Where is our National Commercial Bank?

I was a loyal customer of our NCB Bank now Republic Bank for over two decades and one of my reasons for joining that bank was that it came about when Grenada was in a state of thinking big, with big ideas and the Grenada National Commercial Bank was something to be prideful of. It was a product of a time when the rest of the region showed respect to Grenada for thinking out of the box. Sad enough to say, this bank which is now Republic Bank has decided on as a policy, I was told, that anyone who … Continue reading

Local justice versus the CCJ – a personal experience

The announcement by the Prime Minister to hold a second referendum in November of this year, in order to accede to the appellate court of the CCJ as a national priority, ahead of fixing the parlous state of the judicial system in Grenada, has prompted me to recall my experience with the local justice system. An experience that is commonplace in Grenada, as ordinary citizens are left to suffer in silence without any avenue of redress, as a result of the broken system. There are senior citizens whose passing has been hastened, because of pending justice from the courts for … Continue reading

Insurance companies discriminate against individuals with HIV/AIDS

This is a clarion call for insurance companies to end the discrimination against individuals with HIV/AIDS. HIV continues to spread throughout the world, shadowed by increasing challenges to human rights, at both national and global levels. People living with HIV/AIDS should have the same basic rights and responsibility of those which apply to all citizens of the country. Does an insurance company have the right to discriminate against individuals with pre-existing conditions such as HIV/AIDS? I have heard of cases where insurance companies refuse to pay benefits to families simply because the insured might not have said he/she is HIV … Continue reading

Open letter to PM Mitchell

Dear Prime Minister, I have seen in the media your expression of surprise at goings on at the state-owned Marketing & National Importing Board. I have heard your promise to hold a public enquiry and to “let the chips fall where they will”. I remind you that this State Enterprise falls directly under the responsibility of your Ministry. You are the Line Minister, this is your direct responsibility, you cannot avoid it and you should not be spending your Political Capital protecting anyone. You must “let the chips fall where they will”, or by extension you will be implicated in … Continue reading

Madness in Ministry of Works

Honorable Gregory Bowen, Minister of Works, Ministerial Complex, St George. 4th September, 2018. Dear Sir, I write you as I am concerned about Mr John St Louis. Mr St Louis, given his sensitive position at the Ministry of Works, unfortunately doesn’t seem to possess what it apparently takes to comprehend the importance of constitutional rights, accountability and mandated service. As it relates to the Supreme Law of the land, our citizens’ fundamental right to work (1.1.d), Mr. St Louis, continuously appears to minimise his responsibility as a senior public servant to facilitate the necessary service. I fear as he has … Continue reading

Breach of Constitution and contempt of Court by government

It was recently brought to my attention that four and a half years after the former Secretary to Cabinet, Mrs. Gemma Bain-Thomas instituted court proceedings against the government of Grenada, and, almost one year after the OECS Court of Appeal ruled in her favor in a stinging judgment that rebuked the sitting Governor General and the Public Service Commission that both bodies are again embroiled in another unconstitutional undertaking. I find it appalling that while the Government is advocating to strengthen the legal system in the region and for the establishment of the CCJ, the Government itself is blatantly violating … Continue reading

Young people and the rebuilding of the NDC

After another landslide defeat at the polls on March 13, 2018, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has started the rebuilding process and several of its young members are tipped to take the lead. The party, for the second consecutive time in this decade, has lost all 15 of Grenada’s parliamentary seats and will need to pursue radical changes to become more attractive and competitive in this modern era of Caribbean politics. In Barbados, the Democratic Labour Party, which suffered NDC’s fate at the May 24 polls to Mia Mottley’s Barbados Labour Party, has already begun to pursue the necessary changes … Continue reading

Does God Set a Time for Persons to Die?

“The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away.” (Job 1:21). People often quote this verse to support the idea that God has a set time in which he takes each person’s life. The righteous man Job thought that God had taken away his possessions, including the lives of his ten children; thus he made the above quote. Job was mistaken. Job 1:12 plainly shows that God allowed Satan to test Job to prove Satan a liar in the end. So, it was Satan who took away Job’s possessions and caused his children to die in a great wind. (Job … Continue reading

Infrastructure synergies

Basic human rights speak directly to the provision of infrastructure. The objective is the cost effective and efficient delivery of water, fuels, electricity, communication, transportation and the operation and maintenance of these fundamental utilities, taking advantage of synergies to improve human lives. Water and waste are and must be treated for use, disposal and to be recycled. Fuels to fire power plants, manufacturing processes, stoves, machinery and vehicles. Electricity powers many consumption devices, appliances and equipment. Communication transmits and stores ideas, trade and transactions. Transportation moves people and property via air, sea and land. All such utilities, with operational and … Continue reading

Recent flooding in Grenada

I was shocked and dismayed when I saw a video of the flooding that took place in Grenada on 1st August, 2018 especially in the River Road area of St George’s. It did bring back memories of flooding I witnessed in similar areas of the capital earlier this year. However, this time it appeared to be different in terms of the density of combined Surface water Run Off (SRO) and river water that caught everyone by surprise. The incident that occurred on the 1st August should serve as a grave warning to the national government. This was not just flash … Continue reading