No statute of limitation for genocide

In Jamaica, a government commission has revived a reparation commission to research slavery’s social and economic impact and examine whether the predominantly “Black” Caribbean Island should seek compensation or a formal apology from Britain to heal old wounds. According to historians, slave labour alone made a vast difference to the economies of the New and Old worlds. In Jamaica, the historians said, most slaves were forced to work under brutal conditions on sugar plantations. Ms. A. Shepherd, chair of the commission said that the legacy of slavery has impaired the Caribbean nation’s ability to advance and compete globally. The Jamaican … Continue reading

The delivery train

I will start this article by saying hats off to the National Democratic Congress for fighting vigorously all the way through. As a proud NDC-ite, I felt the energy and the will power to push forward for a second term. I hope that members and supporters will come together to ensure that the party is equipped with the necessities it requires to permit a win in the next five years. Now for the core of the article, there are many so-called people who occupy spaces in the media arena who are still in the celebratory mood in light of the … Continue reading

PM Mitchell – the Doc’s Mystique

The worms again and again invaded his political porridge; he was expected to dash it away and change his diet as his intestinal fortitude became clogged by the invading parasites. Little did they know that they provided the invaluable protein that strengthened both body and mind – his resolve grew stronger and stronger. He did not take cover and cowardly run; he stood strong as an honourable leader and patriot repulsing the onslaught. His forces were young, inexperienced, broken and defenseless. He “felt their pain!” A wounded but confident warrior, he knew that he could ready them for the next … Continue reading

‘Progressives’ engaged in Unholy Alliance with NNP

The People of Grenada have spoken and we now have to live with the consequences. How does one begin to make sense of what has transpired? In doing so, my angle will be on the role of the leaders of the “progressive forces” as they love to label themselves. In the build up to the 2008 Elections, the progressive forces threw its weight behind the best alternative to the NNP – i.e. the NDC. By 2008, the people had had enough of the NNP’s excesses in Government, the blatant disregard for fairness and equity in handling Government’s business, not to … Continue reading

Problems in Agriculture sector

As someone who is worried over the deleterious direction the island has taken, I feel obligated to voice my concerns about some of the issues that are propelling us to that disastrous cliff. The utter ugliness – both physical and behavioural – that is bedeviling our people and island is depressing. I am exposed daily to this ugliness and it saddens me deeply; from the rudeness of civil servants to the public, who pay their salaries to the reckless and inconsiderate bus drivers who behave as though our public roads are theirs alone and to the young women displaying their … Continue reading

Grenada Road Tax: Is this system fair?

Having been 11 months away from Grenada I arrive back the day before the country’s general election to find my vehicle (which was garaged for that period of time) un-insured and with an invalid road tax license disc -both of which expired at the end of June 2012. The very next day I went to the insurance office to renew the insurance policy for 12 months then went off to the road tax (revenue) office to purchase a new road tax license disc only to be told at the cash desk that I also needed to have a vehicle inspection … Continue reading

A dumping ground for good

George Brizan, after a careful study of Grenadian history, named one of his books, “Grenada, the Isle of Conflict and felt that was an appropriate title. Today, however, wouldn’t it be better to see Grenada as the island of the Rescue Syndrome, for in the last thirty years, political party after political party has been making the grand claim of having to rescue us. In morden times, this idea of the country needing to be rescued began in 1983 with the Americans, when they came in to stop the NJM infighting and bloodletting and apparently also for some people to … Continue reading

Tillman is the Man for Grenada

I am very much convinced that the real leader for our tri-island state for the moment is the Hon. Tillman Thomas despite the many conspiracy plans by the former NDC rebel leader and his dissidents along with the NNP. Our beloved Prime Minister is honest, humble, and sincere and has Grenada at heart for nation building. Brother Peter was over zealous and could not have waited for the NDC Government to deliver to the Grenadian people. His way of operation is no different to that of Keith Mitchell who was only interesting in engaging in work without proper planning hence … Continue reading

Political pimping and utter vulgarity

Political observers may refer to me as a swing voter since I am not loyal to any political party. I change my voting behaviour from time to time given the prevailing circumstances. In 1995 I voted for the NNP because I was angry and disappointed with the Brathwaite/Brizan NDC for the debt service levy. I did not understand then that Grenada was undergoing a self-imposed Structural Adjustment Programme that was intended to lay a solid foundation for economic growth and sustainable development. In my ignorance I voted out the first NDC and regretted that decision bitterly. In 1999 I refused … Continue reading


Some years ago I had an article published in the local media under the caption, ‘A hog in a Palace, a Pig in a High Place’. There were, and will always be many persons in high places in Grenada. I volunteered no indicators, but closed the article with a simple four word question – ‘Who the cap fit’? Within 24 hours of circulation I received seven (7) obscene calls cursing my so-and-so for calling ‘the man’ a pig. This went on for the better part of the following week, during which time my wife refrained from answering the telephone for … Continue reading