A Nation in flux

For at least the last three years Grenadians have known that all was not well within the ranks of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the administration of Prime Minister, the Honorable Tillman Thomas.

The festering seemed to have no end; with every passing day the tenure of the Thomas-led government appeared to hang perilously on the state of the Grenadian economy.

No distraction or diverting attention from the core problem: high unemployment – an unsustainable jobless rate of more than forty percent; the national treasure on boot strings unable to meet timely payment to civil servants and other debt obligations could stave off the now inevitable – fall of the Thomas-led government – and probably the demise of the NDC, as we know it, if an out and out effort is not drafted to rescue the marque.

There is no doubt in the writer’s mind that the craftiness of government operatives close to the Prime Minister had a major influence in making Member of Parliament, M.P. Peter David, the “fall guy” in redirecting attention from the real dilemma facing the nation’s people – no jobs, no money, more stress and more uncertainty moving ahead – a political strategy dividing the NDC and bringing to an unceremonious end a government that potentially could have had an unstoppable political dynasty for, maybe, the next (20) twenty years.

The writer thinks that when the people inevitably go back to the polls their memory will not be so blighted that the bitter disappointment with party and government will quickly be forgotten.

Whatever else may be said about MP Carl Hood, in initiating a no-confidence motion against a government of which he was a member, he took the principled stand, sacrificing himself for his nation.

Political rhetoric speaks in glowing terms of Nation before self, but how often do we see this demonstrated?

In Westminster politics, motions brought to the floor are usually foregone conclusions; colleagues thoroughly debate the question in advance and are assured of the necessary support to table the motion.

Motions fail and grind to a screeching halt strapped by political ineptitude, exclusion and arrogant overconfidence.

The writer is confident that Mr. Hood has the ear and support of likeminded MP’s; this was long in the making with much time for the government’s decision makers to extend the olive branch, but in the opinion of a number of party members in the inner circles – “pious garatter” – was the peace-maker of choice.

It is highly unlikely that the motion would fail to carry given the general mood of discontent among all sectors nationally – particularly business and tourism, the principal contributors to Grenada’s economic stimulus and growth.

Will Thomas take it to the people for a quick resolution, or will the agony be prolonged?  In the writer’s mind PM Thomas has always been clear, the people must decide. Those cannot be empty words if a legacy of “accountability and transparency” will be the hallmark of his political career.  If he is rejected by the people then he must step down gracefully; in victory or in defeat he will earn the respect of the nation.

Whichever way it goes the nation would have spoken and a new dispensation of the people’s choice would engender the confidence that better days are ahead.

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas has staked his political career around strict democratic principles; it would be tragic if he changes course and chooses to deny himself the chance of vindication by hanging on to the last.  He must stand tall; quickly going to the polls preserving the people’s democratic and constitutional right to reject him should they so choose.

At this juncture, we are “a nation in flux” wondering in suspense what the future holds; the people desperately need to go to the polls – let their voices be heard.

Act now and decisively – the people’s constitutional right must not be usurped taking refuge parked in cloud nine.

Kit Stonewalling


Over the years the annual “Rainbow City Festival” has developed to be a brand in its own right.  It was the late Jim Adamski who burst on the scene with the idea that at the ‘end of the Rainbow is a pot of gold’ and Grenville will be the Rainbow City, where the pot of gold resides.

It was, at that time, St. Andrew had lost the national airport to Point Salines and we the people of St. Andrew no longer had a drawing card for bringing people to Grenada via Pearls Airport at St. Andrew and therefore Grenville would die so the St. Andrew Development Organisation (SADO) was formed.

It was the time when we had two (2) bank holidays (Monday & Tuesday) early in August celebrating Emancipation but nothing significant happened.

We cashed in on that opportunity and the Rainbow City Festival became synonymous with Emancipation.  It then developed to be the National Festival for Emancipation.  This lead to the drafting and promulgation of the “National Festivals Act” by Dr. Francis Alexis, then Attorney General and everything grew.

Over the years SADO managed and improved the Rainbow City Festival and the legacy was entrenched.

In recent times the new leaders of SADO have lost their way and we must re-discover the traditional Rainbow City Festival in 2013 on a bigger and better footing in 2013 and beyond.
To do so, we must do the following:

(i). We must do an inventory of all the villages in St. Andrew and what each village is traditionally known for e.g. Munich was the cassava and farine village, Marquis was the straw weaving of mats, hats, etc. village, etc.

