The red nastiness and his crew plan to boycott

By Stone Crusher

The gang is so much on the run these days that they are now so much far apart from each other and can best be described as nothing but a splintered group.

Reports are coming out from their cronies that upon personal reflection, some of the members have realized the mistake made because of bad advice from the “little boy” union man and the convicted mass murderer that was given to the Chief Rebel who then handed it down to them.

What a pity that the infidels did not realise that they were only part of an effort by the left over RMC/OREL remnants of ‘83 to stage a political comeback by seeking to arrest the NDC  government from Uncle Tilly.

How stupid of these people to follow the so-called charm and charisma of the gang man who was the puppet of the last bastion of communism in Grenada – that sleazy union man.

But greed had them totally sucked in to the plot to dethrone Uncle Tilly whom they really thought was a push over.  But when the people got to find out of their plans through the Stone Crusher it was a different ball game.

He hoodwinked them with those funds from ALBA that was stashed away in another OECS country whose leader is their good friend and partner.

It is no secret that the box head casino man tried a thing, which could have padded his personal income and got the trap flamed on his hand.  It is no secret that the little upstart who is a career drunkard  is like a rudderless ship with no port for his stormy life.

It is no secret that the “frock ooman”/glorified secretary who is known to be devoid of any competencies whatsoever – should have been appointed to serve refreshments to Cabinet and probably do their laundry and make errands for them.

The fake man of the cloth has been trying hell hard in the last few days to see what he can do to save himself in the eyes of Uncle Tilly.

Pastor Can’t-Speak-English, you have been seen through and the only “asset” you can be to anything is “the little donkey” that you are.  You need to go and establish a payment plan with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) to pay your back taxes for fear that they foreclose on you and you end up more destitute than you are.

You have already shown your hand as someone wanting to use politics to feather your nest and so with that chance totally gone you might be better advised to stick to what you know and become a foreman on a construction site and stop trying to give people the impression that you are a contractor.

The most recent word on the ground is that the gang man and his tribe are planning to boycott the party’s upcoming convention.

The Stone Crusher would like to rearrange the ignorance of the gang man as to the word boycott.  When we hear the word “boycott” we immediate think of some form of humbug or set back. In this case any boycott by the gang man and his infidels would not have such effect and so what they really want to say is that they are planning to be no-shows at the Convention.

As a matter of fact that would be the best thing they could do since their security and safety cannot be guaranteed in an environment in which so many people whom they have incensed by their reckless greed for power might be tempted to eat them raw.

The Stone Crusher is not advocating violence and would hate to be interpreted as such, but the reality is some NDC people are so incensed by the behavior of the gang that they might allow their emotions to get the better of them.

Can you see Michael Church being bold-faced enough to try and sit among the St. John’s delegates at the Convention? Will Peter David have the guts to sit on the head table at the Convention alongside Uncle Tilly? Karl Hood will most likely be booed from the time he enters the hall until the time he leaves the building.

In the interest of everyone, it might be in the best interest of the gang man and his crew to stay away from the NDC Convention and do not risk the wrath of the people.

These are the people in the eyes of the NDC’ites who have plunged the country into uncertainty and dashed the hopes of a government which promised so much in the aftermath of the thirteen years of questionable leadership which was thought to be behind us altogether.

With the last executive meeting of the NDC showing the major swing from the infidels to Uncle Tilly, the gang man is reported to have said “he think he done because the man get back he executive…..”

The prediction all along since the return of The Stone Crusher is that he (the gang man) would bow out but no one expected him to do it so soon.  It is true that the Revo boys always branded him a coward because of his penchant for running and hide when space got too warm in the 1979-83 period.

Ask Lieutenant KB about the time when he paid a visit to deal with the Gang Man in Grand E’tang and the poor soul threw himself out of a back window and ran into the bushes – so scared of KB. This is not the kind of stuff that should size up to fight Uncle Tilly for the thing.

Just as how the gang man ran away from KB, it is the same way he is now running away from the fight with the PM for control of NDC and the government.

It is quite obvious that the gang man miscalculated his moves on account of the overpowering advice of his mentors i.e. the union man and the convicted mass murderer – none of whom have any shred of popular support in our local community.

The union man tried to offer himself in the 2003 general elections for the Town of St. George but nobody bothered with him. He again volunteered in 2008 for St. George South-east but nobody wanted him in frontline politics. What will he do in 2013?

Imagine the convicted mass murderer is reported to have told someone recently that the gang man/pumpkin eater is weak and lacks the necessary organisation and structure to have been invested in to lead the onslaught against Tillman Thomas and get back power in their hands like 1979-83.

People, do not think that this view is shared by the other members of the Grenada 17 who spent years in prison for killing Comrade Bishop. The boys and them not in that kind of stupidness with the gang man and his dunce head political advisors.

Even the union man is now realizing that it was bad to invest in the gang man as the new RMC/OREL head to regain power.

He is reported to have said something similar to the Mass Murderer that the gang man was the wrong person to have been chosen to lead the opposition to PM Thomas both at the Cabinet and Party level.

It would appear that the gang man needed to have been baby-sat constantly to ensure that he carried out all instructions correctly and to the letter.  This was not possible as he had other interests to please and the entire focus got mangled since he is known to be a man of chaos and confusion.

Do not ever forget that the gang man with all his charm and good looks, is a ghetto man who spent too much time in the bowels of River Road in a personal relationship and up to this time still spends a considerable amount of time in the ghetto on the Wharf.  What are we going to do with such a ghetto prince at the leadership level in our country?

Anyone who can predicate his life on such unacceptable geographies cannot be the level of individual we desire at the level of government, except he was going down to that level to bring the people up to his level.  But that is not to be as that is his real level, which is no level at all.

Word on the ground is that there are plans for another “no confidence” motion to be brought against the government in Parliament and that the absence of the gang man, the “frock ooman”, and the box head casino man would aid the opposition’s four MP’s plus the two good-for-nothing –  Hood and Church to finally scatter the government.

That “smart” move by the rebels not to show up in Parliament at the timing and voting on the second motion might be their final downfall.

But on a more serious note, the issue of Parliament meeting and government not having a clear enough majority to pass money bills must be examined carefully.  Could you imagine the Leader of Government Business reporting to Parliament with a motion to borrow money to meet government’s monthly expenditures – chief among which are salaries for public servants and the opposition and the renegades vote against it.

Oh, boy what a grave they would have all dug for themselves. The Speaker will remember the days of the late H.A Blaize when Keith Mitchell who was sacked by the late Prime Minister after he toppled him as NNP Political Leader, tried to get the Opposition to vote against monies from Cable & Wireless to satisfy pay increases for Civil Servants.

The NDC Opposition members did not join with Keith Mitchell and assured Blaize and his Minority government that he had nothing to fear in coming to Parliament to get the monies to pay the workers. Is history about to repeat itself in Grenada?

This would surely be a different ball game altogether as the people who would be affected would know what to do when the bells rings for election the next time around.

The Stone Crusher does not think that after the Opposition’s mess up with the GARFIN Bill, they would wish yet another mess up so soon!  Mitchell is hungry and greedy for power but might not want to put his foot into his mouth so easily with the likes of Hood and Church.

Can you imagine the pumpkin eater and his infidels absenting themselves from voting on any money bills in parliament for salaries for workers and such bills being defeated? How would the people respond to them?

The NNP is power hungry but would think not once, but twice or even three times about obtaining power by squeezing the same people they want to vote for them the next time around since this can boomerang terribly on them.

It is obvious that Grenadians’ minds are already made up on how they will vote in election 2013. Nothing that will be done by the gang man and the infidels will influence the outcome of the poll.

The people will cast their vote on whether they want to continue with Uncle Tilly and his style of democratic governance or return to the days of Stone.

That is why both individuals will have to be very careful of their moves in the coming weeks and months ahead of the next poll.

If Uncle Tilly wants a second chance, he needs to send a strong signal after September 30 about his new team to take the country forward and to get a few of the projects up and running.

This team cannot have any place for Peter David, Joseph Gilbert, Church, Hood and the frock ooman and the likes.

Already, the man who was trying to run in St. Mark’s is on the run. He is meeting almost daily with the man from Happy Hill to carve out something for himself in case NNP gets back into power. NDC can do without these elements who will sell out for less than 30 pieces of silver.

This should be a lesson to the gang man that not all those who shout out, aloud, “Lord, Lord” shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

But then again the gang man is a red communist and does not believe in our God but in the God of Marxism and Leninism.

