Looming crisis!!!

There is indeed an emerging crisis within the Judiciary in Grenada. And Monday’s protest action by lawyers to express their disgust with the situation is rather very late in coming. The government’s own Legal Department is in serious crisis given the recent exodus of some of the legal people to ply their trade elsewhere. Grenada has been without a Solicitor-General for several weeks since the departure of Attorney-at-law Dwight Horsford to take up a more lucrative contract as Attorney-General of the British dependency of Anguilla. Horsford decided to move on with his career in light of the apparent decision taken … Continue reading

The Solid Waste investigation!!!

Another state-run entity is now the subject of alleged wrongdoing. THE NEW TODAY can inform the nation that it has officially written to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority, Dr. Bert Brathwaite to bring to his attention some troubling information in our possession. We are duty bound to inform the nation that Dr. Brathwaite has confirmed receipt of our letter and indicated that an investigation will be carried out into alleged wrongdoing with the funds of this state body. The allegation is that the Credit Card of the Solid Waste Authority was … Continue reading

Go to the Constitutional Court!!!

The time has come for the leaders of those public sector unions to face the reality – the Keith Mitchell-led New National Party (NNP) government will not give in to them on the 25% gratuity and pension payments for all qualified public workers. The unions will have to seriously rethink their strategies and come up with a new action plan in the circumstances as they will not get what they want around the negotiating table with the Government Negotiating Team (GNT) led by Cabinet Secretary, Beryl Isaac. THE NEW TODAY is in full support of the position taken by the … Continue reading

Trickery and tomfoolery!!!

The impasse between the Keith Mitchell-led government and public sector workers including teachers has overshadowed discussions in the country on the status of Grenada’s oil and gas involving the Russian outfit known as Global Petroleum Group (GPG). On the eve of the March 13 general election, Prime Minister Mitchell told the nation at a massive rally of the ruling New National Party (NNP) on the Pearl’s airstrip in St. Andrew that there was now the prospects of a lot of “money, money, money” flowing as the findings of the Russians in our waters were “exciting” for the future development of … Continue reading

Historically indisputable!!!

It is rather unfortunate but THE NEW TODAY has been forced to respond to one Ewart Layne better known as “Headache”, a former Lieutenant-Colonel in the disbanded People’s Revolutionary Army (PRA) of the ill-fated 1979-83 Grenada Revolution. Mr. Layne has approached the host of THE NEW TODAY website to block or remove certain articles carried about him by this newspaper which he said is aimed at trying to influence the outcome of his appeal to the Privy Council hearing on his desperate attempt to be admitted to practice as an attorney-at-law in this country. It should be noted that 35 … Continue reading

Pay up!!!

The seeds for the current impasse on the issue of pension and gratuity for public officers were sown many years ago by the politicians who have ruled Grenada over the years. It was the late Sir Eric Matthew Gairy, the first real labour leader in Grenada who had the foresight to ensure that a pension and gratuity plan was put in place for public officers when Independence came into force on February 7, 1974. The left-leaning People’s Revolutionary Government (PRG) of late Prime Minister Maurice Bishop purported to affect the pension act that was guaranteed by the Constitution when it … Continue reading

Time to go home!!!

The current industrial impasse in the country should be placed squarely at the feet of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell and a few very dishonest persons around him especially the former President-General of the Technical & Allied Workers Union (TAWU), Chester Humphrey. There was no need for the state of uncertainty in Grenada on the issue of the payment of Pension and Gratuity for public workers of the country including teachers. THE NEW TODAY is fully aware of a Court of Appeal ruling in 1998 by then Chief Justice of the OECS Supreme Court, Sir Dennis Byron in a matter … Continue reading

Duped and out-foxed!!!

The old saying, “a hurried bird never builds a good nest” is the best way to describe the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by those representatives of public sector employees and the Keith Mitchell-led New National Party (NNP) government in the dead of the night just before the March 13 general election. THE NEW TODAY has often questioned the motives of both sides to rush into signing the MOU when all the dots, T’s and I’s were not properly put in place as a full-proof document for the next phase of the discussions to hammer out a final deal on … Continue reading

Rejection by the Masses!!!

The Grenadian people have now spoken for the second time in two years on the issue of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) becoming the island’s final appellate court instead of the London-based Privy Council. The rejection once again by the electorate of the attempts by the ruling New National Party (NNP) government under Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has many lessons for us as a country. THE NEW TODAY is convinced that the bill was defeated by voters from both side of the political divide – NNP and the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) and others who are … Continue reading

Ego trip with CCJ!!!

Arrogance and deceit!!! These are the two words to describe the fresh attempt by the powers-that-be on the island to get the Grenadian electorate to vote for the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) instead of the London-based Privy Council as the final appellate court for the island. The deceit was manifested up to Sunday at the annual convention of the ruling New National Party (NNP) when Foreign Affairs Minister, Peter David made some of the most misleading statements by a leading political figure for 2018. Mr. David sought to make us believe that everybody including the main opposition National Democratic … Continue reading