In-fighting in our politics

WHY do people like Sediqui Sylvester and Stanford Simon WANT to stay in the NDC … so BADLY?

A Political Party is like a living organism; constantly changing – not static.
In an organism, changes to the constitution can be (and are) made. The Clothe can be changed to fit ongoing situations. Changes are made “You guys – Get over it”.

If I was in an organisation and I fell out with the majority, I would not fight to stay with them. It would be stupid; very uncomfortable and non-productive. (Nay! Counter-productive).

We’d BOTH be tremendously uncomfortable and fighting the Wrong issues. Distracting us (even paralysing everyone) from the real business – of service to the Grenadian people.

Mr. Sylvester – They no longer want you. WHY do you want to be with them – to the extent of filing a lawsuit? Wouldn’t it only be to the detirment of you and the party? You are “giving legs” to “The Ole Talk” – that you were/are an NNP spy!”

Mr. Simon you have said … that you are “Done with the NDC and Politics – Period!”  What changed your mind?

The expelled (or broken off) bunch ALL appear to be no longer like-minded, with Mr. Thomas, Mr. Burke etc. WHY don’t you form your own Party OR … join the NNP?  Don’t try to get back into the NDC. They no longer want you! What is so difficult to understand about that?

You should not have waited to be expelled. You should have had enough Pride, to have left on your own impetus – your own steam. Walked away – rather than be thrown out!

Fighting to get back in, makes you appear not only childish but selfish (self-seeking your own pride and power). ALL issues have become about You … no longer Grenada. Nit-picking the NDC Constitution is irrelevant.

It is no longer about ALBA and Casino Gambling (IF – it ever was).
To give you the benefit of the doubt – IMHO – Troublemakers got in and stirred up confusion. However – it is passed that now. The original problems were only the catalyst.
The underlying problems cannot be mended.  So I ask:-

(1). Why do you want to go as far, as fight a lawsuit, to force your presence, where you are not wanted? Like one person in a marriage wanting a divorce but not the other! Everyone shall suffer. Most of all the Grenadian People (whom I equate with the children in the family!)

(2). Why humiliate yourself – IF you get “DO” get back into the NDC, how can this be of benefit to ANYONE – except Keith Mitchell?

(3). How can the NDC prepare to fight an election against such a clever (yet some say unscrupulous) politician as Dr. Mitchell and fight among themselves at the same time? This is the recipe for the NNP to waltz in … with Dr. Mitchell sitting back and laughing!

The Outside Onlooker

Politically dunce, immature upstart

It was not that long ago that certain members, now disenchanted with the ruling administration, were singing the praises of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and its political leader.

The central theme of the NDC was “good governance” and the main target was anti-corruption. The virtues of the NDC Political leader, Mr. Tillman Thomas was on the tip of everyone’s tongue, foremost amongst them being Hon. Charles Peter David. He was the flag-bearer. He was the one who held up Mr. Thomas’ hand on the campaign trail and sold him as the best leader to manage Grenada after 13 years of Hurricane Keith Mitchell and the NNP.

The people bought the message and voted the corrupt regime out of office in 2008. In the four years of NDC rule, Mr. Thomas has not changed and in fact, his character and reputation remain beyond reproach.

When news of the gang-of-four erupted over two years ago, many persons doubted that any NDC Parliamentarian would be so silly as to do anything that would remotely hamper NDC’s chances at the next General Election. But the refusal of the dissenting Parliamentarians to accept their assignments brought the problem immediately to the fore.

How can someone who claims to love Grenada and who is the champion of the working class be so reckless? How can Charles Peter David be so selfish as to put his personal agenda before the people’s agenda and work to topple his NDC administration before their first term is even completed?

How could Charles Peter David be so intemperate, that rather than try to serve the people who elected him and the NDC, he is now working feverishly to destroy the NDC Administration with all the vigour he has? Does Charles Peter David genuinely believe that Grenada NOW deserves the NNP?

As I listened to the Town Hall Meeting on Thursday 6th September 2012, I could not help but ponder on these thoughts:  Is it that the NNP has now become so palatable that Charles Peter David would find no difficulty in playing the Spoiler’s Role?

Charles Peter David recognises that he has lost his grounding within the NDC having lost credibility within the National Executive, which he once controlled.

Charles Peter David knows that he would have been humiliated and soundly defeated at the upcoming Convention therefore he has to cut and run. He knows that he has done enough to discredit the NDC therefore he will not find a safe landing within the party. His friends at home and abroad have tried to sell a certain line but it fell on deaf ears.

