Bedbug Infestation at General Hospital

Minister of Health, Nickolas Steele has given an update on the recent outbreak of bedbugs at the St. George’s General hospital.

Speaking at the weekly post-Cabinet Press Briefing on Tuesday at the Ministerial Complex, Minister Steele said that the patients at the Obstetrics Ward which was affected by the bedbugs will be moved to the new Gynecology Ward to help deal with the situation.

He told reporters that vacating of the Obstetrics Ward is the proper way to handle the situation, which became prevalent about a month ago.

According to Minister Steele, the newly refurbished Gynecology ward will be used as the temporary home for patients of the Obstetrics Ward for the time being.

“My instructions in consultation with my Permanent Secretaries, is that we would delay the opening of that ward (Gynecology) ….”, he told reporters.

The minister stated that new furniture and new bedding have been ordered and will be put into that ward.

“…The Obstetric patients at that point in time would be moved over to the new Gyne Ward temporarily so that the entire Obstetrics Ward can be vacated with respect to furniture and fumigated properly to deal with the situation”, he said.

“…In my opinion this is the only way to be sure that the problem is dealt with. In the meantime the staff at the hospital has been isolating sections of the Obstetrics Ward and doing a fumigating cleaning etc while keeping the ward running,” he added.

Minister Steele alluded to a suggestion that was put forward to move the furniture from the Obstetrics Ward to the Gyne Ward but he said that was not the best option in the circumstances.

“In my opinion, I want to be thorough to make sure that as we deal with the problem we deal with it from two points of view: (1) to make sure that it (the bed bugs) is alleviated or dealt with thoroughly without any risk to patients or any risk of contamination and (2) to make sure that we put certain systems in place that we learn from those lessons because bedbug infestation is not something new to our General Hospital or any General Hospital,” he remarked.
The Health Minister attributed the bedbug infestation as a result of a patient coming into the hospital  with it.

“There have been insinuations that also it could’ve been introduced in the hospital through some of the donations that we have received. I disagree with that. I don’t think that would be the issue and I wanted to make those statements public because I don’t want to be discrediting any of (those) Grenadians or friends of Grenadians who have been trying to assist us with donating items to us.

“I do believe that it is coming in the personal belongings and beddings of a patient. I have promised you from the beginning of an open policy – where we have faltered, I would be the first to say and as I have said with my previous statement where we have not faltered I would be the first to defend my team.

According to Minister Steele, it appears that the bedbug situation is now under control at the hospital.

“I have received reports that the problem has been dealt with and they haven’t found any new cases or seen anymore bedbugs. However, as you know I am down there on a regular basis and … I have received conflicting reports as well. This is why I will continue to make sure that we go through this thorough procedure of using the new Gyne Ward and evacuating completely the Obstetrics Ward,” he said.

Welcome to Spice country!!!

Grenada is preparing to welcome hundreds of athletes and officials from around the region for the hosting of another CARIFTA games.

THE NEW TODAY is optimistic that the country will give the usual Spice country welcome to our guests.

It is also our hope that the newly reconstructed athletic stadium at Queen’s Park will be filled to capacity during every session of the athletic meet.

The CARIFTA games provide us with an opportunity to see at an early stage the future track and field stars of the Caribbean.

All the region’s top athletes now blazing the track globally can be considered as products of the region’s premier sporting event for our athletes.

The likes of Usain Bolt of Jamaica and our own Kirani James made statements to the rest of the world when they became Carifta champions.

There is no need for us to recall the performances of these two gifted athletes who became worthy Olympic champions.

There is no reason why some of the winners at the St. George’s games cannot become Olympic medalists including the winners of gold medals at the 2020 Olympic games.

There is also another element to the CARIFTA games – some of the scouts from North America will be in St. George’s to look at the athletes on show in order to attract them to their universities on possible scholarships.

Our athletes would be smart enough to embrace the opportunity because it can change their lives in a very positive way at this early stage for the better.

In addition, the people who would have attended this weekend track & field games at the stadium can recall with a sense of happiness and pride that they did see these individuals blazing the track at Queen’s Park.

THE NEW TODAY would like to take this opportunity to congratulate another of our outstanding athletes on the world stage, Bralon Taplin for finishing in the 4th place in the 400 metres at the World Indoor track & field championship at Portland in the United States.

