Cliff – what Cliff?

It is not only the people of the United States that should be praying that their political leaders have enough sense not to push themselves off the so-called “fiscal cliff”, but the rest of the world as well. “Fiscal cliff” is a shorthand term used to describe the serious challenge that the US government will face at the end of 2012. In the US Congress, Republicans want to cut government spending and avoid raising taxes particularly on the wealthy who, they say, are the investors and job creators, while Democrats are looking for a combination of government spending cuts and … Continue reading

Time is drawing nearer- To “D” Day

Now that we are into the Xmas month of December, the time for putting our Parliamentary business in order, and getting back on track as far as the holding of the next sitting is concerned – that time becomes due in January, which would be six months since the last session of Parliament in July, 2012. What happens thereafter – and how the political climate unfolds or develops, only time will tell – but there can be no doubt, that the next four to six months will see some strange happenings in our Tri-Island State, as far as our politics … Continue reading

Rodge Jones wants his money!!!

By The Stone Crusher   Politics is very intriguing. Former U.S President, the late Richard Nixon was disgraced with his Watergate Scandal and faced impeachment. He had to quit the Presidency because his peers in Washington, D.C, found him guilty of committing an illegal act. In later years, the popular Bill Clinton after not being forthcoming with the American people on the Monica Lewinsky affair in the White House was forced to eat humble pie and had to apologise for an act of betrayal as the President of the United States. The wrongs committed by these two Presidents and others … Continue reading

Voting on Economics

It is a commonly accepted position that general elections are decided not by a single factor but by a multiplicity of concerns. And that inference is true not only in Barbados and other small island states but also in the most developed countries throughout the world. What is also true is that some issues are usually more important than others and can thus make a huge difference in outcomes when the actual votes are tallied. Let’s take the case of the last Presidential elections in the United States. In his November 19, 2012 talking points memo entitled “Liberals and Conservatives … Continue reading

Fuel bills: an impending disaster

In the words of the Prime Minister of Barbados, Freundel Stuart, the annual bill for the importation of fuel in his small Caribbean island of 250,000 people is “wholly untenable”. In 2010, the national oil import bill for Barbados was US$393 million. That figure is indicative of the annual oil bill that damages the viability of every Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country except Trinidad and Tobago which is a substantial oil and gas producer. Prime Minister Stuart has declared that “if not corrected”, the oil import bill would become “wholly unaffordable” in his country. The same is true for all other … Continue reading

Where are we heading – and how fast?

The business and public affairs of our people – seem to be heading down the wrong road, with no hope in sight for immediate relief. And the party political chaos and controversy now facing our people on all sides – these are becoming so disturbing and distasteful, that they leave very little room for relief. The situation has gone so far out of any organised control – that the end result may very well leave our people a whole lot worse off than what we are facing today, if that is at all possible. The people outside Grenada reading that … Continue reading

Caribbean in greatest crisis since independence

“Make no mistake about it. Our region is in the throes of the greatest crisis since independence. The spectre of evolving into failed societies is no longer a subject of imagination. How our societies crawl out of this vicious vortex of persistent low growth, crippling debt, huge fiscal deficits and high unemployment is the single most important question facing us at this time”. That is not an assessment of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to be taken lightly. It is an assessment by a Caribbean Prime Minister who has also had the advantage of serving as Legal Advisor to the CARICOM … Continue reading

Re-election in 2013 – or no seats in the house!!!!

In our troubled Isles of Spice since our Independence in 1974 – we have always been very well known for no dull moments in our politics nor our Government affairs. And after the Thirteen consecutive years of the NNP control of power, which ended in July 2008, and the NDC victory at the Polls in the said July, with a comfortable 11-4 majority in the House of Parliament, it all looked as though we had come of age, as it were, and we were on the road to stability and greater regularity, in the daily operations of the affairs of … Continue reading

Rodge Jones – the ‘man that we fired’

by Stone Crusher   So Keith Claudius Mitchell has been caught once again with his pants down. The last time he was blaming Michael Baptiste, Anselm Clouden, George Worme and others for throwing a host of propaganda out there against him, which resulted in NNP losing the 2008 general elections. This time he cannot blame the same set of people for the action taken against him in a court in New York in which he and his wife would have to put in an appearance on February 18 to answer questions in a matter involving Mr. Rodge Jones. The Stone … Continue reading

Simple minds should hush up!!!

By Stone Crusher Things are unraveling even more these days for the cremated as the one from far out in the North is hopping mad with the lack of leadership he is getting from the gang man in the formation of their “new” party which seems to be still born. This same one from the North recently told someone that being able to mobilise money is not all and if they do not buck up quickly even the sources of funding will be cut off when the “funders” realise that we are a sad and sorry bunch led by a … Continue reading