(ii). We need an inventory of all interesting sites in St. Andrew viz., the Eco-tourism sites, such as Grand Etang, the Royal Mt. Carmel Falls, the River Tubing sites, the Forts and their history, the Amerindian Burial Ground, the Arch Bridges, the White Sand Beach, etc.

(iii). We need an inventory of our traditional foods and their recipes and finest cooks, such as Conkies “Paymee” A-geedee, Oil Down, Brown     Down, Wild Meat Cook up, Fish and Shell Fish Waters, Dried Fried Fish and Tee Tee Wee even barbecuing, etc. (for the exhibition and competition).

(iv). We need an inventory of the best Patois speakers and their Patois stories to be translated and to begin teaching Patois (for the night shows).

(v). We need an inventory and to discover our Shango Dancers, our Mamma Maladie persons, our leapgaroux persons, our mama g’leau, our biablesse and our drummers for a competition.

(vi).  We must do an inventory of our traditional games such as Wooden Cart Driving and Racing downhill, through roller racing with wheels and coconut paddles, to playing marbles and jupping competition, to playing traditional “X” and “O” skipping to donkey cart racing, to wooden scooter riding, etc.

(vii).    We need to know if we have any traditional dances leading back to any Tribe in West Africa.

When we have this data and these can be done in 2-3 months, we must coordinate and choreograph them into a smooth program like we had twenty (20) years ago.  Starting with competitions and exhibitions with Radio Quiz on Emancipation viz Julien Fedon, Eric Gairy, then tours of tourism sites with trained Tour Guides for a fee leading up to the Emancipation Week and the Rainbow City Festival.
With this plan we must begin discussions on radio and television involving some of the past Presidents of SADO and Chairpersons of the Rainbow City Festival.

A theme can be developed right away and a draft program made available before Christmas or not later than Independence week for circulation to our Grenada Embassies all over the world.

I am willing to expand on areas that I may know about and to discuss the way forward to Re-discover the Rainbow City Festival in 2013.

Dr. E. R. Buckmire

One for Kirani

La Fillette
St Andrew’s
Grenada W.I.

12th March 2012

My Dear Kirani,

I send you sincere greetings from the radiant island of Grenada. Kirani, you are my centre of attraction, the athlete I admire the most. When I heard of this writing competition my first thought was of you. I therefore, welcome the opportunity to write to tell you, what the Olympic Games means to me.

My name is Bevon McLean and I am practically your greatest fan. I am a student at the St Mary’s Roman Catholic School, who is currently preparing for the C.P.E.A. Examinations. Although I do not possess athletic abilities, yet, your amazing qualities are an inspiration to me to excel academically, so that I too, can bring fame and glory to Grenada.

When I think of the ghetto village from where you came, seething with violence and crime, I must confess that I have developed an immense admiration for you. It was evident that you have broken the web of social ills, which you were born into, made by the worst social spiders, poverty and crime, to rise to athletic stardom.

It is your zeal to win and your immense dislike for loosing that make you so extraordinary. It takes something special to steal the headlines from an Olympic Champion like LeShawn Merritt, and you have done just that. For that reason I consider you Grenada’s best prospect for obtaining a gold medal at the Olympic Games in London this year.

Your winning of the IAAF World Championship in Daegu was an eye opener to the world. Many people worldwide had no idea of what or where Grenada was, and you have given them eagle’s eyes to know our wonderful Spice Isle. The fact that your face and story was all over the Internet was revealing. You really shocked the world.

I am certain that even your dear mother and your coach Harvey Glance are wondering what a flawless son of the soil you are! I am positive that you are blessed and so I am extremely thankful to the almighty God for you.

Imagine how prosperous our country would become if you win a gold medal in the Olympic Games this year. Millions of tourists would flock to Grenada, flooding us with foreign exchange. The government will probably build us a new school, as ours is now in a really deplorable condition. At this thought I am now jumping in glee.

Your coach Harvey Glance described you as, “a freak of nature”, but I would say you are a “lusus naturae”. Your athletic prowess will bring fame and national pride to our enchanting country. The entire nation would be filled with vibrant colours of our flag when you triumph in the London Olympics. I can’t wait to join the massive celebration, which would obviously be a proud moment for the entire country and me. This would be a mini carnival of patriotism.