He did not win a medal but gave an outstanding performance among some of the best quarter milers in the world.

Taplin’s achievement should also be considered in the context of Grenada’s chances of putting together a competitive 4×400 metre relay team for the Rio Olympic games just months away.

Grenada can assembly a team, led by Kirani James, that has four athletes that can hold their own on the world stage against any opponent.

The island now has an opportunity of bringing back not only one but two medals from Rio if our athletes perform to the best of their potential.

THE NEW TODAY would like to make an appeal to all those who are going to the stadium for the weekend CARIFTA games to demonstrate the best possible behaviour that can be expected as the media not only from Grenada but outside will be there to provide coverage for the rest of the world.

We make this special appeal in light of reports circulating in some quarters about the unfortunate behaviour of some of the students who visited the stadium for the just-ended INTERCOL games.

There was some level of vandalism at the newly-built facility.

The report reaching us speak to students damaging all the emergency alarm systems in the bleachers and in the process setting off the alarms around the stadium.

We were told that the Emergency maintenance crew were trying to fix the problem during the Intercol Games and had to eventually shut down the system.

This is a system, that is there for the protection of all in the stadium including the very students who are expected to attend the games in their thousands.

Our people need to demonstrate better behaviour and to protect what is theirs. This kind of behaviour is happening too often at national treasures. When the first stadium was built at Queen’s Park and hosted its first one-day international cricket match between West Indies and Australia, the water and toilet fittings were vandalised by our own people.

THE NEW TODAY would not like to see a repeat of this rather unfortunate occurrence by anyone who will be attending this weekend’s CARIFTA games.

The security personnel should be vigilant and be on the lookout for anyone who is causing trouble at the stadium and deal with them appropriately.

But let us welcome our guests especially the hundreds of athletes and their support staff to the Spice Isle for the CARIFTA games.

Deputy PM speaks on Rex Grenadian issue

The real case has not yet begun, therefore government did not lose against the Grenadian by Rex Resort, according to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labour, Elvin Nimrod.

Deputy Prime Minister, Elvin Nimrod and Solicitor General Dwight Horsford at Tuesday’s Press Conference

Deputy Prime Minister, Elvin Nimrod and Solicitor General Dwight Horsford at Tuesday’s Press Conference

The No.2 man in the ruling New National Party (NNP) government made the remarks as he sought to refute  claims in certain quarters that the high court had delivered a ruling last week against the government in the Rex Grenadian acquisition matter.

Minister Nimrod was flanked by Solicitor-General, Dwight Horsford who has carriage for the State in the matter as the two appeared at the weekly post-Cabinet Press Briefing held Tuesday at the Ministerial Complex in the Botanical Gardens.

According to Nimrod, the Keith Mitchell-led government has made a move to acquire the Grenadian by Rex Resort property on the basis that it was not serving in the best interest of the public.

He said the first move made by government was the appointment of an Acquisition Officer as advised by the Governor General, which was followed by the publishing of the first notice of acquisition in the Government Gazette in early February.

He told reporters that when this was done the representatives of the hotel filed an application for injunction seeking to prevent the government from taking any further steps in the acquisition process.

“The government opposes that application for an injunction and the matter was heard in the court by a Judge in Chambers. The decision was dissolved and the matter was heard on the 11th of March and the judgment resolved for Wednesday the 16th of March. At that point, the Judge granted a temporary injunction in favour of the Rex. The Judge also granted leave of course for Rex to file for what we call a Judicial Review”, he said.

“…That was just a procedural matter wherein a temporary injunction was filed. In other words all the substantive issue of the case is still pending. So the court granted an injunction extensive of the injunction up to the 24th of May when the substantive issue would be heard. So when we hear talk that the government has lost the case, I do not know what case they are talking about because the real case has not yet begun,” he added.

The Solicitor-General elaborated on what the Judicial Review will entail in the Rex Grenadian matter.

He said that in simple terms a Judicial Review is a method in which the court examines the process undertaken by a public authority or decision-maker in this case the Grenada government.

Horsford stated that the process is not “to investigate the rightness, correctness or the wrongness of the decision” taken by government to get its hand on the hotel.

