Is there room for any recovery?

Whatever may take place inside the NDC party – over the remaining months of this year, or however long the group may remain in control of our nation’s affairs, in the last year of its five years term in office – I just cannot see that group making any worthwhile impact, on the voting population in time for the next General Elections in 2013. If anyone had even hinted, that those chaps who came together in 2008, as a united group of dedicated Grenadians, to try and save our long-suffering country from the gross mismanagement of what went before – … Continue reading

NDC supporters need to demand party convention

By The Stone Crusher Due to the hard-hitting nature of THE STONE CRUSHER, very special care is taken to research the facts and to deliver them to the public. The pen of this patriotic son of the soil must reach the consuming public with truth and nothing but truth since this column must never look anything like the propagandists of the NDC OREL Gang who are peddlers of lies, half truths, and innuendos. Many persons do appreciate the consistency in delivering historical facts about the communist murderers and how they did things back in the lead up to the 1979 … Continue reading

The struggle continues – While people wait

Last week Friday (29th June) was celebrated as always, as our Fishermen Birthday – based on the longstanding tradition dating back to the Disciples “Peter and Andrew”, who were Fishermen when Jesus called them to leave their boats and nets and become “Fishers of Men”. And as always the biggest celebration was held in the Town of Gouyave – which is the fishing capital of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. The Governor General, the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Member of Parliament for St. John’s parish – were all present for the R.C Church Service which traditionally begins … Continue reading

The gang is getting real nasty

By The Stone Crusher The late H.A Blaize told us before his death that the worst kick one can get is from a dying man. This is so true given the events that are now unfolding within the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government between Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and a rebel gang. With political reality hitting home, the rebels, sensing that their political days are numbered, are getting involved in all kinds of nastiness and more confrontational issues in the past few days to try and force the hands of Uncle Tilly. This group has decided that if they cannot … Continue reading

All is not lost with BAICO

Basseterre, St Kitts – June 29, 2012: The Judicial Managers of British-American Insurance (BAICO) together with the Governments of the Eastern Caribbean announce the agreement to recapitalise and sell part of the BAICO business to Sagicor Life Inc. The Judicial Managers of BAICO together with the Governments of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) are pleased to announce that an agreement has been signed to sell the traditional life insurance business of BAICO to Sagicor Life, Inc. (Sagicor), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sagicor Financial Corporation. The ECCU Governments have undertaken to provide funding of up to US$38 million to assist … Continue reading

Agreement with Europe begins to kick

A statement credited to Alexander Walford, Policy Officer of the Caribbean-European Union (EU) in the European Commission, says that eight Caribbean countries have not implemented tariff cuts on EU goods as required by the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) signed in 2008. This is not surprising news for two reasons. First, very few of the 14 Caribbean countries that individually signed the EPA with the 27-Nation EU collective had the resources to implement the undertakings for tariff cuts that they gave. Over the last four years, many of them have not put the required machinery in place and many more of … Continue reading

Global prosperity

Irrespective of one’s ideological makeup, there is no denying that all human beings seek certain basic comforts in life ranging from food, clothing and shelter to freedom, happiness and the fulfilment of their dreams and aspirations. Logically, to realise these goals, individuals have to be living in countries that are making deliberate efforts to become more prosperous. The problem for most countries in this regard, though, is that they do no function in isolation. In fact, as the evidence from the most recent global financial and economic crisis reminds all and sundry, the countries of this world of ours have … Continue reading

Time to move on without the Rebel Gang

By Stone Crusher It is quite clear that the gang man and his disciples have been conquered. It is quite clear that his two advisors ­ the left over relics of our communist past who saw him as their last hope to regain power in Grenada have resigned themselves to the realisation that nobody wants them. One of them remains in close daily company with the gang man himself since he was forced to go job-seeking while the other ­ a neighbor of his two partners, can kiss his eagerness good bye as he has been unmasked and there is … Continue reading

The political and economic situations – in crisis!!!!!!!

Now that the Schools, and Colleges, and other training institutions are closing their doors for another long vacation – and the Festivities that traditionally take place at this time every year in our Tri-Island State are getting in motion – we are faced with situations in vital areas, way beyond anything we have ever experienced before, and very, very few signs of how we can overcome them. Whichever Party or Leader our people may choose to follow or support – in the challenging times ahead for the remainder of this year, and even more importantly, for the crucial final year … Continue reading

Rio+20: No closer to a safer global environment

The Rio+20 Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has brought the world no closer to a safer global environment. Indeed, if the measure of its success is that the large and influential countries stood still while the dreadful effects of Climate Change sped along, the Conference was a disappointment. Heads of Government, who bothered to turn up for the Summit meeting, could do little to alter the ‘outcome document’ that had been laboriously negotiated by their officials over weeks of painful talks that sometimes threatened to reverse the fundamental principles that were agreed 20 years ago at the first Earth … Continue reading