I expect too, an increase in tourist arrivals and foreign exchange.

More investors will come to our shores and so create more employment to better enable us to cope with these challenging times.

I am full of confidence that you are Grenada’s future Olympic champion and I cannot hold this any longer, but I must say that I am very proud to call you ‘The Jaguar’ which I know you really are.

What a pleasure it would be for me to share in this historic event as a proud Grenadian. I must admit too, that the London Olympics is a very special one for me and this is all because of you. The Games, which attract worldwide attention and would mean that Grenada will get a high level of publicity. We will be ranking with the athletic giants of the world and that would be such a good feeling.

So, as we get closer to the Games, let me assure you that I will be praying fervently for God’s continued guidance and protection upon you. That you would be in perfect health and shape to bring honour and glory that I so expect from an awesome athlete like you.

Please remain focused, humble and disciplined as you are and trust in God. Once again, do your best and God will do the rest.

I wish you the success that you have been striving for, because I do believe, that you and Grenada deserve it. Good Luck!

Your Admirer
Bevan McLean

NB: This letter was penned five months before the London Olympics games.

Farewell Neil Armstrong

The first known manned spacecraft to land on the surface of the moon did so on July 20th 1969. It was a flight of America’s Apollo space program. The mission was designated, Apollo 11.

At a crucial moment during the lunar module’s descent from its orbit to the surface of the moon, the onboard guidance computer controlling the craft’s fuel flow, rocket burn and target trajectory, a device that provided vital information to facilitate the crews landing on a chosen and predetermined spot started to malfunction sending out fluctuating readings, that triggered a flurry of alarms and flashing warning lights in the spacecraft’s cockpit.

The lunar module commander promptly took over the controls, and in a calm and professional manner manually corrected the error and landed the craft safely on the surface of the moon, away from the debris strewn surface that the erroneous computer had been automatically guiding it towards.

The coffee wired and stressed out technicians at Mission Control at the Houston Space Centre who were nervously monitoring the near fatal mishap, shook their heads in awe, when they calculated the modules fuel reserve, and found to their amazement, that the craft’s gas tank had 25 seconds of fuel remaining after it had finally touched down.

The two astronauts who stepped out of the lunar module, spent two and a half hours (2.5) of EVA – extra vehicular activity on the lunar surface, and a total of twenty-one and a half hours (21.5) on the moon, before blasting off to rendezvous with their mother ship that was circling above, awaiting their return to transport them back to earth.

Apollo 11’s crew was comprised of three astronauts. The astronaut in control of the craft circling the moon was Michael Collins. The second man to descend to and walk on the moon’s surface was Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin. But the man of the moment was undoubtedly the third man. The commander of the mission, the one who landed the craft so unerringly onto the moon’s surface, the person who was to step onto the moon before any other would, and the human being chosen to declare those now famous words, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. This man’s name was Neil Armstrong.

Neil Armstrong died of complications occurring from heart problems at his home in Cincinnati Ohio in the US on Saturday the 25th of August at the age of 82. Being a pilot myself, I have always held Neil Armstrong in very high regard. Not only because of his proven flying skills and professionalism, or because of his personal accomplishments that would be hard to match in any field of endeavour.

But  because he was a man who was of such a gentle, shy and unaffected nature, who went out of his way, over the ensuing years, to shun the limelight that was his for the taking, after the moon landing in 1969. Instead of making money on book tours or self aggrandizement, he returned to academia and led a modest and peaceful life.

Today, the materialistic gimme gimme society that we live in is somewhat dominated by craven politicians, star athletes who turn out disappointingly to be drug cheats, and a plethora of false priests who misrepresent the higher power on a daily basis. It is therefore a breath of fresh air to have someone of indisputable consequence to be able to write about in a praiseworthy fashion.

I take this opportunity to pay tribute to the passing of a good man, who was a test pilot par excellence, an aerospace engineer of some renown, and a college professor who commanded great respect.

A shy and reluctant hero, Neil Armstrong succeeded in becoming the first man to accomplish what other men could only have dreamt of doing, prior to 20th July 1969. He was the first man, we know of, to have stepped onto another world.

