A dumping ground for good

George Brizan, after a careful study of Grenadian history, named one of his books, “Grenada, the Isle of Conflict and felt that was an appropriate title. Today, however, wouldn’t it be better to see Grenada as the island of the Rescue Syndrome, for in the last thirty years, political party after political party has been making the grand claim of having to rescue us. In morden times, this idea of the country needing to be rescued began in 1983 with the Americans, when they came in to stop the NJM infighting and bloodletting and apparently also for some people to … Continue reading

Tillman is the Man for Grenada

I am very much convinced that the real leader for our tri-island state for the moment is the Hon. Tillman Thomas despite the many conspiracy plans by the former NDC rebel leader and his dissidents along with the NNP. Our beloved Prime Minister is honest, humble, and sincere and has Grenada at heart for nation building. Brother Peter was over zealous and could not have waited for the NDC Government to deliver to the Grenadian people. His way of operation is no different to that of Keith Mitchell who was only interesting in engaging in work without proper planning hence … Continue reading

Political pimping and utter vulgarity

Political observers may refer to me as a swing voter since I am not loyal to any political party. I change my voting behaviour from time to time given the prevailing circumstances. In 1995 I voted for the NNP because I was angry and disappointed with the Brathwaite/Brizan NDC for the debt service levy. I did not understand then that Grenada was undergoing a self-imposed Structural Adjustment Programme that was intended to lay a solid foundation for economic growth and sustainable development. In my ignorance I voted out the first NDC and regretted that decision bitterly. In 1999 I refused … Continue reading


Some years ago I had an article published in the local media under the caption, ‘A hog in a Palace, a Pig in a High Place’. There were, and will always be many persons in high places in Grenada. I volunteered no indicators, but closed the article with a simple four word question – ‘Who the cap fit’? Within 24 hours of circulation I received seven (7) obscene calls cursing my so-and-so for calling ‘the man’ a pig. This went on for the better part of the following week, during which time my wife refrained from answering the telephone for … Continue reading

Open letter to Dr Patrick ‘Jagan’ Antoine

Dear Dr Antoine   Grenadians see you as a subject of interest and have asked us to have a little chat with you. We know you love the media. Recently you donned your NNP frock and spoke at your party’s rally. Nice to see you in the open! Sorry your intentions were so warped! So first off, you are no longer an objective analyst. We know you will have no quarrel with that. When you speak on the Grenada economy henceforth, we cannot expect to be educated beyond our current level of naivety or ignorance. Everything you say will be … Continue reading

Reversing the gains of the NDC

SOME ARE TRYING TO REPEAT OUR HISTORY. But, there is an old adage that Says, “If you do not know your history you are condemned to repeat it”. In 1995, the NDC was removed from office by the NNP which promised the world to the electorate. They removed income tax, told people that all their money was theirs and that the country will take care of itself. A lot of people began to think that the country can run on its own and that they should not pay taxes. The pitch was convincing and many fell for it as things … Continue reading

An unusual visit!!!

I want to remind us as a nation that Jesus Christ lives and he lives forever for the benefit of those who don’t know me.   I am not a prophet I am not a preacher I am not a pastor   I am not associated to any political party I am an ordinary person who lived a life that is pleasing to God. Over the past several months I have many encounters with the Lord. He has been revealing himself to me speaking to me about things pertaining to my spiritual and personal life. He gave me vision, He … Continue reading

Christians should vote for light not darkness

Voting for a man who went to Switzerland to collect (his Damn money) from a convicted criminal is voting for darkness. Voting for a man who allegedly facilitated Van Brink and others to defraud senior citizens of North America of $400 million dollars and then frustrated the FBI from brining them to justice is voting for darkness. Voting for a man who put a millstone of over three hundred million dollars ($300, 000,000) worth of debt around the necks of Grenadians (the Bible says owe no man anything but love, in other words do not be covetous or obsess with … Continue reading

Dey can’t stop Congress!!!

I am very much convinced that the “Judases” that conspired to destroy the National Democratic Congress are extremely disappointed. They are disappointed by the fact that their vicious ‘power hungry’ plot to belittle the Political Leader did not succeed. They are disappointed that NDC-ites followed the only leader we know, love and trust. NDC-ites remain strong, united and positively driven to ensure that Uncle Tilly and his committed team continue to meaningfully develop Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. As a young woman, I am proud of the messages brought forward by the NDC campaign; a message of truthfulness, hope, and … Continue reading


It’s quite unusual for one to sit for long hours on a Sunday evening. Typically I use my Sunday evenings for outdoor activities with my family. But last Sunday for whatever reason, I ended up taking in the political rallies. I was like a gunslinger switching from channel to channel viewing the NDC and NNP rallies. In reality, I think that I ended up looking more at the NDC rally. It seems natural as any viewer doing what I was doing would in my mind gravitate to the more appealing production. After all they were productions designed to appeal to … Continue reading