Rejection by the Masses!!!

The Grenadian people have now spoken for the second time in two years on the issue of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) becoming the island’s final appellate court instead of the London-based Privy Council. The rejection once again by the electorate of the attempts by the ruling New National Party (NNP) government under Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has many lessons for us as a country. THE NEW TODAY is convinced that the bill was defeated by voters from both side of the political divide – NNP and the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) and others who are … Continue reading

Ego trip with CCJ!!!

Arrogance and deceit!!! These are the two words to describe the fresh attempt by the powers-that-be on the island to get the Grenadian electorate to vote for the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) instead of the London-based Privy Council as the final appellate court for the island. The deceit was manifested up to Sunday at the annual convention of the ruling New National Party (NNP) when Foreign Affairs Minister, Peter David made some of the most misleading statements by a leading political figure for 2018. Mr. David sought to make us believe that everybody including the main opposition National Democratic … Continue reading

Embarrassing episode!!!

It’s a very embarrassing moment for newly installed Acting Commissioner of Police, Edvin Martin and the rest of the High Command following reports that a Superintendent of Police is being investigated for a sexual transgression against a 16-year old. It must be a disconcerting time for the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) as the victim of the sexual assault act got entangled with them and unfortunately fell under their care due to neglect by a state body. The victim is known to be a teenager who is the main witness for the State in a murder that took place in … Continue reading

Bring in Scotland Yard!!!

As the information continues to come out about the Marketing and National Importing Board (MNIB), THE NEW TODAY is more and more convinced that the Integrity Commission is not the most appropriate body to investigate alleged corruption and wrongdoing at this important state enterprise. There is now evidence emerging that two fires at the River Road depot of MNIB about seven months ago were deliberate acts of arson and that criminal elements are being sought by the police as the possible culprits. This is an investigation that should be put in the hands of an agency that focuses on fighting … Continue reading

Betrayal of the Masses!!!

A large cross section of the people of Grenada are now up in arms against Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell following controversial remarks he made at a Town Hall meeting in Brooklyn, New York on the issue of pilfering at the nation’s General Hospital. THE NEW TODAY is not in a position to confirm the extent or the level of stealing at the hospital in the absence of any credible information from the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF). There is absolutely no information currently in the public domain as it relates to arrest and charges laid against anyone for engaging … Continue reading

Integrity Commission found wanting!!!

The Integrity Commission and its head, Anande Trotman-Joseph are facing a serious question about their own integrity following a press conference held last week Wednesday to brief the local media on their role in a controversial Inquiry into alleged wrong-doings at the state-owned Marketing & National Importing Board (MNIB). THE NEW TODAY was able to extract certain information from Trotman-Joseph which now cast dark shadows over any investigation to be carried out by the Integrity Commission into the alleged financial mismanagement of this national treasure that was created by the 1979-83 People’s Revolutionary Government (PRG). One of the most revealing … Continue reading

Dismantling the MNIB Cover-up!!!

THE NEW TODAY is calling on Mr. Robert Robinson to distance himself from the so-called decision taken by the politically-exposed Integrity Commission, headed by attorney-at-law, Anande Trotman-Joseph to mount a private investigation into alleged corruption and wrong-doing at the state-owned Marketing & National Importing Board (MNIB). This newspaper is convinced that the powers-that-be are trying to use the good name of Mr. Robinson to “sugar coat” the kind of investigation that they intend to undertake into the affairs of the MNIB during the tenure of its Chief Executive Officer, Ruel Edwards and the Board of Directors under the Chairmanship of … Continue reading


A vulgar attempt is being made to interfere in the free, open, transparent and public investigation that was promised about allegations of massive wrong doing and financial irregularities in the state-owned Marketing & National Importing Board (MNIB). THE NEW TODAY newspaper had picked up reliable information over the last weekend that the ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell was planning to set the stage for a grand cover-up of the alleged corrupt acts and practices that took place at Marketing Board (MNIB) under then Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Ruel Edwards. The information that … Continue reading

Two earthquakes in a week!!!

Grenada was rocked in the past ten days by two different types of earthquake – one natural and the other man-made. There was a 7.3 magnitude hurricane that was felt from Venezuela on the South American mainland to Trinidad, Grenada and some of the other islands in the Eastern Caribbean. The other earthquake was of a different magnitude since it was felt only in Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique. THE NEW TODAY is referring specifically to the arrest and jail sentence in the United States of one of the local high-profile investors of the ruling New National Party (NNP) government … Continue reading

Congrats Dwight!!!

THE NEW TODAY is forced to adopt as its own three powerful words used by a former Executive member of the ruling New National Party (NNP) to describe the imminent departure of Attorney-at-law, Dwight Horsford from our shores to become the Attorney-General of Anguilla. The words used were “Great” and “Our loss”. It is “great” in the sense that another island has jumped to take in legal quality that Grenada is dilly-dallying with and “our loss” in the sense that a fellow Caribbean island will benefit from Mr. Horsford’s legal acumen and not the people of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite … Continue reading