Alexander Found Guilty of Murder

Family members of Alison Henry from Plaisance, St. Andrew who was murdered at the age of 31, have expressed satisfaction with the unanimous guilty verdict handed down on De Blandeau, St. Andrew resident, 62-year-old Albert Alexander, by a 9-member jury last week Friday.

Murder convict Albert Alexander will get his sentence on July 25

The decision was handed down exactly two years since the deceased was taken to his final resting place.

The jury arrived at the verdict following a trial at High Court No. 2 on The Carenage in St. George’s, before Guyanese-born female Judge, Madam Justice Paula Gilford.

Alexander will have to return to court on July 25 for sentencing on the non-capital murder charge.

Speaking to reporters after the delivery of the verdict, the twin sister of the deceased, who wished not to be photographed or identified, told reporters she believes that “the verdict was fair based on the evidence presented to the court during the trial.”

The young lady, who attended the trial from start to finish also noted that Alexander’s defense, which was led by seasoned criminal defense attorney, Anselm Clouden, was based on a claim “that he (her deceased brother) ran into the knife, but what the  autopsy is saying is that even if he ran into the knife maybe he could have survived but it is the wound to his chest that actually caused his death.”

When asked how the family was coping since Henry’s death, she said, the whole ordeal has been “a lot to take in.”

“Actually, coming to court every day and listening, it is like everything is replaying in your mind again. Even though we have forgiven the guilty man (Alexander), who is also our second cousin on our father’s side (of the family) it’s really a lot to take in…really hard to digest as a family,” said the twin sister, who was accompanied by her mother and older sister.

“We forgive him, we have also asked God to forgive him…we thank God for Justice (because) he did something that no one wouldn’t want to happen to him and we pray that he would be able to find peace with himself,” the older sister added.

According to the autopsy report, Henry died as a result of hypovolemic shock after receiving two stab wounds to his chest and lower abdomen.

Evidence presented to the court, was that Henry’s death stemmed from an argument with the now convicted man over family land, which started while they were having alcoholic drinks at a popular bar in the Town of Grenville, St. Andrew.

Residents in the area who spoke with this newspaper following the fatal incident did not express shock at the turn of events, Alexander had been involved in a series of land disputes with a number of residents of the area in the past.

In an interview with reporters after the guilty verdict was handed down, Defense Attorney, Anselm Clouden, who failed in his multi-faceted attempt to convince the jurors that Henry’s death was either by “accident, manslaughter as a result of provocation, or an act of self-defense on the part of the now convicted man, was quick to point out that the “evidence was clear that the deceased (had) attacked the now convicted man…”.

According to Clouden, his client responded to the attack on him and “he pulled the knife he had in his pocket after peeling fruits…and our case was that the deceased ran into the knife”.

“We have certain concerns; we accept the verdict because the jurist system is an integral part of our Justice system (but) we are somewhat disappointed with the verdict”, he said.

“We felt that if not an acquittal, we would have expected manslaughter but the jury, as judges of the facts returned a verdict of guilty for murder and we accept this,” he added.

However, the long-standing defense attorney indicated that he intends to take “certain steps after due consideration of the case…when we consider our options…we are now going to phase two, which is sentencing so we cannot really antagonise anybody…and we will see how phase two goes and then we would reconsider our positions”.

“There are three tiers of the court, you have the court of first instance, the court of appeal, and then for the time being still the Privy Council. So, it depends on how things pan out”, Clouden remarked.


The Government of Grenada continues to be disappointed by the recent public statements made by GPP/WRB regarding the reforms to the electricity sector.

GPP and WRB claim to be “willing to engage with Government in comprehensive good-faith negotiations” concerning these reforms, but have instead initiated arbitration.

The company officials say that they want to “power the needs and growth of the nation,” but have instead largely ignored or disregarded efforts by the Government to engage within the current electricity reform agenda that Government has sought to implement, in order to ensure the development of the sector, in line with international standards and with the backing of the international community.

It is not correct that GPP/WRB had “no choice” but to seek arbitration of this matter.

The Grenada Government maintains that GPP/WRB is welcome to continue its participation in the Grenada economy through GRENLEC, albeit in a more competitive and modern policy environment which will foster economic growth.

