LIME caters for the SGU Market

LIME sales representatives engage new SGU Students

LIME sales representatives engage new SGU Students

After a week of sales activities at the St. George’s University, LIME is reporting a total of 664 new mobile sign ups out of the 800 new students.

A team of fourteen engaged the new students with offers tailored specifically to them.

LIME has been conducting these sale activities on the SGU campus for over 10 years and was the first company to begin the initiative.

The company says the venture is aimed at bringing the products and services directly to the students.

The students enjoyed specials on handsets and credit, as well as LIME branded items such as mugs, bags and bandanas with every purchase or service registration.

Partner Sales Executive, Junior Checkley, says the reception from the students was “remarkable”.

“The students were very excited about the value LIME offered for both calls and texts. They also enjoyed our relaxed atmosphere while selling the products and services.”

According to Checkley, the large team of 14 was needed to facilitate the high volume of requests for the products and services.

“Though we had a large number of mobile sign ups, we also had a great number of sign-ups for our high speed internet service. Students knew we were offering them the best value compared to our competitors”, he said.

Lime said it is looking forward to maintaining a healthy relationship with the students and the university.

Arthur Braveboy Remanded To Prison

Arthur Braveboy - in more trouble with the police

Arthur Braveboy – in more trouble with the police

Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill has denied twenty-five year old Arthur Braveboy bail on several criminal charges including Attempt to Commit Non-Capital Murder.

The accused appeared before the St. George’s No.1 Magistrate’s court on Friday where the charges were read to him.

Braveboy, a Mechanic of Woolwich Road, St. George, was slapped with five other charges – Possession of Firearm, Possession of Ammunition, Damage to Property, Assault with a Deadly Instrument and Possession with intent to Endanger Life.

The Chief Magistrate denied a request made for bail by defense attorney, Peter David and ordered that the alleged offender be kept in safe custody at Her Majesty’s Prison at Richmond Hill pending his next court appearance on February 6.

The bail request was denied on the grounds that the suspect was already on bail for another matter when he allegedly committed the offence and that the alleged gun used in the incident is still missing.

Braveboy can be considered as a regular person in police custody over the years.

According to a report from the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF), the charges laid against Braveboy stemmed from an incident where he allegedly stopped in front of the Central Police Station on the Carenage, pointed a gun at someone and then fired a shot.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the person who was fired upon was not a policeman but a civilian.

Speculation is rife that the accused might have been following the civilian in a vehicle along the Port Highway when the man pulled up in front of Central Carenage in another vehicle after becoming suspicious.

It is at this stage that the accused then alleged pointed the weapon and fired in the direction of the man.

Several attempts by police investigators to apprehend and question Braveboy in connection with the Carenage incident proved futile.

However, the suspect eventually walked into the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) head office on Green Street last week Tuesday and surrendered after the police issued a bulletin asking the public to assist them in locating him.

The official police release referred to Braveboy as one who should be approached with caution by civilians since he might be armed and dangerous.

Fearing for their lives and not wanting to be shot and killed by the police, several suspects on the run have often turned themselves over to the lawmen whenever RGPF issues such a bulletin for their arrests.



The passing of a legal great

The Caribbean and international community has lost a giant in the legal field with the passing of Karl Terrence Hudson-Phillips, Q.C.

The Trinidad-born Hudson-Phillips who has practiced in many of the courts in the Caribbean, Europe and elsewhere died at the age of 80 while on a visit to London, England.

This was a lawyer extraordinaire and par excellence that even many in the legal profession in Grenada and the Caribbean were not capable of carrying his bag with his law books to serve as his junior in matters before the law courts.

Hudson-Phillips was to put it simple and mildly in a category of his own in law and few in the region could be placed alongside him shoulder to shoulder.

The people of Grenada would have heard about Karl not as a lawyer initially but from a calypso composed by the Mighty Chaulkdust called “Ah Fraid Karl” when he served as Attorney-General of Trinidad & Tobago and was instrumental in the passing in Parliament of the Public Order Act to deal with the Black Power insurrection against late Prime Minister, Eric Williams.