Charles Peter David knows that he could not derail the September 30th  Convention and therefore the time has come for him to make his move but he is caught between a rock and a hard place. So his mission is now to discredit the NDC to the advantage of the NNP.

One thing I am certain of, that is, that Charles Peter David must be worried about the Spoiler’s Role he is now made to play. He knows that he cannot win his seat once the NDC is contesting. I am quite certain that he will be concerned about his image in the eyes of his regional Prime Ministerial friends.

Oh how they would scoff at the thought of him enabling the return of the NNP.   After all, not one single Caribbean Head welcomes the idea of the return of Keith Mitchell.

Can we then imagine what they must be saying among themselves about this politically dunce, immature upstart who has chosen personal interest over national and regional interests.

The saga continues as Charles Peter David seeks the spotlight ably supported by his misguided, self-opinionated mentors and side-kicks.

History will deal with them all.


Morality vs immorality

I cannot say that I have been given a message for the nation or that what I say is truth, but today, I feel compelled as a patriot and a believer of Jesus Christ, to publicly articulate my thoughts in an attempt to remind us of the past, awaken us to our present reality and register my concern regarding a prevailing wanton national destiny, the pursuit of which heralds impending disaster.

I thank God that after 1983, we at least matured enough to know that the gun and the use of force are not the answer, not withstanding, that we remain slaves to the demon of power and its ability to corrupt absolutely.

Indeed, the period we are experiencing now parallels the events that culminated in the making of history for Grenada on October 19, 1983. 19 years later, in the same season, our country, as it were, is again experiencing a sophisticated, covert revolution as we again battle for political supremacy under the guise of perpetuating the democratic process.

Dr. Larry Crabb attributes it to our “arrogant passion”, that ideology of self-centeredness that we are deceived into interpreting as selflessness, as we pride ourselves in our human wisdom and strength to find solutions to physical problems of a spiritual nature.

It is my view, that the cancer of the government we elected to lead our country is not fundamentally steeped in the difference of political viewpoints, individual idiosyncrasies or recalcitrant tendencies, but the disease of the human soul, as we wage the internal and external war of good and evil, morality verses immorality, Godliness verses unrighteousness.

The world view today is that God and politics do not mix. As a Christian, I endorse the sentiments of Mrs. Joan Purcell in her book, “Vision of Change”, wheh she said, “when as a people we make the decision concerning who is ultimately in control of power and governance, then will be released a mighty force of spiritual power that will make us become increasingly free to serve.

“Once we make this decision from among our peoples will emerge leaders with hearts, who are willing to face their citizens in honesty and with integrity, not promising easy solutions, not providing pat answers, not usurping individual and community responsibility, not compromising hard won democratic principles for easily lost political expediencies, but committed to seeking just and meaningful solutions to the difficulties and dangers of real life.”

Today I challenge our leaders to restore God into our politics. I call on our nation to stand up and be counted as we demand truth, transparency, accountability, morality and Godly governance.

I plead with each citizen to exercise the power of the vote and stain your finger, when we are required to, for righteousness.

To every Christian, as we understand the depth of  Ephesians 6: 10- 18 , let us become the watchman of our nation, as we in Jesus name pull down the strongholds and strongmen of our nation and its political system and pray in kingdom principles of governance and Godly living.

In 1983, maybe it was a case of “casualties of war” as the blood of innocent sons and daughters of the soil, marred our land. Today, rumours and spiritual revelation point to a case of “human sacrifices”, as our leaders bow to the powers of the underworld to be endorsed, in place of the Sovereignty of Almighty God.

God has been good to our nation. This is the season He is calling us to “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve: God or mammon”.

Let us all be reminded that our God is indeed a jealous God, “Be ye not deceived, for our God is not mocked”. If we do not repent, He will indeed judge us for our wicked ways.

As I conclude I say, consider Haiti. May God have mercy on us all.

Humble Servant

The game of “survival”

Well we Grenadians have been witnessing our own Grenadian version of the survivor game over the past weeks. Our Ministers and NDC party officials have been shuffling and realigning themselves in preparation for the NDC Convention and the inevitable upcoming elections

What is really sad are the lengths that these party officials and supporters are willing to go to distance themselves from the current ruling fraction that is left.

Arley Gill has now publicly renounced and criticised Nazim Burke and others whom they sat next to and forged allegiances with for the past 4 years.

Peter David is taking the squeaky clean approach and claiming he never agreed with anything, never knew anything, never had the support of the Prime Minister and only wants to care for his people and constituents.

Need I remind you that both of these men were happily driving new cars, drawing fat salaries, travelling and sitting in their positions for FOUR years? If things were so bad why did they stay and not speak up before now?