The Government of Grenada is mindful that our fundamental responsibility is to the Grenadian people who have given us a mandate to ensure that we continue to develop our country and that we put policies in place to better the livelihoods of all citizens, including the ultimate lowering of staggering electricity costs.

The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission Act and the Electricity Supply Act provide for this, without leaving any investor in the sector out of pocket.

It is within this well-intentioned framework for continued investment and development that the Government hopes to continue discussions with GPP/WRB to ensure that the best solution is realised.

(The above reflects the views of the Keith Mitchell-led New National Party government)

Too copy cat

The NNP, NDC and the other political parties are too copycat and follow fashion. Everything big countries, the world bodies and the international community say have to be done they swallowing hook line and sinker. They seem not to stop and think if they fit our customs, traditions, culture and Christian values etc. They jumping on board with it.

So, the world community says we should legalise gay marriage and homosexuality and the ruling power try to slip it into the recent referendum to become part of the then to be reformed constitution. They say we must abolish the death penalty and lawyer like to say it’s off the books.

People are being murdered in all kinds of horrendous ways and we try rehabilitate their murderers with our tax dollars. Soon to see them walking the streets again free at last. They say mark our people giving them an ID card whereby they could be identified all over the world, doing business like buying and selling. They are giving the people the mark of the beast with the multipurpose identification (M.P.I.D.) electronic computer worldwide data base system, Revelation Chap. 13, 16-18.

That’s the system you receive your voters ID card from and soon to come National Health Insurance (N.H.I) I.D. card.

You are fingerprinted and a passport size picture of your face taken, the mark in your hand and forehead. I wrote an article published in the Informer Newspaper on June 17th 2016 entitled “Done get Shock”!

It seems like that article and title was prophetic. It was about the issue that was, and is still today unfolding between Grenlec and this NNP government. In short what I thought then was that Grenlec was being disrespected by this government and should be treated better. Disrespect seems to be a character flow of the NNP. I thought back then and considered Grenlec as a great friend of Grenada.

Another approach could have been taken towards Grenlec in regards to the liberalising of the energy sector. I thought of considering Grenlec excellences in service from its inception until now, no long black outs as compare to when two seasoned now NNP generals had control and influence over electricity generation before Grenlec.

I thought of still allowing Grenlec to control the monopoly of the liberalised sector with some concession being made to us on their part. That could have been in their rates. No, this NNP government is so gullible and copycat, monkey see monkey do, and follow fashion. Buy into the liberalisation of the sector being pushed worldwide today at the peril of Grenada. Really? Or at the peril of the government and the Grenadian people.

I wonder if there was and is some smartalic billionaire investor to finance the repurchase of Grenlec. What is amazing to me and made that prophetic article and title come through is the response you are hearing from government in response to Grenlec’s latest action.

One of the interesting words I heard is the word “surprise”, doctors, lawyer and university graduates etc. makes up this government, and they are surprised by Grenlec action.

I am so angry by the words and explanation I am hearing coming out from government that I ran out of words. All I could say is like they are being electrocuted and getting shock! Their disposition now looks like a man getting shock, beating up bad, real bad as the prophecy is coming to past.

The coming to past of that prophetic title and article “Don’t Get Shock” is for the Grenadian people to heed what I am saying and writing. I want to warn and beg the Grenadian people to take heed about the prophecy about the mark of the beast that I have been preaching, writing and now called, and raised up by Almighty God about taking political office here in Grenada.

I have no doubt, taking office or not, that this one is going to come to pass as written, upon the world, and is in Grenada today. However, Grenada is especially blessed to have a person, one who God has raised up with the message and assignment to lead Grenada out of the Mark of the Beast era.

God has given clear and precise direction on what to do. The ultimate mission of G.C.P.P is to prepare the Grenadian people to meet their creator. Grenada has been specially favoured by Almighty God to be saved as a whole nation.

It’s left up to the Grenadian people to decide what they are going to do with G.C.P.P’s message and assignment. Whether they accept G.C.P.P or reject G.C.P.P. Accepts G.C.P.P by becoming candidate members and supporters to win all 15 seats in the upcoming election. Reject G.C.P.P by not becoming a part.