The battle for Uncle Tilly is no longer with the red nastiness and his crew since they are history but with the one who is wetting his appetite each and every passing day about getting back on the throne.

A Single Caribbean Sports Academy to ensure future World Champions

On the basis of the size of populations and medals won, the tiny Caribbean island of Grenada would be ranked in first place in the 2012 Olympic Games in London with another Caribbean island, Jamaica, in second place – though with a larger number of medals.  Officially, Jamaica is ranked at 18 and Grenada at 42.

At the time of writing at the end of Day 13 of the 16-days Olympic Games, the United States is officially ranked number one with China in second place. But the medal haul of the US and China is drawn from populations of 312 million and 1.3 billion respectively, while Grenada’s medal – a gold for Kirani James in the 400 metre race – comes from a population of a mere 110,000 and Jamaica’s outstanding 9 medals (3 golds, 3 silvers and 3 bronze) from a population of 2.8 million.

Using medals per head of population as a measurement, the US would be number 36 and China number 60. When Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is added to this analysis, Grenada and Jamaica perform even better.

The United States and China are rated by the International Monetary Fund at first and second respectively as the two largest economies in the world, while Grenada and Jamaica are ranked at 172 and 113 of 182 nations.

As I write, there are 3 more days to go and more medals will be won by several countries, including the two leaders, the US and China, but also by Jamaica.

In track and field, Caribbean athletes have shown that they are among the world’s best. This is cause for much pride by the people of these two English-Speaking Caribbean countries and their partner-countries in the Commonwealth Caribbean whose total population is just about 5 million people.

The phenomenal Usain Bolt, who has spectacularly won two gold medals in the 100 and 200 metres events, and Yohan Blake, who took silver, behind him are as much heroes of their neighbouring English-speaking Caribbean countries as they are of their native Jamaica. So too are Warren Weir who gave Jamaica a clean sweep in the 200 metres by taking the bronze, and Hansle Parchment who won bronze in the 110 metre hurdles.

The Jamaican women Shelley-Ann Fraser-Pryce (gold and silver in the 100 metres and 200 metres respectively) and Veronica Campbell Brown (bronze in the 100 metres) are also special heroines upholding the prowess of Caribbean womanhood and taking on the best of the United States.

It should be noted that, of the English-speaking Caribbean countries, Trinidad and Tobago also won a bronze medal through Gordon Lalonde who was third in the Men’s 400 metres event. Other Caribbean athletes, such as Antigua’s Daniel Bailey and Barbados’ Ryan Brathwaite, creditably made it to the finals and semi-finals.

But beyond the marvellous performances by these athletes is a reality that, apart from Jamaica, the development of sports persons in the English-speaking Caribbean countries is woefully poor.  Neither governments nor the private sector in the region are contributing to the development of sports in the quantities that they should. Yet, everyone basks in the superb accomplishment of Caribbean athletes who triumph largely because of their natural talent and dedication.

Caribbean countries have been lucky to have unearthed persons with natural talent, but that talent alone will not sustain them in the future against competition from athletes from other countries whose governments and private sector are investing heavily in them precisely because they want glorious results at the Olympics and other international games.

For any athlete, while a substantial part of his or her capacity resides in natural talent, they will fail if they are denied financial support, good coaching and tireless training.

This has been the basis for China’s success. Once identified, its sports persons are taken out of their homes and away from their families to spend years in rigorous training and coaching camps.  This is the extreme position. No country has to go as far as separating sports persons from their homes and family for the inordinate length of time that China does, but all countries that want their sports people to do well because of the pride it brings to their people and the joy of seeing them win, have to invest in the facilities they need to become world champions.

Jamaica in the English-speaking Caribbean has invested more than any other country in the development of its athletics and sprinting, and it is reaping the benefit. In the case of Kirani James of Grenada, it should be recalled that he is a student at the University of Alabama in the US, where he has benefitted from the skills of a remarkable coach, Harvey Glance, and facilities that are far superior to anything in the region.

Even as the London 2012 Olympic events were in full swing, with the host country achieving a record collection of medals, leading sports persons warned the British government not to cut spending for sport. They cautioned that any cuts would have dire consequences for the performance of British sports persons in the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil.

It is significant that since London was awarded the Olympic Games seven years ago, the national lottery contributed US$390 million to support elite athletes. Little wonder that with a population of 59 million people – a third of the size of the US population and a fraction of China’s numbers, Britain is third in the medal winners.

The people of the English-speaking Caribbean have every reason to be proud of their athletes and of the impact they are making on the world, but this pride will not be sustained unless governments and the private sectors invest in the facilities these gifted athletes need.

To ensure future champions, how about a single sports academy manned by outstanding coaches, located in Jamaica and funded by all the governments and private sectors of the Caribbean Community, for the region’s elite athletes?

(Sir Ronald Sanders is a Consultant and former Caribbean diplomat)


Given the difficulties that Caribbean countries have had to try to overcome following the global financial and economic crisis that began around the end of 2007, the last thing any country in the region would wish to confront at this time is a major disruption on the international front that could lead towards more global insecurity. And for that reason alone, the financial and economic data that are emerging from the international arena have to be not only worrying for us in the region but also rather depressing.

Whether the financial and economic data released globally pertain to the United States of America, China, or the European Union, does not matter at this moment because they are all equally troubling.  China for a long time has been a major global leader in export-led economic growth.  But, as the economic fundamentals in its main trading partners weaken, more and more pressure is being brought to bear on China’s ability to maintain strong economic growth that is driven mostly by its export sector.

And that is precisely what has happened as the country’s recent quarterly growth rate fell to about 7.5%, less than the rate of growth that was anticipated. The irony in this is that most countries around the world would have been happy to achieve that level of increased economic activity.

In Europe, unemployment has now reached a new high of 11.2%.  In Spain alone, the rate of unemployment exceeds 20%.  The worrying side of this development is that it has come at a time when the euro zone is still working desperately to overcome fiscal and debt challenges that continue to put a tremendous amount of pressure on the euro, forcing not only the leaders of those countries but also the President of the United States to stand tough and publicly express their desires to keep the euro afloat and avoiding any possible “crash” of the currency.

With the Presidential elections less than 100 days away, the world will soon be presented with alternative strategies from both the Democrats and Republicans on how best to tackle the massive debt burden facing the United States, the enormous Federal fiscal deficit, the relatively high unemployment that continues to stand over 8%, and the sluggish economic growth that does not seem capable of crossing the 2-3% barrier on a quarterly basis.

Much of the debates are likely to focus on the extent to which increased spending and tax hikes on the Democratic side will be used to stimulate the economy as opposed to the alternative Republican policy of smaller government and reduction in taxes as the catalysts to turn the ailing economy around.

The interesting aspect of all these developments in China, the United States and Europe is that they will subsequently have tremendous implications not only for those countries but for the global economy as well. And no one knows for sure whether these consequences will be positive or negative.

As the waiting game continues, Caribbean and other developing countries should continue to look inward for economic and financial stability. In essence, therefore, domestic policy instruments have to be fully exploited to keep our economies stable and prepare them for whatever eventually happens globally.

There is simply no need to let our economic and financial guards down at this crucial juncture by pretending that there is nothing we can do in the midst of global turmoil to aid our already struggling economies.

(Dr. Brian Francis is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics at the Cave Hill Campus in Bridgetown, Barbados of the University of the West Indies)

So be it Mr. Gang Man!

By Stone Crusher

Thank God the political blood-letting have subsided at least for now, since the renegades within the ruling party have been advised to lie low with the hope of attracting reconciliation.

All democrats know the terrible effect this group of power hungry RMC/OREL thugs has had on the nation’s ability to progress.  They can only be referred to by their right name – INFIDELS as Sadham Hussein would have referred to such animals in his time.  It is now irrefutable that these elements crept into the ruling party as far back as the turn of the century with plans to unseat and replace the sitting Political Leader and subsequent Prime Minister in similar fashion to that of the 1979 / 83 period.

It would appear that they never paid attention to the resolve of Uncle Tilly whom they thought to be a push over since their system of undemocratic dictatorial communism jailed him in the early 80’s.

It is quite obvious that based on their Leninist/Marxist orientation, the regrouped communists are not interested in the views of people but only their own. In a democracy the people are at the centre of attention but in the communist system, power always come from the barrel of a gun.

So it goes without saying that  in a democracy, the thinking of the people is the bedrock of support for any political organisation.  And whereas those committed to democracy on the side of the Prime Minister are pushing the party’s (NDC’s) agenda, these left over RMC/OREL thugs were intent on pushing their archaic agenda which bears absolutely no relevance to the current political landscape.