As the plaudits and tributes flow in, his family and nation should be comforted and assured, that he would not be forgotten.

Godspeed Neil Armstrong. You set the bar real high.

Roger Byer


by Clare Briggs De-Gale

Born in Gouyave, St.John, Grenada
Kirani is a talented and gifted youngster
Calm, collected and optimistic.
He always aims at fulfilling his dreams, how fantastic.

Kirani is really a king.
Oh what joy to Grenada and the world he brings.
Every time he runs the four hundred meters
Nothing other than winning is what really matters.

For his fans in Grenada and wherever they are
Kirani, the jaguar, is truly a shining star
On 6th August 2012 in the city of London
Grenada’s first Olympic gold medal was won.

Grenadians here and abroad was glued to their T.V
Waiting to be convinced of Kirani’s assured victory.
As four Caribbean and three world class athletes were defeated
When the 400 meters race was completed.

Shouts of joy were heard in every house and community.
When the people from several villages celebrated his victory
43:94 seconds he clocked.
Leaving the entire world in shell-shock.

We were grateful to God and blessed on that day.
And for Kirani’s continued success we will always pray.
Kirani, keep our flag flying higher
As you continue to persevere and improve until you retire.

Life after the Kirani euphoria

We are all elated over Kirani’s super achievement in the 2012 London Olympic games, taking home Grenada’s first gold medal. The elation will fade, but not entirely, in the months and years that follow we will gloat every time the opportunity arises to “show off our man” – what in effect we will be doing, in a seeming show of national pride,  is subconsciously placing ourselves in his shoes – we won gold at the Olympics. Not Kirani, we!

Lessons from his success can realistically lead to a better and healthier nation: in body, spirit and mind. However, we must not only speak of being in Kirani’s shoes, we must walk in his shoes.
Kirani rose to national prominence from relative obscurity and a disadvantaged background – very much like Grenada on the world stage, but with a major difference – as a country we have failed to place a positive stamp in the international arena; we seem to delight in the depths of economic stagnation and political chaos.

If we want to be in Kirani’s shoes then we must, like him, have a clear vision, focused direction and goal, and the accompanying work ethic and perseverance to undergo the pain and sacrifice that will bring success.

As a people we have yet to demonstrate that, beyond the charade of success from international handouts, we are prepared to be “Kirani.”

The pseudo-boosting of the “National ego” on the back of Kirani will not do. There must be the National will to lead by those entrusted to move the nation forward, using whatever it takes, particularly in these difficult times, to change old habits. Unfortunately, an ethic of salary disguised handouts at the apex of government shows that the status core has not changed and in fact reigns supreme.

Starting from the top down, when officials in high places in government earn by contract, EC$8000 per month for a fifteen (15) hour work week, where is the Kirani work ethic?  When the unemployment rate approaches fifty per cent (50%), where is the sacrifice by those in government flaunting huge pay cheques extracted from the people’s taxes?

Why must the neediest among us work reduced hours in order to keep their jobs only eking out a meager existence to feed hungry children?

While those in authority living the good life extol the virtues of Kirani’s sacrifice, dedication and tireless commitment that brought glory to all of Grenada, there appears to be no hesitation at the seat of power to free load – consciously or unconsciously – on the people’s hard earned taxes.

The irony is that if “one dedicated teen” can quietly do so much for his country, what have the teams of mature, experienced university educated officials and their highly pay expert advisors been doing?

We know that all is not well in our country; notwithstanding, we maintain a laid back attitude placing the full burden on the back of government, assuming no accountability whatever for the poor state of affairs in Grenada.

The work day has shrunken to – in some occupations – as little as four (4) hours, malingering is commonplace, arriving late and absenteeism seem to be perks that go with the job, inefficiency and indifference on the “highly desirable list” of  prioritised attributes, and loyalty, a spent commodity.

Government as a microcosm of the nation’s population, a similar mindset in the governmental bureaucratic quagmire is not surprising.

Old habits may never change; the hope is that our nation’s youth inspired by one of their peers, Kirani’s phenomenal success, will usher new and youthful generations of leaders to guide us, walking in the shoes of Kirani, to social, political and fiscal harmony and a place of prominence among the nations of the world.

