Carnival and Olympics gone – What next

The Carnival Celebrations this year got entangled in Court House proceedings – to decide which show could take place at which venue on the same night – and a whole lot of bad publicity preceded the events.

But the Kirani James Olympic Gold the week before clearly saved the occasion, and even added to the festivities – as it gave a lot of our people something very special to celebrate about for another four years.

Yet when I saw the Informer Page 3 of last week, the number and variety of weapons I saw displayed by the Police – as having been confiscated from persons who were stopped and searched, on their way to various shows the two or three weeks before the Carnival Monday/Tuesday – these were very frightening, and the Police Commissioner and his Team of Law enforcement officers must be highly commended, for their foresight in mounting those searches.

And the absence of any major violent incidents around the two main days and nights – must have been as a result thereof.

Since that fantastic world-beating Golden London run, our Gouyave boy has won two more 400m races in Europe – to keep the winning Red/Green/Gold Flag flying; but our people are getting restless, that after three weeks they have yet to see our Golden Champion on the Streets in Grenada – hope he would not be too much longer in coming.

In the two or three weeks before the Olympics in London – we had about three brutal killings and one suicide in these Spice Isles; since that Golden run by Kirani, and the excitement that followed the victory here in Grenada and especially in his hometown of Gouyave, the lawlessness seemed to have given the stage to our Hero Island-wide, and everywhere I passed it was all cheers and high fives.

As a few visitors on holiday for the Carnival in Gouyave remarked, they never knew there were so many people in Grenada – and it seemed all of them came to Gouyave, on that Monday night the Sixth August, Twenty Twelve.

And having safely returned to Grenada after my sojourn in London during the Olympics – on Sunday 19th August, a DJ and Carnival Band in full costumes came all the way from St. Andrew’s to Gouyave, and paraded from the Lance to the Cuthbert Peters Park, and back up the Lance before making their way home to Grenville.

And what really touched me, when I asked a small group by the park what was the occasion – they all answered as though in one voice – “we come to celebrate Kirani’s victory”.  On “Kirani Street” in Gouyave the people really and truly appreciated the very thoughtful gesture.

So now we have our Olympic Champion and World Record Holder for the 400m, for the next four years or so while we wait for the 2016 games in Rio, and Kirani continues to parade his skills in various places worldwide, and complete his studies at the University in Alabama in the U.S.A.

But while the name “Grenada” will be on everyone’s lips, once the Olympic Champion name is mentioned – the people and the conditions and state of affairs in our Tri-Island State for the next Ten Months, these will be tottering in political limbo, and at the mercy of fate and sheer hopefulness if we lucky.

And that remains so – because those in control of the seats of power are not as concerned about the good and welfare of the very people who put them in control, and whose business they are supposed to be taking care of – as they are worried about not getting another term in occupation of those seats.

And the madness about that state of affairs, is not because of the strength and good standing of the lot who are in opposition in Parliament – but because of the greed and deceitful hunger for power, by so many who have a very different agenda to please their masters.

These power seekers did a very good job in fooling our people, that they were concerned about repairing the damages inflicted by the longstanding lot of thirteen years in control.

But here we are, four years after the people fell for the nice sounding promises, and the apparent solid plans and intentions to bring changes and improvement to our people’s lives – and so very sad to say, nothing of the sort has taken place, or even in sight of so doing.  Instead it all looks very hopeless.

Looking at and listening to the happenings taking place among those eleven M.P’s, and their very close associates who must be well taken care of, it leaves one to wonder why the official opposition has to even bother to make any comments or suggestions.

Because the way things are at a standstill, people are bawling for much-needed relief and assistance up and down the country – and none seems to be anywhere on the financial horizon surrounding the Tri-Island State; all the official opposition has to do, is sit back and wait for the political suicide to take its very obvious and natural course, and then we are back to where we came from four to five years ago.

Another school year is about to begin, and while the results from the financially stable schools are very creditable, and even one or two from the traditional popular ones are also in the limelight – a whole lot of children who have passed Common Entrance, as well as hundreds who have been attending schools away from their home parishes for a year or so, they will be up against serious odds to meet the bus fares and books and a snack during their long hours from home.

And that is because their parents and guardians are not working, and just cannot make the required financial ends meet to enable them to support the young ones.

And instead of their M.P’s who are members of the Government in control of state power – coming up with programs or plans to help them overcome the financial burdens – they are busy filing motions of no-confidence in the five or six Government Ministers who are still holding the reins of power, while those break-away Ex-ministers continue to draw their M.P. salaries and doing nothing to show for same.