The son of FRANKO, the famous and notorious butcher from Hermitage withstood their test in the 80’s which turned out to be preparation for big things to come in his life and times. The right hand of God must be presiding over things in this land because no one in the late 80’s and throughout the 90’s saw Uncle Tilly as a future PM.

Even in today’s construct in context of leadership, anyone who is truthful to him or herself will  admit that Tillman Thomas is not the sharpest knife in the drawer but his level of decency and “value-centeredness” makes sure that he stands out among our leaders who took charge since the 1974 Independence to the present.

Interestingly, the only other leader he matches up to in QUALITY is Sir Nicholas Brathwaite – a one time leader of the NDC and Prime Minister whose decency and integrity cannot be questioned.

The Stone Crusher has heard it touted about in many quarters that Sir Nicholas is the only real Prime Minister of Grenada in a post revolution sense.

When the undercover plot by the NEW RMC leader was discovered in the early aftermath of the NDC victory in July of 2008 and reported to Prime Minister Thomas from several angles and quarters, Uncle Tilly was not the type of leader to go by predictions, feelings, opinions – which most time come down to “ole talk” steeped in malice as we know many of us are known for – and so he left the clique to do their own thing until they misinterpreted that for full reign.

But all the Prime Minister was doing was empowering his entire team with the intention of having them do good for the country collectively in their various portfolios.  It would appear that the focus by the Rebel Gang on their own narrow agenda made them lose sight of the fact that any tremors within the government and party bearing similar footprints of the period which led to the bloody massacre on Fort Rupert – now Fort George – would have been ventilated in the open and the people would take care of them.

It is obvious that after the basking of the Kirani James glory at the 2012 London Olympics and the Carnival festivities are over, the entire country will all go back to the hot topic of politics as we are approaching home stretch for elections which based on how things are going can be any time soon.

The first serious signal that Prime Minister Thomas received to confirm all the rumours that there was a Cabinet within his Cabinet, and more vulgarly having a gang operating within his Cabinet and Party came in November 2010 when certain recalcitrant members refused to take up their positions after the justifiable Cabinet reshuffle.

The Gang Leader was so upset about the change that he told those close to him that he will not be accepting the change in ministerial positions. It was downhill after that and the proverbial blood-letting commenced.  More energy was placed on gerrymandering the party’s executive so as to command its authority like in the days of 1979-83 when Coard and his followers took charge of NJM and the PRG.

The plan of the new RMC Chief within Congress was to “manners” Uncle Tilly as PM and his deputy, Nazim Burke.

But that was not to be as the Prime Minister made good on his promise to take the issues to the people.  He started off with a series of party meetings called “Solidarity Sundays” which have grown in proportions. It was the perfect platform to touch base with the party supporters and to expose them to the intrigues of the gang.

The rebels never anticipated this just as how Coard and company could not have dealt with the people after they went up to Mt. Wheldale on October 19, 1983 and freed their leader from under house arrest. The RMC leader and his crew were on the run ever since as NDC’ites started to listen to Uncle Tilly.

To a great extent, the country has now seen the almost total annihilation of those who are correctly and popularly referred to as gang members, infidels, rebels, reprobates, renegades and all other unsavoury terms one would prefer not to be called.

The Gang Man and Company are nothing but poor examples for our young people who are in dire need of role models.

There will be very little or no hope for our young people when we have such imposters infiltrating our political leadership in Grenada. How can our young people move on progressively when we have so many of our political leaders just not worthy of occupying positions of authority in this country.

Some of them are stuck in time while others are out of time completely and beyond their real level.  Many of them can be safely described as labourers gone wrong.

It was no surprise that within a week and a day, we were faced with three gruesome murders of women by men who were said to be known to them (lovers or former lovers).  The high level of functional illiteracy that exists here in Grenada is too much to handle. Many of our people seem to know how to count from one to a hundred and higher but if they see any of those numbers in different contexts, they are at trouble to identify them in their new environments.

Many of them feel being able to call out words by way of pronunciation, they are able to read ignoring the reality that for one to be literate one must be able to understand what one reads – for reading is a co-ordination between the eyes and the brain.

Too many people in Grenada lack the ability to reason and analyse. This results in petty conversations for which conclusions are arrived at without any adequate sequence thus reflecting the naked poverty of the mind and intellect among so many.

The simplicity of the mind here in Grenada is mind boggling.  The lack of exposure of our people to things that matter contributes to an all time simplicity of thought and don’t talk about expression – that is even worst.

It is mysterious how more violence is not upon us on account of this lack of ability to analyse and reason in most of our people. When coupled with the vulgar show of hunger for power by the infidels as the “punkin eater” and his inferior crew, one ought to be surprised that there isn’t more mayhem in Grenada.

Recently we saw how disruptive the union reject threatened to behave with talk of strike for LIAT at a time when the nation is on its knees economically and just about getting a fillip from the inflow of visitors to our shores.  One cannot help but wonder what is wrong with this “little boy” who is always looking for attention.

Why it is that every time we hear this union reject’s name we hear it in destructive activities?  If it is not to overthrow governments, it is to militantly maim employers of his union’s members thus breeding bad blood between them and the providers of their bread and butter.

The Stone Crusher is not afraid of sounding repetitive since it is through repetition that we can learn as a nation.  If Uncle Tilly wants to lose the upcoming elections 15 – 0, all he has to do is to compromise and reconcile with the renegades and the new RMC gang leader.
Nobody wants to see these sellouts like the gang man, the drunkard, the “frock ooman”, the imposter God/fake pastor who cannot speak English properly, the big head casino man, and all the others who have been known to take orders from the union reject, and the convicted mass-murderer to bring down yet another duly elected government – back within the fold of NDC.

The talk in town is that the gang members are trying to use a certain Ambassador based in Europe who the “frock ooman” from the South is not on speaking terms with, to be a kind of mediator to bring the two sides back together.

Imagine these renegades who have absolutely nothing to offer, are saying they will only compromise under the condition that Sen. Glen Noel is not part of the reconfigured NDC. Are they for real? Who wants to be in any new arrangements with the gang man and them? Once bitten, twice shy!!!

Gang man, Glen Noel is more of an asset to the NDC than any of your disciples. The Good lord used Glen to make that famous speech to expose the plan involving the gang man and the baker to try and replace Uncle Tilly as NDC Leader and Prime Minister.

The Ambassador will do well to leave that alone and mind his business in Europe on behalf of the people of Grenada.

Grenadians do not want the “pumpkin eater” and his crew back in the corridors of power within the NDC.  They must go and go far away from Uncle Tilly and his people in Congress. The greater the distance between the two sides the better for NDC and the rest of the country.

The real NDC is the Tillman Thomas side. The gang man and his crew are not genuine supporters of the party as they are the ones who have plunged the country into this political darkness.

They have lost their chances which they willingly squandered on account of their hunger for power. They are the ones who have their friends on the other side boasting of the possibility of coming back into power. Against this back drop the red nastiness must be rejected completely and his political career must end before the next general election.

The Stone Crusher will not retire until the gang man joins the Grenada Revolution in the political dustbin of our history.

Long rope for ‘marga’ goat!

By Stone Crusher

Old people always say – long rope for “marga” goat. Now that the gang man is on the run with the PM  in control, an olive branch must be sent out to most of those who were misguided by the red nastiness.

However, this olive branch should not include persons like the big head casino man, drunkard, and false prophet/pastor whose claim to fame is that he can’t speak English and dunce as the back of a spoon. They must go with the gang leader and form their own party and leave NDC to NDC’ites.

Both he and the drunkard must leave the airwaves alone and cease and desist from misrepresenting the real NDC whose agenda they are not pushing but that of their own.

The Stone Crusher is warning the ruling party against making the same mistake again by allowing the likes of the gang leader to get into the party and putting into their hands very important executive positions.

There is no need to go back and say that it was a mistake that was made – just accept it and move on and do not walk that same road again. There are going to be others who will come just like the red nastiness came: sounding good and looking good – but definitely not meaning good for the party and government.

History has shown that the communists are committed to getting into positions of influence as part of their strategy to always take charge of things. The only known communist in Grenada who is a leader is the fading-into-oblivion unionist who is in trouble because of misplaced militancy in these trying times for our national economy.

The Brewery saga has rendered him spent and irrelevant to the point where as a means of trying to remain current, he is trying to reinvent himself with “band-wagoning” on current issues like the White in the Moonlight stalemate, the Calypsonians and their mindlessness and recently closer to home – the Caribbean Agro & Lime restructuring which cannot be avoided if they are to remain financially viable companies.