The song is still considered as one of the better classics of Chaulkdust and might have left a permanent mark on the memory of Trinbagonians that it affected Hudson-Phillips in later years when he ventured on his own to form a political organization to vie for state power in the twin island republic.

However, the people of Grenada came directly into contact with the late Karl Terrence Hudson-Phillips when he was retained to become the lead Prosecutor for the State in the Maurice Bishop Murder Trial which was held at a high court created on the compound of the Richmond Hill prison.

Hudson-Phillips came with a reputation as one of the best exponents in the legal profession in any part of the world.

The Bishop Killers who included the likes of Bernard Coard, Ewart Layne, General Hudson Austin and former Mobilisation Minister Selwyn Strachan had hired a battery of lawyers from Jamaica that was headed by an eminent Queen’s Counsel, Ian Ramsey who was considered as one of the few lawyers in the English-speaking Caribbean who was in the same category of Hudson-Phillips in the court house.

The expected show down did not last for long as the Jamaican attorneys including Ramsey soon withdrew from the case and left the then 19 murder accused without legal representation to face the might of Karl.

The history would record that 17 of the 19 were convicted and sentenced to hang for the murder of Bishop, one – Raeburn Nelson was found not guilty by the jury and another the late Fabian Vernon Gabriel, a Sergeant in the disbanded People’s Revolutionary Army (PRA) turned on his fellow prison inmates and struck a deal with the Crown to give evidence against Coard and the others,.

This was not the end of Hudson-Phillips’ association with Grenada as many of the governments in the aftermath of the October 1983 bloody events on the island turned to him for legal advise and counsel on a number of important State matters.

Karl was approached by the Keith Mitchell government after its first clean sweep at the polls to give advice on how to select persons to serve in the Senate since only one party was in control of all seats in Parliament and there was no official opposition.

As a leading attorney, he was also again called upon by Prime Minister Mitchell and his government to help defend the Petition brought before the high court by George Prime, the defeated NDC Candidate for Carriacou in the 2003 general elections when he lost the seat by a mere six questionable votes to the incumbent, Elvin Nimrod.

Hudson-Phillips was also approached by the Congress government to seek his legal advice on the oil agreement signed between the Mitchell government and a group of Russians to explore for oil and gas in Grenadian waters.

He reportedly advised the Tillman Thomas government that the agreement was bad and should be scrapped and went further to suggest that if the government was able to get the Russians to co-operate then criminal charges could be brought against a leading member of the NNP on the issue of the missing EC$1.6 million dollars from the Russians that was never deposited into the Treasury.

Is it any wonder that the current Controllers of the State of Grenada have not issued any formal statement on the passing of Hudson-Phillips who had provided yeoman service to this island in the legal profession?

Just before his death, the NNP government seemed to have debunked an approach made by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions for Hudson-Phillips to be brought in to help the State in the case brought against five police officers implicated in the death of Canadian/Grenadian citizen Oscar Bartholomew following a beating incident at the St. David’s police station.

The government turned down Hudson-Phillips in favour of another Trinidad criminal lawyer.

The late Karl Hudson-Phillips demonstrated his love for Grenada by purchasing a property on the sister isle of Carriacou and often used it as as a get away home and place of rest and relaxation after his many battles in court houses in the Caribbean and elsewhere.

THE NEW TODAY would like to remember the late Karl Hudson-Phillips with the following words taken from Albert Pike who was also an attorney-at-law and great writer in the United States and lived between December 29, 1809 and April 2, 1891.

What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal”.



Huggins initiative to deal with crop theft

Assistant Commissioner Edvin Martin welcomes Geo F. Huggins & Co., (G’da) Ltd’s partnership

Assistant Commissioner Edvin Martin welcomes Geo F. Huggins & Co., (G’da) Ltd’s partnership

Geo. F. Huggins & Co., G’da Ltd and the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) have partnered in an effort to bring an end to Praedial Larceny on the island.

