Noise Pollution in LaSagesse

Grenada has an updated Noise Pollution Act of 2016. It exists on the books but rarely enforced. The Constitution of Grenada indicates that all Laws must be enforced uniformly to all: interpreted as, nationals and non-nationals, white or black, rich or poor, donors or receivers, investors or non-investors. Active construction is occurring on lands, located between the playing field and LaSagesse Nature Center, owned by the Government of Grenada. My observation indicates preformed residences and storage to be the predominant components. Subject to correction, the construction is ancillary to the building of low-income housing in nearby Corinth, by the Chinese … Continue reading

Grenada’s social partners responsibility on the CCJ referendum

Grenada’s current version of a Social Partners official existence, called the Committee of Social Partners (CSP), stems from the sweep of the polls on 19 February 2013 by the opposition New National Party (NNP) against the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC). The main objective promoted of the CSP is to advance national development through social dialogue, inclusive governance and national unity. Consequently, the CSP “collaborated freely and in good faith (a) framework for inclusive engagement and dialogue to foster the sustainable and balanced development of (the) country”, in the form of a Social Compact with a historic signing on 13 … Continue reading

Christians and hardship!!!

Do True Christians Face Hardship at Times? Many religious persons tend to have the view that once a person is a Christian, he will not face hardship. You ask them: “How are you?” They reply: “Oh! I’m blessed and highly favoured!” Then they tell you that they never have to worry at all because they are safe in Jesus’ arms and so on. Persons with a view like this need to re-examine the Scriptures carefully. (Acts 17:11) For example, look at the righteous man Job. (Job 1: 1, 8) He was righteous in God’s eyes, avoiding all evil, yet he … Continue reading

Future of nutmeg industry

The following letter can seen as a report about the bi-annual General Meeting of the Grenada Co-operative Nutmeg Association held on May 30th 2018 at the National Stadium. Also included are my suggestions for the New Board of Directors and my new Road map for the way forward for this “Grenada Nutmeg” industry which services almost more than one third of Grenada’s population. Several decisions were reached and it is hoped that the new Board members not leave everything to the Chairman of the Board. Some of the suggestions include:- (1) That the GCNA would be changed to a “Co-operative” … Continue reading

Urgent call to CARICOM and the Caribbean region to intervene, object and prevent armed-conflict in the Caribbean

THE Ambassador Mr Irwin LaRocque Secretary-General and Chief Executive Officer of the Caribbean Community CARICOM Secretariat Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown, Guyana June 11, 2018 Excellency, We herewith would like to bring your attention to a urgent situation emerging in the Caribbean. The peoples of our islands, Bonaire, Curacao and Aruba are worried and fearing that the Netherlands is using our ABC islands to start provocation that can lead to an armed conflict or war in the Caribbean and South America region. Last week many heavy war machinery and vehicles were offloaded in the Curacao port. As the CARICOM and the Caribbean … Continue reading

The patient and his doctor

I am ill and visit a physician in his office. I am sick, am admitted to the hospital and a physician comes to my bedside. The above situation is often frightening to most persons. We think about the worse possible scenario. We accept whatever the physician says or does without questions. Medicine has evolved to allow the patient to be an active participant in their care. The physician is no longer “Lord, God and Almighty;” that existed when I started my long career in the practice of medicine. Three situations allow contact between patient and physician: the first-time visit to … Continue reading

Forum for Financing and Development

Dear Mr. Editor/News Director, I write to you in my capacity as Chairman of the Grenada Jubilee Committee and Coordinator Jubilee Caribbean. In April, I went to attend a side event at the UN to attempt to get the Call of Jubilee Caribbean known to many of the bodies meeting at the Forum for Financing and Development. The call of Jubilee Caribbean came out of a March Workshop held in Grenada to discuss the vulnerability to natural disasters of small island developing states and their debt burden. The Call of Jubilee Caribbean urged the Governments of the Caribbean and the … Continue reading

Focus for senatorial debate on Grenada second CCJ/Referendum

Grenadians are again faced with a one-sided House of Representatives and an expeditious manoeuvring to replace the London-based Judicial Committee of the Privy Council with the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). Despite the politically-dominated configuration of the Senate and regrettably with it having a gross bias to the governing party, in accordance with section 24 of the constitution of Grenada, the merit of the Senate must be appreciated in terms of it having to provide a sober and technical approach to the various debates on the legislative and financial policies of the government, as well as to provide oversight scrutiny … Continue reading

Protect Your Children!

“Janet, come here!” called her mother. “Go by Uncle X and tell him to lend me his hoe.” Eight year old Janet ran off to Uncle X. Does Mother really know if Uncle X can be trusted? Maybe or maybe not. Uncle X appears to be a very pleasant man. He offers Janet sweets, gives her money, and at times invites her to sit and watch TV or play online games at his house. Janet is from a poor family so she is happy to accept Uncle X’s offers and invitations. Her Mom does not object because X is Janet’s … Continue reading

Failure in duty care to vulnerable adult

This letter is being written from a personal observation by her niece regarding the care received at a particular Home of the Aged. My decision to write this is to raise awareness of the Lack of Care, Empathy and for early intervention to be put in place to stop a re-occurrence of this event. In October 2017, a family member was able to secure accommodation for my aunt at this particular home as she was unable to reside in her current property in Windward, Carriacou and her local care home had a long waiting list. It was chosen because it … Continue reading