G.C.P.P has one last option for the Grenadian people to employ if not form. G.C.P.P calls for a total boycott of the upcoming general election by not going and vote in your tens of thousands. Send a message to those in charge that the voters ID card and soon to come National Health Insurance card are the mark of the Beast and you want it end and destroyed in our country.

Let this election be the election with the lowest voter turn out ever and the most spoiedl votes in the history of Grenadais parliamentary election.

G.C.P.P says the mark of the beast is here and need addressing. This election will be a decision and vote on the mark of the beast by the Grenadian people. Join G.C.P.P the only party that understands the times and know what to do.

G.C.P.P is for all Grenadians. All supporters of all the other political parties will be affected by the mark of the beast. Let’s all come together and fight this beast.

Read the service area of the classified section of this newspaper to contact me.

Derick Sealey
Grenada Christian Political Party

Counseling and Training for hospital staff

Under fire, Health Minister, Nickolas Steele has declined to give the reasons for the deaths of three infants at the St. George’s General hospital about three weeks ago which landed him in a public row with the island’s nurses.

Live Healthy Me representative, Dr. Carol McIntosh and Health PS, Pauline Peters sign the contract

The senior government minister told reporters at a press conference earlier in the month that incident resulted from a failure of the system and the matter would be investigated to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the deaths.

At Tuesday’s post-Cabinet Press Briefing at the Ministerial Complex, the Health Minister did not reveal the contents of a report that he had asked for but said the matter is still under investigation.

“…It’s not about pointing fingers or so. It’s about recognising that we use every incident no matter how unfortunate it is as a way to improve, as a way to move forward, as a way to be better”, he said.

“I think that is what we need to focus on, the recognition that we need to move forward. I …am saying that issue is not of the amount of people, babies, or individuals that were wrongly treated, the issue is a recognition of shortfalls, and moving forward with a solution…”, he added.

Minister Steele went on to say: “There is no solution in just simply finding the cause and pointing the blame…absolutely no solution.

The President of the Grenada Nurses Association (GNA), Patricia Strachan has called for the minister to issue an apology to the doctors and nurses at the hospital for allegedly seeking to blame them for the deaths.

Strachan got support from the President of the Public Workers Union (PWU), Rachael Roberts who also called on the minister to make public the probe into the deaths.

During the press briefing, it was announced that government has entered into a one year contract with Live Healthy Me, Inc (LHMI), a group of medical professionals on the island to help improve the health sector.

Under the agreement, LHMI would assist with counseling and training, specifically in health services provided by the General Hospital on the Obstetrics and Gynecology Ward.

The outfit is headed by Dr. Carol McIntosh, FACOG, OBE who outlined the type of work that is involved.

“We currently (are) providing care in one, for teaching how do you manage obstetrics emergencies, such as postpartum Hemorrhage when a woman bleeds out, such as Eclampsia, when a woman blood pressure rises so high during pregnancy…”, she said.

As part of the mandate, Dr. McIntosh pointed out that LHMI will be tasked with the responsibility of helping the doctors and the nurses at the General Hospital determine “the core remedy” to prevent unfortunate deaths at the institution.

She said that emphasis will be placed upon how to advance, as well as how to make improvement because “the same things happen in the United States…losses (deaths in hospitals) are not particular to any particular place”.

“It is a reality, there are complications in medicine,” she remarked.

She highlighted the need for education, review of processes and continued medical education to arrest some of the problems.

According to Dr. McIntosh, her team will also assist in helping to rebuild the medical records in the health sector.

The agreement also makes provisions for focus on Cervical Cancer training and Screening, Fetal Heart Monitoring and Electronic Fetal Monitoring.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Pauline Peters who signed the contract on behalf of the Ministry of Health said the agreement will ensure that there is continued training of health care professionals to deliver the best quality care despite the challenge of financial resources.

“When we look at what is happening today and the actual coming together of this initiative…the training in neo-natal care and all of the other activities, the Ministry of Health is (committed to) bring all of this together with the sole objective of being able to provide quality care to all patients who would cross our path within the health sector.

“…We are extremely pleased that the staff has actually taken it (the training) up as well and are attending the courses and are participating fully because they themselves see the need to enhance their own skills, their ability and to gain the experience from experts who are on the ground assisting us.
The contract provides for Live Healthy to provide training to nurses and doctors in Grenada until April 1st 2018.

