Grenada Informer: Is nothing wrong with the CCJ Bill also?

The media holds the repute of being the most influential of the fourth estate in the nation – the Fourth Estate comprises the wide civil society organisations, excluding the political segment. In fact, the media is unofficially the fourth arm of government and thus it deserves respect and support – the other arms constitutionally recognised are the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. This designation ascribes the media as having a powerful and important responsibility in the interest of the general public, it being the bastion of truth and democracy, as well as devoted to researches and investigations and to checks and … Continue reading

Competitive intelligence

After examining economic indicators to understand the country or countries, which are under consideration to locate productive operations, and to select targeted markets, investors of personal or business time, skills or funds, next must engage in competitive intelligence (CI). Defining, gathering, analysing data into information and testing, disseminating and distributing the resulting intelligence, on and about jobs, products, suppliers, customers, competitors and any aspect of the environment; geographical, political, cultural, civil society and legal jurisdiction, is needed to support strategic decision-making. Such intelligence is key in formulating the operation’s dynamic strategic plan, which is used to produce fund raising extracts, … Continue reading

Diversification via the global value chain

Whenever the topic of diversification arises, the concept of innovation, the production of novel goods and services, surfaces as ineluctably bound to this transformation. So much so that UWI’s Professor Anthony Clayton tells us that incremental innovation in what we do at present is insufficient if we wish to become globally competitive – we have to be disruptive, i.e. our innovations have to make a fundamental impact on current industries or create new ones. However, innovation and more so disruptive innovation involves the precursor phase of R&D and invention and the subsequent branding/marketing/sales which can demand a time frame of … Continue reading

Rae writes Supervisor of Elections

Supervisor of Elections Tanteen St. George’s 15.4.18 Dear Sir I write to thank you and your staff for your roles in our just ended General Elections; as well as to draw you attention to my grave concerns. Reflecting is necessary, both in victory and defeat, and as one of the losing debutantes in the just ended 2018 General Elections, I am compelled to offer some perspectives. Let’s begin with the Parliamentary Election Office (PEO). It will always face challenges in its quest to run the perfect national elections. The reality is much needs to be done if honesty and fairness … Continue reading

Should the referendum be with the current elections provisos?

The Grenadian people are yet to be aware of any report from the Parliamentary Elections Office (PEO), laid to the House of Representatives with moral judgement and respectful compliance with section 35(5) of the constitution, on the challenges, performances, programs, decisions and recommendations of PEO in relation to the 24 November 2016 constitutional referendum and the 13 March 2018 general elections. Particularly, it is important for the PEO to disclose to the public any errors and failures that were made during those fundamental democratic practices for the citizens and the corrective measures which are taken (or, to be taken) to … Continue reading


Jesus Christ had 12 disciples. One of them betrayed him. His name was Judas Iscarious. Judas was a greedy man. All we know is that Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of Silver. THAT IS WORTH 20 MILLION DOLLARS IN 2017. HE WANTED MONEY, LOTS OF MONEY. In 1983 there was a Little man from Grenada, an already greedy man living and working in America’s Capital, Washington, DC, teaching in a historic Black College, Howard University, HU! YOU KNOW! A place of opportunity, a place to become whatever you want to be, I mean anything, EVEN A MAGNIFYING GLASS. And … Continue reading

Windrush: A contemporary tragedy

It would be an understatement to suggest that the Windrush scandal has not been the UK government’s finest hour. For a start, Prime Minister Theresa May was caught making a misleading statement to the House of Commons when she commented that the decision to destroy the landing cards of those Caribbean immigrants first arriving in the UK in 1948 was taken by Gordon Brown’s Labour government in 2009. While this may be factually accurate, this decision was actually implemented in 2010 under the Conservative/Liberal Democrat Coalition when Theresa May was herself Home Secretary and therefore responsible for the oversight of … Continue reading

The powerful relevance of NDC in opposition

Whether or not the prolonged calls are justifiable that Nazim Burke should not be the political leader of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), it would be pitiful if the real intention of the initiation and invigoration of those calls is escaped. To miss the political ploy which has been propagated not merely to debase Burke, but to destroy the NDC and to debilitate any political opposition in Grenada, is to succumb to the thrust toward eroding the democratic sovereignty gained by the tremendous struggles and sacrifices of the labour and political pioneers and to enter into a new governance dimension … Continue reading

Will Grenada have a rooftop inventory before Hurricane Season?

“Saint Lucia gets ‘Rooftop inventory’ ahead of hurricane season.” So read a headline in a St.Lucia newspaper. The Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project (DVRP), hosted a World Bank mission comprising of a Geographic Information System (GIS) Expert and a Drone Expert. The team was in Saint Lucia to undertake a rooftop inventory. Team member Sarah Antos, a Geographer stationed at the World Bank, revealed that the general assessment of roofs in the country is of paramount importance, given the forecast for stronger hurricanes due in large measure, to a change in the global climate. The team collected data to determine the … Continue reading

Open letter to Nazim Burke and NDC supporters

Dear Mr. Burke, You are the best Leader Grenada never had and the best Leader Grenada will have. Sir, as long as you want to be the NDC Political Leader and your party supporters want you to be Leader, PLEASE DO NOT GIVE IN TO ANY CRITICISMS. Funny enough, with the obvious stealing of the 2018 elections by the NNP Party, no one is criticisng Keith Mitchell. No one is criticising his abuse of power. We all know NDC won the election. NNP may have the 15 seats but they did not win the election. No weapon fashioned against you … Continue reading