He said that all the court is required to do is to test whether the law was complied with such as the Land Acquisition act, and the Constitution “to see if the public authority or the decision maker (government), (that) the decision they undertook was rationale in that it was within the range of options available to the decision maker”.

Horsford also sought to give his version of the case being put forward by attorneys for the Rex Grenadian.

He said: “The essence of Rex’s claim is that the terms of their lease gave them the legitimate expectation that the government will not compulsory acquire and that having regard to the course of dealings over years and what they say are recent investments made to the property, they had a legitimate expectation to be consulted before the government takes such a decision to compulsory acquire. There are other claims that they are making regarding the process of application – they are more of a procedural nature”.

According to Horsford, it is not possible for the court to rule that government cannot acquire the Rex property.

“The constitution which is supreme (law) permits the government to do so. The court can temporarily as it has now done say hold, let me hear (you) on the process  – (which is) what their (Rex) complaint is – so that in short, even in the main case it is not possible for the court to grant a permanent injunction”, he said.

“…If the court agrees with them and we tend to think that it’s not likely to happen but if the court agrees with them at the main case then what the court can do is to say that (in) theory (the) process you’ve undertaken is void and in that instance all you do is you start again,” he added.

Horsford told reporters that representatives of Rex Grenadian have filed no substantive claim in the acquisition matter.

The court has set May 24 for hearing of the substantive case being brought by the owners of the resort.

Seven selected for Carnival Queen Show 2016

The organisers of the 2016 National Carnival Queen Show are planning to stage “a show with a difference” for the annual August festival.

Seven selected for Carnival Queen Show 2016

Seven selected for Carnival Queen Show 2016

Seven young ladies have already been selected to take part in the event to be held at the National stadium at Queen’s Park as part of the carnival celebrations.

The local media got a chance to see the contestants during a Sashing Ceremony held last Friday at the office of Spicemas Corporation (SMC) at the GCNA complex on Kirani James Boulevard.

The seven young ladies – Samantha Francis (Miss St. George), Estlyn Blair (Miss Carriacou & Petite Martinique), Ruth Bailey (Miss St. David), Kerryne James (Miss St. John), Kahdijah Logie (Miss St. Patrick), Akada Lewis (Miss St. Mark) and Makeba Roberts (Miss St. Andrew) – will all be vying for the coveted title of Carnival Queen 2016 and a chance to wear the Swarovski Crystal and stones decorated crown.

The contestants will be competing in the Swimsuit, Talent, Carnival Costume, Evening Wear and Question and Answer sections.

Minister of Culture, Senator Brenda Hood who spoke at the ceremony impressed upon the young ladies the need to give back to the communities that they represent.

“Whenever you are chosen to represent your parishes, you have a responsibility to give back even if you didn’t become the queen but I think you can be a role model, you can energise young people in your parishes, so you can develop projects to really augment what is happening in your parishes”, she told the contestants.

“…These days we talk a lot about environmental issues and you can link your environmental issues to everything because without a good environment, we can’t survive and there is a lot of funding available so if you tap into the right places I’m sure you can get support,” she said.
Chairperson of the National Carnival Queen show Committee, Lexann Medford Fletcher gave assurances that patrons will be in for a treat and the winner will have a busy schedule ahead for her.

She said: “This year we really want the show to be one with a difference, (we) wanna leave a lasting impression of the production (for) this year and I am so happy that these seven young women of Grenada, Carriacou, Petite Martinique have decided to participate in the show. It’s a stepping stone for them, it’s not just about participating in the show, it’s about self development”.

According to Medford-Fletcher, it is the intention of her committee to ensure that the Carnival Queen gets exposure after the night of the show.

“It must continue, not just with regional pageants but with national events. For instance, Trade Shows – why can’t we see our Carnival Queen at Trade Shows, when the tourism team is traveling? It will be great to see her in other areas such as sporting activities”, she said.

“I can tell you this, our reigning National Carnival Queen is going to be pretty busy in the next couple of months…she’s already booked for three pageants and there’s going to be much more…whoever wins the competition this year is not going to be relaxing,” she added.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SMC, Kirk Seetahal told reporters that a different approach will be taken with the Question and Answer section for the Queen contestants in order to allow for greater fairness across the board.