Anyone who doubts that these old outdated communists are committed to getting into positions of influence in order to take charge of things must take a read of Sir Paul Scoon’s book, “Survival for Service”, in which he documented, “Communists do have a way of infiltrating places that are normally considered sacrosanct”.

It was not by guess that the gang man was sent by his OREL/RMC clique to infiltrate NDC in order to eventually take over the party as part of a wider strategy to get back into power like 1979-83. Don’t forget, they promised themselves that they would have to be back in the driver’s seat (of power) twenty years from 1983!  Go and ask the union man who has been jerry-mandering the red nastiness.  He is known to have said enough on this issue over the years.

Do you recall his utterances when the PM sought to make his first Cabinet reshuffle and there was resentment from the gang man and his disciples?  The union man was so annoyed that he came out publicly and said that the Progressives only joined NDC as part of a coalition in order to remove the opposition and to get into power.
These people were never true NDC’ites – their mission was always to try and infiltrate Congress and to take over the party as their own with the gang man becoming the new leader instead of Uncle Tilly.

Bishop and Radix of MAP did the same with Unison Whitman, Teddy Victor and other Comrades of JEWEL from St. David’s when they formed NJM in order to remove Gairy from power.

Bishop got a taste of his own medicine when Coard decided to join NJM and bring in his OREL Crew – and before long he was able to split the NJM Joint Co-ordinating Secretary positions between the same Bishop and Brother Uni. Thus started the bid by the OREL crew, of which the gang man was an integral part, to get power into their own hands.

The rest is history as the progressive forces brought about their own downfall in October 1983 on Fort Rupert (now Fort George) because of greed for power.
Please tell the gang man that the people of Grenada are not going back into those dark days with him.

They can do us a favour by going back on the bloody crime scene on the same Fort and shoot down each other! The last communist to stand must then throw himself over the Fort and commit suicide and leave us all alone to live in this beautiful island in peace.

As long as these RMC remnants remain committed to their ideology of old and refuse to change and accept the new world order, the country will be in turmoil if we make the mistake of trying to engage them politically.

The young people of this country must not be fooled by the quick smile and appearances of charm on the face of the Chief Rebel.

Whenever they see this man who is like the one that betrayed Christ, ask him who gave him the orders to strike and to move against Uncle Tilly? Was it the union man? Was it the convicted mass murderer?

Coard would not have made his move against Bishop unless some kind of tacit approval came from Comrade Trevor – the Moscow man in the English-speaking Caribbean. The Cubans did not sanction the removal of the Comrade Leader – the OREL men did because they did not like the closeness between Bishop and Fidel.

Callistus Bernard (Iman Abdullah) did not just line up Bishop on the fort and shoot him down along with Sister Jackie, Uni, Norris and Fitzroy Bain, Brat Bullen, Keith “Pumphead” Hayling, Evelyn Maitland and others without getting the orders from elsewhere.

Remember the evidence that came out in the trial: Abdullah pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket and said that it was Central Committee Orders that the Comrade Leader had to be executed. The CC members were stationed on Fort Frederick and after the shooting – just ask Cletus St. Paul who was held a prisoner on the fort – what kind of reaction came from the CC members after the killing of Bishop and others.

Gang man, please stop your attempts at destabilisation against Uncle Tilly and go your way in peace. Do not push the NDC people to the limit because you might instead be forced to go in pieces. If you want to temp fate on that one – why you and your infidels do not show up at an NDC rally presided over by Uncle Tilly? Look at how you end up a man without a party!  You red fool!

Recent events should tell you that everything that you did against the PM failed. So you think that you had him covered with all those acts of espionage employed against the Prime Minister. You did feel a sense of confidence to seize power – didn’t you?  But you forget that these are not the times when you could force people to support you and your corrupt bunch.

The NDC people were ready for your kind. Many of them did read Sir Paul’s book and got a better understanding of who really is a communist.

Even the Catholic Church did not trust the PRG boys because they understood the commitment of the local communists to always engage in Soviet style spying on everyone in the society.

Such was the fear of the likes of the gang man and his comrades during the 4 years of the Revo that even Bishop Sydney Charles was forced to be very cautious and careful of his movements.

This is what Sir Paul wrote in his book, “Survival for Service”: “Bishop Charles visited me almost weekly and many a Saturday I invited him to stay on for lunch. On one occasion Bishop Charles expressed fears that my reception room might be bugged. I tried to convince him that I had no reason to believe that it was, adding that, even if it were bugged, I could not care less as I would not be muzzled in my own home”.

Could you imagine the head of the Catholic Church expressing such fears? Well Gang Man, many persons in Grenada were waiting for you to start enforcing that script against Uncle Tilly to pounce on your so and so. Now that you have played true to form, you have to go and really go this time.

Gang man, there is too much freedom now under Uncle Tilly for Grenadians to bother with your kind of “stupidness”. Who in their right mind will think of giving you power in front of Uncle Tilly. Like you mad or what- we ain’t going back to ’83 with your likes.

The baker man helped to smooth the waters for you to gain acceptance in Congress. Now the same baker man is being called upon to recognise that the NDC people have spoken – Uncle Tilly is their leader  – and not a counterfeit like you.

The chicken feed salesman who once posed as elder of the party was more concerned about his security contracts which shall be short-lived so he could go back to focusing on the aggressive sale of Menezes’ fowl feed.

After the NDC humiliating defeat in 1999 at the hands of NNP, the baker man took the decision to do away with the likes of Mike Andrews and Kenny Lalsingh and to bring in the communist boys to help the party with the work that was needed to defeat Mitchell.

Now that the Chief Rebel has overplayed his hand – the baker man – should do the NDC people a favour and ask the gang man to back-off and go in peace. He (the baker man) owes the supporters of the NDC a public apology for bringing that red nastiness into the party.

Uncle Tilly must be left alone to put together his team of trusted persons to win the next election and to get down to the business of running the country. Since he never had a real chance, the people of Grenada should give him that chance without the red nastiness, the drunkard, the box head casino man, the dunce and retarded frock ‘ooman’ – (glorified secretary).

The drunkard is going around asking colleagues to “give him a work” because he opened back his office. You think anyone in their right mind will go to this drunkard for representation?

Stone Crusher understands that one priest in the South is reported to have recently mentioned on the pulpit that some people have stopped talking with the frock ‘ooman’. This seemed to have angered enough people who have started telling his current parishioners that he has a child in another church parish where he was posted before moving to the south.

If that is true, the priest needs to realise the resolve of people to distance themselves from this ‘dotish’ and consummately ungrateful inferior ‘ooman’ and he ought to mind his business and stick to Christianity and do not allow her to suck him into her ‘dotishness’.
The NDC supporters are resolute that there must be no more distractions. New candidates have to be found for St. Patrick West, The Town of St. George, St. George South-east,

South St. George and one or two other places for whenever the elections are called.
The would-be candidates have already been identified – and once the conditions are right the PM will do what has to be done to complete the process.

Stone Crusher also renews the call for a mass get-rid-of-the-gang and their leader rally in the Town of St. George soon after the Carnival – and before the Convention – in order to send the final message to the infidels.

There is no way that Uncle Tilly will appear on the same platform with the likes of Peter David and Joseph Gilbert. If that happens then NDC will be in Opposition for another long spell.

It is time for some of them and one in particular – to be given more time to spend with his grand children and ease the burden on his father.

Holding up a Torch for Life: regulating weapons

Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries joined dozens of other nations in fighting for a robust and comprehensive Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) during negotiations at the United Nations headquarters in New York from 2 to 27 July, but their efforts were frustrated by President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign team.

The Caribbean countries have very good reason for wanting a strong ATT. In recent years, these countries have become the hapless victims of the illegal trade in guns associated with drug trafficking.

There has been an overwhelming escalation in violent killings even in the smallest of the Caribbean countries; some of them directed at tourists. While the ATT is about the legal trade in weapons (and not the illegal trade), it is important because of the knock-on effect of the legal trade. Legal weapons get into the hands of illegal operators.

The global figures make alarming reading. According to Oxfam: armed violence kills up to 2,000 people every day; 12 billion bullets are produced each year, that’s enough bullets to kill every person on the planet twice; in Africa, about 95 per cent of the weapons most commonly used in conflict – derivatives of the Kalashnikov rifle – come from outside the continent; armed conflicts are estimated to have cost Africa $18bn a year – about the same as global aid to the continent.

