Minding Your Legal Business V: Legal Fees

Did you know that most legal services provided by attorneys-at-law are subject to a fee to be calculated based on a scale of fees agreed by the members of the Grenada Bar Association? Once an attorney-at-law understands the scope of legal services you require, he or she should be able to provide you with a fee estimate of the following charges: – His or her actual professional fees; – Disbursements to cover items such as copies, cell phone calls and courier services; and – Other disbursements such as taxes, filing fees, VAT, property transfer tax, stamp duty, other stamp charges, … Continue reading

Dismantling the Ministerial System

The current administration in Grenada has once again demonstrated its lack of competence in governing this country. Recently, during a post-Cabinet briefing, MP for the Constituency of St. Andrew South East, Hon. Emmalin Pierre, made an announcement that a Council of Ministers would be established comprising the four members of Parliament for St. Andrew to spearhead development in the parish, especially in the areas of health and tourism. This announcement serves as an acknowledgement of the failure of the Ministerial system of Government under the Keith Mitchell led administration. Our system of Government allows for the Ministry of Tourism to … Continue reading


by Ron Redhead Congratulations to the five Grenadian Artists advancing to the finals of the International Soca Monarch Competition 2019, scheduled for March 1st. Grenadians can certainly feel proud of the performances of these young talented musicians as they competed among some of the region’s best in the art form and dominated the rivalry thus far. Competitions such as Trinidad and Tobago’s International Soca Monarch must in my view be exalted for the opportunity it is providing not just to its local artists but to the entire regional circle of soca and Groovy musicians, who in recent years have tremendously … Continue reading

Are GBN & One Caribbean Media betraying the free media?

by Ray Roberts GBN’s Flagship program “Beyond The Headlines” now has a charming young lady as its host in the person of Government Senator, The Hon. Cathisha Williams who is also Ambassador to the OECS. No doubt about it, the young attorney is bright and articulate therefore this article has absolutely no problem with her academic brilliance and pleasantries. Instead, the focus of this article is ethics/judgment and the precedent now being set by the owners of GBN, the One Caribbean Media. Ms Williams is a highly enthusiastic political activist for her government in her community and in the Senate … Continue reading

Minding Your Legal Business

Protecting Your Reputation It is not unusual to have clients walk into attorneys’ offices to ask for a letter to another person to ask that person to desist from “slandering” their names. Our social context produces robust quarrels among neighbours. The term “slandered” is used locally to cover anything defamatory. TYPES OF DEFAMATION Slander * Slander is defamation in a non-permanent form, usually, spoken words * Unless you prove actual loss, you can only succeed on an action in slander if the words complained of: (1) would tend to lower the perception that right-thinking members of the society form of … Continue reading

2019 – Independence Statement

THE FOLLOWING IS A NATIONAL STATEMENT BY VALERIE THOMPSON: My Fellow Grenadians, I again address you on this auspicious occasion of our 45th anniversary of independence. I must first inform you that I speak on my own behalf, as an activist on issues of national importance and I do not represent any group – political or otherwise. Forty-five years ago, 1974, Grenada gained its independence from Britain and our Grenada flag was hoisted. Now, 45 years later, 2019, I fear that we would someday be seeing our flag taken down and replaced by that of a foreign nation. My Fellow … Continue reading

A “Venezuelan owned” solution: too much to hope?

Commentators in western media, that dominate international news distribution, characterise any government, entity or person who speaks out against meddling in the internal affairs of Venezuela as “supporters of the Maduro regime”. Implicit in the characterization is that all these governments, entities or persons are “in the pocket” of the Venezuelan government, and, therefore, have no concern about conditions in Venezuela which includes shortages of food and medicines. The reason for this characterization is simply to discredit efforts to approach the Venezuelan situation in any way other than that which has been decided by some governments in the Western Hemisphere. … Continue reading

Good Governance & Transfer of Public Officers

The appointment of public officers comes with a proviso that they may be transferred at any time to an equivalent post within the service. Even so, the Constitution and rules of the Public Service Commission, while they give the Prime Minister the final say with respect to certain senior particular officers, bestow ultimate power to transfer public officers on the Public Service Commission. If the principles of good governance and transparency are applied, the Public Service will function with a high degree of professionalism, free from political influence. Unfortunately, under successive regimes, and especially, under Prime Minister Mitchell’s stewardship, it … Continue reading

45 Years: Are We Independent?

On February 7th 1974, in the dark of night, our nation’s flag was foisted. The darkness was literal because of a black out and figurative because of the social and political unrest immediately preceding independence. And so it was, Sir Eric Matthew Gairy became our first Prime Minister. For the first time ever, we became fully responsible for our internal and external affairs. Our destiny was now firmly in our hands after almost 500 years of colonial rule shared at different times between the French and the British. In the 45 years since independence, we have had times of joy … Continue reading

Protections for the Client under the Legal Profession Act 2011 (“the LPA”)

Access to Law Governing the Legal Profession: You may obtain a copy of the LPA from the Government Printery upon payment of a small charge instead of having to read through obscure books to know what your rights are. *Professional Indemnity Insurance: Each attorney-at-law in private practice must be covered by professional indemnity insurance. If you successfully claim against your attorney-at-law for negligent work or advice, you can recover your judgment from an insurance company instead of an impecunious or clever individual. * Disciplinary proceedings: A Council established by the LPA, comprised as follows, can hear complaints of wrongdoing by … Continue reading