Seetahal said the organisers have take a decision to put two questions on the night of the show to the contestants with one based on the biographies of the seven girls.

The other question, he added will not be submitted by the committee but will be given to the Master of Ceremony on the night of the show by the judges.

“They (the judges) will prepare that question. So no one will know the question beside the judges. There is going to be a sound proof booth on stage, so each girl is going to be judged fairly, just like it’s done at Miss Universe”, he said.

“The question is going to be a general knowledge question that each girl is supposed to be able to answer and we are going to see who answers it the best on the night to make sure that it’s fair across the board,” he added.

Seetahal explained that the question will be put together based on the theme of the competition.

Innovative Farms blame laid-back attitude of workers

The proprietors of Innovative Farms Limited (GIF) are blaming the attitude of workers on the Grand Bras Farm for most of the problems plaguing the estate that was commercialised just over a year ago by government.

Proprietors of GIF are confident that target will be met by August

Proprietors of GIF are confident that target will be met by August

The Managers of GIF, John “Chalkie” Ventour and Liam “Owusu” James met with members of the local media last week Wednesday on the Kirani James Boulevard to clear the air following a charge by Minister of Agriculture, Roland Bhola that a six-month ultimatum was given to them to improve performance or face possible action.

The minister cited late salaries to workers, a decrease in productivity and reduction in staff as some of the problems on the farm.

James and Ventour – two of the prominent figures from the ill-fated 1979-83 Grenada Revolution who served lengthy prison sentences for the execution of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop at Fort George – took possession of the state farm in 2014 under a programme initiated by the Keith Mitchell-led government to privatise loss-making state enterprises.

James who is the Acting General Manager of the farm told reporters that the task of operating the farm came with many challenges including the experience of the staff.

He said that although the new owners were warned from the onset that “wholesale changes in staff” and in the standard operating procedure of the farm was needed a decision was taken not to adopt that route.

“We chose to do it the very difficult way, to retain some of the staff even though we know that there were very bad cultural practices being practiced by many workers on the staff,” he added.

The former military chief pointed out that several attempts were made to encourage the workers to change their attitude but it was not successful.

According to James, the wages of many of the workers were increased from around $49 a day, and several pieces of equipment and tools were brought onto the farm to help the workers.

“We brought in rain coats, gloves and other equipment to make work easier and more comfortable. We introduced quite a bit of tools, we introduced mug chops, which are motorized wheel barrows and other equipment which will make the operation much more efficient,” he said.

He spoke of seeing an improvement in the attitude of workers for a brief period with the arrival of the new equipment but it was still very difficult to get labourers who are used to working three hours a day to change and to work longer hours.

James also said that many of the workers on the estate failed to meet the standard that was set by management.

“Some failed our probation period, others we extended the probation period to them and even then we had to lay them off and even some of the workers who were retained we were forced because they proved to be very unproductive to lay them off,” James added.

He said another challenge is delays in paying forth nightly salary from time to time.

“We made every effort to meet our forth nightly wage bill; however, because of the performance problems that we are being faced with by the workers, we have had some constraints from time to time. A lot of workers are totally blind to the linkage between their activity and performance on a daily basis and their wage bill at the end of every fortnight,” he said.

James spoke of incidences where workers would not work the entire six hours, workers are caught stealing, and where workers give smug responses when questioned about their quality of work being put out.

Despite this he said the farm did make some strides in terms of revenues as from January 2015 to December 2015 the farm earned $151,000 in revenue as compared to $129,000 earned by government between 2006 and 2012.

However, he said operational cost were still difficult to meet because the farm was faced with a turnaround operation.

He said different approaches have already been taken by the farm to turn things around by August.

“We were compelled to lay off unproductive workers, we were forced to replace those workers with workers who were skilled and experience in farming and we have sought to organize those workers in teams with special responsibility.

“… We have done a six month production/revenue plan, with this we have set certain measurable targets and we are constantly checking our progress through these targets and that is currently being implemented. It involves a schedule of planting and a list of crops, like Sweet Potatoes, Watermelon, Cucumbers, Carrots and so on,” he said.