And the very people who voted to put them in Parliament, cannot even get a day work on the roads to care for their children and send them to school.

Something has to be wrong with that state of affairs, and whether or not those enjoying the M.P’s salaries – and doing nothing in return for the pay cheques they are cashing every month – have any bold-faced intention to offer themselves as Candidates at the next elections, whenever they are called – they should be helping families in their constituencies to try and make financial ends meet in these trying times.

Instead of helping the needy, however, they have the nerve to be carrying on about how they plan to make appropriate changes in the remainder of the wasted term.

If any number of voters in any constituency are blindfolded and crazy enough – to even help most of those defaulters to barely save their deposits, in any future elections after what they have suffered since the last one – then they deserved what they are getting now, and even more.

The joy and celebrations and euphoria over our Kirani James Olympic victory, have definitely came about at an appropriate time to help ease the pressure and tension – but that is only a passing and short-lived relief.

There could be a number of Investors in the major sporting nations, who have been very impressed by Kirani’s performance at the Olympics – and may feel and see the need to seize the opportunity to get involved in Grenada at this time, so that by the date of the next Olympics in Rio, their investment could be further boosted on the world sporting stage as sponsors in the Champion’s homeland.  But in the current political climate I cannot see this happening anytime soon.

To show their concern and goodwill for Grenada and its people – those still in control should take the bull by the horns and have the Governor-General dissolve Parliament within the next Ninety days and schedule General Elections before Christmas this year.

Whether two, three or four groups wish to contest that Election – so be it, but at least the people would have their constitutional right to choose the group they feel more comfortable with, and potential investors will have a united Government to deal with – as they travel on the Champion’s journey to the “Next Gold” in 2016.

Stevedore Dies At St. George’s Port

David Wayne Roberts – tragically lost his life while on the job

A mid-morning freak accident on Tuesday on board a vessel docked at the St. George’s Port has claimed the life of a stevedore.

The stevedore, David Wayne Roberts, alias “Baggies” was at the time engaged in offloading a shipment of cement from the Motor Vessel Sabina A which came into Port St. George since August 9 when the accident took place.

A statement issued by the Grenada Ports Authority says Roberts who is a resident of Fontenoy, St. George’s was a member of the team responsible for discharging the cargo off the ship. At the time of the accident he was stationed in the hatch of the boat.

According to the statement, Minister with the responsibility for the Grenada Ports Authority (GPA) Nazim Burke, on the advice of the Director of Maritime Affairs, has appointed Ian Noel, a US Coast Guard Certified Marine Causality Investigator to determine the cause of the incident.

Officers of the Royal Grenada Police Force are also conducting an investigation into the incident.

Although information of the incident is scanty, THE NEW TODAY Newspaper learnt that a two-ton beam aboard the vessel which is a Vincentian registered boat collapsed while the cement was being pulled out by a crane.

The vessel on which Wayne Roberts lost his life, while colleagues look on

A source told this newspaper the ball of the crane bounced the overhead beam on the hatch causing it to dislodge.

The beam fell on to the head of the 44-year old Roberts who it is estimated was about 25 feet below.

The stevedore fell on his back on top of bags of cement, and was partly covered in cement dust from the head to the feet.

The body was examined by the District Medical Officer, Dr. Susan Lambert who pronounced him dead at around 11:15 a,m.

This is reportedly the first waterfront casualty at Port St. George since 1958.
Family members view the incident as being carelessness, but are appreciative of the investigation that is launched by the GPA.

However, they are calling for the investigation to be thorough.
One family member would like to see that health and safety at the port now takes top priority on conclusion of the investigation.

The family member believes proper system needs to be put in place to cover the other workers to avoid another tragedy.

Roberts has been employed with the Grenada Ports Authority and a member of the Seamen and Waterfront Workers Union for over ten years.

Another winner with LIME

Lime Worker presenting phone to lucky customer

The Sports Timeline Treasure Hunt took place on the LIME Grenada Facebook Page with fans competing for a chance to win the much coveted Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone.

At the end of the competition, Neville Noel was declared the Grand Prize winner. He received his prize at the LIME Bruce Street Store from representative, Cherry-Ann Thomas.

Two other runners-up, Chrislyn Wilson and Ronelle Criss were also presented with gift vouchers from Samsung, valued between $400 and $1,000.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII comes packed with features such as high definition display, photo/music share features, smart alert that highlights your missed calls or messages, pop up play, social tag, and more.

The new Samsung Galaxy SIII is available at all LIME stores.