The two have unveiled a new billboard initiative during the launch of Foodland’s new Food Club product brand launch held last week Thursday.

The new initiative will see one Billboard placed strategically in every parish throughout the country including Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Director and Executive Assistant to the CEO of Geo F. Huggins & Co., (G’da) Ltd, Anya Menezes-Chow Chung spoke passionately about the new initiative and the plight of farmers who suffer as a result of Praedial Larceny.

Chow Chung reminded the nation that farmers are fathers, husbands, as well as wives with enormous responsibilities and their livelihoods are often threatened by the weather, poor yields, trespassers and many more ills.

Stressing that farmers represent the backbone of the economy, the Director at the local company said it is the hope of Huggins and RGPF that the Billboards, which offers anti-praedial larceny messages, will play on the conscience of would-be criminals and offer the farming community some measure of protection.

She described the initiative as her company’s way of bringing the issue of crop theft to the fore, as well as highlight the seriousness of the issue while encouraging people to spread the message and to lend tremendous support to the police and in particular its Praedial Larceny unit.

Assistant Commissioner of Police and Officer in Charge of Operations at RGPF, Edvin Martin, said that he is pleased to be associated with the initiative and congratulated Huggins for making such a pro-active decision to address the scourge of praedial larceny which has plagued farmers for decades.

He sees the crime as posing a direct threat to the viability of the national food security strategy and a deterrent to farmers in their efforts to cultivate their crops.

Predial larceny billboards will be placed throughout the country

Predial larceny billboards will be placed throughout the country

According to ACP Martin, many farmers have abandoned their fields as a result of praedial larceny and the police force welcomes the initiative by Huggins to motivate them.

The senior police officer felt that the pervasiveness of praedial larceny is rooted in the ease at which the thieves are able to market and sell stolen produce without any difficulty.

ACP Martin indicated that Huggins has demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the praedial larceny problem with respect to the partnership with the police force.

He spoke highly of Huggins’ policy of purchasing produce from individuals verified as farmers or registered farmers.

The senior police officer believes that the placement of the Anti-Praedial Larceny Billboards in strategic places throughout the country will go a long way in building a coalition against crop theft and educating the public against the social ills.

ACP Martin pointed out that if other stakeholders and members of the public can follow along the lines of Huggins then this would go a long way in stifling the demand for stolen products from farmers thus resulting in a reduction in praedial larceny.

He urged Grenadians to guard against buying stolen products.

“Guard against receivers” do not provide the ready market for stolen praedial larceny products”, he said.

The senior cop urged the population to report incidents of praedial larceny and especially those they see engaging in the act, as well as those deemed as receivers of stolen products of farmers.

Over the years, farmers have been advocating for the implementation of several measures to deal with crop theft including the setting up of a special court to deal with praedial larceny and for more guns to be given to farmers to protect their products from thieves.



NCC gives details of the independence plans

2014 Independence Logo winner Horris George

2014 Independence Logo winner Horris George

The staging of the annual Independence Parade for 2014 moves back to the morning period at the National Stadium at Queen’s Park, according to Deputy Chairman of the National Celebrations Committee, Adrian Francis.

“On Independence Day most of you would have realised over the years that we had Independence in the afternoon. This year it is moving to the morning, because we want persons to integrate,” he told reporters at a press conference.

Francis said he wants people to come to the Stadium in the morning time to enjoy the parade and then go back to their respective communities and enjoy the rest of the day.

The annual Independence Church Service on February 2 remains on the list of activities for this year’s activities, as well as the wreath-laying ceremony in addition to a number of sporting and cultural activities.

This year the Annual Award, Dinner and Ball Ceremony will be held at the Radisson Hotel formerly Grenada Grand Beach Resort on the evening of February 7.

A total of 10 Grenadians will be awarded for their outstanding achievements and contributions to national development over the years.