James said if the operation on the Grand Bras farm is not turned around using these methods then a review of the plan will have to be done.

However, he appeared to be confident that everything is on target and the owners are confident that they would meet their targets at the end of August.

2016 Kia Sportage launched

Steele’s Auto Supplies is making available to the local market the 2016 Kia Sportage.

2016 Kia Sportage

2016 Kia Sportage

The new vehicle, which is the fourth generation of its type, was unveiled to members of the business community, bankers and the media at the company’s main outlet at River Road, St. George’s last week Friday.

According to Sales Manager Nigel Hypolite, there is demand on the local market for the Kia Motors.

Hypolite told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that the Kia Sportage is a more competitive SUV market with everyone looking for more features in a vehicle.

He said over the years the Koreans have introduced a model with all of the features incorporated into the vehicle.

The Sales Manager who traced the history of the Kia Sportage indicated that it has gone through more than 23 years of evolution.

Hypolite described the new brand of vehicle as being smoother, smarter, safer and sportier than the previous generations.

The Kia Sportage first came into operation in 1993 as a compact crossover SUV, and in 1998 the model was improved with safety features.

The second generation was launched in 2004 in response to an increase in the demand for safety, and environmental performance.

The third generation of the Kia Sportage was released in 2010.

“Now more than 23 years after the original model, the Kia Sportage heritage… responds to the demands on the SUV market for technology, economy and environmental performance,” Hypolite said.

Sales Representatives Sherene Williams and Lorna Blackman who outlined the features of the vehicle indicated that the 2016 Kia Sportage includes a number of new and advanced technologies.

According to the duo, the vehicle offers more space and comfort for both passengers and cargo.

It is also fitted with six airbags to offer greater protection for the driver and passengers in the event of a collision.

The 2016 Kia Sportage is being sold at an introductory price of between $107,000 to $124,000.

Special approach to Cocoa and Nutmeg Industry

As a result of recommendations coming out of a consultancy done in 2015, the Ministry of Agriculture is exploring ways to improve the Cocoa and Nutmeg Industries.

According to Minister of Agriculture, Roland Bhola, the consultants looked at a specific eye in the spice industry and made recommendations on how the country can improve the standard and quality of the exportable items that it has.

Minister Bhola told reporters that based on the recommendations, Cabinet took the decision to set up an implementation plan as it recognises that there were a number of things that needed to be done, if Grenada is to become much more competitive.

He said one of the major issues being looked at is the modernisation of the legislation, which governs the operations of both the Cocoa and Nutmeg industries.

“That one we know and it has been tried before…and as a matter of fact just this morning I met with the legal person that would be looking at the legislation and looking at how we can modernise the legislation, taking into account the recommendations that were made by the consultants”, he remarked.

“Of course, after having dialogue with the major players, meaning the Board of Directors, Management, key Farmers in the industry, we are expecting the gentlemen because from the Ministry’s stand point, we have given a time span of between March and June to look at the legislation and to make the recommendations and the amendments,” he said.

The committee will report back in April, Bhola said, with suggestive areas that should be included within the legislation.

He indicated that the intention is to put Grenada in a more advantageous position.

“As we speak now, the only entity that can export Nutmeg as well as Cocoa in the raw form would be the association. Is that in this 21st century the best method that we can use?

“… We are going to consult with them. Of course the consultants have their own recommendation that they have brought forward but we cannot dwell just on the recommendation. We know that the act that both Cocoa and Nutmeg operate with, are parliamentary legislations, so the government has some say in giving directives as to where we go from here and I know as government what we want to see, that farmers as the players in the industry have more disposable income in their hands.

Bhola added that government would like farmers to get the best possible price for their products on the market.

“Are they getting the very best price now? Do we have the levels and the type of investment in the industry that we really want or the investment that will bring a turn-around in the industry and to ensure that we can achieve more?

“The nutmeg as a major player over the years has been yielding between 17 and 21 million dollars annually in export for our country. Cocoa – a bit less but now we are doing far better because our Cocoa is traded on the world market as fine flavoured Cocoa. We are receiving about 10% more than the regular world prices.