Kit Stonewalling

Reflections on London 2012 Olympics

Two months ago, the UK’s Conservative government appeared vulnerable against the backdrop of a deepening recession and a seemingly unpopular Prime Minister. Many were calling for a change of PM. This was the scenario prevailing before London 2012 Olympics.

A skeptical media, nationals pissed about restrictive travel arrangements and some empty seats at early events threatened to negatively impact public perceptions about the relevance and importance of the Olympic games. Then came Romney’s unfortunate comments about the British readiness, and a magical moment ensued.

The Olympic fever caught on. The British reacted. Patriotism unleashed. Massive public support, enthusiastic volunteers, comparatively good weather and outstanding athletes suddenly ushered in the greatest patriotic fervour since the last World War experienced in the UK. Minds were captivated as the British put on a great show.

It was indeed great. In the process, British national pride was rekindled and patriotism soared. Hundreds of thousands visited the Olympic Park and hundreds of thousands lined the roads. The British are proud.

At the same time a national debate raged about the importance of sports and the government’s policy. For example, people lamented the fact that in the last few years, over 1000 playing fields were sold to private developers for commercial business to the detriment of the health of local communities.

Policy makers suddenly acknowledged that sport can have a positive impact on national health, crime and security. They also acknowledged that sport provided numerous opportunities for the young people. And so, the big debate now is about how can the success of London 2012 be sustained? Already, the policy makers have announced massive funding for all sports in the UK as well as incentives for athletes to train hard and prepare for RIO 2016.

In other countries reactions have been similar. Every one suddenly seems to recognise that sport and Olympic glory is important. Many with significant resources are counting their losses or poor performance. For them, it seems hard to digest that small countries with little resources have done so well.

For us in Grenada, the issues are similar. A country, tramautised by the recent spate of uncharacteristic domestic violence, petty politics, recession blues and high unrealistic expectations. Then, a gold medal, a burst of patriotic fervour, goodwill and national pride. So whither Grenada beyond 2012; Kirani and the Olympic team 2016.

The success of the Caribbean in terms of medals and more importantly the large number of qualifying athletes augurs well for the region’s athletic future. Already much attention is being paid to the region particularly in the last two decades given its athletic successes.

So the big issue is, what is the way forward? We have made much progress with little resources but this cannot continue if we are to do much better and maximise our true potential. If Grenada is to build on its success so far, what is required? The success of teenage athletes at the Olympics sent a clear message. We have to start at an early age. As such, more attention, emphasis and support must be given to pre-primary, primary and secondary sports programmes.

Secondly, the linkage between sports and a healthy nation, sports planning and costs implications are quite clear. As a result, sports planning, management and financing must occupy more importance and significance nationally. Thirdly, more persons need to be trained and the dozens of trained coaches need to immediately get active.

Focus should be on commencing coaching programmes targeting two groups, the young kids in preprimary and primary schools and the older kids leaving our various high schools. Too often, promising athletes retire at age 16 after secondary school because of distractions and the absence of any organised structure to fit into.

More commitment is required from coaches as leaders clubs need to be formed. This activity needs to be complemented with initiatives from leaders in our communities to organise many more clubs.

Fourthly, every Grenadian needs to become more health conscious. Sports need to be viewed as a medium for improving health. Fifthly, citizens in Grenada and the Diaspora can and should do more to provide support for individuals, teams and schools sporting activities and programmes.

This support needs to be continuous and not spontaneous on occasions of national achievement. The glory we enjoy today came about because of hard dedicated work over a period of time. It is a journey. So let’s get to work and forget about egos.

The Olympian

Use and dump!!!

It is unfortunate the names often attached by some people to the leader of the opposition.

Over the years, many persons have called him, “Dr. Stone” because of his decision in the first NNP government of the late H.A. Blaize to import Stone from St. Vincent for the construction industry as if Grenada did not have enough quarry Stone.

The man put a lie to his own theory years later when as Prime Minister, his NNP government gave the go-ahead to his brother, Dunbar to set up a quarry business in Woodford.

This man is not really a “Dr. Stone” but should be rechristened for the upcoming elections as “Use and Dump” given his track record over the years.