Francis is appealing to the public to wear their national colours with pride and dignity as Grenada has a lot to celebrate including the 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Kirani James from the London games.

Chairperson of NCC, Dr. Judy Du Bois said that the parade would be exceptional this year.

Although the Committee is yet to confirm the participation of foreign military troops and para-troopers at next month’s event, Du Bois told the media that letters of invitations were sent out to friendly countries and they anticipated favourable responses.

This year, the Committee is also planning to stage a re-enactment of the day that Grenada gained its independence from Britain in 1974 under the leadership of former Prime Minister Sir Eric Matthew Gairy.

The theme for year this year’s Independence Celebrations will be “Uniting The People, Restoring Hope For A Brighter Tomorrow.”

Digicel Grenada, which goes under the banner of “Be Extraordinary”, has agreed to partner with NCC to contribute to activities to mark the 40th Anniversary by offering weekly give-away prizes in which eight lucky customers would win $40.00 Credit daily, and handset specials among other initiatives.

Marketing Manager Kirk Seetahal said the telecom company has already begun to decorate its head office at Point Salines for independence with the famous national colours of red, green and yellow colours.

Digicel is the sponsor of the 2014 Best Decorated Village competition in which the will receive a $4,000.00 cash prize.

Seetahal encouraged locals to “embrace Grenada and for all that we stand for, all that we have accomplished over the past 40 years”.

This year some 46 pieces of artwork were received from primary school students as part of the annual Arts Competition.

The first and second positions went to students of St Mark’s Secondary School with their pieces “National Products” and National and Cultural Heritage by Leedon Henry and Akiel Palsey respectively.

St Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School’s Sherece Blanche with her portrayal of “Freedom Through Empowerment” took the third position.

The top 12 artworks were selected to be part of an Independence Calendar which can be purchased from this week at approximately $10 will be featured during an art display as part of the Independence activities at the Grenada National Museum.

The 2014 Logo winner is St John’s resident, Horris George who presented an original painting, which attracted the judges.

He was presented with his cheque for $1,000.00 during the press conference.

NCC Public Relations Officer, Shirma Wells disclosed at the press briefing that the annual Independence motorcade, which has been absent for the past few years will return this year featuring a wide variety of patriotic music.

She said that this event carded for January 25 is designed to create that patriotic spirit across the nation.

Parliamentary Representative in the Ministry of Culture, Senator Brenda Hood announced that a cultural group from the People’s Republic of China would visit Grenada and display their talent to Grenadians at the Grenada Trade Centre on February 4.

Government has allocated $600,000.00 for the financing of activities to mark Grenada’s 40 Anniversary of Independence, which runs from February 2014 to February 2015.


William Joseph speaks out

 Former Chief of Staff William Joseph - party supporters are not happy with his behaviour

Former Chief of Staff William Joseph – party supporters are not happy with his behaviour


I decided to become a member of the NDC in January, 2012 at a time when my role in defence of democracy and responsible political conduct in the NDC called for me to have a formal relationship with the Party.

I remained an ordinary member until January 6, 2014 when I tendered my resignation. I make a distinction between Party membership and support for the NDC as the latter is not dependent on the former.

My decision to resign was based entirely on evidence of serious misconduct, specifically; a set of deliberate lies (identified in my report of November 16) presented by Mr Burke in relation to matters in which both the Party and I had an important interest. I was mindful to allow reasonable time for him to cooperate with special arrangements put in place by the Political Leader to facilitate a settlement. Sadly, that did not happen.

I do not intend to provide copies of my resignation letter to the media on the principle that the letter is between me and the Party. However, I am prepared to give broad indications of the substance, as I see fit.

I have read reports purporting to quote or otherwise rely upon my resignation letter, but in every such case the particular statements are not to be found in that letter.



