Can someone please tell me the length of time it takes to get a medical report from the hospital?  Is it five, ten or fifteen years?

I am in desperate need of an answer.

It is almost five years now since my son met in a vehicular accident, taken to the General Hospital, had surgery and re-entry surgery and since that time I have been requesting a medical report for Insurance and other legal purposes and not succeeding.

Recently I was told by the doctor who was asked to prepare it after failed attempts to have it done by the Director of Medical services that it can be collected last Friday, March 3 or the Monday following.

I went to the Secretary of the Director of Medical Services and was told that it was not ready, as the Doctor who prepared it neither had not yet proof read nor signed it.  In fact, when contacted on her telephone, the Secretary got no response.

Although I left my contact information with the Secretary, and asked that I be called, I got no response.  I decided to call and was told it was still not ready as the said doctor did not show up to proof read the letter.  I then asked the Secretary how long it takes she said depending on the nature of the letter it can take from two weeks up.  She was unable to give a maximum time.

As may be a known fact, the reports are not given free of cost. I made attempts prior to have one of the other private orthopedic doctor on island provide the report.  He agreed, told me the fee, which at the time stood at $850.00 with his terms and condition, and for which I agreed to pay.

However, when I contacted him he advised that since the child was attended to at the Hospital and under the supervision of the Director of Medical Services he thought it fitting for the Hospital to have the report done.

In fact, after more than two years, a partially completed report, comprising of about four to five lines was drawn up by one Dr. Alverez who was responsible for performing both surgeries, and who is no longer on the island.

There report was collected and delivered to the Insurance company, who after considering the content or lack thereof informed that it was not substantial and therefore requested a more comprehensive one.  To date it has not been received.

Can the Minister of Health or the Director of Medical Services provide not just me but the general public with a response on the maximum time it takes after a request is being made to have a Medical Report?  We need to know so we can alleviate false expectations.

Yvette Payne

Typical communist jargon

Earl Bousquet, the St Lucian Marxist journalist, who writes for the Grenadian Marxist newspaper Carib Update, describes the Grenada revolution, 1979 to 1983, as “earth shattering”.

Well it certainly was Caribbean-shattering, but not in such a nice way as Bousquet would have us believe. He talks with the typical communist jargon of “participatory democracy”, in other words the few elite leaders tell us what to do and think while the people, “the masses” as Bishop loved to call them (how patronising can you get?), follow suit, or, as they fully knew, “it’s up the hill for them” as Bishop said in his Line of March speech to the Central Committee of
the NJM.

He didn’t call it the Central Committee of the Communist Party, which it in fact was, because he knew “the masses” would not like the word “communist”.

So where was Bousquet in all of this? Did he admire from afar or was he here as one of the many communist visitors from other lands? Did he go further and, like Bobby Clarke of Barbados or Victor Husbands of Trinidad, come here to participate in the hideous torturing of Grenadians designated as “counters”? (This torturing carried out with electrical torture machines imported by Bishop from Eastern European communist countries). I suspect not, by the way Bousquet writes it seems that he was unaware of the darker side of the revolution.

But he could not fail to be unaware of the fact that thousands of Grenadians could and were sent to jail without trial, that all independent news services were closed down and that the only connection we had with the free world was through the Venezuelan embassy, in those days not in communist hands, as it is today, a little window on the free world otherwise completely dominated by the Soviet Union with its embassy in Morne Rouge, together with the Cuban embassy and the Libyan embassy under Muhammar Ghadaffi, and a few others.

Earl calls genuine democracy with the ballot box “electoral diktat”.

Where did he get that word “diktat” from? Sounds Russian to me. No Bousquet, “the immense historical relevance” of the revolution is a figment of your religious imagination. For is not Marxist-Leninism a religion?

Gregory Thomas

Murder in Sanko

“I am not going to help him”.

Glen “Brass” Baptiste who was allegedly killed by his nephew

Those were the words uttered Monday night by a visible shaken Matthew Baptiste, the father of 23-year-old, Phillip Baptiste who is facing a non-capital murder charge for killing his uncle on Sunday night in the tiny village of Sanko in the Boca area.

Dead is 55-year-old Glen “Brass” Baptiste who allegedly received a fatal blow to the back of his head with a bottle.

