Where are we heading – From here on?

Four years ago – in early September 2008, the zeal and excitement, and expectations, were so high and so very hopeful, that our people and Tri-Island State seemed then to be on the road to a welcome recovery. We were coming out of a thirteen years period of some good, some bad, and some very strange and indifferent decisions, and administrative political performances that were very questionable. And what was very different about that apparent recovery, was the background from which many of those Eleven members of Parliament emerged – and seemed prepared to put their ideas together, pooled their … Continue reading

Backing Australia and Finland: The Caribbean at One

The 15-nation Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries will be supporting Australia and Finland for two of the ten non-permanent seats on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) when elections are held in the UN General Assembly in New York in October. There is good reason to do so. As frustrating as the wrangling between its five permanent members may be, the UNSC still has great relevance to small independent Caribbean states, fourteen of which are members of CARICOM. Unlike large and powerful countries, Caribbean small states have neither military might nor economic clout. Diplomacy is their most important tool in international … Continue reading

Never a dull moment – In Kirani’s Grenada

The King came back home to visit with his loyal subjects – and they came out in their thousands to pay their respects, and recognise his reign as “King Kirani James the First”, from the tiny Kingdom of Grenada and its dependencies.  To God Be the Glory. But while the people as a whole are so united in their support for their national Hero – those who are in charge of our nation’s affairs are so disunited, and engaged in wars of words that can only do further damage to our already fragile and declining economic situation – that the … Continue reading

Rum threat looming larger

In an unfortunate statement, attributed in several news reports to one of its spokespersons, the huge multi-national company, Diageo, has effectively threatened non-US Caribbean governments. Diageo is reported to have said that it would “re-evaluate” its relations with several rum producers in non-US Caribbean countries if their governments file a dispute against the United States government at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) over huge subsidies to rum producers (including Diageo) in the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. In other words, what Diageo is saying is that if the huge subsidy it is enjoying in the USVI is legitimately questioned … Continue reading

Carnival and Olympics gone – What next

The Carnival Celebrations this year got entangled in Court House proceedings – to decide which show could take place at which venue on the same night – and a whole lot of bad publicity preceded the events. But the Kirani James Olympic Gold the week before clearly saved the occasion, and even added to the festivities – as it gave a lot of our people something very special to celebrate about for another four years. Yet when I saw the Informer Page 3 of last week, the number and variety of weapons I saw displayed by the Police – as … Continue reading

Elections and national issues

by Dr. Brian Francis Anyone following the lead up to the Presidential elections in the United States has to agree with the pundits that that election is likely to be one of the most bitterly contested in recent times. That conclusion is based in part on the extent of negativity in some of the advertisements taken out thus far on both sides – the Democrats and Republicans. Fortunately, last weekend the soon-to-be confirmed Republican Presidential candidate has announced Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate and immediately many in the media have concluded that the Vice-presidential candidate will force a … Continue reading

A Single Caribbean Sports Academy – Part 2

The success of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) athletes at the 2012 Olympic Games in London has created an illusion of the greatness of athleticism throughout the region. The brutal truth is that it is athletes from only four countries, principally Jamaica, who were responsible for the Caribbean’s success. Jamaica won 12 medals (4 gold) and was number 18 of the 79 counties that won medals. Trinidad and Tobago at number 47 was next with 5 medals (one gold) followed by the Bahamas and Grenada jointly at number 50 with I medal each (gold). Unfortunately, the other 9 participating CARICOM countries won … Continue reading

That 6th August gold stands supreme

On Monday, Sixth August, 2012, when our national Hero, Kirani James, won the 2012 Olympic 400M Men’s Final at the Stratford Stadium, in East London in England – the record established by that victory, in my humble – (but for the occasion) – very bold opinion, will very, very likely, never be equalled or broken again. By that I mean no Independent Country or Island dependency, of the size and population of the Independent State of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, will ever again produce a Son of its soil to equal or better that achievement at this or any … Continue reading

The red nastiness and his crew plan to boycott

By Stone Crusher The gang is so much on the run these days that they are now so much far apart from each other and can best be described as nothing but a splintered group. Reports are coming out from their cronies that upon personal reflection, some of the members have realized the mistake made because of bad advice from the “little boy” union man and the convicted mass murderer that was given to the Chief Rebel who then handed it down to them. What a pity that the infidels did not realise that they were only part of an … Continue reading

A Single Caribbean Sports Academy to ensure future World Champions

On the basis of the size of populations and medals won, the tiny Caribbean island of Grenada would be ranked in first place in the 2012 Olympic Games in London with another Caribbean island, Jamaica, in second place – though with a larger number of medals.  Officially, Jamaica is ranked at 18 and Grenada at 42. At the time of writing at the end of Day 13 of the 16-days Olympic Games, the United States is officially ranked number one with China in second place. But the medal haul of the US and China is drawn from populations of 312 … Continue reading