This revelation seems to have come up now on the eve of the NDC party kicking them to the curb at their party convention.

Glynis Roberts is unfortunately pathetic and represents all that women in politics should not be. This parliamentarian sat back quietly having no opinion and not committing to any sides, being influenced by a charismatic Peter David while towing the line with PM Thomas.

She bobbed and weaved between both and made some bad decisions while completely ignoring her South St George constituents, basically she hung on until she could not hang on anymore and probably did not want to face the NDC convention.

Perhaps the worst legacy Ms. Roberts will leave is her move to increase salaries of security guards and other job categories by 100%, a move supported by Chester Humphrey.

A 100% wage increase is unprecedented anywhere in the world, any business person would tell you that a business simply cannot afford such a cost increase.

As a result of this at least one large Security Company has folded operation, some staff are going home and with other Security Company closures to follow in the coming months.

This move will leave Trinidadian and Barbadian security firms to acquire control of the Industry in Grenada.

Mr. Chester Humphrey publicly said that representing workers for him is a bigger thrill than good sex. Well, good sex must be at an all-time low ebb right now because many security guards are being laid off (as a result of the motion he supported for 100% wage increase) and their jobs replaced by electronic security and guard dogs.

I do hope that these persons now without jobs see the humour in this Mr. Humphrey. I should also point out that like Chester Humphrey, PCD was also very vocal against CCC and I am sure contributed to their demise, once again this resulted in the elimination of more jobs as a result.

I could go on and on about the manner in which some NDC players and supporters are now consolidating and going to all lengths to publicly distance themselves from Tillman Thomas’ NDC and are rallying around Peter David.

Mr. David is apparently now forming a new party made up of discarded NDC followers and bitter power hungry relics.  I would really hope that Grenadians are smarter than Peter David et al, give them credit for.

The fact is Peter David remains desperate for power, disloyal and a loose cannon maverick that should never be the leader of anything much less a party made up of a bunch of incapable sore losers.

According to Mr. Fredrick it’s a “comedy”, let’s just see how this “comedy” of errors plays out in this desperate game of survival.

The Survivor

Sandra writes Peter David

September 13th, 2012

Hon. Charles Peter David
Member of Parliament
Town of St. George

Dear Hon. David,

Greetings Hon. David!
Permit me to clarify that I write in my individual and personal capacity.
It appears Hon. David that you are currently the “man of the moment” in the current political conjuncture and it may even appear that “your political star” is in the ascendancy.
Besides your loyal supporters in the Town of St. George, it appears that your popularity with the leadership and others in the New National Party has soared since your resignation from the Cabinet.  And your hobnobbing with the side has not escaped the notice of we the people.

(1). Common Mantra:

I have been following your public utterances since your resignation from the Cabinet and frankly Hon. David, I am amazed at how your utterances mirror those of the Hon. Leader of the Opposition.  Since this seeming “rapprochement” between yourself and the Hon. Leader of the Opposition, I have concluded that it is either a case of “great minds think alike” or both yourself and the Hon. Leader of the Opposition are sharing the same scriptwriter.
The following are the common elements of what appears to be the shared mantra:

* Foreign investment lamentations – we need to woo foreign investment!  We have sent negative signals to foreign investors.
* Contrition   – I made mistakes.
* Ridiculing the Hon. Prime Minister – prior to elections, the Hon. Leader of the Opposition referred to Tillboy.  Now you and his detractors in the NNP make thinly veiled references to the Hon. Prime Minister, which come across as an attempt to demean and ridicule his simplicity and lack of pretense, his deep faith and his determination to stand resolute on some things about which he feels strongly.  We hear terms such as pomposity, grandiosity, self-righteousness, among others.
* Invoking Mama: While I have not yet heard any reference by the Hon. Leader of the Opposition this round, I note that you, like the Hon. Leader of the Opposition did when he was in government, are now invoking the spirit of your mother. (May God rest her soul!)

(2). Town Hall Meeting of Sept. 6th:

I am still a little puzzled as to the purpose of your Town Hall meeting on Thursday last, September 6th. It is a really good thing that I changed my mind about attending your meeting! What is a Town Hall meeting that does not see it fit to open up the floor to questions?  There are so many questions that I would have wanted to ask

* Ambassador Peter de Savary:  For example, there are questions that I would have wanted to ask about the appointment of Ambassador Peter de Savary!    Did Cabinet make this appointment?  Was this appointment made before you left Cabinet or after you resigned from Cabinet?