The father said he was saddened that his own son will kill his brother who was also the uncle of the accused.

Speaking to THE NEW TODAY at the family home, Matthew said he did not know what exactly caused the altercation between the two but if he was around the incident would not have happened.

He spoke of his own son being problematic due to the constant smoking of ganja and heavy alcohol drinking.

He vowed not to give support to the accused since he had spent moneyon him to attend school and he disappointed him.

“I used to give him $20.00 every day to go to NEWLO and instead of going to school, he used to go in town and drink out the money he and his friends”, he said.

Like the father, Gladys Baptiste, the grandmother of Phillip, indicated that he was often giving trouble.

Boca resident Phillip Baptiste arrested and charged for the death of his uncle

She said the father of Phillip who is her son was forced to put him out of the house on three occasions due to bad behaviour but he kept coming back.

She said she did not know exactly what happened on the fatal night but a fellow villager called out to her to go down the road by a nearby shop since “Brass” was killed.

Family members and villagers described the deceased as one who was helpful to other residents.

One member said that “Brass” was the person that the persons in the village who were into basket making will turn towards to go into the mountain and bring down bamboo for them to ply their trade.

According to the brother, he would normally charge $20 to $40.00 depending on the amount of bamboo and would use his payment on drinks in the village rum shop.

He said that ‘Brass” would get “high” and exchange words with others in the rum shop but did not mean no harm to anyone.

‘Ah really don’t know what he (my son) would have killed him for. He didn’t have to kill him”, he remarked.

Phillip, who was described as a labourer by profession, made his first court appearance on Tuesday unrepresented at the St. George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court before Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill.

She informed him that family members have indicated to the court their intention to secure legal representation for him.

The Chief Magistrate told the accused that under the circumstances and due to the seriousness of the charge the court is not obliged to grant him bail.

Baptiste has been remanded to the Richmond Hill Prisons until his next court date scheduled for April 10.

Vote NNP for corruption, unemployment and poverty

Many people won’t admit it, but Keith Mitchell is a massive failure.

Ask yourself this simple question – “Are you better off today than your were four years ago?”
NNP fourth anniversary celebrations ad says let the progress continue. The reality is under Keith and the NNP Grenadians have became progressively poorer. The SEED program is expanded and instead of talking about the amount of people that the NNP took out of poverty the government is bragging about the increasing number of persons receiving benefits under the SEED program. Very embarrassing. Mitchell and the NNP should be ashamed of themselves.

Grenada can ill afford another five years of Mitchell and this corrupt NNP.

The country needs a period of conservatism to balance the crazy liberalism of a reckless NNP if there is to be equilibrium. No society can fully develop if there isn’t. The NNP is a force pulling the country in the wrong direction. The NDC and Nazim Burke are assuring balance to stabilise the country and put it back on the right track.

Under Keith and the NNP the various pieces of the puzzle are all disjointed. The failed referendum is a manifestation of the inability of Mitchell to bring Grenada together. He has been given two opportunities by the electorate to do so and in both instances he has failed. He shouldn’t be given a third. Time for the electorate to ‘dump’ Keith Mitchell.

In order to maintain political power the NNP would allow their supporters to do as they very well wish. They have diplomatic immunity and free to do as they wish.

Under NNP the values that once defined us have been so badly eroded.

The NNP has allegedly been able to successfully infiltrate every institution of the state turning them into ‘political pawns’.

The churches, which once played a critical role in advancing the values and morals that once defined us, unfortunately fell victim to the materialistic world. The lust for money has turned priests and pastors into “political pimps”. They have abandoned their congregation for thirty pieces of silver as they seek the kingdom of Satan.

Grenada like the rest of the Caribbean is woefully lacking in strong, disciplined and principled leadership. Despite the presence of arguably enormous amount of intellect and talent in Grenada and the wider Caribbean, decent political leadership remains a burning issue and the islands continue to struggle as a result.

From The Bahamas in the north to Guyana in the south, the political, social and economic situation is the same. None of the islands stand out as an example for the rest.

Grenada since independence has been at the center of attention. From the excesses of Eric Gairy, to the assassination of the most popular leader Maurice Bishop to the present day disaster of Keith Mitchell and the NNP, with the island named by Transparency International as the most corrupt country in the sub region.

