkable was the Prime Minister’s admission of his failed leadership, his failed policies and his failure to deliver on his election promises. In a nutshell, his failure to perform throughout his four years in office.

The Prime Minister started by saying, and this is quoted word for word, that “we are challenged to fulfill our commitment to the citizens, particularly in the area of employment for our young people.”

He then went on to talk about the “political immaturity, personal selfish ambitions, individual agendas” and the “lack of core principles” and “serious infringements” from within his own Government. These are not insignificant statements. These statements are a damming admission of his, and his NDC Government’s failure to fulfill their most basic responsibilities to the people of Grenada.

This NDC Government’s employment record is the worse in living memory. Today, the unemployment rate in Grenada is estimated to be in excess of fifty percent. Put is basic terms, one in two adult Grenadians is without work and there are few, genuine signs of improvement. In fact, some say it will get even worse before we see any real signs of improvement.

The Prime Minister specifically singled out his failure to meet the employment needs of our youth. Yet in his 2008 Manifesto, he claims his youth development programme is based on the principle that “every youth has value, every youth can earn, every youth must contribute to nation building”.

The Prime Minister’s promise and the realities of what he has delivered after four years cannot be more different. Failure to address the employment needs of our youth means that the Prime Minister has failed to recognise; the value of our youth, he has failed to enable our youth to earn, and he has failed to harness the contribution our youth can make to the development of our nation.

The downturn in the global economy is of course an important consideration, but it is also an easy and convenient excuse for the Government’s failure to create an environment that supports job retention and job creation.

Opportunity, after opportunity has been presented to this Government over the past four years, opportunities that would have generated hundreds if not thousands of jobs for Grenadians. But instead, projects initiated by the previous NNP administration were either abandoned or severely delayed.

Investors were chased away and the few committed investors that have remained, are frustrated and disheartened. Job creation opportunities have simply been squandered through paranoia, incompetence, and the bloody mindedness of this Tillman Thomas “led” administration.

In the NDC’s 2008 Manifesto, the Prime Minister claimed to have recruited “a team of competent, caring and committed political leaders”. Four years on, the Prime Minister describes the same members of his own Government as being immature, selfish and lacking in principles, and of having committed serious infringements that threatens to derail his Government.

The Prime Minister is admitting to his failure as a political leader. He is admitting to loosing control of his dysfunctional Government that continues to disintegrate at an ever-increasing rate, not to mention the implosion of the NDC party for which he is supposed to be the political leader.

The Prime Minister asked us to put our “shoulders to the wheel” in the interest of our national development. This is surely hypocritical? What example is he showing us when it comes to unity, co-operation and buckling down to work that is in the national interest?

The disunity and breakdown of his Government and his Party, which started within the first few months of his administration, is now public knowledge and spoken about openly by no less a person than himself. Does the Prime Minister not realise that to successfully govern Grenada, especially through this difficult period, a united government is required?

No wonder we are in the state we are in today with mass unemployment, a high cost of living, low levels of investment, even higher levels of debt, social disharmony, the list goes on.

The Prime Minister said that his Government’s progress has “not been as fast as we desire, but it is as fast as we can go in the current circumstances”.

What is unforgivable, is knowing that more effort has been expended by the Prime Minister and his Government on fighting between themselves, rather than focusing on what they were elected to do – to run the country for the betterment of the people.

The “current circumstances” for the greater part, are of his own making. He has failed to focus the efforts, minds and full resources of his Government to tackle the problems every Grenadian faces day in and day out. Does the Prime Minister not realise that ultimate responsibility lies with him?

The Prime Minister asks us to be patient and that betterment takes time. Grenadians have been patient, they have given this NDC Government time and they have been very patient for the past four years. How can the Prime Minister expect the people of Grenada to be patient when all they can see is failure after failure?

Times are not getting easier, they are getting harder and harder with every passing day. This is regardless of the economic theory fed to us by the Minister of Finance. Whether we are technically in a recession or not, the people of Grenada are suffering and there is little realistic hope in sight.

Tillman Thomas’ closing battle cry was that he wanted to “…face the next elections as a renewed, re-energised and united team, under one leader”. Is this a joke? When he was voted into office, did his supporters not think they were electing an energised and united team with one leader?

