Blinken: Russia plans to increase ‘more’ forces on Ukraine’s borders

“We know that there are plans to increase that force in a very short announcement,” Blingen said of the massive troop concentration near the Ukrainian border. “This gives President Putin the ability to take further aggressive action against Ukraine in a very short period of time. Of course, this has attracted not only our attention, but the attention of all our allies and partners. Europe, and beyond.”

“This is an important time for Ukraine,” Blinken explained to a crowd of about 60, with Christina Quian in charge.

Flinken warned Russia that there are two ways out of this situation.

“There is a path of diplomacy and dialogue, try to resolve any differences peacefully through diplomacy,” he said. “Clearly the desirable path, clearly the most responsible path and the path we want, but also the path if Russia chooses to renew the aggression, the conflict, the conflict and the consequences for Russia.”

Blingen said President Joe Biden had asked his committee to “reconsider” the situation after serious talks with the Allies but talks with Russia and “reaffirm” the US commitment to Ukraine.

“I firmly believe that we can keep this on a diplomatic and peaceful path, but in the end, it will be President Putin’s decision,” he concluded.

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