OAS compromised by its Secretary-General

The Organisation of American States (OAS) has lost credibility as a multilateral institution capable of contributing to a resolution of the growing conflict in Venezuela.

There are two reasons for this. The primary one is the hostile behaviour toward the Venezuelan government by the Secretary-General, Luis Almagro. The other is the strong position, adopted by a handful but powerful group of countries in the Organisation, that has been consistently and openly vexed with the Chavez/Maduro government.

Despite the caution of other member states, the small but powerful group of countries has repeatedly issued statements that lack balance and portrays them as less than neutral. This has led to alienation of the Venezuelan government whose involvement in any solution to the Venezuelan issue is vital.

Before continuing further, it should be stated that there are no clean hands in Venezuela and no paragons of virtue. The country is locked in a battle for power between political parties that has paralyzed its capacity to formulate and implement a plan for dealing with a weakened economic situation that has affected the country as a whole.

The conflict that has arisen – and that intensifies every day – has engulfed the country. The resolution of the conflict resides in the political will of the governing and opposition parties to agree to a ‘Venezuelan solution’ to their national problem. But, despite attempts at mediation – even by a high representative of the Pope, neither side has demonstrated the spirit of compromise or reconciliation that is fundamental to formulating a solution. Each side appears to want victory even at the expense of the country’s turmoil and the population’s torment.

In adopting entrenched positions and intensifying the conflict, each side has sought allies from among the other 33 member-states of the OAS. The opposition parties have found their greatest supporter in Secretary-General Almagro whose public statements against the Venezuelan government has become more strident and vitriolic over the last year. But, by adopting what is now regarded as an entirely partisan stance, Mr Almagro has deprived the OAS of playing any role as mediator or honest broker in the Venezuelan situation. Because of his unauthorised actions, the government of Venezuela distrusts the Organisation and refuses to countenance any participation by it in the Venezuelan situation.

Undoubtedly, Mr Almagro’s toxic statements about the Venezuelan government, are motivated by his own personal feelings. But, he is the Secretary-General of an Organisation of 34 member states and his public statements cannot be divorced from his role as a hemispheric civil servant. That is a fundamental principle above which no Secretary-General of any organisation – regional, multilateral or international – should set himself or herself. Further, as Secretary-General, Mr Almagro’s task should be to douse the fires of conflicts; not to fan the flames.

Yet, in Venezuela that is precisely what he has been doing. Within the OAS itself, as Secretary-General, Mr Almagro should be working overtime to build a consensus about Venezuela among all member states; instead he has sat back, making no attempt to bridge divides among member countries about an appropriate response to the Venezuelan situation from the Organisation as a whole.

Almagro is a former foreign minister of Uruguay and his own former President, Jose “Pepe” Mujica, who would know him better than many, has stated publicly that “what Almagro is doing from the OAS is a danger, not only for Venezuela, but for the entire continent.”

On May 17th, amid frenzied activity by the representatives of the OAS member states to try to agree on a ‘Meeting of Consultation’ by ministerial representatives to discuss Venezuela as a “problem of an urgent nature and of common interest”, Mr Almagro pre-empted the purpose and outcome of any such meeting, slated for May 31st, by stating publicly that: “We must get past the notion that dialogue or mediation is a solution to the crisis in Venezuela”.

In a letter to the President of the European Parliament, Mr Almagro presented what he, in his individual wisdom, believes should be done. This includes, “targeted sanctions” that would “increase the pressure on the regime to restore the Constitutional order and hold elections”. His statement is an attempt to corner the representatives of member states and to frame the parameters of their discussion and decisions.
From all this, it should be obvious that the Secretary-General has compromised the Organisation’s constructive role in Venezuela. In doing so, he has not helped the cause of any party in Venezuela; he has served only to harden the position on both sides. He has also weakened the integrity and authority of the OAS.

At the very least, if they are to salvage any credibility at all, the representatives of the member states should disassociate themselves from Mr Almagro’s remarks and remind him of his role as set out in Article 118 of the OAS Charter which states that, in the performance of his duties, the Secretary-General “shall refrain from any action that may be incompatible with (his) position as (an) international officer responsible only to the Organisation”.