As Grenada sinks deeper and deeper into poverty, the Prime Minister continues to fool the unsuspecting masses with his empty rhetoric of economic growth and jobs.

He promised to create 1,000 jobs within the first 100 days. Four years later Grenada has the highest unemployment rate in the world.

This statistic is more than enough reason that the time has come for Mitchell to go.

The NNP in an advertisement for their fourth anniversary celebrations mentioned let the progress continue. The question is what progress are they talking about.

This Keith Mitchell NNP administration has failed to deliver on the many ‘pie in the sky’ promises made prior to the general elections.

The promise of jobs, jobs and more jobs turned out to be taxes, taxes and more taxes.

Are you better off today than you were four years ago? Have you been able to save money, provide three square meals for your family and enjoy a much better standard of living? I am certain the a

Having brought the country on the precipice of economic catastrophe as a result of gross mismanagement of the national economy from1995 to 2008, Mitchell and the NNP must be held accountable for their conduct.

Grenada’s single biggest problem is its national debt that rose to $2.2 billion under the NNP. Lest we forget, the situation in Grenada didn’t happen overnight. It was as a result of the recklessness of one man, Keith Mitchell.

The IMF can’t fix Grenada’s problems, neither can Keith Mitchell and the NNP. A new vision is needed and that is what Nazim Burke and the NDC offers.

Nazim Burke has never had the opportunity to manage the affairs of Grenada. I am certain that if the electorate gives him that mandate in the next general elections he would go a great job.

What needs to be done now is the ‘draining of the NNP swamp’. This should have been done by Tillman Thomas in 2008. It was not done and the stench came back to haunt his administration.

The current impasse between the unions and the Mitchell administration over salaries, also the issue at the Mt Gay Hospital and the St Mary’s RC School are just the beginning of what is to come if the NNP returns to office.

Mitchell would once again take the country into another structural adjustment program. His first action would be public sector reform, with hundreds of workers going on the breadline.

More taxes will be introduced and the country will eventually end up like Zimbabwe. This is the design of Mitchell and the NNP. That is what will be ‘delivered’. More corruption! More unemployment! More poverty.

Grenadian Class

Romanians fined and deported

Three Romanians have been fined a combined total of EC$45, 000 to be paid forthwith and ordered to be removed from the country after pleading guilty to money laundering charges before Chief Magistrate Her Honour, Tamara Gill, at the St. George’s Magistrate Court last week Thursday.

Viorel Gaina, 34, Cristian Cluforeanu, 26, and Gabriel Alexel Dutu, 42 years old, were jointly charged in February with money laundering in connection to an ATM scam carried out at the ATM machine of Republic Bank Grenada Ltd., between January 26 and February 25, 2017.

The suspects were formally charged after a police search of their rented Belmont. St. George apartment turned up a significant amount of cash in United States and Eastern Caribbean currencies.

The non-nationals retained the services of Attorney-at-law, Peter David, who was successful in securing a non-custodial sentence for his clients.

According to Lead Prosecutor, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Godfrey Victor, the Corporate and Security Officer at the bank had indicated his suspicion of the men after viewing footages where they were seen on several occasions using teller cards to withdraw monies from the bank’s teller machine.

The court proceedings revealed that the men were able to frequently access bank accounts belonging to several individuals, using inferior teller cards and were also able to persuade locals to assist them in sending over EC$10, 000 to the United Kingdom (UK) and Romania via Western Union and MoneyGram.

Police investigators also confiscated from the apartment, a combined total of EC$61, 360 and US$9, 502 along with a number of computers, communication devices and accessories.

In mitigating his clients’ case, Attorney David acknowledged that the offences are a serious breach of the laws of Grenada but also pointed out that the three men have each accepted responsibility for the offences and asked the court to consider this in determining what sentence should be handed down.

The Chief Magistrate acceded to the attorney’s call for a non-custodial sentence but reminded them of the seriousness of the offence and noted the fact that they were successfully able to use the facilities at the bank as well as Grenadian citizens to carry out the crime.

After much deliberation she imposed a deportation order to come into effect once the EC$20, 000; EC$15, 000 and EC$10, 000 fines were paid to the court by the Romanians.

