A hug, wave, a big hit for American hybrid twin curlers

BEIJING – American mixed doubles duo Vicky Persinger and Chris Blaise survived a much-needed victory at the Olympics against Sweden on Friday, quickly embracing and then finding two friendly faces to shake in a corner of bizarre silence. Mostly empty ice cube.

Mask faces, of course, but definitely friendly faces. One of the few spectators who saw the Americans win the round-robin match 8-7 and reach their record 2-2 was sure to shake up Persinger and Bliss team psychologist Carly Anderson and dietitian Kayla Colvert.

“It’s hard to say who wore the masks. I think the people on the stand were our sports psychologist and our dietitian,” Persinger said. “They have been our team around the world, especially encouraging us to come back after two defeats.”

Every bit helps for these games which are conducted in bubble environment due to Govit-19. I.e. family cannot attend. While few spectators were allowed in than at the 2008 Summer Olympics, when Michael Phelps won eight swimming gold medals in one place, it was a different environment than what was called the Water Cube.

“We can’t say enough good things about our sports psychologist Carly and Kayla and our entire team,” Blaise said. “It was hard for everyone. It was hard for them, but the way they feel they sit in the back seat and make sure we care and are in a good place to continue playing.”

The win tied the Americans to fifth place on the field with 10 teams, along with China and the Czech Republic. The teams that finish in the top four after the round robin will advance to the semifinals.

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It took Bliss and Persinger to the opening ceremony a few hours later The first curler carried the American flag and votedInside the bird’s nest.

“Yeah, man, this would be awesome,” said Blaise, a two-time Olympian who is also on the men’s team. “Before we leave for this trip, going to the ceremonies is already going to be a highlight. My colleague is going to hold a flag and do it, it’s going to be a night to remember. Maybe I have a phone. Everyone on the team can enjoy that experience. “

The Sweden-US match was the last of four games to end on Friday. The teams took the lead at eight points, with Sweden advancing after 3-points to 5-4 in sixth and the United States returning to a 7-5 lead with seven of their own in seventh. . Sweden tied it in eighth and the Americans won it in ninth. Bliss took a big shot that kicked two Swedish stones out of the house.

“It’s just as exciting for us to be back home,” Blaise said. “I swiped the wiki too much to give a shot to three people, but I went to the other end and it was like ‘let’s get it right back’. That’s mixed doubles curling. You can not see male or female, mixed doubles, but mixed doubles men, it’s turbulent. And the oscillations are crazy, and in many cases any team can better manage their emotions through those oscillations. “

The Americans lost twice on Thursday.

“We lit up a little bit,” Blaise said. “We were talking in the locker room before, there were some good jams, we forgot all the stress of yesterday and decided to play with each other, play for our families, that’s all. We have as much fun as we can.”

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Italy beat the Czech Republic 10-2 to advance to 4-0. Australia, makes it First look at Olympic curlingDid not win even after appearing 9-8 to Britain at the extra end.

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