Beyond this, all the member states have to recall the architecture of the OAS that guides their conduct. A pillar of that architecture is Article 1 which states, in unequivocal language, that none of the provisions of its Charter “authorises it to intervene in matters that are within the internal jurisdictions of the member states”.

In other words, the first task of the member states of the OAS, should have been to secure the agreement of the government of Venezuela and the opposition parties for a role by the OAS. That would not have been easy. It is the hard graft that constitutes measured diplomacy and it entails building confidence all around. But it was – and still is – necessary.

When I led an OAS delegation to Haiti in February 2016 at the height of a constitutional crisis that could have led to great violence, it was at the invitation of the President and amid deep suspicion by opposition parties that had to be overcome. Confidence building, trust, allaying of fears and encouraging patriotic duty by all parties was part of the process.

If the May 31st ministerial ‘Meeting of Consultation’ takes place, those are the elements that every country should advocate; they are also the elements to which all the parties in Venezuela should respond positively.

(Sir Ronald Sanders is Antigua and Barbuda’s Ambassador to the US and the OAS. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies at the University of London and Massey College in the University of Toronto. The views expressed are his own)

Fashion and Passion, Persona and Colour

These words individually and collectively stir a family of emotional chords in people. They message to people’s natural desire for peace and happiness; belonging and freedom!

The connection is soulful and the identification is bold. When those chords are struck by leadership that ‘touches down’ on people, the music is enjoyable; inspiration flows and the relationship is rewarding.
What are we pointing towards? Barring crisis conditions, people will consistently engage politics and elections from a cultural perspective. The majority are decisively motivated by feelings and interests, not rationality.

Recognise the importance of two fundamentals in the relationship between politician and people. Firstly, that culture holds the key to understanding a wide variety of issues. Ignore it or try to trick it and you ‘go down’! Secondly, where the subjective conditions appear to give a natural advantage to one side, the other must create their own ‘rising tide’ to be competitive. The requirement is an innovative package of sound and exciting ideas that are capable of making a difference and prosper the people.

While this process is in train, the leaders must bear their humanity to the people. They must say sorry where it is right and prudent to do so. Then they must show that they understand and accept that a very important duty of leaders is not to mislead and let-down their followers. It is not the noise of loyalists that wins the elections, but the leadership inspiration that convinces the majority.

Whereas a ruling party will trade heavily on its’ record of achievements, an opposition party must generate its’ own story! The challenge is to find a way for the brand to trend.

People are willing to buy, have and consume what is ‘in fashion’. This is true of consumer goods as it is true of political goods. Therefore, every effort must be made to build the appetite for one’s party among the various demographics in the country. The first order of business is to create a party brand that is lifestyle-relevant, attractive and authentic. When the brand is fashionable, it is on the lips of the people and at the top of their minds.

The trend towards victory begins here. It is completely misleading to announce a re-branding when the only evidence put forward is a multi-coloured image which neither gives an advantage nor is it appealing, an indefensible case of ‘fake branding’!

Passion is an energy source! People are generally passionate about important goals (welfare, education and career) and values at the personal level. At the country level, they may be passionate about governance, the state of the society and the economy. Citizens normally care deeply about their safety and welfare. The party that wishes to prevail must respond passionately to and be in sync with these popular causes.

Persona predicts behaviour! Often, the party takes on the persona of its leader. If the leader has difficulty with being out-going, broad-minded, humble and repentant, success will be hard to achieve. Where people want to hear from the party, but the leader is happier with a ‘strategy of silence’, the party’s image is affected. So that a leadership posture whereby the hands are clasping the chest rather than being out-stretched, will be bad news! The situation is worsened if ‘she playing smart without being clever’!

Almost every one chooses furniture, clothes, cars, etc. on the basis of colour. Colour appeals to and reflects personality and character. Colour conveys the mood and feel of the brand essence. In politics, it is a flashpoint of identity, belonging and public disclosure. Colour does no mischief by itself; it is people who sometimes think and behave badly.

There is no logic to suggest that Joan Webley came to Grenada with her ‘warrior politics’ and since then, ‘colour’ has spoiled the Grenadian! Nonsense! Bleaching the face of the founding fathers is wrong and misguided. Distinctiveness is lost and the mood has gone awry! Not to correct the error is even more frightening, as it says something about the attitude that is likely if those responsible were to be influential in Government!