According to the Chief Magistrate, the men would be sentenced to serve 2 years, 18 months and 15 months prison term, respectively, at the Richmond Hill Prisons if they defaulted on the payments.

The Community Relations Department (CRD) of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) announced that the Romanians were deported for their homeland last week Friday aboard Condor Airlines flight number D2254.

Get rid of the Chief Termite

As a strong supporter of NNP, I want to suggest to our leader and Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell that it is time to get rid of the NDC termites from the House.

These people are causing confusion within our party as we are about to get ready for the next general election.

It is not by mistake that the ex-army man is making all kinds of statements to hurt the NNP and its chances at the polls.

The ex-army man is not working for the NNP but for the leader of the NDC Termites who came into the House as political refugees after the NDC expelled them for anti-party behaviour.

These people are only trying to fool Dr. Mitchell and make him believe that they love him and the NNP but that is so far from the truth.

A few weeks ago one of their surrogates came to my home and asked me if the Chief Termite could be a good Prime Minister. I told him maybe in time to come but not now.

I didn’t read much into the question but now I am beginning to see the light.

A rumour was started by the NDC Termites that their Chief would be contesting the post of Deputy Political Leader of the NNP in the convention.

Well, this is madness. I don’t know that our Deputy, the Hon. Elvin Nimrod is going anywhere. And just in case, he is stepping down, the only person who could take up the position is our MP in St. Mark’s, the Hon. Clarice Modeste.

I will not be surprised if the move against the Hon. Nimrod in Carriacou was plotted by those NDC Termites.

These political refugees are also spreading rumours in St. Patrick against the Hon. Anthony Boatswain in order to get St. Patrick West for Joe Gilbert. Like they mad or what!!!

The Chief Termite went into St. George South-east and was telling a few of his friends that he was the successor to the Hon. Gregory Bowen.

When he realised that Mr. Bowen was still running, he ran away and started to eye St. George North-east where the Hon. Tobias Clement is the MP.

As an NNP stalwart, I know that the Hon. Clement did meet with the Prime Minister and asked him about the rumour that the Chief Termite was sent into the constituency to replace him for the next election.

Our leader didn’t know anything about that and told the Hon. Clement to just continue to do his work in the constituency.

The Chief Termite moved on and was soon roaming in the Town of St. George and seeking to undermine the Hon. Nicholas Steele.

He has a few fellahs with him in River Road like the football referee and the ex-army man who are trying to promote him for the Town of St. George.

NNP has won the town seat on many occasions without the support of these people and we can do it again. They saying that if the Chief Termite is not the candidate that they will pull out their support for NNP. Tell them for me take their support now and go and leave us alone.

I am not aware of our Prime Minister telling the Hon. Nicholas Steele that he will be moving him from the seat.

As Ann-Marie Aban always say, Nikki is doing a good job in the town despite the limited resources and should be put back to win the seat again for the NNP.

The Chief Termite cannot fool Dr. Mitchell and if he continues to play smart man he might end up just losing the little thing that was given to him on the Executive.

We all know that the Chief Termite has no political guts and that the real man behind him doing most of the plotting is the one living in Tanteen.

The NNP is not a fly-by-night party and will overcome all those who are plotting to put the Chief Terminate in a good position to take over when the Doc decides to call it a day.

The successor to Dr. Mitchell will be another doctor – the Hon. Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen and not the Chief Termite.

NNP Bossman

Female Attorney fears rigged elections

A female attorney-at-law has raised the prospects of Grenada not having a free and fair election at the next national poll widely expected some time this year.

Claudette Joseph – expressed fears about a possible rigged election

Claudette Joseph expressed the view in light of the recent unprecedented move by Governor General, Dame Cecile La Grenade to sack eight of the 15 Registration Officers with general elections already in the air.

According to Joseph, if there is not a Parliamentary Elections Office that is not susceptible to interference then the country will end up in a situation where it may not be able to conduct free and fair election.

The female attorney noted that the job of a Registration Officer is a specialised area to ensure that the electorate are registered in the correct Polling Divisions, and that there is no double registration of individual voters.

Replacements have been found for the Registration Officers who were given marching orders by Dame Cecile.

