Allard is full of himself!!!

This is in response to Mr. David Allard in an essay entitled, “A Letter of Apology From David Allard to Brian Grimes and a brief note to The Professional Agitator.” I reviewed what you wrote and called a letter of apology in the Grenada INFORMER newspaper dated Friday 26th 2018 to Mr. Brian Grimes, Public Relation Officer of PWU and yet you still find it in your heart to justify what you did in trying to tarnish his reputation as being right. I will be frank and honest with you and boldly say sir: “THIS IS NOT A FORMAL LETTER … Continue reading

The Failed Referendum

For the second time in as many years Grenadians have voted against a referendum to alter or change the Constitution. While the turnout was low, the message was clearly sent – the people are not in favour of the referendum. In my opinion, the people have no problem voting in favour of the CCJ as our final court of appeal, rather, the people had serious issues with the process and the fact that the vast majority of the population was ignorant of the bill proposing the change. To ask a people to vote on something they are ignorant about is … Continue reading

Law, Order and Respect for Authority

It is often said that if you have patience you will see ants belly. I have been patiently waiting for the Minister to initiate a constitutional awareness and education programme to inform and mold the young minds as to the importance of the upcoming referendum. I honestly expected her and her Ministry to roll out a national campaign in support of the constitutional amendment vote with the children of the nation playing a leading role in educating and informing their parents as to the necessity of such a vote. To my amazement, I learnt that the Minister found herself in … Continue reading

“Rescue Mission” was supported by Grenadians!!!

I think I owe it to all Grenadians especially those who are not inclined to respond to an article appearing in your issue of October 26th, 2018 captioned “thirty five years later”. I must begin by expressing thanks to you for your editor’s note. I don’t know who Mr. Allan Scott is or the organization, he claims to be the secretary of. On the morning of October 20th, 1983 while Grenadians were under a draconian 24 hour shoot to kill “Curfew” according to the General, The Honourable John Compton, then Prime Minister of St. Lucia telephoned the Prime Minster of … Continue reading

“Bogo” do better than that!!!

Leon ‘Bogo’ Cornwall, one of the ‘Grenada 17’, is reported in the November 2nd edition of The Grenadian Voiceas saying, “Just as how they sacrificed their lives, it calls on comrades to continue making sacrifices for our nation.” Notice how he still uses the communist term “comrade” just as though the revolution had never ended. Maybe for him it hasn’t. This concept of “sacrifice” needs to be examined. These Grenadian soldiers are said to have sacrificed their lives for their country. Let’s look at this coolly and objectively. Would it not be truer to say that they were foolish to … Continue reading

Grenada’s best kept secret

Old McDonald had a farm, hee hi ho….. so the nursery rhyme goes. Ok, let’s get serious now. It was a Tuesday, such lovely weather, it would have been a crying shame to be indoors so my sister and I were desperately seeking some place to take the kids to have some fun. Quite by chance, I stumbled upon an ad for an upcoming event at some place called McDonald Amusement Park and Cuisine (MAPC). Our rising hopes hit ground level when we realised that it was carded for the following weekend. However, out of desperation, I called the number … Continue reading

FLOW – A Bad Choice

I would be very happy if you can publish this letter in your esteem newspaper as many other Grenadians have had similar experiences. You see, it has been approximately fifteen months since I have been trying to get back monies which I was made to pay illegally to Flow with no success and a lot of run around and outright lies. My ordeal started when for no reason my television signal was taken. At first I thought that it was a breakdown in the services. After realising it was more than that I called the company and I was told … Continue reading

Let us not be bamboozled into a false CCJ paradise

While it is generally accepted that Grenada and the other territories of CARICOM would eventually adopt the CCJ as their final appellate court, in keeping with the “natural order of occurrence”, this should not become a political con game or an imposition or dictate to suit the personal interests of politicians and their legal surrogates, which is what it seems to have become with the lack of adequate information on the pros and cons and the workings of the organisation and the unseemly haste to have it done by Nov. 6th, 2018, which have led persons to speculate, as to … Continue reading

Another Trini interfering in our coming to terms with our revolution

So, we have yet another Trini interfering in our private matter of coming to terms with our revolution. On October 19, 2018, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Grenada is reported thus: He challenged those who experienced the revolution to “bring back the memories of those glorious days when all of us as young men and women said forward ever, backward never.” He said this at Fort George during a service held by communist supporters of Maurice Bishop. No doubt they chose him to officiate because they knew of his leftist leanings. Did they also know that religion was not tolerated … Continue reading

Mental Health Issues

A mental disorder is defined as including mental illness, mental disability, dementia or any disease of the mind. As someone who has worked in healthcare system for almost two decades, I have always been passionate about human services and therefore I have served with distinction and my reputation precedes me. My warm and caring personality has always warmed the hearts of my patients. Something that bothers me much as a healthcare professional is mental health. Seeing so many individuals who are mentally ill, my heart even breaks more for the young men and women who are hopeless and lost in … Continue reading