The culture determines many things and it has unique ways of sifting substance from chaff. Fashion and passion have a natural place in the mind and heart; and persona and colour can either be powerful contributors or passive constraints. Self-pleasing conduct may satisfy the faithful today, but self-defeating actions will break their faith tomorrow.

William Joseph

Wayne Modeste – A great newspaper soldier

Following is the tribute paid to late Editor at THE NEW TODAY newspaper, Wayne Modeste at his funeral service and mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception on Church Street, St. George’s last Thursday by Consultant with the paper, George Worme:

Editor Wayne Modeste – was finally laid to rest last week Thursday

One bright morning when my work is over,
I will fly away home.
I say fly away home to Zion
(Fly away home);

These words are taken from a song penned by the legendary and Iconic Jamaican, Caribbean and Third World rastaman, the late Bob Marley.

I never thought that I would have to be borrowing a line or two from Brother Bob – SO SOON – to pay tribute to someone who spent a lot of his working years with me.

It’s kind of hard for me personally to accept that Wayne has passed away – at such a young age – and is no longer with us in flesh.

On Saturday, someone sent me a message on whatsapp and it was rather touching and made me do some more soul searching and deeper reflection on death and the passing of someone who was an important cog in THE NEW TODAY vehicle.

The person said in reference to Wayne’s death: “You have lost a great soldier. He has now gone to the great beyond. May his soul rest in peace. Amen”.

Yes, “A GREAT SOLDIER” not only for THE NEW TODAY newspaper but the entire newspaper industry.

I will not call Wayne a Journalist in the pure sense of the word. He was a serious newspaper man – not a quack in the media as can be said about some who are now posing in the profession.

Wayne – as our Editor – understood the newspaper business and what it takes to get the job done week after week.

He was a vital and critical member of Staff who played an invaluable role in the final product that hit the streets of this country every Friday…. I am referring to THE NEW TODAY newspaper.

Some may not like to hear it… but he played an important hand in making THE NEW TODAY the No.1 Selling newspaper in Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique as recent surveys showed.

I can recall one of my proudest moments in the profession — and people like Wayne, Justin “Crowe” Mc Burnie and Oliver Nedd were all a part of it…. with the now defunct GRENADA TODAY newspaper.

The Maurice Bishop Murder trial had ended and the verdict was read out to the 17 persons on trial when our newspaper was already with the printers in Trinidad.

We then pondered on the idea of doing a “Special” Edition of the paper. We had to do it in two days and get it down to the printers. So we worked the entire weekend to do this Special Edition – the first and only newspaper that did it.

And Wayne was most instrumental in its production. He worked with us for the entire weekend and his job was still not done.

It was Wayne who had to leave the office, run straight to Liat and catch the plane on the Sunday night to go down to the Express to get this very important paper printed and bring each and every copy up with him for us to put on the street.

We also had to keep it secret so our competitors will not know what we were doing. Wayne came back up with this historic paper and within hours not one copy could have been found on the streets in St. George’s or elsewhere in the country.

I can remember one individual purchasing about 30 papers of that special edition – a first for any local newspaper and you know what – the idea came from WAYNE – let us do a special.

I can go on and relate some of the other fine times that we all spent with him at THE NEW TODAY. But time does not permit.

I do not want this tribute that I am doing not only on my behalf but the rest of us at THE NEW TODAY to turn out into something like the Eulogy.

Wayne left firm instructions behind that there should be no Eulogy at his funeral and we have to respect that.

His passing has indeed left a serious void in the NEW TODAY and cannot be filled overnight….if ever at all.

Here, one is talking of someone with over 25 years of experience in the newspaper business. This is not a rookie but an individual who rose through the ranks and had made up his mind at a very young age to be a part of the media fraternity.

If he was motivated by the dollar he would have left the profession within months of coming into contact with it. The Media in Grenada especially in the Newspaper industry is hard, hard, work and in most cases not enough money to go with it.

As I end my tribute to Wayne, I think of the family – his wide Sandra, son Dovevil and adopted daughter……

I say to you: Suffering a loss can leave you facing an uphill struggle, but even in the deepest despair, we can find hope”.

