Bidens welcomes the new puppy, the first cat to arrive in January

பிடன் Has tweeted that According to Michael Larosa, a spokeswoman for the First Lady, the photo was of a dog named Commander.

Larosa said the puppy was less than four months old and was a gift from Biden’s brother James Biden and brother – in – law Sarah Biden.

Fitness dog lovers and two German Shepherds, Champ and Major, came to the White House earlier this year. Champ died in the summer at the age of 13.

Two German Shepherds were spotted on one occasion at the White House. But the Major, the youngest of the dogs, received additional training after incidents of biting White House staff earlier this year. Larosa said Monday that Fidens has decided to live with Major’s family friends for the time being.

“After consultation with dog practitioners, veterinarians and veterinarians, the first family decided to follow the joint recommendation of experts that it is safe to live in a quiet environment with major family friends,” Larosa said. “This is not a reaction to any new or specific incident, but a decision made after several months of consultation with the family and consultation with experts.”

The Fitzgerald was the first to bring pets to the White House President TrumpDonald Trump Chile chooses millennial to tax rich as new president Trump says he will not boycott Beijing Olympics And his wife Melania has no pets. Jill BidenJill Bidenbiden, family members commemorate first wife’s death, infant daughter’s Jonas brothers promote vaccinations with Biden The Hill’s 12:30 report – provided by MasterCard – PPP talks sparked tensions. Although the first couple has not yet done so, they said last year that they plan to adopt a cat. Larosa said on Monday that the cat, which she identified as female, would join the family from January.

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Said Jill Biden The New York Times Major biting problems are the reason for the cat’s delay.

“The cat is still being bred with someone who loves cats,” Biden said. “I don’t even know if I can get the cat back at this point.”

Updated at 7:55 p.m.

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