No wonder the majority of the 193 nations participating in the Conference on the ATT did so with an intense desire to adopt a treaty that effectively regulates this trade internationally, backed up by national law. There are no good arguments not to do so, although the governments of a handful of nations attempted to frustrate the negotiations.

Among those were the governments of Algeria, Egypt, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Syria and Venezuela. By reliable accounts, while China and Russia did not support a truly robust treaty, they did nothing to disrupt negotiations and, in the end, were ready to sign it.

The surprise came on the eve of the Conference’s end. As the representatives of countries were preparing to sign the treaty, the US delegation, which had been helpful up to that point and had signalled to the Chair its support of the ATT, was given instructions to block it.

Reports indicate that the Obama re-election campaign decided the risk of offending the National Rifle Association (NRA) in the US was too great particularly as President Obama had supported an assault rifle ban in the wake of shootings in Colorado. Two gun control actions in one week with less than 100 days to the Presidential election were regarded as providing live ammunition to the Republican camp. Thus, not for the first time, national election considerations trumped international good.

The countries, that did not want the ATT, took advantage of the US position to demand that without consensus on the document, it could not be signed. To the credit of Caribbean countries, they remained robust in their support for the treaty.

Speaking on behalf of 91 countries (including Canada, all the CARICOM states, all the states of the European Union and major African counties such as South Africa and Nigeria), the representative of Mexico declared: We are disappointed this process has not come to a successful conclusion”. And the statement concluded: “We are determined to secure an Arms Trade Treaty as soon as possible – One that would bring about a safer world for the sake of all humanity”.

The Conference decided that its report with the draft treaty attached will be sent to the UN General Assembly this October. If over 100 countries co-sponsor a resolution to adopt the ATT as presently agreed, it could go through. With 91 countries already strongly supporting the draft treaty, it should not be difficult to get a further 20 countries on board but intense and consistent work would be required across nations especially the US – a daunting prospect.

In this connection, the Commonwealth Advisory Bureau (CAB) in London noted that 32 of the 91 countries “were Commonwealth countries, and notably included the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, as well as the Caribbean Community countries”.

The CAB director, Daisy Cooper, proposed that Commonwealth foreign ministers, who will hold their annual meeting ahead of the UN General Assembly on September 29, should “publish a strong statement calling on all countries to agree a robust and comprehensive arms trade treaty at the general assembly in October”.

The foreign ministers already have an important agenda to consider, including the recommendations of an Eminent Persons Group on reform of the Commonwealth.

Nonetheless, there is merit in this proposal particularly as, if there is Commonwealth cohesion, 21 additional Commonwealth countries could be added to the group of 91 bringing their total to at least 112.

But, it would not be possible to get the US on board in October at the UN. Given its present concerns about signing the treaty and so providing the Republican Party with ammunition to fight it in the November Presidential elections, the Obama administration would oppose such a move. And, for the Caribbean in particular, it would be crucial for the US to be party to the treaty and to reflect arms and ammunition control in its national law.

Therefore, another option – and one being considered by many governments and non-governmental organisations – would be to push for another ATT conference in 2013 when the US Presidential election is over. After all, much of the work has already been done on the draft treaty and many of the major hurdles overcome, even with the US.

The world has a chance for a comprehensive treaty that, in the words of Oxfam, would “unambiguously stop arms transfers where there is a substantial risk they will be used in violation of international human rights and humanitarian law, or will undermine sustainable development”.

Caribbean Community countries held up a torch for life in the ATT negotiations; they should continue to carry it forward proudly with their friends in the Commonwealth and the Organisation of American States.

(Sir Ronald Sanders is a Consultant and former Caribbean diplomat)

Rum parting the ways between US and the Caribbean

The rum industry in the non-US countries in the Caribbean is now under serious threat. At risk are the jobs of 15,000 workers directly employed in the industry and another 60,000 jobs that benefit from it. Apart from employment, non-US Caribbean countries face the loss, annually, of US$700 million in foreign exchange and over US$250 million in tax revenues at a time they can ill afford it.

There is evidence that Barbados is already being adversely affected and the Dominican Republic, Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago are under immediate threat.

As I pointed out in a commentary in May this year, the problem has not arisen out of direct action by the US government. It has originated in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands (USVI) both of which have been long-time rum producers in competition with other Caribbean manufacturers. Now, these two US affiliates are taking advantage of US government refunds to them of excise taxes on rum to subsidise rum production and marketing for huge multinational companies.

The vast increase in rum exports to the US mainland, at a subsidized cost, will squeeze-out other Caribbean rums; and subsidised marketing will make it virtually impossible to compete.

The scale of the subsidies is huge, making it impossible for other countries to compete. In 2011, US$452 million and US$133.5 million were provided to Puerto Rico and the USVI respectively.

The USVI subsidies alone will result in the addition of 28 million proof-gallons of new rum capacity which is about 80% of current U.S. consumption. This new production for sale into the U.S. market will be at little or no cost.

Legal opinion suggests that these subsidies violate the US government’s international obligations as a member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Indeed, at a meeting between officials of Caribbean governments and the office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) on June 14, there was no indication that the US disagreed with the legal analysis.  However, they gave no indication that they could resolve the issue. They offered only to consult within the government and report in due course.

But, time is not on the side of the Caribbean rum industry.  While the US government officials consult amongst themselves and no action is taken to halt subsidised production and marketing from the USVI and Puerto Rico, non-US Caribbean rum sales in the US market are beginning to suffer and, as the multinationals ramp up their activities over the next few months, they will effectively establish themselves unfairly, squeezing out other Caribbean rums.

Already, Caribbean producers have had supply contracts cancelled because they cannot match or beat the price of subsidised competition coming from Puerto Rico and the USVI. These contract cancellations have started in the price sensitive bulk rum market which is central to the economics and financial well-being of Caribbean rum industry.

The industry in much of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries is structured in such a way that exports are vital to its survival given the small size of most domestic markets. Over time, the USVI and Puerto Rico effect will spread to suppliers of bottled products as well.

Unless these unjustifiable subsidies are stopped, they will force the closure of many Caribbean distilleries and create serious injury to the fragile economies of the region.

The Caribbean countries have no problem with the rebate of the rum taxes to Puerto Rico and the USVI which have been in place for some time and were being used for infrastructural and other development projects. The Caribbean concern is with the use of the rebate to subsidise rum production and marketing and so distort trade to the detriment of non-US Caribbean rum producers.

What is to be done? Caribbean governments have agreed to write from a high level to various officials of the US government including President Barack Obama. The letters are necessary, but are unlikely to yield positive action. Elections for the US Presidency are around the corner. No one should realistically expect the US administration to touch this issue before February of next year unless it is compelled to do so.

More needs to be done, and this should include sensitising the media in the US to the problem, and, crucially, submitting it to the Dispute Settlement Body of the WTO.  The longer that Caribbean governments wait to lodge this issue with the WTO, the longer will be the process of reaching a resolution.

The settlement procedures at the WTO require a period of consultation that is itself drawn out, after which an Arbitration Panel has to be agreed by disputing parties, or appointed by the Director-General if they fail to reach agreement on the panellists.  All of this is passing time during which the multinationals in the USVI and Puerto Rico will have cornered the market with subsidised rum and marketing.

Therefore, the quicker the process starts the better, and the longer action is delayed the worse it is for non-US Caribbean producers.  It should be clear that the only thing that will compel the US government to focus on this issue is the matter being taken to the WTO.

The Dominican Republic (DR) government is showing the way. While its representatives are talking with the US government, reports indicate that it has also contacted the Advisory Centre on WTO Law for an opinion. The DR government has not been shy to seek redress at the WTO on other trade violations, and it will undoubtedly move to safeguard its rum production.

Other Caribbean governments would do well to join the DR in WTO action now, for only those countries that are party to the Dispute Settlement process can expect any kind of compensation should they successfully take the matter to arbitration.

Delaying urgent action now would consign non-US Caribbean rum production to collapse in the face of what are clearly unfair and patently trade-distorting subsidies to Puerto Rican and USVI rum production and marketing. Both jobs and revenues are at stake.

(Sir Ronald Sanders is a Consultant and former Caribbean diplomat)

People’s Power in the gang man tail!

by Stone Crusher
There is absolutely no doubt that NDC’s last executive meeting (Thursday 26th July) was a true demonstration of PEOPLE’S POWER. It was a true revolution where the democrats voted against the dictatorship of a small minority. This makes the difference and will ensure that the kind of October 19, 1983 seizure of power by the OREL clique in a bloody coup killing of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop will not happen in our fair isle.