It is incredible that four years into his administration, this is his pledge to Grenada. It is pitiful to hear this from the Prime Minister. It is evident to any onlooker, that the single focus of the Prime Minister throughout his four years in office has been his attempt to hold his broken administration and party together.

It is a sad admission that after so long, he has failed to even achieve the basic goal of leading a functioning government. It is even sadder knowing that his failure as a political leader, has been at the expense of every man, woman and child in Grenada.

After this catalogue of failures, how can the Prime Minister honestly claim to have achieved seventy five per cent of his 2008 Manifesto? This is delusional at best, some may say his claim is a downright lie. A basic review of the NDC’s 2008 Manifesto would struggle to identify a success rate of more than ten percent.

What is blatantly obvious is the Government’s massive failure rate, its failure to deliver in virtually every area of its manifesto – from housing to health care; from education to human resource development; from youth development to caring for our senior citizens; from the management of the economy to the strengthening of the private sector; from tourism to foreign policy; from the development of Carriacou and Petite Martinique to the maintenance of our national infrastructure; the list goes on and on.

After four years of this Tillman Thomas “led” Government, the people of Grenada have been patient and have given his NDC Government time. It is now time for a real change, a change for the better.

 Paul Gittens

The message is clear!

The message is Clear. Tillman Thomas is the undisputed leader of the NDC and anyone who harboured hopes of replacing him, anytime soon should now be having second thoughts. That is, if they have any political sense remaining.

The NDC is a family Party founded upon certain core principles and values and values which the general membership subscribe to and are prepared to defend with honour and pride.

The NDC went through a period of growth which saw new members being accepted into the NDC family for the expressed purpose of building our nation together.

Some members were skeptical and cautioned that it was not a good move to accept the new blood but Tillman Thomas struggled with his party to offer a “home” to the young revolutionaries who were in need of a new lease on their political life.  That ought to count for something.  That requires gratitude.

So when the rumours of the “gang of 4” started, many dismissed it. None believed that anyone would be so stupid to throw away the promise of serving at the highest levels of Government, after all those years in opposition. The nation hoped that it was not true. But lo and behold here we are today.
The most disappointing part, at least for me, is the way in which Mr. Lett, the elder statesman, has allowed himself to be used and abused by someone so politically dunce. Who in their right mind would make a power-grab one year before the general elections and hope to succeed?

Who in their right mind, would attempt to derail and malign the character and good name of Tillman Thomas and still hope to be accepted by the NDC base? Who in their right mind would expect the nation to side with them to replace Tillman Thomas as Political Leader of the NDC when Elections is only months away?

They tried with a hatched up Poll and hoped that Tillman would fade into the background. What they did not anticipate was that this act of treachery would have met with the resistance that it received.

They foisted Kenrick Fullerton on the Party as its Chairman in a Convention which changed the face of the NDC and damaged the Brand in ways that still hurt. That Convention will go down in the annals of NDC history as the worst hatchet-job and sinister crime ever committed within the NDC.

Delegates were handpicked and hoodwinked into following the General Secretary. People were corralled into voting in bloc for anyone that was nominated by the General Secretary’s Team.  The result being a National Executive, riddled with members who have little or no credibility, even in their own constituencies.

How embarrassing it is that the Chairman is awaiting trial for fraud and this is not his first accusation.  When political expediency overshadows principle, these situations will prevail.

Truth is, that Tillman Thomas waged a struggle to warn his membership against following the General Secretary’s advice but people were not prepared to listen. Today, the party is paying the price. The moral of the story is that Hurry Birds never build good nests!!

July 8th 2012, the 4th Anniversary Celebration was carded to be the show of strength for the Rebel factor.  They had challenged the Political Leader to a ‘show of strength’.  Tillman was cautioned that if the Government proceeded with its National Rally that the Government Rally would flop, since the “party soldiers” would pound the ground and mobilise the party masses to join the Rebels in their Family Fun Day at La Tante and he Tillman would be left with the smallest crowd on July 8th. (The NNP was also having a National Convention on that date).

Rather than respecting the fact that the Government Rally was agreed to by the Cabinet of Ministers PRIOR to the Party Fun Day, the rebels decided to take the fight to the Prime Minister and to test their strength.

Well this goes down in history as the biggest defeat ever. This is so damaging to those who posed for the “family picture” which they shamelessly posted on social media networks. The crowd was dismal and the morale was definitely wounded and low.