The following cannot be disputed:-

(a) Who used and dump Grace Duncan?
(b) Who used and dump Michael Baptiste?
(c) Who used and dump Clarence Rapier?
(d) Who used and dump Brian Francis?
(e) Who used and dump Cecil Greenidge?
(f) Who used and dump hundreds of Civil Servants?
(g) Who used the State to provide millions to the children of his aunts and uncles?
(h) Who caused the Canadians to dump Grenadians by enforcing entry visa restrictions on them?
(i) Who used and dump Mark Isaac?
(j) Who used and dump Reynold Benjamin?
(k) Who used and dump the Capbank man?
(l) Who used many times and dumped many times the Brothers from Concord?

If this man thinks that Grenadians intend to put him back there to use the State as his own personal little real estate then he needs to take a much longer sleep in order to dream the right thing.

The people are not totally happy with the performance of the NDC but Uncle Tilly is not a bad man – he has not used and abused people. Uncle Tilly is no use and dump man.

Instead, he is a victim of those who tried to use him to get into power and then sought to dump him and take over the Prime Ministership.

Uncle, please hurry up and come up with your own team and present them to the people for endorsement after the NDC Convention of September 30.

The people are anxiously looking forward to Uncle Tilly’s team which cannot include the likes of Peter David, Joe Gilbert and that disappointing woman from the South who does not seem to understand her status in society.

She should have been a member of the NNP so that Mr. Use and Dump could have give her good and proper but then again she ain’t red enough … she only light skin.

The Speed Merchant

Saint Peter’s message to Grenadians

Sensible people of Grenada, I urge you to be on your guard.  There is a crusade on to try to demonise and destroy the good image of the Prime Minister and Political Leader of the NDC Administration and Party.  This crusade, while it will not recruit the thinking among us, will cause the unsuspecting among us to be concerned.

St. Peter and his disciples laid down a challenge to Prime Minister Tillman Thomas on July 8th 2012, and have not yet recovered from the rejection dished out by you the people of Grenada. What a wicked blow.  That was a deadly blow when you refused to go with St. Peter and his disciples on their frolic in La Tante Beach and instead rallied behind the Prime Minister in Gouyave.

You the people spoke with your feet and showed your support for the Prime Minister and Political Leader in ways that have thrown St. Peter into a tailspin. He could not believe it. The many portable toilets at the ‘food-fest’ in La Tante  are living testimony of the crowd that St. Peter had organised for and expected.  What a let down!!  What 1800 persons is St. Peter talking about? What a lie!!

So now St. Peter is angry and has taken to the airwaves. He is no longer hiding behind hired-pens, he is now in the open, seeking sympathy, while still trying to do damage to the reputation and image of the Prime Minister.  His opening response on “Beyond the Headlines” was so infantile and deceptive.

St. Peter and his disciples have now vowed that they will destroy the Prime Minister.  Their focus is on the parish of St. Patrick and surrounding areas, seeking to spread their venom and to win souls.  All should remember how St. Peter denied Christ!! Betrayal is nothing new. This is no different.

St. Peter has now changed his Mantra. At first it was that the Political Leader not showing Leadership and as such he could not lead the NDC to victory in the next Elections. So the Poll was arranged to justify this notion.

Then the disciples were all over Grenada preaching the gospel of Tillman – the stubborn Leader who would not listen. When confronted with the real question: Listen to what? There is no response.

The current thing coming from Saint Peter is that the Prime Minister and Political Leader is receiving Bad Advice from the people around him. Ask yourself, who are these “people” that are giving such bad advice?  Have they fallen from the sky? Are they aliens who have descended all of a sudden on the Prime Minister?

The fact of the matter is that these are the SAME people, who worked side by side with St. Peter, the Disciples and the Political Leader. They are not NEW. The people are the very ones who wrote the 2003 and 2008 Manifestos. The same people who prepared the conditions for the sitting MPs to be in the very Parliament. The same people who will ensure that UNCLE TILLY remains as Prime Minister and Political Leader of the NDC.
Uncle Tilly has stated that he has no interest in serving more than 2 Terms in Office.  St. Peter is so obsessed with becoming the next leader that he is tripping all over himself.  Rather than work in the Cabinet and Parliament, he is more preoccupied with ensuring that he becomes the NDC Political Leader NOW. He cannot wait for anytime after 2013. St. Peter has to be the CHIEF of the ruling party now, in order to be considered as the Prime Minister when the next Elections is called.

