5 takeaways from the Packers’ dramatic victory over the Browns

3. A lot of history was created in it.

In Rodgers’ 11-yard touchdown toss, receiver Alan Lazard took the Packers 7-6 in the first quarter at 5:13 and broke Brett Favre’s record for DT passes. This is number one in his life. 443, and that moment was followed by a scoreboard message from Fowler and a video tribute to the new record holder.

“This is a special place,” Rodgers said. “Being a part of history like this has not lost me. A part of me was happy, we’ve finished it … now we’ve got a touchdown so he can get his record.”

He made the Packers’ next drive, the 66th touchdown link in the regular season between Rodgers and Adams, breaking the 65-run mark set by Rodgers and Jordi Nelson.

Adams took the second DD and finished with 10 catches for 114 yards, while Rodgers went 34 for 202 yards with three DTs and recorded a pass rate of 115.1.

4. It is difficult to understand the mixed performance of defensive players.

The Packers picked Mayfield four times, putting him at 55.3 (21-36, 222 yards, two DDs), and could have gotten five if not for a drop by cornerback Eric Stokes.

They sacked him five times, with Preston Smith and Dean Lowry forcing the ball to the edge of the field-goal line with the Browns early in the fourth quarter. Stokes’ two-point shift in the first half proved immense.

“Winning the game is in our hands” is a defensive attitude despite the struggles, according to Rushan Carey, who had two of the five excuses. “They can’t score. We have to keep them where they are.

“We had to look each other in the eye and go to work.”

“To a certain extent, we’re lucky,” Adams said. “You’re still in a game… If they come within the field-goal range and they score a field goal, it’s hard.”

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