The one thing they had in great numbers were the toilet facilities. They really do know how to organise.

So what was supposed to happen should the rebels had managed to bring out the party base? Would this have been the moment to make the call to ‘manners the political leader’ for not “listening to the General Secretary and the National Executive”?

Was that the forum to have further entrenched their stranglehold on the newly elected Women’s Arm? Was that their forum to demand that the Political Leader be relieved of the responsibility for approving the selection of Candidate for the Next Elections?
Was that the moment to make Tillman Thomas the ‘sitting duck’ that they thought he had become after the last Convention?

But God is not sleeping. He continues to watch over Grenada and with all the prayers and blessing being bestowed on the Prime Minister, he is protected by the most high. The people came out in their thousands and reaffirmed that Tillman Thomas is their one and ONLY leader. The Message was: “NO Tilly, NO NDC”. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Now the General Secretary is on every media, throwing a pity party, and seeking to pull on the heart-strings of the masses. More than that, there is mission afoot to meet with all whom he believes to have access to Tillman Thomas, seeking to paint a certain picture and asking for reconciliation.

My question is: When the MP from the South told her constituents that “Tillman has to understand that he does not have a majority in the Parliament, so he has to stoop to conquer” what was the underlying message she was sending PRIOR to the Fun Day?

When both Glynis and Lett did their TV Ads calling the nation to join them in La Tante, what was the message that was being sent?

The message was OPEN DEFIANCE, total disrespect for the Political Leader and the Prime Minister because in their pea-brains, they were sure to bring out the masses in their thousands.

The disrespect of November 2010 was not enough. They had to show the full extent of their classless behaviour.  Mr. Lett is prepared to bury his pride and rather than ride out with honour, he will now crawl into retirement as a disgraced old man. As he makes his bed so shall he lie.

Now that Tillman Thomas is vindicated and the nation has shown that they will rally behind him, what should he do now? The nation expects nothing less, than for him to chart a clear course for the NDC. The people still do not want the NNP. That much is very clear.

July 8th 2012, gave Tillman Thomas the mandate to build a NEW TEAM without the rebels, a WINNING TEAM to contest the next Elections. A Committed Team that the people can TRUST.

They are all of no consequence. The disrespect is too much now. The people have read them loud and clear. So  Mr. Thomas, please do not drop the ball as you did in November 2010.

Let the rebels go do their own thing – form their own Party. Whenever you decide to ring the bell you can count on us. The nation is behind you.

Tillman Supporter

It’s happy hour time

Political miscalculations, inept analysis and pure stupidity often destroy many dreams and aspirations of some people. When this is underpinned by stark immaturity and ‘dunceness’ things unravel.

So when Peter called in his chips, Lett and Glynis had little choice for being pawns. So uncomfortable as they appeared on national TV, they blew their political capital that’s if they had any left. They obviously were led to believe that they had some sort of leverage, which could be used to negotiate back in their  errant friends.

The group of boys in men’s bodies who temporarily now control the Executive of the NDC are missing the limelight and suddenly recognise that they are nothing without the NDC. In the process Lett and Glynis allowed themselves to be exploited. One eyed man is king in blind man’s country!

Lett’s confusion was quite clear. On the one hand he was inviting the country to join him in La Tante as this was his chosen group of celebrants. On the other, he was also saying that he intended to play a senior role in reuniting the party. How could he openly take a side and then in the same breath claim that he wants to bring all together?

Lett must be suffering from dementia! What unity is he talking about? Last weekend’s events clarified many things. It took some time but the path is much clearer now.

When Peter indicated in Parliament in his debate on the ‘no-confidence motion’, that his sentiments are with the opposition, his position was quite clear. He was saying that he had no confidence in PM Thomas and that he should go.

The only difference with the Opposition Leader (who displayed disappointment with his utterings) was that he was going to take his fight to the party. He was going to wrest leadership at the party level. That’s why the 25 members that he controls at the Executive have now lost their heads.

So with such clear positions, how could Lett still dream about reconciliation? With who? He clearly does not understand. The die is cast and Peter has written his obituary. A massive failure; 175 attendees to eat food and get drunk.  At 2.00 p.m. there was no food and drinks yet. There was no generator yet and 90% of the persons were from St George’s. Faces were gloomy.