Joseph who was appearing on a radio programme that is produced by Civil Society Organisation said the new crop of Registration Officers will need time to be trained.

Government Minister Nickolas Steele told members of the media that he was informed by the Office of the Governor General that the affected Registration Officers were removed based on their age, while others were not residing in the constituency for which they were appointed.

However, Joseph said she has learnt that Registration officers are historically appointed under Section 29 (1) of the Representation of the People’s Act by the Governor General.

“I have looked through the Representation of the People’s Act and the various amendments, and I see no where in that legislation a provision that says persons must be of a specific age of 60 or younger,” she told the programme.

The female attorney said she did not see any where in the law a provision which says that the Registration Officers must reside in the constituency for which they are assigned.

There are unconfirmed reports that government was concerned that too many persons considered as activists of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) were hired by the Electoral Office to supervise the November referendum on Constitutional Reform.

The electorate overwhelmingly rejected all of the seven government-sponsored bills including the prized Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) to replace the London-based Privy Council as the final appellate court in Grenada.

Vincentian remanded to prison on money laundering charge

A 31 year-old Vincentian national was on Monday remanded to the Richmond Hill Prisons after his bail application was denied at the St. George’s Magistrate’s Court.

31-year-old Philson Spencer

Philson Spencer, a fisherman by profession, who up to the point of his arrest resided at Non- Pariel in St. Mark is charged with laundering approximately EC$40, 000.

The accused was detained during a joint police and marine operation after the fishing vessel he was traveling in was intercepted outside Point Salines, St. George on March 16.

Spencer, who was among a group of persons on board the fishing vessel, made his first appearance Monday at the No. 1 Magistrate’s Court in St. George’s unrepresented before Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill.

The accused told the court that he intended to get a lawyer to assist him in the matter.

The Police Prosecution strongly objected to bail pointing out that because the accused is a Vincentian national, there is no certainty that he will show up for his trial.

Corporal of Police, Terrence Andall, who is leading the Prosecution’s case, drew the court’s attention to the seriousness of the financial crime, which has been on the increase on the island in recent times.

The accused tried to convince the court that he will not try to evade the law.

There was a stern response from the Chief Magistrate, who took the decision to remand Spencer to the Richmond Hill prison until March 28.

She also used the opportunity to inform him of his right to apply for bail at the level of the High Court.

Steele issues warning to Roger Ver

A senior government minister in Grenada has issued a stern warning to former U.S citizen, Roger Ver that he can expect retaliation if any slanderous statements are made against the ruling New National Party (NNP) administration of Prime Minister Dr. Keith.

Health Minister, Nickolas Steele has vowed that government would take “appropriate action” against Ver who in the past week issued an open letter to the people of Grenada in connection with monies sent to the controversial Levera project in the north of the island.

Ver is seeking the return of US$1 million that he reportedly handed over to an Agent to land a Grenada passport under the island’s Citizenship By Investment Programme.

The money was sent in 2015 to one Robert Martin Oveson, the Managing Director of the Nevis-based NTL Trust, an authorised agent that is listed on the Government website to trade the Grenada passport.

Ver is alleging that Oveson tricked him into sending the money for the Levera project and accused the Mitchell-led government of doing nothing to reign in Oveson.

Speaking to reporters at last Tuesday’s post-Cabinet press briefing, Minister Steele warned Ver to watch his mouth since the government would take action against him.

“…If Mr. Ver made slanderous statements about the government of Grenada we would take appropriate action. He is entitled to opinions, there are many other people out there that have opinions negative of the government, that doesn’t give them any credibility in their expression of their opinion – an opinion expressed openly doesn’t mean that it is a correct opinion, it’s merely that, it’s an opinion, it’s not fact.

“…What credibility does he (Ver) have? Is he someone in high esteem? Is he someone in a position to judge a government? Is he a judge or is he someone who has a grudge against someone else and is trying to drag the government into this? Who is he?”

Government has dropped hints that Ver’s application for a Grenada passport was turned down on account of a conviction he had in the United States.

Minister Steele ripped into the businessman who had sent a letter, dated November 1, 2016 to attorney-at-law, Kaisha Ince who was then serving as Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister giving details of the alleged scam by Oveson.