* Ambassador Georges Cohen:  And what about Ambassador Georges Cohen?  What can you tell us, Hon. David, about this foreign investor and the contribution of his investment to Grenada?  How many Grenadians does he have employed on his private island?  Does he pay property tax”?  Or does being an Ambassador exempt him?  How many non-nationals does he employ?  Did he play a role in Grenada establishing diplomatic relations with Morocco under your watch as Foreign Minister?  Can you update the nation on his role as Ambassador to the United Nations Office in Geneva?  To which Mission is he reporting?  From whom has he been receiving briefings?

* Zublin, the St. George’s Revitalization Project and Casino Gambling:
I would have also wanted to comment Hon. David, on my disappointment and my disbelief that the matter of Zublin’s casino could have been a matter causing such deep division to mash up the party and the government to the detriment of the country. Because you KNOW Hon. David that the matter of a licence for casino gambling is not about the interests of people of Grenada.
It is about Zublin’s St. George’s Newport settling its dispute with Harbour Holdings from which it accepted an advance payment of US$520,000 in 2007 re an agreement to sell Lot 8 and procure a licence for casino operations that would be passed on to Harbour Holdings. Since St. George’s Newport later rescinded the agreement, Harbour Holdings took legal action.

I would have also wanted to ask whether Zublin contributed to the NDC election coffers and whether any pre-election promises were made by high-ranking NDC officials to Zublin.

* Extinguishing of a Public Right Away to Quarantine Point:
Also, I would have wanted to ask you, Hon. David, about the extinguishing of a public right away to the Quarantine Point. I would have wanted to ask you whether you lent support to this ill-advised and traitorous act by the government of which you were a part and, if you did, what was the basis for this action?
As a former Minister of Tourism, were you in a position to provide the nation with any statistics/other data on the performance of Mariposa Residences as a tourism facility? Who were these people for whom the “powers that be”, of which you were a part, have took away the public right of access of we the people and whether these people had a special relationship with and access to the “powers that be” in the hierarchy of the National Democratic Congress?

(3). Defending Workers Rights:

I noted that the venerable Senator representing Labour heaped praises on both yourself and the Hon. Joseph Gilbert for the defense of workers’ rights, citing support for the amendment to the Labour Relations Act, which, he has claimed, two other Comrade Ministers had sought to “bury”.
With utmost deference to the Hon. Senator, who has the longest record of unbroken service in the Senate, permit me to respectfully point out the following:

* Labour Relations Act:  The Hon. Senator was a member of the Senate when the original Act was passed. I am completely baffled as to how an Act, which minimises the role of the Ministry of Labour and the Labour Commissioner, was passed. It is my respectful view that the Hon. Senator, the Grenada Trade Union Council, the then Labour Commissioner, the then Attorney General and the then Minister of Labour owe the people and particularly the workers an explanation.
* CCC Contract:  Maybe “so much water has passed under the bridge” that we have forgotten, conveniently or otherwise, that it was the Hon. Joseph Gilbert who precipitated the stand-off with CCC when he unceremoniously fired them.  The Hon. Prime Minister then had to do an about turn to save face when the ramifications of the Hon. Gilbert’s action were understood.
So it is really Hon. Gilbert who should take the rap for “doing” former CCC workers out of a job. Even I supported Hon. Gilbert’s action to rid Grenada of the cancer CCC had become. I expected that Hon Gilbert would have acted deliberately and responsibly. In light of what has played out, the following questions ought to be asked:

*Who was responsible for briefing Hon. Gilbert on the state of the contract with CCC? Was he briefed or was he misled? And if so, by whom?  Was disciplinary action taken against anyone?
*Did Hon. Gilbert act in his own deliberate judgment or did he confer with senior officers and the Management Team of the Ministry of Works?
*Was Hon. Gilbert aware of the Roughton Report, the Grenada Technical Audit?  Did any of the senior officers in his Ministry bring this report to his attention?
*Did Hon. Gilbert confer with members of the Cabinet on his decision? Did he in turn brief Cabinet on the ramifications of a decision to fire CCC?
*Why wasn’t Hon. Gilbert disciplined by the Prime Minister? Was the Prime Minister’s failure to discipline Hon. Gilbert a case of affiliation to a “St. Patrick’s boys club”
*Are big road works projects – which increases the opportunities for significant kick-backs – the only way in which road works can be done in Grenada?
*Didn’t the NDC administration of 1990-1995 undertake significant small scale community road works throughout the country during the period of voluntary structural adjustment?