Joe could only muster four persons from the whole of St Patrick. Compare this to four thousand enthusiastic supporters in Gouyave calling for “ truncation”.

Lett’s dissatisfaction about the ascendancy of Burke to act as PM in the absence of PM Thomas, in preference to him runs deep. So deep, that he allowed himself to be sucked in by the wiles and cunning of Peter and company. Oh about men and their egos!

I was not there, but one person reported that he only saw two pots before they left. One claimed that the drunkard got drunk early, got hungry and had to resort to buying two tins of corn beef and CRIX; vital supplies.

So after a hectic weekend, I am looking forward to a few invitations. I hope the Happy Hours have a lot more food and drinks.

All Zandoli find their hole

The games were declared open and the first race of the day, the Toddlers race, was called to a start, and the groundsmen managed to get the Toddlers to stand in a row, but they must hurry to start the race before they get distracted.

In lane one (1) the Box Head Casino Minister
Lane two (2) The Social worker MP from SW St Andrew
Lane three (3) The Minister of Carriacou Affairs
Lane four (4) The Glorified Secretary/Frock Lady
Lane five (5) The Rum Sponge ex Senator
Lane Six (6) “Our Beloved Minister of Agriculture”
Lane seven (7) The Smooth Talker, So-called Pastor
Lane eight (8) The Elder in charge of The Chicken Feed, downtown St. George

So the babies were shown a familiar face by the finish line, Uncle Pedro -The red Rebel.

OK babies, (says the groundsman responsible for the starting of the race, the man in charge, The Communist Union Man on Green St.) babies, when I blow the whistle you all must run up to meet Uncle Pedro OK. By the way I did not mention it’s a 60m dash.

Any way the Communist union man blew the whistle and all hell break loose, the only toddler that ran into the arms of Uncle Pedro was the Box Head Casino Minister.

Pa pa, the Social Worker take off with speed (and let me tell you he quick for so) across the field, and before you know it, he was sitting next to Uncle Tilly in the stands.

The kayak was behind him, couldn’t catch him but eventually got there and sat with Uncle Tilly also. Our “Beloved” Agriculture Minister, poor thing he stand up half way, did not know what to do, he started to cry, so a groundsman took him by the hand and led him away. Later on when I looked around I see him well seated in the stand with Uncle Tilly and the others.

Well the elder, Foul Feed Salesman, he being disabled, was UNABLE to start the race, so he give up early and his parents came and took him home, he done with that.

In the meantime the Smooth Talker, so-called Pastor, stop in the middle of the race, to wipe his shoes and fix his hat, so he still fixing and then he had to go shine his Hummer.

The Frock Lady, well she is no runner so she walk, taking her own good time, and we all know how easily Toddlers can be distracted, but she’ll get there, WHERE? Your guess is as good as mine.

But wait nuh where is the Drunking Baby, you mean he Bong Away again? He was too drunk to make it, he so drunk he didn’t know where to go and couldn’t figure out where he was. He needs a few more days to sober up and figure out his next move if you get the drift.

So Cde. Red rebel Man, the race is over and we all know the result, need I print it? NO! By the way Red Rebel, you have to call a next press conference to explain the first one, we didn’t quite understand the gist of it, and who was interviewing who? It comes across as though you were interviewing the three Ducks sitting in a row.

You know I could understand the two female media personalities, but the man in the middle, you too big for that! Cde. Red Rebel Man, come on, the thing couldn’t look more staged than that.

Who wrote the script this time? The Midget from the Ghetto who lived in Canada or the Sitting Duck?

Back off Horse, Back off.

Eye Opener

Peter, please leave now!!!

I hope you will give me an opportunity to deal with the so-called General Secretary of my NDC party who has selected a small group of non-thinking individuals to run his PRG style Central committee in the executive of the party.

When Joe, Glynis and the rest of the gang were running around the country with their so-called endorsement meetings and they were taken to task by the Political Leader and some real NDC Executive members, a decision was taken to stop the process after much heated debate and the realisation by the rebel group that they were loosing ground.

People of Grenada, you better wake up because this bunch of worthless people are hell bent on destroying everything the Political Leader stands for.