“So we really need as government to really step forward and say to our people, we are ready to take the necessary steps to ensure that one, the industry is well protected but two, it is yielding maximum and it is yielding to its full potential and that the recipients of what it is yielding would be the persons who strive and work their hardest, who are in the field on a daily basis.

A donation of laptops and projectors to schools

Teachers under the “Ask Listen Learn” programme, in Grenada have been commended for excellent execution of the programme, which is geared at addressing the problems of underage drinking and advancing healthy lifestyles.

RBAA Chairman makes handover to Gordon Williams, Principal of Concord Government School

RBAA Chairman makes handover to Gordon Williams, Principal of Concord Government School

Chairman of the Regional Beverage Alcohol Alliance (RBAA), Dr. Patrick Antoine, who is co-ordinating the delivery of this programme, on behalf of partners throughout the region applauded the Grenadian teachers last week Thursday during a ceremony at the Ministry of Education, which saw the handing over of three laptops and projectors to three schools.

“We have on-video records of the reactions of persons in other countries to the very sterling and powerful submission made by our teachers and I want to applaud, on record, the quality of our Grenadian teachers,” Dr. Antoine said.

The programme, which was developed by the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (FAAR), in conjunction with a panel of experts was launched as a pilot among students in grades four, five and six at the Samaritan Presbyterian, Mt. Rose Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Primary and Concord Government primary schools in April 2015 and was later introduced to students at the Mt. Moritz Anglican, St. David’s Roman Catholic and the St. Andrew’s Methodist schools.

It is aimed at promoting the development of healthy lifestyles and skills in children and is delivered in conjunction with Health and Family Life Education (HFLE), a life skills based subject area on the school’s curriculum at both the primary and secondary levels.

It is anticipated that the equipment will facilitate the curriculum delivery and media interface of the Ask Listen Learn Programme.

According to the Acting Principal of Concord Government School, Gordon Williams the laptop and the projector “will be an asset to us, as we deliver the programme, simply because it brings the programme itself alive for the students, so we’re going to use it to show videos – to show clips.”

The equipment donation is part of a corporate social responsibility initiative to address the problems of underage drinking and advancing healthy lifestyles.

The donation was made possible through RBAA in collaboration with its global partners and sponsors, Pernod Ricard and DIAGEO.

According to Dr. Antoine, it is the intention of those behind the initiative to upscale the programme, which has also expanded to schools in Dominica, St. Lucia and St. Vincent.

“We have really been working hard in terms of having all schools upgraded,” he said.

The three schools receiving the upscale are the Samaritan Presbyterian, Mt. Rose Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Primary and Concord Government primary schools.

St. Joseph’s Convent St. George Junior Achievers Promotes Healthy Eating and Buy Local

Well Dressed, the St. Joseph’s Convent St. George’s Junior Achievement Company has taken this year’s competition to another level by creating an innovated product from local agricultural products.

Well DressThey are manufacturing Vinaigrettes in six local flavours – Nutmeg, Passion Fruit, Orange, Cucumber, Sorrel and Lime n Honey for the 2015/2016 Junior Achievement competition.

Vinaigrette is used most commonly as a dressing, but it can also be used as a marinade.

“Our product is intended to make salads happier and more exciting which will encourage more people, especially children to eat healthier,” said Sarsha Newton, Public Relations Officer.

She indicated that many people did not like eating salads because they consider it to be boring and bland.

Hence, the concept for their vinaigrette originated to dress up the salad and the name of the company evolved – Well Dressed.

According to Newton, the product is also timely because many persons are developing non-communicable diseases and are realising the importance of eating healthy.

“Well Dressed Vinaigrettes are an ideal local choice to dress their salad thus making it more appetising,” she said.

Some of the main ingredients include vegetable oil, vinegar, seasoning and flavoring.

Well Dressed Vinaigrettes have been tested and approved by both the Produce Chemist Laboratory and the Grenada Bureau of Standards.

VP of Production, Aviel Pivotte, noted that while the demand for Well Dressed Vinaigrettes is high, there is a challenge sourcing the fruits for the various flavours due to the current dry season.

The company, she said would like persons within the community and local farmers with fruits for sale to contact them on 440-5882/449-8992.

The fruits needed are passion fruit, sorrel, lime, oranges, nutmegs and cucumbers.  They are also seeking to purchase honey.