Said misconduct having been conclusively established, I called for Mr Burke to apologise, not to me, but to his Political Leader, Chairman and others who were present when he so improperly conducted himself and whom he deliberately sought to mislead. I also called for him to make an open apology to those members and supporters of the Party whom he had told that I had called him “raw meat” after the February 2013 elections. This, on the basis that at a session in mid-November, he, quite astonishingly, categorically denied that he ever took offence to the “raw meat” comment! He then sought to rely on two other grounds, both of which he must have known had no basis in fact.

In my report on that session, I pointed out that failing the apologies needed to remedy Burke’s serious breaches of trust and confidence, (nothing in the report has been refuted by Burke directly or through the Party officials who received and discussed it, himself included) “I would consider myself at liberty to address the issue as I see fit, in the best interest of the NDC”. One such option was to resign.


The session referred to, was convened for the sole purpose of achieving a settlement of the problem as set out in my complaint of October 19, 2013. It required a spirit of openness, honesty, sincerity and a willingness to cooperate in the best interest of the NDC.

Notably, there were five opportunities available to Mr Burke to settle the matter, one of which was actually proposed by him in the wake of my complaint. He wrote the following on October 21, by e-mail: “I too agree that all efforts should be made to resolve this situation before it gets out of hand….I believe it will be in our collective interest for Willie and I to have a sit down. I shall endeavour to make that happen in the up-coming days”. He did not fulfil or even attempt to fulfil that promise.

The reasonable conclusion to be drawn is that his promise was not genuine, offered only to ease the pressure that was then bearing down on him over the issue. Truth be told, Mr Burke never dedicated himself to achieving a settlement as was the desire of others in the Party’s hierarchy, whom I commend highly for their efforts. Sadly, Burke was not prepared to heed the urgings of anyone of his colleagues on the Party’s Executive.


While it is true that I do not favour Burke’s leadership of the NDC, for very important and objective reasons, I did not resign on that ground and it is certainly not raised in my letter of resignation.

I had previously suggested an alternative process by which to select a leader, involving candidates making their case before Party members at the branch level so as to discontinue the practice of ‘elections by ambush’ at the Convention.

Furthermore, I had also suggested that the Party would be better off finding a person who was acceptable to Grenada as a national leader and then make that person the Party leader. I believe that this particular idea did not sit well with Mr Burke and was the real reason behind what I call “THE RAW MEAT WAR”; a self-made red herring used to mask his true concern.

It is very wrong and untenable for people to say that mere differences over the issue of personal support for an individual aspiring to become Party leader are evidence of division and infighting.



On Sunday last an entity styled “Ethical Grenada” placed a post on Facebook containing an image of myself and words to the effect that I had joined the NNP, along with other allegations. That statement was an obscene fabrication! It was manufactured with the obvious intention of causing NDC members and supporters to place me on the ‘NDC HATE LIST’.

The results were predictable as a number of persons, seemingly NDC-connected, sought to slaughter me in cyberspace. Quite understandably, they thought that they needed to fight for their party in this way, recalling the trauma of the division problems of 2012.

The second plank of the attack occurred on Wednesday night by the host of a radio program called “The People’s Court”. It is these assaults that have inspired the preparation of this Statement and its justification.


13. Unfortunately, the persons who swallowed the propaganda were not aware that they were being falsely and deliberately misled and incensed to do harm to me and my reputation. If the treatment on Facebook was brutal, the attack by the host on the radio program, one Kem Jones, (repeated this very day) was vicious, contemptuous and unprincipled.

His narrative was carefully crafted and specifically approved as being ‘fit for purpose’.

One may or may not discover who the inspirational author of that mischief was. Discovering who the legion of propagandists involved was may also be difficult. Nonetheless, a useful question is why was it necessary to subject me to such treatment? In whose interest was these venomous materials published?

Presumably, thinking people may well conjecture that the assault had to do with the contents of my letter of resignation. They are likely to tell themselves that some person or persons decided that it was necessary to make a pre-emptive strike so as to muddy the waters and divert attention, while at the same time setting me up for the slaughter.