Ince had given Ver an assurance that the alleged fraud will be investigated and that government will get back in touch with him.

Ver has indicated that government did not get back in touch with him over the missing US$1 million and continues to promote Oveson’s NTL Trust on its website as an official Grenada CBI agent.

According to Minister Steele, no wrong doing was found when the matter was looked into by government and that as far as the NNP regime is concerned the matter is between two private individuals and has nothing to do with the State.

“As far as I’m aware an investigation was done and there was no wrong doing on the part of the government or on the individual local agent (attorney-at-law Sheila Harris). The issue is one between the two individuals”, he said.

“…The individual (Ver) was denied citizenship…it shows that within our right, the government of Grenada through the CBI programme, through our due diligence process has the right mandate in fact to deny individuals citizenship and the government exercised that right to deny the individual citizenship.

“This individual is not querying the government on the denial – this individual seems to have an issue between him and the agent (Oveson) out there that he contacted …because I am not even sure if that individual was an agent for the company or so. The details are between two individuals, (and) not associated with the government of Grenada.

Steele did not give details as to which arm of the government conducted the investigation back in November that found no one guilty of the alleged fraud against Ver.

However, the businessman went into the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in January to file a formal complaint of alleged fraud against Oveson who has since been asked to resign as a Director of the company doing the Levera project.

CID sent the Ver file to Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Christopher Nelson who then ordered the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) headed by Superintendent Tafawa Pierre to conduct the criminal investigation into Ver’s allegation against Oveson.

The main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has been calling for the removal of Supt. Pierre as FIU head on the grounds that he is “politically exposed” in the position since he is the husband of the Government CBI Line Minister, Emmalin Pierre.

Ver who denounced his U.S Citizenship and now holds a CBI passport from St. Kitts has also filed a civil lawsuit against Oveson, NTL Trust and the company that is currently engaged in the Levera project.

Oveson’s brother, Randall is now being promoted as the man taking on the multi-million dollar Levera project which government sees as crucial to help tackle employment in the north of the island.

Ver is insisting that the project should not proceed with his missing US$1 million.

Dr. Mitchell: We have a flawless CBI Programme

Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dr. Keith Mitchell has finally broken his silence on the dispute between two non-nationals on the US$1 million saga linked to the Citizenship By Investment (CBI) programme.

Dr. Mitchell who was a guest on his New National Party (NNP) mid-morning talk show programme last week said that so far his government can boast that the programme is “flawless”.

He told the host that the checks and balances put in for the programme have caught the eyes regionally and internationally.

“In fact, it is because of the level of checks in the system, the person who is now suing to get back his money from one of the persons associated with the project he is suing, was rejected by us because of the significance of our checks,” he said.

Prime Minister Mitchell was clearly referring to American-born businessman, Roger Ver who claims to have been defrauded of one million United States Dollars from one of the CBI agents, Robert Martin Oveson of the Nevis-based NTL Trust for a Grenada passport.

Ver has made an official complaint to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) over the alleged fraudulent act of Oveson.

The Tokyo-based businessman has also filed a civil suit in the local high court through Ciboney Chambers in an effort to recover his money.

Dr. Mitchell said instead of the critics to the Grenada CBI Programme praising the checks put in by government, “they are cursing,” and the same man they are cursing in support of for suing, is the same man who has a criminal background.

THE NEW TODAY has also unearth information that CBI Agent Oveson has a criminal conviction dating back to 2013 in the State of Utah in the United States.

Oveson has also been fingered by U.S and Canadian investors of duping them of thousands of dollars on a Condo and Housing project in Manzanillo, Mexico in 2008.

Ver has publicly admitted that he served ten months in a United States Federal prison for selling firecrackers that are used by farmers on Ebay without a permit.

The businessman has been calling on the Mitchell government to remove Oveson’s NTL Trust company from its website as an approved CBI agent pending the outcome of the missing US$1 million issue.

Ver has expressed disappointment with PM Mitchell for taking part in the November 9, 2016 sod turning of the Levera project that was being promoted at the time by Oveson and his elder brother, Randall.

Prior to the launch, Ver had a letter hand delivered to the Office of the Prime Minister outlining the fraud that was allegedly perpetuated against him by Oveson.