President of Well Dressed, Jonelle Glasgow and VP of Marketing, Sydney Thomas indicated that they are generating awareness of their product to Grenadians, which is key.

The employees of companies to whom letters were sent to introduce the viniagrettes have given positive responses.

“Excellent reviews have been received from product sampling and sales are tremendous,” they said.    Sales will continue at Food Fair, Grand Anse on March 26th and Spiceland Mall on April 2nd.

The company will also target hotels and visitors as their Vinaigrettes can make excellent local gifts to take back to their countries.

Well Dressed Vinaigrettes are only EC$7.00 per bottle.

The company is also looking forward to partnering with MNIB, Ministry of Agriculture and the Grenada Food and Nutrition Council to promote healthy eating, local agro-processing and by extension supporting local farmers.

Junior Achievement is a school-based non-profit programme which targets Form 4 students and educates them about entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on programmes.

The participants are required to create a company, select an executive, decide on a product and manage it as a regular business would.

At the end of the competition, the company is dissolved and profits are shared among the shareholders.

SJC, St. George’s Well Dressed Company is sponsored by GRENLEC with its motto being –  “We Make it… You Dress it!”

Clouden speaks out against the lengthy prison sentences

The island’s leading Criminal Attorney, Anslem Clouden has spoken out against the 70 and 80-year sentences recently handed down by High Court Judge Madam Justice Paula Gilford on murder convicts Alexander Robert Clack and Sheldon Bain.

Clouden who has appeared in the British Privy Council in criminal matters more than any other local attorney described the lengthy sentences as retributive rather than rehabilitative.

“It is my respectful view that the learned trial judge failed to follow certain sentencing guidelines that have been laid down by the Privy Council and also by the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal”, he told reporters.

“These sentences seem to be revengeful rather than rehabilitative or retributive”, he said.
According to the outspoken attorney, “the Privy Council in 2013, emanating from a case in Antigua, the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Court of Appeal said that there should be consistency and certainty in the sentencing in this jurisdiction (but) Grenada has departed from that consistency.”

Clouden said, there is no other country in the English-speaking Commonwealth in which courts have handed down sentences with such longevity.

“I can find no precedent in the Commonwealth Caribbean, where such sentences have been handed down without the opportunity for parole or early remittance as the case may be,” he added.

The longstanding barrister-at-law appeared as the defense attorney for 34-year old murder convict, Alexander Robert Clack, who last February received a 70-year jail term for the death of his wife Nixiann Downes-Clack, 27, of Duquense in St. Mark.

Attorney George Prime represented 37-year-old Sheldon “Dutch” Bain who was earlier this month sentenced to 80 years for the role he played in the 2002 death of a female trafficker, Omelia Roberts of Belmont in St. George.

Clouden noted that the sentences handed down to the convicts are “determinate and not life sentences,” noting that “It cannot be said that such sentences is a deterrent or that it is rehabilitative because there is no hope of release to return into society a different person, well adjusted and rehabilitated.

“So the sentence is being punitive and I think it should be reversed,” he said, adding that “If life sentences were handed down at least there would (have) been an opportunity for review and release way under 40 years imprisonment.”

According to Clouden, appeals have since been lodged into both cases against Gilford’s ruling.

He expressed the view that while “not all cases are alike, all offences ought to be treated alike.”

He recalled the re-sentencing of the  Bernard Coard gang of prisoners who were convicted for the 1983 murder of the leftist Prime Minister at Fort George.

“…Remember, there was a dispute as to whether they were sentenced for life, meaning their natural life and that was commuted and the Privy Council said they ought to be given a determinate sentence and having spent 25 years in prison they were sentenced to a determinate period – some spending 30 years, 27 years as the case may be.

“These men are out now,” he said, noting that “with respect to the sentences handed down on Clack and Bain, they would never be out.

“There is no legitimate expectation of release. If you follow the tenure of the sentences they would die in prison”, Clouden told  reporters.

He is confident that the appeals would be successful and that both Bain and Clack with get an opportunity to return to society.

Clack is the father of a four-year-old daughter, while Dutch has a 14-year-old daughter, who only got to know him a few weeks before his sentencing hearing, which was held on March 11.