They are now trying to destroy the will of the newly elected Women’s arm of the party, which was duly elected claiming that the election was unconstitutional.

The Central Committee established by the red one posing as the General Secretary of the NDC must go. He is the same man who said in Parliament that fifteen people cannot make decisions for the rest of the country, yet he is trying to decide how the women must function.

Peter, remember that your own woman boiled your shoe in a pot of water to teach you a lesson but you did not learn a thing about the determination of women. This time Peter we are going to boil all of you. Peter, keep your tail quiet and leave the women alone. You cannot handle us.

Peter, stop running around the country under the guise of trying to unite people. You are seeking to repair your image but that is not working .We know you. Some of us have been around for a while.

Don’t let us remind you that it was people from your past political history who jailed Tillman and shoot up people like Ann Peters on the fort. We have not forgotten. They may have forgiven you all but a lot of us have not gotten there yet.

We stand solidly behind the women of the NDC, not your retired, retried overused and confused Assistant General Secretary and their type – but solid women who can make a difference.

They have been there for years and we have nothing to look back on as an achievement that has impacted on the lives of women in the party or in Grenada in general.

Time to move on. Peter, please leave now. Take all of them and form the PRCP, which stands for Peter Rebranded Communist Party. Adios.

Magdalene Jessop

Bishop is the best choice

A rather interesting battle is in progress in the constituency of St. George South East between Terron Gilchrist, Elliot Bishop and Randal Robinson, in a bid to get the nod from the NDC to be the choice to replace Karl Hood as the candidate for the next general election due in 2013.

Gilchrist, an employee of the Ministry of Health, alleged to be pro Karl Hood and anti-Uncle Tilly, has resorted to placing of posters produced abroad with a photo of himself soliciting support and indicating that he has a plan for the constituency if elected.

Randal Robinson, the River-tubing businessman who is alleged to have posted statements made by Senator Glen Noel at an NDC meeting on the net which contributed to the Peter David resignation can be seen around the constituency distributing pamphlets explaining who he is and why he should be the replacement for Hood.

Elliot Bishop on the other hand, an elected Member of the National Executive of NDC, Trade Unionist with many years of experience, longstanding member of the board of the regional farmers organisation (WINFA), Grenada Cane Farmers Association and Chairman of the NDC support group at Marian – the only active NDC party cell in St. George South East has not taken the same route as the others but has resorted to his normal work within the area among farmers, and youth in particular.

The truth is Bishop knows that it is the constituency branch of party members that must elect the candidate and then the Executive will make the final decision after due consideration.

Robinson and Gilchrist are really new kids on the block and are unfamiliar with the party constitution.

Bishop who is known to be a firm supporter of Uncle Tilly is the Founder of a farmers group in Marian known as The Village Maroon. The objective is to provide voluntary assistance for members in agricultural production and marketing.

He can be seen on weekends involved in voluntary work on the farms or sometimes involved in a village cricket match with the youth.

It is alleged that he was approached by NDC before Karl Hood in 2008 but was unable to accept due to trade union commitments. Now retired, he has offered to serve.

It is these qualities together with an honest background, friendly, humble and sincere in character and given his commitment to the Good Governance and Transparency agenda that Elliot Bishop has the edge to be the next NDC candidate for St. George’s South East.

Elliot Bishop is by far the best choice.

St. George South East NDCite

Waiting patiently on the D.P.P!!!

There was an inquiry into the misconduct of the right Hon. Dr. Keith Mitchell with a one man commissioner appointed by Sir Daniel Williams, the then Governor General of Grenada.

Whenever an inquiry is being conducted with Taxpayers money as was in the case of the Duffus inquiry the report was published in the newspaper and the recommendation carried out.

But in the case of the Cheltenham inquiry no report was officially published in the newspaper by the office of the then Governor General and no recommendation carried out especially the recommendation made on page fifty-eight of the report.

I saw in the editorial of the New Today, dated June 1st that nothing is being done by the Director of Public Prosecution (D.P.P) after such a long time, and it is the same thing being said by the Grenadian people and why has no demonstration taken place?

We the people, knowing the character of our Prime Minister are not willing to upset him by staging any demonstration in the island.

So we are currently waiting patiently on the D.P.P to see what he is doing.

Maude Hutchinson
“Sea Fair Villa”
Mt. Rose
St. Patrick’s