(4). Yellow Meanness and Green Meanness:
I noted your magnanimous declarations and reference to tribalism and “meanness” – we cannot exchange a green meanness with a yellow meanness and call that change. Exactly what MEANNESS are you referring to Hon. David? Are you confounding calls for accountability with meanness?
You came into office on the platform of a party, which offered change, which offered to restore integrity and good governance to Grenada. Are we now to assume Hon. David that you and other members of the National Democratic Congress came into office under false pretence?

Permit me to remind you Hon. David that it was the government of the New National Party that sought to disenfranchise you, WASTING thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ money to seek to debar you from representing the people of the Town of St. George.
Do you remember the November-December 2005 convention at which the NNP leadership chanted you down as FOREIGNER? Do you recall the ‘line of march” of the convention – ‘this country is our country! We will not allow any foreigner to take it!!’
Do you recall when the Attorney-General and the Special Legal Advisor to the Cabinet called a press conference to:
* Advise that you, Hon. Peter David was a foreigner
* Advise that Sen. Brenda Hood should be declared the people’s representative since you were disqualified and could not be one of the people’s representatives in the honourable house

That is the DISRESPECT that the New National Party administration showed for Grenada and in particular for the people of the Town of St. George!! You are SOOOO popular with the NNP these days! Have you forgotten?  Have you forgotten how Sister Cammy and all the other loyal supporters STOOD with you in spite of the insults and harassment that they had to endure?
I even wrote an article or two in solidarity. HOW MUCH did it cost taxpayers, Hon. David, as the NNP engaged in this SPITEFUL charade right up to the Privy Council?  Do you remember that NDC stalwart, Kent Joseph, even put in a nomination as an independent candidate just in case attempts were still made to debar you for putting yourself up for office in the July 2008 elections?
Do you recall the SLEAZE campaign that the NNP sought to orchestrate against you in August 2005? Permit me to refresh your memory. Senator Einstein Louison, one of your former revolutionary comrades, hosted a press conference, accompanied by Hon. Brenda Hood and the Prime Minister’s Press Secretary, Barry Collymore.
Senator Louison advised the members of the media as follows:
* That a senior member of parliament, a member of the opposition, was facing multiple fraud charges in the United States.
* That these fraud charges had massive repercussions for national security and the image of Grenada.
* That the State Department and the United States Embassy in Grenada were involved.
Minister Louison’s statement resulted in the following:
* Within hours of his statement, the U.S. Embassy in St. George’s issued a public statement denying its involvement and the involvement of the State Department as alleged by Senator Louison.
* Some government official was calling media houses, asking them NOT TO BROADCAST/PUBLISH certain aspects of the story.
* The New National Party issued an apology to the U.S. Embassy in Grenada for statements made by the Minister of National Security at the Press conference. (See Grenada Informer, Friday, August 5th)

To add further insult to injury, the NNP statement was brazen enough to “call on the local media to be FAIR and ACCURATE at all times in the reporting of this particular allegation, ensuring that all the FACTS are in place BEFORE broadcasting to the Grenadian people this story”!!
This is the nature of the NNP beast. “Old people” would say Hon. David, “WHEN YOU KNOW SOMETHING IN THE DARK, YOU DO NOT NEED LIGHT TO SHINE IT IN THE NIGHT”.
While the NNP continues to “big you up” just remember Hon. David, that diplomacy has been defined as “saying ‘nice doggie’ until you find a big stone” (no pun intended!)  For your sake, Hon. David, we trust that the “nice doggie” will not turn out to be you!

(5). No Confidence Motion:
Since the motion of no-confidence filed by the Hon. Karl Hood, it appears that the New National Party, like hyenas and vultures sensing “a kill” have become emboldened. Diplomacy has gone out of the window and the Leader of the Opposition is slipping back into his old rants.
He has confidently predicted that Hon. Tillman Thomas will lose his Parliamentary seat and he seems to have begun another phase of his campaign as he rolled out his recycled programmes in his address to the nation on September 6th.
Is the opposition NNP receiving some assistance from the Prime Minister’s erstwhile high profile colleagues and their comrades who are now targeting the PM’s constituency with a view to undermining his support base?
The question that we the people are pondering, Hon. David, is WHO will be the “Casca who drives the dagger in the back of Caesar”, to result in the pre-mature crash of the government – unleashing the “feeding frenzy” to deliver Grenada back into the hands of the New National Party.
Thank you, Hon. David, for the opportunity to offer these queries and observations.

Sandra C.A. Ferguson

NNP takes over the chamber

I will never return to the Grenada Chamber of Industry & Commerce since the organisation has disintegrated in recent years to a partisan group.