But St. Peter miscalculated when he chose to WALK OUT OF THE CABINET. As usual, he does not stop to think. All sensible persons know that you cannot be very effective outside the Government.  It only came home to him when he realised that if he is not in Government, he cannot go on the Platform and convince people of his worth.  But he chose to walkout on the people.  He chose to take the people of the Town of St. George for a big ride.  He chose to betray the people by resigning from the government without even discussing it with his constituents BEFORE taking the stupid decision.  HE CORNERED HIMSELF.

Now he is a caged mongoose, he is spitting venom. But with all his diatribe and his display of innocence on TV of late, it will not hold water.  If St. Peter had any love for country and Party, if St. Peter had any modicum of RESPECT for the Party Leader, he would have tried to do the convincing and influencing within the government.

If St. Peter had any decency he would have respected the wishes of the Party Base and keep his ambitions under cover to allow the NDC to sail to victory in the 2013 Elections. But St. Peter could not WAIT. He and his disciples did not anticipate that the base of the Party would have devoured them so badly. So now they are out on a different Mission. He is on a crusade to ensure that Hon. Tillman Thomas does not WIN his Seat.  St. Peter is prepared to do whatever it takes to fulfil his ambitions NOW.

St. Peter throws a “pity-party” in the Media at every opportunity. He has gone so far that he is telling anyone who will listen to him that he has begged the Prime Minister to talk to him. He is saying to people, “I kneel down before the man and beg him to talk to me”. If this is not Judas’ behaviour, I don’t know what is!!.  Who self-respecting MAN you know, would be kneeling down before any other MAN to beg for forgiveness?
Grow up St. Peter, this is despicable. Shame on YOU.  I can only think of the NNP Carriacou man who bowed down and kissed his Master’s FEET.  Uncle Tilly would never have condoned ANYONE kneeling before him.  St. Peter needs to try another line.  But in all honesty, he is spreading this show of “innocence” all over Grenada and especially among those persons whom he considers to be close to Prime Minister Thomas, to convince them that he is a Saint.

Arley on Beyond the Headlines exposed St. Peter without even realising it, when he said that “Peter David has emerged as the natural leader within the NDC”. This sentiment is so engrained in St. Peter’s cranium that he began to live it out before he actually received the accolade of Political Leader.  In so doing, St. Peter, YOU have determined your sorry fate already.

Grenadians have now accepted that fate.  You are now resigned to the dustbin of Politics by your own hands.  You could not wait.  So as you make your bed, so shall you lie!! You wanted leadership even when you yourself know that you do not have what it takes. But your strong feelings of entitlement, your strong sense of the “right of inheritance” and your arrogance have brought you to this point of your political demise.

Here are some questions people should be prepared to ask St. Peter when he and his “foot soldiers of the National Executive” come knocking at your doors.
St. Peter, you sit on TV and say that you have never uttered a single ill word about the Prime Minister.  Are you serious?

When you did not vote on the “No Confidence Motion” but said that you “agreed with the sentiments of the Motion”, did you hope to use that as your bargaining chip, having left the Government?
When your side-kick Arley says he ‘feels the pain” does he accept that you have caused the pain by your actions and open disrespect?
St. Peter, what was your role in helping to bring HOPE to the people as an NDC General Secretary, as opposed to trying to absolve yourself  from any responsibility now?
Who is more intent on destroying the NDC than you and Ralph Lord?  Is it that you cannot stomach the sentiments of the masses… now that you are feeling the pressure?
Can you seriously look people in the eye and say that you have tried to “build the Party”?  You know for a fact that after you did not have your way in the 2009 Convention, you,        St. Peter, withdrew your service not only to the Party but to the Government. How do you explain this St. Peter?  Instead you began to build your own empire – a “party-within-a-party” to assert your influence and dominance?

What is it that PM Thomas has done to warrant open disrespect from you and your  Disciples?

How are you helping to “build Grenada” when you appear to be on an Open Campaign Against the Political Leader and Prime Minister? Do you believe that sensible people will take you seriously?

Joe Gilbert adores you as his Mentor. The love was so strong that he was prepared to do your bidding. Why then have you single-handedly caused his demise/destruction?
Why did you refuse to immediately take up the assignment given to you in November 2010?

Why were you angry with Karl Hood for accepting ‘your inheritance’ – i.e. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

How do you think this open disrespect made us feel as Grenadians?

