Censorship in the spice Isle!!!

Grenada was again in the international spotlight in another very negative vein. A report put out by the well-known media watchdog group known as “Reporters Without Borders” singled out the Grenada Broadcasting Network (GBN) for engaging in censorship of information on the island. This is a damning condemnation of a media entity which is regarded globally as the face of the media in the Spice Isle. In its latest bulletin, Reporters Without Borders had this to say about the media in the Eastern Caribbean under the headline, “Political Influence On OECS Media Cited In Global Report” “A new report released … Continue reading

How big a problem?

An issue which is apparently going unnoticed in the country is the large amounts of illegal drugs picked up in the first quarter of the year by the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF). THE NEW TODAY has not been able to get an official figure from the police in terms of the quantities of drugs taken in and the market value. However, it must be running in the region of EC$5 and above given the amount of ganja and cocaine recovered by the police between January and April from those plying the illegal drug trade. Each week, the front pages … Continue reading

Nothing to show!!!

It is unfortunate that a foreign chef has to bring back on the national agenda for discussion the serious lack of support by government to the key agriculture sector on the island. The international chef who is associated with the newly opened Silver Sands Resort called for more support from government to the dwindling agriculture sector to keep alive the burning desire of many to see a true marriage between tourism and agriculture for real and serious development in the country. The Chef lamented the fact that hotels are forced to contribute to the rising food import bill as they … Continue reading


What exactly is Grenada’s position on the current political unrest in Venezuela? In the last two weeks, Foreign Minister Peter David held a press conference and stated that Grenada is fully in support of Caricom’s position on Venezuela which involves a negotiated and peaceful settlement involving the two warring sides in Caracas and not the planned removal of the Maduro government by outside forces. Days later, the Prime Minister of St. Lucia, Allen Chastanet said that Caricom itself was very much divided on the Venezuelan situation. Chastanet was responding to criticisms leveled at him and other Caricom Prime Ministers who … Continue reading

Health in Crisis!!!

In recent months and weeks, our government has been boasting of 5% growth in the economy and that Grenada was now the fastest growing economy in the Caribbean. The Keith Mitchell-led New National Party (NNP) government has been talking about more hotel projects coming on stream especially in the rural parish of St. David that will create a positive impact on unemployment in the area. However, very little is said by the same government about positive steps that should be in train to tackle the terrible health situation on the island including a hospital service that many describe as one … Continue reading

Revolutionaries in opportunist clothing!!!

40 years after the birth of the Grenada Revolution, the first armed overthrow of an elected government in the English-speaking Caribbean, the mamagism continues by some of the adherents to leftwing politics. THE NEW TODAY finds it extremely difficult to understand what the so-called revolutionaries who were indoctrinated by Bernard Coard are commemorating this month after actively destroying what they had fought to bring about through the use of arms and ammunition. The decent and patriotic people who have been around in the 1979-83 era have a serious responsibility to educate and protect the new generation of unsuspecting Grenadians who … Continue reading

A proud moment!!!

It was a well deserved and historic victory last Friday night for Mr. Killa in the International Power Soca competition in Trinidad & Tobago. It was a proud moment for all of us in Spice country as this was the very first time that a Grenadian had captured the $one million TT prize in the premier soca competition among the best in the region. Mr. Killa was widely expected to easily run away with the crown but many of us at home were cautiously optimistic out of fear that he could fall victim to a blatant and very vulgar hometown … Continue reading

Maduro crossed the line!!!

The news that a U.S media outfit was detained in Venezuela on Monday during an interview with the country’s President Nicolas Maduro is rather unfortunate. THE NEW TODAY is categorically stating from the onset that Mr. Maduro has crossed the line where democracy is concerned and should be treated as a leader who is lacking in common decency and is prepared to use repressive means against those who hold differing views. Why would you allow someone into your home and then detain him? Doesn’t this remind us of the brutal slaying of the dissident Saudi journalist who entered his country’s … Continue reading

Serious business and not “ole talk”

The month of March is very crucial for the trade union movement in Grenada as two of the most influential public sector unions on the island are due to hold general elections in the coming weeks with the post of President on the line in both instances. These elections are very important in light of the current impasse between the ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell and three public sector unions and two staff associations on the 25% issue of gratuity and pension payments due to public officers. THE NEW TODAY gets the sense … Continue reading

Public inquiry please!!!

THE NEW TODAY is not surprised at the decision by former Chief Executive Officer of the Marketing & National Importing Board (MNIB), Ruel Edwards to approach the high court to get an order to stay the so-called Inquiry being launched by the Integrity Commission into alleged wrongdoing and questionable dealings at the state body during his tenure in office. This newspaper had advocated from day one that the proper legal and correct channel to handle the MNIB issue is the Public Inquiry Act as set out by law. Mr. Edwards’ lawyer, former Attorney-General, Cajeton Hood is quite rightly now asking … Continue reading