People like the late Fred Toppin and Rawle Charles might be turning in their grave to see the role now being played by the persons who by and large make up this body.
As a patriotic businessman, I was rather disturbed to hear the kind of political statements being made by the current President of the organisation.

In the days of Toppin and Rawle Charles, the private sector body was only used to promote the interest of the country and the business class in Grenada and not allowed itself to be caught up in partisan politics.

Today, I am afraid that almost the entire executive of the Chamber is comprised of persons who are in the main operatives of the New National Party (NNP). It is as if the NNP leadership sent them on a mission – to take over the GCIC.

Where are the big boys at Renwick & Thompson, Hubbards and Huggins? Why are they so silent while the chamber is allowed to be taken over by the NNP political machinery?

The current government is trying its best to steer the country into more predictable waters after the 13 years of reckless rule by the same NNP.

However, it appears that the NNP operatives who are running the chamber expect the NDC government to fix all the problems in just 4-5 years.

Anyone with a little common sense would realise that even in the big and mighty United States, which can print its own money and circulate that President Obama and the Democrats are asking for another term in office to fix the mess that was created by the Republicans.

The NNP is not only like the Republicans but they are its sister party in the International Democratic Union (IDU).

This NDC government needs more than another 5-10 years to take Grenada out of the terrible hole that it has found itself due to NNP mismanagement.

Can anyone identify to me, one single project introduced by the NNP in its 13 years in government that could have helped stabilise the Grenadian economy from the worldwide recession that is now affecting most countries in the world, similar to the effects of Hurricane Ivan in Grenada in September 2004?

The current government is not perfect but some of the leading people in the Chamber expect it to do magic when it is known that it inherited a treasury in a mess.

When I listened to the President of the Chamber last week and her prescriptions for the government, I wondered to myself why didn’t she implement some of the same prescriptions to her own business which is in shambles – not because of any recession.

That business was set up to stop the flow of money leaving the island for Trinidad and Barbados and other places by keeping the jobs at home. It has failed miserable because it is one of the most expensive businesses in Grenada with which to do business. Is it any wonder that that enterprise on the Lagoon is in so much trouble?

Even when the NNP was in power, the family run business, which this lady is involved with, has been always on the decline.

Just ask the hundreds of workers who passed through that enterprise on the Lagoon Road over the years about the badly run down state of affairs at the business.

I spoke with a few former workers of the business and was informed that in one given year almost 300 workers have passed in and out of the doors of that enterprise. Workers do not stay in that place for any length of time and these people have the guts to give government instructions on how to run the country. They cannot even run their own place properly but have all the answers for the complex problems faced by government.

There is also another one who has all the answers now but back in the days of NNP when he was an active operative made a mess of things.

This man presided over the Garden Group debacle in which the State lost millions of dollars. How come he did not have the answers back then to the Garden Group problems but now has the recipe for the problems now faced by the NDC government? What a hypocrite!!!

NDC, please wake up and stop sleeping in order and take a more careful look at these NNP political operatives in the Chamber executive straight in the face because the list reads like a who is who for the NNP.

I do not like writing letters to the papers but I have another one to do shortly to expand on the NNP/Chamber connection and to name some of the persons on the executive of the GCIC who have been taking part in NNP strategy meetings in the south of the island.

Some of the NDC persons who took these NNP operatives on board and gave them a few nice jobs on statutory bodies after the 2008 elections might quake in their boots when they get to realise their errors.

When some of them should have been on the job doing what they were paid to do with taxpayers money, they were meeting in certain places in the south planning with NNP point men on how to remove the same NDC government from power.

The former man in tourism was one of the culprits for giving some of the jobs to these NNP operatives.

The Patriotic Servant

Diatribe and mental delusions

In case there are doubters, the clear fact is that a leopard cannot change its spots. As usual KCM or better known as “Mr. Use and Dump” was quite true to form.

Absolutely no changes! Same thing over and over again! For those who are yet to be convinced, the NNP high priest clearly suffers from mental delusions. His mission and history as he describes it “has never been to spread negativity or pull down any person or organisation”. Wow! What a guy?

HOW DOES THIS DENIAL ON NEGATIVITY stacks up against his divisive comments made at the stadium during the rally in celebration of Kirani’s performance? What was his objective for bringing his no-confidence motion to the Parliament a few months ago? Certainly it was an attempt to bring down an organisation. So KCM is suffering from mental delusions.

“Mr. Use & Dump” claims that the country is on the brink of collapse. Reason being that government paid salaries late. In so doing he forgot that he took money from capital projects to pay salaries and he borrowed much larger sums from the NIS to do so in the past.