The LIAT politics

The industrial impasse between LIAT workers in Grenada and the management of the regional island hopping air carrier is more than cause for serious concern in Grenada.

The issue is a rather complex one in light of the fact that the cash-strapped air carrier is not in a position to find the money to meet the demands of the workers – whether legitimate or not.

This airline is in serious financial difficulties like most air carriers throughout the world.

Some blame poor management for LIAT’s difficulties, the ineffectiveness of its ageing aircrafts, as well as the many unprofitable routes that have to be serviced in order to provide a transportation service for the peoples of the Caribbean.

However, what THE NEW TODAY newspaper would like to warn Grenadians about is the tendency by some to use the current problems between LIAT and its workers to score cheap political points.

A case in point is a recent release put out by the main opposition New National Party (NNP) to seek to blame the current government in St. George’s for not doing anything in the current situation.

The release said in part: “The New National Party is particularly concerned that the Tillman Thomas Government has been unable to negotiate a settlement between LIAT and the Union over the past two years and has simply resigned itself as a stakeholder partner in this ongoing dispute, indeed the plight of the workers at LIAT seems to be furthest from the agenda of the NDC Government. In particular at a time when all Grenadians would be preparing to return their children to school and with Grenada’s continuing worsening economic situation causing untold hardships on these workers and their families.

We again urge the Government to take an active part in this outstanding issue and to cause an early settlement, mutually beneficial to all parties.

As a responsible Opposition Party, we therefore call on the NDC Government as a shareholder of LIAT and stakeholder partner in this dispute, to immediately broker a creative permanent solution to this long outstanding issue to the benefit of all parties concerned and in particular the Grenada based workers of LIAT.

We also call on the Government to immediately arrange with LIAT, so that Caribbean Airlines or other Carriers could accept the ticket stock from LIAT passengers, travelling in and out of Grenada between the two main gateway points of Trinidad and Barbados, as a temporary protective measure for passengers. The Government has a responsibility to even issue a guarantee, in this matter to the airlines mentioned above, and to diligently force an immediate settlement between LIAT and the workers”.

Can anyone imagine the NNP urging the Tillman Thomas government to use its powers as a shareholder and stakeholder in LIAT to find a solution to the problem? Is the Mitchell-led party for real? Should the NNP be taken seriously with its posturing?

The reality of the situation is that the three major shareholder governments in LIAT are those in Barbados, St. Vincent & The Grenadines and Antigua/Barbuda.

The former NNP administration under the leadership of Dr. Keith Mitchell when in power had stated publicly that it would not put a penny of Grenada’s money into the coffers of LIAT.

As a matter of fact, the former Prime Minister announced to the public that he was totally against monopolies such as LIAT in terms of air carriers in the region.

Some of the pundits in the region including one current Prime Minister hinted that the former Grenada Prime Minister started to adopt a hardline policy towards LIAT due to an apparent personal encounter with the airline.

So the bottom line is that the Government and People of Grenada had little or nothing to do with the restructuring of LIAT in which the three governments named above were left to find the monies to recapitalise the company. These are the countries that can call the real shots where LIAT is concerned – not Grenada and the others who are not the main financial contributors.

And today, the NNP is putting out statements calling on the new rulers in Grenada to do something in the current dilemma.

If the truth be told, Grenada has no seat on the Board of Directors of LIAT and is in no position to influence policy decisions on the inside.

The actions of the past NNP government not to contribute to the coffers of LIAT virtually disenfranchised the country.

There is no doubt that a strike by LIAT will cause tremendous difficulties for the travelling public from the northern to the southern Caribbean.

A LIAT strike will cause disruptions to businesses in and out of Grenada at a time when the country can ill-afford to lose any money.

The coffers of the Grenada Airports Authority will be affected because it derives a lot of money through landing fees at the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA).

This newspaper would like to see some kind of settlement to the impasse because LIAT has a tremendous role to play in air transportation in our region.

The unions representing the workers in the various islands need to be cautious in their dealings with LIAT and not push the shareholders to the point where they might be forced to declare the company bankrupt.

The shareholder governments must have a Plan B to deal with the current situation and potential problem posed by the Technical & Allied Workers Union (TAWU) of Senator Chester Humphrey.

What is the plan and who then will be the biggest losers – the workers, unions or shareholders?

“Rooms at Grooms” in honour of Kirani

Some of the people at the official launching of Grooms Beach Villas & Resort

Grooms Beach Villas & Resort in the south of the island is bent on cashing in on the tourism coverage given to the island by newly crowned Olympic 400 Metres gold medallist, Kirani James.