The red nastiness that has arisen within the bowels of the Congress party – similar to Bernard Coard in NJM – will be history come September 30. That will be the day that his powerbase in NDC will be destroyed and smashed.

The gang man is now trying to sucker Nazim Burke and Chris De Riggs into his nonsense of they being Ministers of government in the PRG while he was not as if to indicate that they are the communists and not him – but one thing he failed to recognise is the fact that they have been reformed and resolved to fit into today’s realities because their past is dead.

This is very much unlike him (gang man) who rose up within the legitimately elected administration of Prime Minister Tillman Thomas in his attempt to reintroduce the same floor plan of OREL to unseat him.

The stories of this mindless simpleton trying to secure the loyalty of various influential Grenadians of whom he was unsure and actually articulating this demand to each, is testimony that he had plans to highjack the government from the beginning.

Several persons can testify about his ambitions to see that Tillman Thomas lost the St. Patrick East seat in the last election and when the results showed the political leader up as winner, can vouch for the gang man’s open expression of disappointment. This adds fuel to the consistent fire of this man’s deception.

Do you recall “Uncle Tilly” being asked publicly by Leslie Pierre if he is not concerned about being a victim of similar circumstances as those of the 1983 events which saw the demise of Maurice Bishop?

The Stone Crusher recalls PM Thomas indicating strongly that he will be the first to tell the people of any move to unseat him from inside. Bishop failed to take heed of the warning from President Kenneth Kaunda to always look in “the fig stool” for the enemy.

This current problem in NDC was a legitimate concern which many voiced as they anticipated that the gang man was going to be Uncle Tilly’s nightmare. Thank God the PM and Glen Noel came out just in time to inform the people about the inside moves – and you see the response!

It was nothing but total obliteration of the gang man and his “possie” to include his chief advisors – the now irrelevant unionist and the convicted mass murderer, coupled with his loyalists – the stupid “frock ooman” (glorified secretary) who has never been able to deliver – never mind how many times she has been reshuffled, the box-head casino man, the drunkard, and the other hangers-on who are continuing to siphon the ALBA dollars from the Red One.

The drunkard was on radio recently saying Stone Crusher should reveal his identity because “they” know is a group of them that behind this “trademark brand” that has helped to destroy the ambitions of the newlook Coardites.

Imagine this ungrateful drunkard saying that the rebels will not vote for the NDC government in parliament because Uncle Tilly and Naz did not tell them thanks for voting against the no confidence bill.

This little upstart also said that nobody does come and ask them how their children doing – as if somebody send them and have children.  Stone Crusher did not hear him personally with the diatribe but understand he did not sound like himself so may have been drunk – as usual.

The gang man was too afraid of voting with the opposition to bring down the government to create history – the third government that he would have had a hand in bringing down – Uncle Gairy in March 1979 and Comrade Bishop in October 1983.

Drunkard – you will have to keep guessing who Stone Crusher is. Whether you think it is Willie Joseph, Chris DeRiggs, Glen Noel, George Worme, Stanley Charles, Eddie Frederick, Aaron Moses, Kent Joseph, Richard Simon, or others – the fact remains you cannot contest anything documented here about you and your perpetual drunken state.
What makes you think that Stone Crusher is not a reborn Coardite who now believes in the existence of God.

He is certainly sworn to root out for good the gang man, your imposter pastor who can’t speak English and all his nasty ways, the ungrateful dunce frock ooman, the box head casino crook, the irrelevant union man who just woke up recently to realise that his members are in trouble because of the international economic crisis and more directly – the spinoff from the poor militant stands he is known to have taken under the guise of their interest, and – yes – the convicted mass murderer.

The consistency of the growing numbers which Uncle Tilly continues to attract at public meetings held in his name are also having the effect of blowing away the gang man. Have you heard how quickly the gang man was able to respond to a caller on Andre Donald’s radio programme recently?

The caller seemed to have made reference to his ALBA dollars when he called at the drop of a hat to say that he does not have any ALBA dollars. In his true to form “is not me” manner, he called the name of one of his surrogates whom he said wrote a cheque for $3,000 as if to throw the girl under the bus.

The red nastiness knows that he is made of glass and should not throw any stone at anybody.

The gang man lacks a winnable strategy to take down Uncle Tilly and his jet-setting media mercenary cannot help him.

Even the great support he once boasted of within the party’s executive has started to cave in because they realise he has absolutely no support.

The Stone Crusher is told that during the last executive meeting some of the gang stayed away, some presented themselves and others walked out in the face of the strength showed by Uncle Tilly and one member of the gang pledged not to return.

The gang man can be likened to a man with a prized kite that burst over the seas and who cannot swim so he cannot go for it.

Even though all is lost, the Gang man will not stop! He can be seen in church on Sundays trying to fool people that he is a Godly man these days.

Gang man, you need to show your Godliness by staying home and using your spare time to help your accomplished father who deserves a rest to take care of “your several grand children”. Charity begins at home!

The whole of Grenada is aware that you are still up to your nasty tricks. Recently, he tried to use one of his surrogates from St. Paul’s to try and attack the integrity of the Prime Minister.

An attempt was made by the clique at a meeting in Morne Jaloux of the St. George South-east constituency to use a woman linked to the disgraced Chairman, Kenrick Fullerton to attack the Prime Minister on a scholarship.

The woman got help from government with a scholarship to go to UWI in Barbados and all she had to do was look for some additional funds to assist her to complete her course of studies. Is like the woman wanted the PM to take his salary and give her to go to Barbados to do her studies.

Why didn’t she get Fullerton to approach the Gang Leader to give her some of the ALBA dollars? Why couldn’t Fullerton, himself, sponsor her? Fullerton was full of money after the Insurance thing – even Uncle Tilly fell victim to him with money.

The surrogates of the gang are the same people who are peddling a lot of lies about the Education Minister, Franka Alexis using her position to get government funding for her daughter to go and study.

Franka had to put out a statement to beat back the lies and propaganda from the Rebels. But then again, the gang man was schooled in propaganda by Sister Phyllis. Do you remember the propaganda about Gairy and the sexy albums? Ask the Revo boys to show you an album – none existed – just a ploy to blacken Gary and to seize power.

Uncle Tilly, please do the nation a favour. After the carnival, all roads must lead to the Town of St. George Constituency for a mass public meeting to be held anywhere near Purcell’s Lumber Yard to re-enforce to NDC supporters that the PM is fully in charge.

The challenge to the Gang Man is to hold a meeting in the same venue one week before or one week after the PM’s meeting to test his strength in the Constituency.

The Stone Crusher pledges US$50, 000.00 to the gang man to be deposited on any account of his choice if he can bring out more people than the Uncle Tilly. This is good money that will be put up by NDC Patriots from inside the country and not underhand money that comes in from Dominica.

The Rebel Leader has lost so badly in the fight against Uncle Tilly that some of his members are bolting away from him. His gamble has blown up in his face. The PRA that he was courting are not taking him seriously.

The former PRA members can be seen in large numbers attending public meetings of the Prime Minister. The PRA boys are not going into any “stupidness” with the gang man! March 13-1979 to October 19, 1993 is totally over in Grenada.

The Pastor has to be dealt with too. Imagine “Mr. Confused” was in government for almost 4 years and kept complaining that he was not getting resources from the State to do work in his constituency. How come he is no longer in government and getting resources to start a few projects in the constituency?

Where is this money coming from? Is this the US$150, 000.00 that the Opposition Leader is talking about? But on a more serious note – there is talk about US$50, 000.00 given to a certain MP by a certain Arab State to spend on projects. The Prime Minister must ask all NDC MP’s about this money. Those who collected must hand it up.

Mr. Confused nearly cost us a lot of money from the United Arab Emirates to build the new Parliament building. He ended up in Israel talking gibberish about Israel has a right to exist thus scuttling Grenada’s chances of getting the UAE funds.

Thanks to Uncle Tilly and his diplomacy the Arab State decided to forgive the indiscretion of the Pastor and recommit rthe funds for the Parliament.

The Pastor is blaming everybody except himself for his own demise in the constituency. Imagine this man was working in a government Ministry and a close family member of one of his own constituents working in the said ministry died and the man was so heartless.

This creep who would like people to think of him as a “Man of God” did not see it fit to go to the woman’s desk to extend condolences to her. The woman was so right to tear up (in his own face) the card he eventually sent expressing condolence weeks after the burial.

Is that the actions of an MP and so-called Pastor of a religious flock or the action of a very self-serving individual? MP’s should always put people first.