This is a family that is grounded in the Catholic Faith should understand that God has other plans for Wayne and decided that it was probably time for him to “Fly Away Home” to meet the Creator.

As “Michael Learns to Rock” says in the song “Breaking My Heart”: “This is where our journey ends”.

I am talking about the life on earth but Wayne is not finished as someone greater than man has called him home to do something else….. I don’t think that it is newspaper work.

Wayne was a committed Catholic and called “Uncle Wayne” in the COR movement involving Catholic youths. His wife was also called “Auntie Sandra” by those associated with COR.

The Wayne that I know will like to tell us assembled here today and especially Sandra and Dovevil: “Don’t think of me as gone – I am with you still – in each new dawn”.

Carpenter “Shocked” To Death

The family of 55-year-old Carpenter John Sealy of Morne Delice in St. David’s is mourning his death after an electrical incident claimed his life last week Thursday morning.

John Sealy – was electrocuted last week Thursday morning

Sealy met his unfortunate death after being accidentally electrocuted while conducting construction work at a residential house in Hope Vale, St. George.

THE NEW TODAY understands that at least one neighbour rushed to the scene of the accident after Sealy’s assistant/helper came to him for help after the accident.

The helper was said to be in a state of shock and panic at the sight of Sealy being electrocuted.

According to Alleyne Boca, who lives next door to where the accident occurred, the ambulance responded speedily in just about “10 minutes” after the emergency call was made.

However, he said, he did not believe that the medical team could have done anything to save Sealy’s life because “he really got the current.”

“The guy (the helper), explained to me that when he heard the scream, “oh God, oh God”, he rushed inside the house and saw the wire in his (Sealy’s) hand and he went and turned off the current.

“He said as soon as he did that the wire fell out of his (Sealy’s) hand, so it was the current. It had a break in the cord and what caused it to be more dangerous is that he didn’t have on any shoes,” Boca added.

THE NEW TODAY was told that the owner of the residential house was not at home when the incident occurred but spent most of the day last week Thursday at the hospital with the grieving family.

He reportedly expressed deep sadness at the incident because Sealy was a very loyal friend of his over the years.

Sealy met his unfortunate death on the day his grandson was celebrating his birthday.

In a post on social media, Sealy’s daughter had this to say: “Daddy, daddy, I love you dearly, I miss you dearly – that was not the best gift you could have given your grandson on his birthday. But you know what, we will always remember you, love you daddy.”

Grenlec shines at inaugural energy expo

The Grenada Electricity Company (Grenlec) continues  to  spread its various messages of support to the community in a positive way, with the staging of its inaugural Energy Expo on  the Sister Isle of Carriacou.

Collins, Samuel and George at exibition of the electric vehicle

Saturday’s  four hour exercise saw members of the company  handing  out flyers  to customers while explaining  to them the reading of their electric bill.

The importance of preparing for the upcoming Atlantic Hurricane season which commences on June 1st was also dealt with by the Company.

Employees of the hardware stores, Paddy’s Enterprises and  Dollarman One-stop from Carriacou and the Wireman from Grenada were present to detail a variety of electrical products including  LED lights  and other energy saving items.

However the section of the expo which generated the keenest interest was that with the Electric vehicle.

Ronaldo George who is an employee of the company gave a comprehensive account of the function and importance of this new innovation in the field of automobile.

He told those present that the Electric vehicle is one which has a zero emission on gas, cheaper to operate, cheaper to maintain, better for the environment and safer for one’s health among others.

Manager of the Carriacou branch of Grenlec, Wallace Collins said that he was very impressed with the display and the interest shown by the scores of people who attended.

According to Collins, the essence of the expo was to bring further knowledge to their customers on how to save on their electricity bills.

He stated that Grenlec is in the business of connecting not disconnecting customers.

When considering the sister isles experience of Hurricanes Janet in 1955, Ivan 2004 and Emily 2005, Collins lamented that it is important for residents to keep their guard up especially as the Season starts in a couple days time.

Everyone both young and old were all fascinated with the Electric vehicle

The Grenlec Branch manager noted that in the event of an occurrence of a natural disaster such as a hurricane, residents need to appreciate and understand the enormous role Grenlec would be called upon to play as one for the first respondents.