The hotel, located less than five minutes drive away from the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA), has become the first on the island to announce a package in recognition of James, Grenada’s first Olympic medallist.

Managing Director, Gloria Forrester unveiled the “Rooms at Grooms” promotion that will celebrate not only Kirani’s victory but also his Birthday (September 01) by ushering-in guests at the luxury facility at affordable rates.

“I wish to take this opportunity to share one of our promotional campaigns with you. During the months of September and October our hotel has put together a package dubbed ‘Rooms at Grooms’. Rooms at Grooms package offers the payment of only the summer rate on the hotel by the guest”, she said.

“The hotel will be responsible for the payment of all the taxes. This is part of our victory and birthday celebration for Kirani James as we invite visitors to come and know the home of our stalwart. We again look forward to our new found partnership in helping us to promote this summer campaign,” she added.

Grooms Beach Villas & Resort Managing Director, Gloria Forrester

According to Forrester, the Resort is expanding its services to better serve its clients during this financially challenging time.

She said the name Airport Hotel could rightfully apply to the Resort because of the facility’s proximity to the International Airport.

Forrester is optimistic that the location of the Resort can solve several problems encountered by nationals as well as visitors including in-transit passengers and airline staff looking for close proximity to the facility.

Grooms Resort is a subsidiary of Kenny’s Trucking & Equipment Services Limited, which began operations in 1996 in the construction industry.

The business is owned and operated by Kenny and Gloria Forrester of Seaton Brown Street, Grenville, St Andrew.

The Resort opened its doors to the public in January 2008 but was officially launched last week Friday. The Resort offers 29 rooms consisting of nine Two-Bedroom Villas and Eleven Standard and Deluxe rooms.

The persons has the potential to provide permanent employment for 17 people.
Tourism Minister, Dr George Vincent who was present congratulated the Resort owners for being the first to put together a package in honour of the Grenadian track icon.

Minister Vincent noted that Kirani has given to Grenada some US$25 Million of on-air promotion in the London Olympic Games as compared to the US$5,000.00 per minute the Grenada Board of Tourism (GBT) pays to promote the country.

He also congratulated the entrepreneurs for taking advantage of the opportunity afforded by niche markets.

The Tourism Minister also commended the Forresters’ on their initiative to diversify from construction into the hotel/service sector.

He wished them success in their business venture and hoped that they reap the full benefits for their hard work and labour and called other businesses to get involved in niche markets.

Dr. Vincent declared the Resort to be an Airport Hotel in keeping with the wishes of the owners.

Grooms Beach Villas & Resort is located at Point Saline, St George, approximately one hundred meters away from the Beach House Restaurant located near to the popular Grooms Beach.

Cop Thompson wants stiffer penalties

Some of the weapons confiscated by the RGPF

Commissioner of Police, Willan Thompson has disclosed plans to call on the nation’s legislators in Parliament to increase the penalty for persons charged with offensive weapons.

The island’s top COP told local reporters last week that more than 40 persons were arrested and charged for being in possession of offensive weapons during the just-ended Carnival season.

According to Commissioner Thompson, the lawmen were successful in their Carnival Operations which targeted drugs, offensive weapons and ill-discipline among drivers on the nation’s roads.

He said that several knives, hatchets, swords, cutlasses, as well as a gun and other objects including a galvanise hand-made cutlass were confiscated by the police in random searches.

Most of the weapons confiscated were at checkpoints set up by RGPF while a few were taken away at one of the major Carnival shows.

“It still bothers my mind… I don’t know why an individual going to Carnival needs to have a sword, not a ceremonial sword, in fact even if it was a ceremonial sword it’s place was not in Carnival”, he said.

“I don’t know why an individual going to Carnival needs to have a hatchet. A hatchet is used to cut wood. I don’t know there’s wood on the streets to be cut, and I don’t know why there were so much kitchen knives as though we were going to carve meat”, he added.

Commissioner of Police, Willan Thompson wants stronger legislation

Commissioner Thompson questioned why young people attending entertainment shows will have such weapons in their possessions and that he is baffled as to why someone going out to enjoy him or herself would find it necessary to carry or contemplate the use of such weapons.

“We need to request an amendment to the law to make the penalty a lot greater than it is now. We have to find ways and means of dealing with the situation that currently exist,” he said.

According to Commissioner Thompson, the RGPF is resolute that weapons is not the way to go and searches will continue despite the fact that Carnival is over as they need to rid the society of the level of violence that currently exist.

He warned that the time has come to put an end to catching these people with offensive weapons and giving them a small fine or sentencing them to only two months in prison.