Why are you now working overtime, undertaking this crusade  to try to make Hon. Tillman lose his St. Patrick’s East seat? Do you not know that the people whom you are interacting with talk to other persons after you and your disciples interact with them?

Why has the NDC Heartbeat Programme not facilitated anyone who St. Peter does not consider to be one of his disciples? Is this programme an NDC Programme or a St. Peter’s programme?

Why has St. Peter not done anything while he was collecting a government salary to address some of the inefficiencies he is now alluding to?

Why was he fighting so hard for Tillman Thomas in 2003 and now trying equally hard to see his demise? What has changed?

Why did St. Peter stand in the Parliament and agree with the ‘sentiments of the No Confidence Motion’ brought by the NNP leader?

Why did St. Peter resign from the Government and NOT from the Party?  What is the motive here?

Why is St. Peter not calling the National Convention?  Is it that he is now fearful that the Base will ex-communicate him?

Understand St. Peter, you made your bed dirty and soiled and that is how you are now lying in it. Is your HEART broken because you cannot see a clear path to power?  Time to take your steel beam and go. The die is cast.

NDC Lover

How do we mend a broken heart?

The strangers met and fell in love but, ‘twas love at first sight? Far be it! Like most people who fall in love the courtship had its ups and downs, sometimes turbulent, but the relationship overcame those tumultuous periods of “getting to know you” to grow and blossom beyond trivial bickering.

Aspirations to common unselfish goals and the clear, the unambiguous, understanding that unity is strength, fostered a relationship in a sanitised atmosphere born of tolerance, trust and harmony.

And so the rebirth of the NDC was neither innovative nor astonishing – status quo preserved vibrant – alive and kicking.

When one’s astuteness masks deception, the unsuspecting weak at heart can be overwhelmed and lead to indulgence in a deluge of unusual, antisocial, or even criminal behavior.  The course easily stayed until the psyche, the essence, is besieged in dreadful guilt.

It would not then be surprising that an otherwise levelheaded person fall victim trapped by the impassionate pleas of a manipulative mind.

One can therefore understand why, a democrat by training and cultural upbringing may, in an euphoric and possessed state of mind, take leave and utter the totally out of character words, “this is not democracy.”

The writer is reminded of the manipulative propensity inherent in religious cults and fears that the leadership of the NDC has been blindsided – unknowingly lead to eventual politically self-destruction.

The “Heart” is broken but not bloodied, broken by the hurt and pain of alienation, and unkept and broken promises: betrayal – hope for jobs and a better standard of living for our children and the broken spirits of mothers and fathers who cannot find jobs; that the recession is over, but not in the kitchens and tables of our most vulnerable: betrayal when there is no money for the bus fare to get to the job; betrayal when the nation stumbles and civil servants are not paid on time and politicians build new houses, drive new cars, quibble over Casino Gambling and the ALBA, upholding narrow selfish principles while the people on the ground starve and businessmen feel the wrath of greedy profiteering banks with weekly foreclosures; betrayal when hotels cut staff or close down altogether because Grenlec’s electrical bills are unsustainable; betrayal when investors in Capbank and SGL who lost fortunes have now lost faith in the government’s will to lead the charge to prosecute the scoundrels who defrauded hundreds of millions of life savings; betrayal when more emphasis is placed on demonising Peter David and using scant resources in an attempt to remove him from government and party, than conducting the people’s business, finding ways to mitigate against the harsh consequences of a worldwide economic downturn; betrayal because priorities are upside down.

The “HEART IS A HEART BROKEN” but still beating strongly with no need for an expensive risky transplant, donor tissue matching and overcoming rejection and complications associated with major surgery.

In the words of a Grenadian political icon, “You know what you have, you doh know what you go get.”

The NDC has proved him right thus far, but does it have the political will and intestinal fortitude to admit wrong, change course remembering the stalwarts of pre-elections July 2008 who navigated the ship of state to safe harbour, and reignite the storm of support for “the wind of change?”

If those at the helm sincerely want to amend ways, put aside selfish ambitions and place Nation before all else, there may be a chance to find fresh winds and glide the present ship of state to safe landing.

Remember those words of wisdom, “you know what you have, you doh know what you go get.”

Kit Stonewalling