The people in South-east are not stupid and looking to PM Thomas to give them a far better representative than this fork tongued fake pastor.

The Preacher should see the turn-out at the Morne Jaloux R.C School when Uncle Tilly was in attendance at a recent meeting for NDC supporters in the Constituency.

It would appear that God is really tired of the “confused” pastor with the most expensive vehicle in the whole of Grenada.


Gang Man and his glorified secretary were absent

By Stone Crusher

As a school child when you beat a frog – as soon as you deliver the first blow and it turns over, it pretends to be totally knocked out and if you were to surrender when you depart (never mind for how short a period) upon return to look for the frog – it is gone.  So the gang man is behaving with his skullduggery deceitful self.

Although the gang man has been decimated and his surrogates admitting they have lost the battle against Prime Minister and Political Leader of the NDC – Tillman Thomas – in their efforts to remove him from those two positions, he continues to plot his deceptive moves to destabilise the government and by extension the country.

Gaping holes have appeared in his original plan, which was based on his Central Committee modus operandi – a method steeped in the norms of democratic centralism according to the Munroe doctrine.  Yet for all, this red nastiness continues to give life to his deception by appearing on television with his chief drunkard partner in the company of another whose rent he pays from time to time to brow beat this nation into believing that he is so clean and good.

It is no secret that the gang man is affable, quite handsome and speaks well (even though what he says lacks substance) – but those are not enough qualities to run this nation.  The gang man is a better looking version of his close friend on the other side. They have too many things in common for us to take a chance on him, too!  As a people we will not be fooled to give the better looking version of Dr. Mitchell a chance too. Grenada is not a “soo soo”! Gang man, it is not your hand to draw this time around.

Your reckless actions have stalled the country and render the government that you were elected to be a part of unable to run the country effectively to the benefit of our people as a whole.  For most of the life of the administration you were busy profiling yourself as the go-to/come-to man and not doing anything at all.   What have you achieved since July 2008? The answer is simple – zilch!

Apart from you high jacking the issue of the renaming of the international airport as if to make amends for the murderous acts committed by the RMC/OREL squad against Maurice Bishop and others back in October 1983, what have you done? The early thinking in July 2008 was to offer Nadia Bishop a job as Ambassador to the United Nations in order to seek her forgiveness for the brutal assassination of her father.

Nadia was smart enough to decline the offer and not be hoodwinked by another of the sinister ploy of the hardliners grouped within OREL. The RMC Gang leader inside the NDC must make amends to the daughter of the former Prime Minister by asking his colleagues like HA, Callistus Bernard, Headache, Sello, Bernard and Cornwall etc to give full disclosure about the remains.

After all, Bogo and HA met with former GG, Sir Paul Scoon and informed him that plans were being made by the RMC to facilitate a funeral for Bishop and the others who were killed on the fort. So the man now posing as the new face of the RMC is well-positioned to get the information from the men now on the outside and bring closure to this bloody chapter and to out Nadia’s mind to rest.

For a man who hardly used to be in Grenada during your stint, do you think you brought any benefits to Grenada commensurate with your jet-setting? NOT AT ALL! Oh how you cost this country plenty through your extensive travels with our losses outweighing the benefits.

Apart from Chavez who wanted Grenada’s soul for “the ALBA”, and was told by you that PM Thomas is not in favour and that he is so backward and non-progressive, etc. thus damaging the relationship between Grenada and Venezuela, and making mischief to tell the Chinese that you and your crew ( the frock woman & functional illiterate glorified secretary, the box head casino man, the drunkard, your three part-time supporters within the Cabinet ) are in favour of them while Burke has influence over the Thomas faction and they favour Taiwan.

You figure the PM did not know the level of mischief you were involved in. Please remember this: Diplomats speak in a manner that is easy to read between the lines and so, the insecurities of both Venezuela and China were put on the table to PM Thomas by their representatives a long time ago.

The red nastiness tried to sell to some of the diplomats that Vince who supports the PM was doing a hatchet job on the Chinese with the full blessing of the Prime Minister in connection with the millions that were promised by the Keppel Foundation to KCM, Nimrod and Bowen and the NNP Crew to break relations with Taiwan and recognize the Mainland.

The PM is a decent man and cannot and will not tell the Chinese something and do the opposite. Can that be said of the ghetto prince/RMC gang leader? He promised some people positions in the government when he had influence but never delivered. And the reason for this is that he could not get the people to make commitments to pledge loyalty to he and he alone. Gang man, please behave yourself.

Gang man – you need to get a life and start behaving as the grand father you are of two, three or four that you are, so that their dear great grand father can get the ease up he DESERVES in the twilight of his years.

Gang man – how many passing as well as resident foreign investors have you tried to poison against the Prime Minister and Finance Minister? Interestingly when these said investors actually met both men, they realise what a fraud you are and opened up to them about the conversations you had with them.  There are many angles to your deception which the PM discovered a long time now and was providing you with long enough rope to complete the job of hanging yourself.

Haven’t you noticed that you are the flip side of the same coin when it comes to your close friend on the other side?  Look at the low crust of “lumpens” you have following you and saying they are supporting you.  You, on the contrary to him (your close friend on the other side) have a “few friends” while he has supporters.

KCM was able to bring a good enough crowd to his convention and rally while the La Tante fete only attracted a handful of person. Some people complained that there was not even enough on offer for them to get a full plate of food. So what would have happened if 500 people had showed up on the beach picnic?

That is why the few you have around you are eating you out at great peril to your family coffers and your dwindling ALBA funds stored in a friendly OECS country. Don’t forget that some of our people understand the phrase – eat him out and vote him out.

Gang man, your business is on the streets! You are as transparent as glass window and so nothing you try will succeed as you can be spotted miles in advance.

The people are also taking note that when something of special interest is taking place in the country, the gang man is often absent.

Where was he when the bill was shot down by the opposition with the support of the two “parliamentary vagabonds” on the government backbenches?  The plan is for him to be absent on each of those occasions so that Uncle Tilly will not have enough support to pass anything in the Parliament.

The red nastiness prefers to be out because he will be forced to vote in favour, and if he is there to abstain. However, the people are saying that anyone who chooses to abstain in truth and in fact voted against it.

Surely the gang man knows the agenda of parliament before a sitting is called and so he chooses which sitting to avoid so a vote against any government bill will act as humiliation for Uncle Tilly’s administration.
What the gang man does not realise is that Uncle Tilly is a consummate democrat who expects whatever democracy serves him.  At the end of the day, democracy prescribes that the people will evaluate each representative’s performance with a view to rewarding them justly.

The frock woman was absent also! Where was she at the time?  Away looking at her daughter play a game, Stone Crusher is told.  Before this functional illiterate glorified secretary was elected, how many of you remember her catching her tail enough to reach out for help, here, there and almost everywhere?

Could she have afforded to travel to see her daughter or son play any sport in another country (neighbouring or otherwise) then?  It is the electorate who gave this “woman” a job which she has failed in being able to deliver time and time again.

And although the people continue to maintain her in that position, she continues to show them contempt in return.  One would have thought that the job which provides opportunities for her to be sheltered properly, clothed properly, fed properly, take care of her children properly, would have been important enough for her to realise that two hands must clap.

This is the kind of so-called Christian that makes Christianity looks like a bad thing, as she continues to forget that Christianity is an action and a practice and not something to talk about and claim to be. But when one is dunce and stupid, that is the consequence.

The Stone Crusher will not be hoodwinked into the ole talk of the frock woman that  she has a mind of her own and that the gang leader cannot make her do what she does not want to do. Who this oo-man thinks she talking to – little children. Like she mad ah war?
That is why when Uncle Tilly sets the date for the next election, the people have to make sure that their “one vote” is not wasted on these mal-intentioned petty little parasites who are not deserving to be elected to our parliament.

The gang man is not really a believer in the “one man, one vote” thing since his principal advisor is the one who tried to sold the country and the rest of the world after March 13, 1979 that from hereon, the democracy in Grenada will be based on the principle of “one man, one gun”.

From the time the “bus-kite” from Gouyave was elected everybody knew he was trouble including the Gouyave people who remained vigilant and eventually threw his “vagrant tail” out!  The other one was the religious guru whose body language and supported practices give him away as one who had a preoccupation with women which took priority over and above “The Lord”.

Congregants know that only too well! The Stone Crusher has been told that he was recently given a church in Beausejour to pastor.  Is that one of the reasons why he went to the NNP rally at Telescope – to inform KCM that he will be going back home to do some work in North-west. May God help the young women in that church! Father, please forgive him not because he knows what he is doing.