Collins said the expo may well become an annual event on various products and services, as the Company continues on its community outreach program to ensure that current and would-be customers are abreast of the  vision and mission of Grenlec.

The event which was held at Wayne’s Auto rental and services also afforded customers the opportunity to spin and win a Grenlec product after successfully answering a Grenlec related question.

PWU calls on Steele to apologise to medical professionals

The Public Workers Union (PWU) has chided Minister of Health, Nickolas Steele for his “unprofessional and irresponsible comments” made about the nation’s health care professionals and called on him to apologise.

PWU President – Rachael Roberts

The call came against the backdrop of statements made by Minister Steele at a recent post-Cabinet Press Briefing on the death of three babies at the General Hospital.

The minister said the system had failed the families of the babies and dropped hints that action should be taken against some persons.

Speaking to reporters at PWU building on Monday, the President of the union, Rachel Roberts stated that it was irresponsible of the minister to make the statements when he did not have evidence to back up the claim.

Roberts urged the Health Minister to present a report to the nation on the deaths of the three babies.

“We condemn the statements made by the minister, and we see that there were devoid of any empirical data, and we call on the minister therefore, to produce the report that he said would be on his desk by Friday, 12th of May, 2017”, she said.

“To date, we have not received such report, and the Public Workers Union (PWU) was awaiting this report before we came to the media to make any comments and we have not to date seen nor heard of the report”, she added.

According to Roberts, as far as PWU is concerned Minister Steele “made comments without any empirical evidence, and we say these comments were hasty and he did not confront with his medical professionals…”.

“…We see that the Minister of Health, totally eroded the protocols of the Ministry of Health, and that of his Permanent Secretary who is responsible for the day-to-day operations and functions of the Ministry, that of his Chief Medical Officer who is responsible for the medical doctors, and that of his Chief Nursing Officer who is responsible for the nurses, to give him any clarity that he needed; any information that he  needed, and to act on any information that was provided concerning the health care system”, she told reporters.

“We see this as totally irresponsible, and we call on the Minister of Health to apologise to our nurses and doctors as we see his comments as being unprofessional and damaging to the image of our professionals”, she said.

According to the PWU boss, a proper investigation should have been done before Steele jumped and made statements which sought to impeach the medical professionals.

“We see that today we have not seen the report and this report is vital to the process. We see that the Minister of Health did not seek to obtain a report from the Death Review Committee before coming to the public with his complaints, and we see this again as being irresponsible.

“Any comments that were to be made by the Minister of Health should be made based on evidence; evidence and a proper investigation. The minister failed to carry out a proper investigation before commenting to our nation on something that we see as very confidential and as violating the patients/clients’ confidentiality.

The female trade union leader called on the senior government minister to issue an apology for putting the medical professionals in bad public light.

“We believe that this matter is one that seems to want to appear to us to damage the image of our members, and especially coming from a Minister of Health who we do not know possesses any medical qualification, and he took on his own accord to prematurely make announcement that were devoid of any investigative report”, she said.

“…We also note that our professionals who have served the Health Care System for many years, and are well aware of the various terminologies within the Health Care System, and the operations of our Health Care System stated and asked the Minister of Health to apologise to our nurses and our doctors and he failed to do so.

“We call on him as a responsible minister to offer an apology to our Health Care Professionals who serve this organisation; who serve the Ministry of Health, who provide health care services with distinction.

Roberts also used the occasion to remind Minister Steele that PWU is not responsible for disciplining members in light of his call on the Union and the Public Service Commission (PSC) to work together in ensuring that the issue of the death does not reoccur.

She slammed the minister for attempting to use the PSC conveniently when it suits him.

“We recognise that the Minister of Health appears to only know about the Public Service Commission (PSC) and its roles and responsibilities when it suits him.  When it comes to hiring, the Minister of Health seems to forget that the Public Service Commission (PSC) is also responsible for that, as we note that we have many nurses operating through the private agency within the hospital system, and we are very dissatisfied and very unhappy with the comments made by our Minister of Health,” she said.

The PWU has accused the ruling New National Party (NNP) government of usurping the powers of the PSC by seeking to appoint persons into the public service through a private recruiting agency.

Under the Grenada Constitution, the PSC is recognized as the sole body responsible for the hiring of public officers.