A lending hand!!!

Please grant me space for publication so that the authority may correct their failures. If you live in HOPE not bad, however you may die in subside. Ah can’t take it anymore. Administrators come and administrators go in our tri-island state and some of our leaders have time and time again failed to give us adequate health care that is needed/necessary . Our families in and out of the state realise the need and have contributed in several forms/ways hoping that we would have received , if I may call it, today’s basic health care, but regrettable such has not … Continue reading

Arley Gill is a disgrace!!!

How is a Closet Communist like Arley Gill representing Grenada to the Caricom as Ambassador? He is a disgrace as an ambassador with his political posturing. Arley Gill should now relocate to Venezuela and wipe clean the dirty corrupt dictator Maduro and not via Propaganda in Now Grenada. We received many comments from across Canada, Europe & the USA; all ” outraged ” over this Grenada Government supposed official Ambassador and political stooge taking such a sleazy stand in the corner of an evil violent tyrant Maduro. If ever there is No Respect for anyone; it’s this snake tongue Arley … Continue reading


Grenadians have learned to depend on imported food. This is obvious when you look at the number of new shops and supermarkets that have been opened over the last 10 years and the number of persons who flock there to obtain their weekly or daily supply. Nothing is wrong with that. However, are we concerned with the Global impacts of climate change and other factors, on our future food supply? Let’s try to answer a number of pertinent questions: (1). What countries are supplying us with staples like rice, flour, and potatoes? What about meat and meat products, milk and … Continue reading

Venezuela Teetering

Venezuela is at a crossroads after recent violence and riots, following a video by U.S.-backed opposition leader Juan Guaidó that called on Venezuelans to back a military uprising against Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro. According to national security adviser John Bolton, Maduro is in hiding at a Cuban-run military compound, with approximately 20,000 Cuban soldiers and Russian advisers. Cuba has categorically stated that the 20,000 Cubans aren’t soldiers at all but are, in fact, health care, education, and basic infrastructure workers. This isn’t the first time that Cuba has lied in precisely this same manner. I recall the U.S. invasion of … Continue reading

Garbage issue in Tivoli

Please permit me a space in your newspaper to voice a concern. I am a student of SAASS and a resident of Tivoli, St. Andrew and would like to identify an issue within the village. There is a lack of disposable facilities in Tivoli. In love of their village, the Tivoli Community Development Organisation (TCDO) and villagers came together to construct several garbage bins over ten years ago. The government completely disregarded the villagers efforts and thus completely destroyed those garbage bins one by one. There was no consultation and no compensation with the villagers. Nothing was voiced on the … Continue reading

Blows for Peter David!!!

The brilliance of Dr. Mitchell as a political boss has once again been demonstrated by his selection of Peter David as the Minister of Labour. The Doc made another shrewd move in putting the NDC sellout to face the workers rather than appoint any of the other NNP winning candidates in the last election to battle against the workers. Our Prime Minister understands the politics and knows when to make a big political move as he is the only political grandmaster in the country. We in the NNP know that if Peter stayed in NDC it would have been difficult … Continue reading

Do something for cocoa!!!

Over the Last 2 or 3 years , I have remained silent on some activities that can further assist Grenada or lack of them as I observe. What is going on in the Grenada Cocoa Association “Limited” now that the 2019 Labour Day has come and passed? I shall begin these documentaries with the hope that they may transform Grenada and “Grenada Cocoa” and Grenada Chocolate soonest. The following is the First in a Series of Actions that should be taken to broaden the scope of cocoa and chocolates in GRENADA:- (1). The “Carlton Cocoa Station” This Cocoa Station, located … Continue reading

Gonsalves should go to Cuba

When a brain is made in Saint Vincent and finished in Cuba what Nationality label should be applied? In the case of Dr. Ralph Everard Gonsalves who currently is the Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, despite opposition claims that he is in office due to vote rigging and voter fraud. Yes in the case of Everard Gonsalves what should be stamped on his culo, Cuba or SVG? “Made In Cuba Non Intellectual Property”. Gonsalves has been in some way attached to Cuba since he was a student in Jamaica. The chaos he was involved in there in … Continue reading

“In the fullness of time”

Mr. Leo Forde Director Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture Project April 27th, 2019 Dear Leo, Re: Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture Project I am trying to figure out your motive for e-mailing me. WHY have you picked me and included me on your list of important personages which includes two government ministers and the Executive Officer of Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Unit? Leo, I am an uncompromising opponent of the Citizenship by Investment Programme run by the Government of Grenada and the rest of the OECS. It demeans citizenship! I consider the CBI in our region a CROOKED programme which attracts UNSAVOURY characters. Grenada … Continue reading

Journalistic hitmen!!!

It is high time to take action against rogue media elements that are allowed to slander the names of people and companies with no repercussions. For some time now an online site called Caribbean News Now has launched a vicious and slanderous attack on Sandals Resorts, clearly with an agenda that is supported by either pitiful politicians or vested hospitality interests that want to see one of the few proud institutions of the Caribbean fail. It shows their deceit, it shows their hatefulness and it shows their lack of patriotism. In particular, a gentleman by the name of Melanius Alphonse … Continue reading