You want to hear something interesting?  Since Uncle Tilly scatter the gang man, he start answering his phone these days.  How many of you remember when he used to “not answer” his phone and not return calls either?  This is quite the opposite of the man he hates who at one time used to be on the same side with him. If that man cannot answer his phone at any point in time, when it is convenient for him, he returns all calls. This man has proved his consistency at being an organised man and thus a “class” act – unlike the gang man whose modus operandi is steeped in chaos and total disorder.

The Gang man always wants to be the brightest bulb on the tree and so he surrounds himself with people who are dull so he would shine.  But gang man, if you are already dull, no matter who you surround yourself with, you will not shine as time will expose you – (and in your case time has already exposed you). Should you consider regrouping after your political decimation, take the following advice: “If you are the brightest man in your group, you need to find another group.”

Imagine a certain top businessman had the experience of being frustrated making contact with the gang man when he was in the government and someone of consequence mentioned that to one of his ghetto surrogates.

Hear this: The ghetto boy took up his cell phone and made a call in the presence of the person and within a few seconds of the phone being answered, he asked the gang man to call him back and he handed the phone to the person.  That is the level of the man.  When he was in the government, he was not answering his phone just so – although he was busy giving everybody his number.

From day one this “lumpen” wanted to operate a government within Prime Minister Thomas’ government. That is why when the PM attempted to make changes in the November to remember, the gang man showed open defiance and threatened not to take the move easily.

The country was placed in a crisis and the gang man still has the nerve to ask the following question – what has he done wrong? Red nastiness, please behave yourself. Take your few marbles and leave the NDC people alone to get on with the business of running the country.

Everybody who has eyes to see can see that he is really a mommy’s boy who was never accustomed to being told NO!  He said it himself at the funeral – God bless her soul. Everything for this little boy is self, self, self, self!!!!

His blind desire to get where he wants to get in life was so rushed that he ended up opening the door for his undesirable close friend on the other side. But if he had waited, Stone Crusher is sure as the sun rises that he would have stood a chance of rising to the top position had he played his cards right.

Uncle Tilly is not a greedy man and so because of his devout love for and belief in democracy, he would have demitted office at the right time (during his second term) and let the chips fall where they may.

If the gang man had patience, the Stone Crusher is sure that the red nastiness would have been considered as a worthy replacement. A defeat for KCM in the next election would have meant that NNP would not be able to regain power in this land for another ten to fifteen years.

The gang man due to his greed for power has opened the door slightly for NNP to feel that they can get through the crack.

Another annoying development is the regular appearance of the “can’t speak English” fake pastor on radio veering away from the norms of honesty – who is peddling untruths and outright lies.  He was heard to have said recently that Prime Minister Thomas is using state resources to fund party activities.

Everybody knows that this “undesirable fake pastor” cannot convince even the dullest among us that Uncle Tilly would do a thing like that.  He is also trying to peddle as fact that Randall Robinson of Creighton, St. Paul’s – another upright son of our soil is being given a lucrative contract/assignment by the Ministry of Finance.

All this is being done in an effort to taint him because he is likely to be the choice of the Tillman Thomas faction to replace the recently resigned missing-in-action pastor as the next candidate in South-east, instead of their choice who already started to use some of the ALBA dollars to put up posters in certain parts of the constituency.

Fake pastor take this little advice:  Spend your spare time wisely. Enroll in TAMCC’s Adult Continuing Education Programme and learn to speak English, learn to read and write.  When you have attained your certificate to support your competency, report to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) and pay up your years of arrears in taxes as your conscious contribution to the development of Grenada.

The Stone Crusher understands that the IRD is looking at you closely and may close in on you any time soon because of your refusal to meet your obligation to the state that you want to be part of the governance of.

You also have a choice: Take some of the ALBA dollars from the gang leader and clear off the debts owed to IRD.

Making the judgement on Obama

The prospects of Barack Obama being re-elected as President of the United States of Amrerica appear to be hanging in the balance.

The latest Times/CBS poll in the US shows that the race between him and Republican Candidate, Mitt Romney, is essentially tied.

The economy is the dominant factor in the campaign, and that is not going well for Obama. Economic growth slowed to roughly two percent between January and March, and experts estimated that it weakened further up to June.

Job growth is also reported to have slumped in the April-June quarter after some growth between January and March. It is now hanging at 8.2 percent, and the government itself reported that consumers spent less at retail business for three months from April to June.

With less than four months to the Presidential elections, it is unlikely that anything dramatic will happen in the US economy to advance Obama’s prospects. A major problem for him is that, in times of economic stagnation, it is the people at the bottom of the economic ladder who suffer the most. Blacks and Hispanics – Obama’s natural base – tend to constitute the greater part of those people, and they may be inclined to feel let down and either not vote for him or abstain from the vote altogether.

Romney has made a huge pitch at the middle-class vote, knowing well that the majority of the rich will be backing him anyway.

The Times/CBS poll shows Romney capturing 45 percent of the middle-class vote as against 43 percent for Obama.

Last September, Romney famously described himself as “middle class” – a laughable and palpably dismissible claim since his net worth is estimated at $250 million. Nonetheless, he seems to have made considerable inroads into the middle-class vote and that is not good news for Obama.

Romney’s election is unlikely to be good for peace and security in the world. While Obama’s record is not unblemished, he is regarded by Americans as “a protector of their national security with the right vision for America’s role in the world.”

The victims of US drones that have killed many innocent people in Pakistan, while targeting US-identified terrorists, would have a different view of Obama’s actions. But, they don’t vote in US elections.

From this standpoint – and it is a very narrow one – Obama will hold an advantage over Romney who is on record as expressing admiration for Dick Cheney.

As Vice President under George W Bush, Cheney was a notorious warmonger.
The authoritative Foreign Policy Journal reports that “out of Romney’s 24 special advisors on foreign policy, 17 served in the Bush-Cheney administration”.

Pointing out that if Romney wins the Presidency many of these people would serve in his administration, the Journal regards this as “a frightening prospect given the legacy of this particular group,” adding that “the last time they were in government, it was disastrous.”

Considering the Obama-Romney contest for the US Presidency from a Caribbean standpoint, there is little for the region, whichever of them emerges the victor.

President Obama’s policies have not helped the Caribbean; indeed they have been positively harmful in the financial services sector, in climate change, and in a lack of responsiveness to Caribbean development needs.

There may be some easing in the financial services area if Romney wins as there was when the Republican George W. Bush administration took over from the Democratic Administration of Bill Clinton.

Under Clinton’s, Treasury Secretary, Lawrence Summers, the US Government was one of the hawks in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) that pummelled Caribbean financial services in the late 1990s.

It was the advent of the Bush Administration and a new Treasury Secretary, Paul O’Neil, that moderated the US Government stance until 9/11 when the infamous Patriot Act, with its extra-territorial reach, set back financial services again.

The US Congress, with the support of the Obama Administration, has also adopted legislation with extra-territorial reach that will adversely impact the Caribbean.

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) extends US jurisdiction into the Caribbean.

As fellow columnist David Jessop pointed out recently: “Apart from the measure extending US law to the Caribbean and other parts of the world, it also has a compliance cost to Caribbean financial institutions, will likely impact on Government revenues, will change the offshore financial services environment in the region and impose on institutions the danger of reputational risk for failure to comply fully with US requests.”

Romney’s personal use of offshore Investment Funds in the Cayman Islands and his view of their legitimacy, might promote a more co-operative stance. But, that’s left to be seen.

With regard to Climate Change, during the Rio+20 Conference in June, the US refused to affirm an earlier commitment to transfer technology to developing countries. It equally refused to reaffirm any commitment to providing new and additional financial resources.

Since both financial services and global warming are vitally important matters, integral to Caribbean survival, the stance of the Obama Administration which, like the Bush Administration, has focused primarily on fighting drug trafficking and refugees from the Caribbean, has not been helpful to the region’s development.

The choice between Obama and Romney for the Caribbean seems to boil down to the pride that surrounds the fact that a person of colour is the President of the United States – a country where slavery thrived for centuries, and black people were legislated as inferior.

The fact that a man of colour is at the head of what is still the most powerful country in the world remains a validation of the intellectual capacity of all people of colour.

It is for this reason – and despite disappointment that his first term as President did not bring about radical change – that the majority of Caribbean people would like Obama re-elected. But, in the end, it is up to the American electorate to make the judgement.

(Sir Ronald Sanders is a Consultant and former Caribbean Diplomat)