The most notable occurred weeks before the elections, and it involved the use of 14 million dollars from Trinidad that was to purchase a coast guard vessel. That money was used by the NNP to pay salaries. So since before the recession the NNP was challenged to pay salaries. So, what’s the big deal now? Sour grapes?

“Mr. Use & Dump” as usual is completely convinced that when a lie is constantly repeated, a lot of people believe it. And it seems like this has worked for him. So he keeps repeating that the government has hired a lot of advisors with high salaries who are not doing any work. But, what are the facts? The current government has less than half of the advisors that the NNP hired and most if not all are being paid less.

Under the NNP, there were four persons on the payroll in the PMs ministry as security advisors. Two were publicly known and the other two were not. In fact one never came around the ministry. The current government has two persons hired in security positions. The advisor of “Mr. Use & Dump” was working for $27,000 per month plus telephone, housing and transportation.

The current government is paying $8,000 and travelling only. There were many hangers on over a dozen with all sorts of job descriptions. In fact, any visit to “Mr. Use & Dump” office would have noticed that people were falling over each other.

Some never came to work, they stayed at home or only showed their faces on mornings and disappeared. The names included ostracised ministers and former election candidate failures. These types were in all ministries.

Under “Mr. Use & Dump”, the Ministry of Education had a few advisors including a failed politician who had no capacity in the field of education. Time was spent making bread and thousands of dollars received in salaries. Currently, the Ministry of Education has none. The situation is similar for most of the other ministries.

The “Use & Dump” man also claims that there is rampant victimisation. But where is the evidence? Compare that to his time when dozens of innocent civil servants were retired or sent into exile to Siberia to do nothing because they were perceived as NDC. Nothing like this ever happened under NDC. In fact many are saying that this was a mistake as many NNP supporters are now using their positions to stifle and retard progress under the NDC.

Look at the area of scholarships. NDC has given many more than the NNP. But more importantly an independent Scholarship committee has been created to remove political patronage and partisanship. Not so under the NNP. It was who you know and what colour!

But probably the most crazy thing uttered, is that the NNP will stem the decline in agriculture. The NNP High Priest is really out of touch or just a chronic liar. The entire country knows that the NNP did all it can to destroy agriculture. “Mr. Use & Dump” is on record as saying that agriculture kept his father poor and that there is no future. Very little support was given to the farmers. Since the NDC took office, agricultural output has been increasing. In 2010, a 9.3% increase and continuing. So how come he says that it is declining? Only lies, lies, lies.

Grenada is the joke in the Caribbean according to “Mr. Use & Dump”. Joke about what? Why is it that no one in the Caribbean wants to see the “Use & Dump” man back? He was the biggest embarrassment. The only Prime Minister to make the “Hall of Shame “for dealing with the most crooks. Most of the NNP appointed counsels are in jail in the USA.

“Mr. Use & Dump” and his briefcase of money episode was the cocktail party subject around the region. That was what he made Grenada notorious for. So many wild statements were made in his address that many are now saying that he gone through. Just imagine he said that the NDC has done nothing positive in the last four years. Imagine that? What a leopard!

What was also notable was that both “Mr. Use & Dump” and his new friend CPD was on TV on the same night. They also sounded quite similar. In response to a question about whether it is possible that he will join the NNP, the response was rather interesting.

Former NNP Supporter

Inspection needed of the school

Mrs Pauline Finley
Chief Education Officer
Ministry of Education
Ministerial Complex
St George

07th September, 2012

Dear Ms Finley,

I spoke to Ms. Felix on Thursday morning and was informed that I have to send a letter to the Ministry of Education.  I am writing as a concerned parent of a child who attends the Beacon Junior School located in Belmont, St George.  I am paying EC$650.00 per term for school fees plus toilet paper, hand sanitiser, liquid soap.

On Tuesday 04th September, I took my child to school and to be told that Grade 1 to Grade 3 are now in the wooden building which formerly housed the high school.  The building is located to the back and away from the main school compound.

These are the conditions of the Building upon my arrival on the 04th September, 2012.

(1). The building had no running water and electricity. The water and the electricity were fixed later that same day.

(2). No toilet facility. The kids have to travel back down the hill to get to use the toilet at the main compound and not enough toilets for the amount of students.

(3). No ceiling in the roof

(4). No fans

(5). No sinks for the kids to wash their hands.

(6). The yard and the drain were not cleaned.

(7). The drain is dirty and the water is building up in the drain. There is no grid across the drain so the kids have to jump across.

(8). The classroom was not clean.  Parents had to sweep the floors on the first day of school.

