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CHICAGO — CHICAGO — Bears safety Jaquon Brisker stood at his locker Sunday evening after the Green Bay Packers outcoached, out-classed and out-executed the Bears 38-20 in the season opener at Soldier Field. The sophomore defense is the emotional heartbeat of the Bears’ defense and is clearly boiling under the surface.

Sunday’s game should be the start of a new era in the Bears-Packers rivalry. With Aaron Rodgers gone, there was hope that the Bears could finally dominate the competition.

Instead, it looked old.

New Packers quarterback Jordan Love executed the game plan perfectly, going 15-of-27 for 245 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions.

The loss left the Bears defense reeling.

“I don’t even know how to answer that,” Brisker said of Love after the game. “He’s just Jordan Love. No. 10. The Packers quarterback. He’s nothing special.”

Sunday’s loss dropped Brisker to 0-3 against the Packers in his young Bears career and 0-2 in games played. Brisker missed the second game of last season with a concussion.

The Bears wouldn’t see the Packers again until the final game of the season.

Brisker is now focused on getting things right for a crucial Week 2 matchup with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but make no mistake, he’s got his sights set on a next date with the Packers.

“We’re definitely going to be,” Brisker said. “We’re going to focus on Tampa. We’ll see them again. They’ll get theirs.”

Here’s the snap count from the Bears’ season-opening flop vs. the Packers:

Quarterback: Justin Fields, 74

Running back: Rosen Johnson 29, Khalil Herbert 27, D’Onta Foreman 21, Gary Blasingame 7 runs.

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Wide receiver: DJ Moore 68, Darnell Mooney 62, Chase Claypool 58, Tyler Scott 13, Trent Taylor 4

At the tight end: Cole Kemet 72, Mercedes Lewis 5, Robert Donion 4

Attack Line: Braxton Jones 74, Cody Whitehair 74, Darnell Wright 74, Lucas Patrick 74, Nate Davis 74

Defensive Line: DeMarcus Walker 47, Yannick Nakakov 41, Justin Jones 39. Andrew Billings 33, Rasheem Green 25, Dominic Robinson 23, Kervon Dexter 23, Zach Pickens 12

Linebacker: Tremaine Edmonds 60, DJ Edwards 59, Jack Sanborn 19

Defensive Backs: Jaylen Johnson 60, Tyrique Stevenson 60, Eddie Jackson 60, Jaquan Brisker 57, Kyler Gordon 27, Josh Blackwell 10, Elijah Hicks 3, Jaylen Jones 2

Special Groups: Sanborn 25, Noah Sewell 25, Blackwell 24, Hicks 21, J. Jones 20, Travis Homer 19, DeMarquis Gates 19, Blessingame 16, R. Johnson 13, Robinson 13, Stevenson 12, Edwards 11, Billings, Billings 7 Brisker 6, Green 6, Trenton Gill 6, Patrick Scales 6, Taylor 5, Donion 4, Gordon 3, Terrell Smith 3, Don Feeney 2, Larry Borrom 2 , Dexter 2, Gamet 2, b. Jones 2, Whitehair 2, Wright 2, Patrick 2, Lewis 2, Edmonds 1, Nakau 1, J. Johnson 1

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