On reflection, the whole episode reminds one that Maurice Bishop was declared a ‘counter’ as a pretext for putting him under house arrest and his eventual execution. In the present case, they decided to declare me a ‘turn-coat and sell-out’, telling Grenada and the world that I had joined the NNP along with other negative branding so that I could then be seized upon, drawn and quartered by angry NDC members and supporters.

The planned and faithfully executed course of action (Facebook and radio) was reckless and despicable in every respect. In my opinion, the worst part of it was the taking of a conscious decision to deceive innocent and unsuspecting Party faithfuls and the public with the aim of causing harm to another. That is unconscionable and unpardonable misconduct.

Based on their consistent utterings, it is clear that they dedicated themselves to this latest political execution because I do not support Burke for Party leadership. Who would have thought that Grenadians would be subjected to such open disrespect of their basic right as citizens to support whoever they wish?

How is it that they have a right to support Burke, but that I do not have a right not to do so? Where will this kind of thinking and commitment take us? Are the citizens of St George North-east who did not vote for Mr Burke to now live in fear?

It is hoped that Mr Burke will suspend his ‘strategy of silence’ and distance himself from that assault on my rights. In fact, I call upon and urge him to do so.

I welcome the Statement put out on Wednesday by the NDC Party Chairman. However, it would appear that the persons involved have severely hurt the good name and standing of the NDC. Their conduct definitely cannot help the NDC to win the next General Elections.

Sandals Guests give to local charity

Students together with teachers and guests at Sandals who made the donation

Students together with teachers and guests at Sandals who made the donation

An American couple holidaying at the newly open and luxurious Sandals LaSource Hotel have surprisingly provided some much needed assistance to the School for Special Education in the Limes, Grand Anse, St. George’s.

The faculty, staff and students not having prior knowledge of the visitors’ desire to come to the assistance of the school were, on Monday, presented with a welcome gift of groceries and school supplies.

“The Principal just got a call saying a client from Sandals would like to visit the school and that was the surprise we got,” said Teacher at the school, Patricia Williams.

The female teacher told the New Today newspaper that while they are very appreciative of the gift which she estimated to be valued at approximately EC$1000.00, they were definitely surprised with the kind gesture.

Williams said the American couple became aware of the school through a Grenadian worker who once engaged in dance classes at the school.

According to her the female American was touched by the information passed on to her since she has a sibling with a form of disability.

Among the items presented to the school were groceries and school supplies which include crayons and pencils.

Williams who is the teacher in charge of the school feeding program underscored that the groceries would go a long way in feeding the children.

The 80 students at the School for Special Education are provided on a daily basis with breakfast and lunch.

Watershed Convention for NDC

Sen. Franka Bernadine - getting support on the ground to challenge for the leadership & Deputy Political Leader Nazim Burke is eyeing the top post in Congress

Sen. Franka Bernadine – getting support on the ground to challenge for the leadership & Deputy Political Leader Nazim Burke is eyeing the top post in Congress

With one week to go before the annual Convention of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) it remains unclear who will emerge as Political Leader of the party.

Former Prime Minster and Political Leader of Congress Tillman Thomas has already indicated that he is stepping down from the leadership position of the party.

The main highlight of the NDC Convention which takes place on Sunday, February 2nd at the Westerhall Secondary School in St David’s is the election of Officers.

Both front runners for the leadership position of the embattled NDC, Senator Nazim Burke who is the Deputy Political Leader, and Senator Franka Bernadine, Chairman of the party are staying clear from public debate over the leadership issue.

The two top brass NDC officials refrained from stating clearly their intention to contest the leadership position while appearing on the weekly program, “Sundays With George Grant’’ last week Sunday.

Burke told the host of the program if the membership of the party ask him to lead the party he would be happy to do so, while Bernadine said she is going to be guided by the Executive of the party on whether or not to contest the top position within Congress.

But another party member Patrick Simmons who was also a guest on the program declared that he would be contesting the influential position of General Secretary that is held by small business man, Bernard Isaac.