I am requesting that someone from the Ministry of  Education go to Beacon Junior School and inspect the compound where little 5 year olds have to sit to learn in the heat. Some of the toilets are locked since last term waiting to be fixed.

Yours sincerely

Concern Parent
Cc: Minister of Education

Solutions needed to our problems

The issue in the country now is the unavailability of jobs for not only the young but matured individuals as well.

We are constantly being faced with layoffs so to say, though it is true that we are facing hard economic times.

We fail to see the efforts of government and its ministers to create jobs or even long-term employment for the nation’s people.

Imagine this – employed people are crying out that things are hard and they have a steady source of income at the end of the month.

If times are hard for them what would we leave the unemployed to say? They are not certain from where the next meal will come, they have bills to pay, children to send to school and there are other necessities to which they are unable to provide for themselves and their families.

What is left for them to do when they are trying to make an honest living but there are no opportunities for them to do so? What is a mother to do when she looks at her hungry kids crying and she knows in her heart that she has no money to feed them? What can she do?

This is what I want these politicians to think about. Think about the young girl who graduated from college three years now and can’t find a job, not even a temporary one but she sits at home each day saying, “What do I do next? Where do I go from here?”

What can she do now since there is no employment? What would she do when she has to buy a roll-on or a packet of sanitary napkins? Think about the young man in that same situation. What should he do – sit by the road and smoke? Should he join a gang or should he resort to robbery?

We need answers and permanent solutions to the many problems. It is high time that our governments seek the interest of the nation’s people and not themselves since they should realise that without the people there is no government.

I now see what the term – “Who feels it knows it” mean. If our government officials knew how it felt to be living “hand to mouth” they would understand the plight of poor people.

Well I think that some Grenadians can join with me to rewrite the chorus in Boyzie’s song, “Born troublesome”. Its goes like this… since ah born ah seeing trouble now ah big is more trouble from birth, ah sleeping on table”.

With all that said, I think it is time that the government put measures in place to create employment opportunities to help curb the high rise in prostitution, gang robbery and teenage pregnancy amongst our nations’ youths.

Patient Onlooker

Hippocracy and Ungratefulness

“Kirani James, you are the only one who can unite us,”
“You better stay because I don’t know what will happen when you leave”.

These were the utterances of Dr. Keith Mitchell. What does he mean? Why did he use such an occasion to make such a divisive, inflammatory and inciting comment?

Under the 13-year rule of Keith Mitchell, he did not demonstrate inclusivity. The opposition was locked out from many things. Those perceived to be NDC supporters were in the barren desert. He behaved like he owned Grenada and the government.

For instance, the opposition had no access to GIS. They were selectively invited to many functions that they should be at. Their focus on controlling the minds of the Grenadian people was so prominent that they destroyed themselves in the process and Grenadians were alienated.

The NNP abused and misused the resources of the state. Today the Grenadian people are repaying debt for over 300 million of bad deals of the NNP. So they exhaled and kicked them out. Now some with short memories are contemplating returning to those dark days. They are once more allowing themselves to be fooled by guise and promises. They are forgetting the pain and are willing to fall for promises. Some forget that the leopard cannot change its spots.

Now that the NNP have access to the state’s resources, talking all they want on GIS TV and getting invited to many functions, they do not know how to behave.

So Dr. Mitchell, as a little boy could not temper his bad behaviour. He got an opportunity to contribute to nation building and demonstrated that he could not change.

He firstly attempted to justify the building of the stadium, something that is obviously irking him for the “squandermania.” The stadium is not the problem but it is about the corruption that surrounded it. The millions in finder’s fees and the shabby, poor work resulting in millions of dollars down the drain. Before IVAN blew, the roof was on the ground. Money that we are currently struggling to pay and nothing to show for it.

So he went off on a tangent and then said well now is not the time for that. No respect and gratitude for the opportunity to demonstrate patriotism. But what about this dangerous comment: “ You better stay because I don’t know what will happen when you leave”.

Why this nastiness on such an occasion? Why is Dr Mitchell behaving in this unpatriotic manner? Why did Dr Mitchell choose to mark Kirani’s day with his churlish lack of “brought upsy”. The hunger for power is such a dangerous thing that he can no longer control himself!

Is Dr Mitchell planning to disrupt life in Grenada? Why this unnecessary attempt to sow seeds of fear and discord in our peaceful country?

I am of the view that Dr, Mitchell should apologise to Kirani and the people of Grenada for the disrespect shown. I call on all Grenadians to recognise this man for what he really is and what he stands for. Grenada does not need this type anymore.

Patriotic Lover