Burke indicated that since his return to Grenada in 2000, he has been working with the NDC in different capacities and playing different roles. He became the Deputy Political Leader in 2009.

“I am here to serve so if I am called upon to do so I will be happy to do that,’’ he said.

“I am willing to work with anybody for the cause of the NDC and for the country,’’ he added.

According to Burke, it is understandable that the eyes of the world are upon the NDC and that their supporters are expectant.

He claimed that there is no animosity between himself and Bernadine since it is quite clear that the success and future of the party will depend on unity.

Bernadine pointed out that in the current situation, one has to remain very calm and very objective, and look and see what is before him and take the best decision in the interest of the party.

“I have always try to function… throughout my life… I am a team player,’’ she said

The NDC Chairman dismissed public perception that the party is dysfunctional.

She spoke of a number of public ventures the party undertook since it lost the general election almost one year ago.

According to her, the three opposition Senators including Dr George Vincent have done over 71 Television and radio programs individually and collectively, the NDC also held a very successful General Council without the usual controversies, as well as engaged in six Town Hall Meetings, seven People’s Parliament Meetings, and visits to the St. George’s Market Square.

Bernadine appealled to party supporters to remain calm and to not be influenced by all the rumours and statements and negativism that are trying to encroach on the party.

Simmons indicated that this is the first time, he has personally made a decision to do something politically without being driven by anyone as he laid out a case for his decision to contest the top party organising position.

He said the position which the party has now found itself with no seats in Parliament is a good place from which to start the rebuilding process.

Simmons who served as Minister of Youth Empowerment and Sport in the NDC Government between 2008 and 2013 said the party must be prepared to listen to each other more, must be prepared to meet each other half way, and must be prepared to make compromises.

He stated that the main focus of the Convention and the way forward must be unity.

The convention will be held under the theme, “Learning From The Past To Shape The Future”.


LIME strengthens Leadership Team

Geraldine Pitt - appointed Chief Executive Officer at LIME

Geraldine Pitt – appointed Chief Executive Officer at LIME

LIME has announced four new senior appointments to further strengthen its regional management and customer-service structures as the company steps up its drive to deliver even better service to customers and reinforce its position as the Caribbean’s leading telecommunications provider.

Geraldine Pitt has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the LIME Southern Cluster, comprising of Saint Lucia, Dominica, Grenada and St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

LIME has also appointed Jan Remmeleg, Bill McCabe and Oliver Chatten as CEO’s of the company’s Northern Cluster, Cayman Islands and Barbados businesses respectively. All four appointments are effective immediately.

A Grenadian by birth, Ms Pitt has worked in telecommunications for over 10 years, serving in the capacity of Customer Care Director and General Manager for Grenada, Saint Lucia and St. Vincent & the Grenadines for Digicel.

She joins LIME from UNICOMER (Courts) in Saint Lucia where she held the position of OECS Business Process/Special Projects Manager and Acting Senior Manager for the company’s St. Vincent & Grenadines operations.

In announcing her appointment, Martin Roos, Acting Chief Executive Officer for LIME Caribbean, said: “Geraldine, who is an accomplished senior management executive, brings to LIME extensive experience and a high level of expertise in corporate management, customer service, public relations, and team leadership. We are confident that LIME will benefit immensely from her skills.”

Due to her wealth of experience, Geraldine brings to the role of CEO her vast knowledge of the Caribbean’s telecommunications industry and processes, as well as her knowledge of the region’s market trends and customer needs.

Recognised as a builder and leader of first-rate customer-focused teams, Geraldine, in her previous role as a senior customer-care executive, consistently achieved record-high customer satisfaction rankings for helping to instil in her team an enthusiastic commitment to service delivery and customer satisfaction.

An innovative and results-oriented executive, she is also recognised for her inspirational leadership style, which mobilises teams around achieving both business and personal goals.

Her customer-centric approach to management will help drive the service excellence program that LIME is currently embarking upon.

Commenting on her appointment, Geraldine said, “I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to help further develop the service excellence culture at LIME. The telecommunications solutions that LIME provides are widely recognised as second to none in the industry and I look forward to leading the team in delivering exceptional results as the region’s leading, customer focused telecoms service provider.”

Bill, who is now CEO of LIME’s Cayman Islands business, has worked in telecommunications in several international markets, including the UK, New Zealand and Ireland. He has also worked as a Commercial Director with the CWC group. More recently he was charged with the responsibility for LIME’s roaming and domestic carrier operations.

Oliver will serve as CEO for LIME Barbados – he has worked extensively in the Caribbean and Central America for another mobile operator and held the position of CEO Southern Caribbean which included Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Suriname, BVI and the Cayman Islands.

Jan has over 20 years experience in telecommunications and is now the CEO for the northern cluster, comprising the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Anguilla, Antigua, Montserrat, the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) and St. Kitts and Nevis.

He has successfully managed cellular operations in 15 countries including Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

A new initiative from Foodland

Director and Executive Assistant to the CEO, Geo F. Huggins & Co., (G’da) Ltd, Mrs Anya Chow Chung

Director and Executive Assistant to the CEO, Geo F. Huggins & Co., (G’da) Ltd, Mrs Anya Chow Chung

Foodland Supermarket has introduced a new brand of products to the local market ahead of Grenada’s 40th Anniversary of Independence.

Known as “Food Club”, it was officially introduced to the Grenadian public last week Thursday during a ceremony at Foodland along the Kirani James Boulevard (formerly Lagoon Road) outlet.

Director and Executive Assistant to the CEO of Geo F. Huggins & Co., (G’da) Ltd, Anya Menezes-Chow Chung said that the Food Club line of products brings to the local market a fantastic line of grocery products under the Food Club Brand.

She referred to the products that came about due to the company’s

partnership with the Associated Grocers of Florida, Inc as products of excellent quality, attractive presentation and budget friendly.

According to Chow Chung, Foodland is extremely happy to offer a wide variety of items at the supermarket to customers and advised shoppers that the shelves have been re-arranged to accommodate the products with their guidance and input of Kirk George, who is attached to Distribution & Business Development of the Associated Grocers of Florida, Inc (AG).

She assured customer that the new layout of the supermarkets was done for their benefit and ease of shopping with more variety and offerings.

“All you have to do is join the club,” she encouraged patrons.

Recalling the start of the company decades ago, Chow Chung said that the establishment of Buy Rite Supermarket almost 40 years ago was a “watershed” moment in Grenada’s history, months after the country gained independence.

“A defining moment for our company, a history of country and company,”

Chow Chung stated that Buy Rite represented a new concept in retail shopping and Grenadians fell in love with its comfort and ease of shopping

She said the operators of the two supermarkets take great pride and joy in the fact that their customers view the supermarkets with a sense of ownership, which has been integral in the success of the company.

Foodland on the Kirani James Boulevard celebrates its 25 Anniversary on September 22.

Huggins, now in operation for 94 years, has a reputation for being a good cooperate citizen, market leader and innovative company.

Chow Chung stressed that Huggins is almost always the first to try new things and embrace change but acknowledged that its position was built on the people who breathe life and direction into the company

She said that Huggins is blessed with strong leadership, good and talented management, the hardest working and gifted staff in the country while blessed with the most loyal customer base.

Kirk George, Distribution & Business Development, Associated Grocers of Florida, Inc (AG) who attended the event, expressed his surprise at the loyalty demonstrated by Foodland customers while on visit to the store a few days ago when there was an electricity failure.

He was taken aback by the number of customers in the supermarket who waited for the electricity to come back rather than leave the place.

Three lucky farmers who supply the supermarket with fresh produce were presented with thank you prizes for allowing the company to display their photographs.

Foodland Supermarkets Marketing Officer, Mahera Strachan termed the new partnership with the Florida outfit as another milestone in Foodland’s history.