“It has to stop … we will be asking for the penalty to be revisited to ensure the crime of harm be dealt with in a very serious manner”, he said.

Under the present legislation, the crime of carrying an offensive weapon is a summary offence that carries a penalty of six months imprisonment.

Commissioner Thompson is suggesting that it should carry a few years imprisonment or both fine and confinement.

The chief cop also announced his intention to push for legislation to eliminate the sale of beverages in breakable bottles during the festive season in order to avoid a number of incidents.

He said that at least three persons sustained injuries this year from broken bottles.
Another major concern for the police is the tendency by the motoring publics to refuse to obey traffic signs.

He said that what the lawmen are discovering is that where there are unmanned signs, the motoring public pay very little heed to them.

Commissioner Thompson disclosed that Spice Mas 2K12 was free of major incidents.

He said he is now happy that the force can now resume normal duty after many days of sleepless nights, hard work and long hours by the men and women in uniform to ensure the public is safe and secure during the festive season.

He indicated that no major incidents were reported during the Carnival season although more than 40 people were arrested and charged with minor offences, three of whom were charged with offensive weapons.

The three persons were convicted in court- two were fined and one given a prison sentence.

Commissioner Thompson thanked the general public for the manner in which they conducted themselves.

PM pleased with 2012 Carnival

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas – greeting carnival spectators

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas has extended congratulations to all winners of Carnival 2012.

The Prime Minister acknowledged the work of the Spice Mas Corporation (SMC) and applauded the “creativity” displayed by calysonians, mas bands, steel bands and other stakeholders during the season.

“Our Carnival brought out a level of creativity and splendor that continues to attract visitors from various countries of our region and different parts of the world. It enhances our country’s marketability and is a good marriage between our tourism product and our cultural expressions,” the Prime Minister said last week Thursday.

Prime Minister Thomas welcomed the “unprecedented involvement of the private sector” in partnership with government in the staging of the 2012 Carnival.

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas – embraced by a carnival masquerader

He also expressed his admiration for the quality of calypsos rendered at Dimanche Gras and the “intricate design” of costumes paraded through the streets of St. George’s on Carnival Tuesday.

“The way people use the artform, whether it’s through music or costume, to express themselves and to address issues in society, is a demonstration of the openness and freedom of our society,” the Prime Minister, who enjoyed front row seat at Dimanche Gras, commented.

He commended the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) for “doing a great job in keeping the peace during this busy period,” and recognised the outstanding conduct of the patrons at the various events.

“I think everyone played a great role in ensuring a safe period, especially during the Carnival season,” the Prime Minister said.

Kirani James continues winning form

LINZ, Austria, August 20, 2012 – World and Olympic 400m champion Kirani James of Grenada continued his winning form when he won in the Austrian city of Linz on Monday.

James won easily in 44.46 seconds, ahead of Jonathan Borlee of Belgium in 45.10 and American Calvin Smith in 45.34.

It was his first competition since winning Olympic gold in London two weeks ago and will line-up against some known competitors in the Samsung Diamond League in Lausanne on Thursday.

1.James Kirani GRN 44,46 secs
2. Borlee Jonathan BEL 45,10 secs
3. Smith Calvin USA 45,34 secs
4. Williams Conrad GBR 45,35 secs
5. Fothergill Allodin JAM 45,51 secs
6. Pistorius Oscar RSA 46,91 secs
7. Matzinger Günther AUT 48,48 secs
8. Smetana Christian AUT 49,05 secs

Elections and national issues

by Dr. Brian Francis

Anyone following the lead up to the Presidential elections in the United States has to agree with the pundits that that election is likely to be one of the most bitterly contested in recent times.

That conclusion is based in part on the extent of negativity in some of the advertisements taken out thus far on both sides – the Democrats and Republicans.

Fortunately, last weekend the soon-to-be confirmed Republican Presidential candidate has announced Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate and immediately many in the media have concluded that the Vice-presidential candidate will force a shift in focus from personal attacks to the most pressing issue facing the country – the financial and economic health of the nation.

Given the Congressman’s expertise and experience in financial and economic matters it is no surprise that the Republicans would want to fully capitalise on his knowledge and take the fight to President Obama given his record in the management of the economy over the past four years.

With just over eighty days left before Americans go to the polls to elect a new President, no one could predict with certainty the direction in which the campaign will head.

However, it is my wish that little time is spent on personal attacks and that most of the resources at the disposal of both political parties is directed to relevant national issues.

Indeed, the desire to focus on national issues as opposed to engaging in personal attacks is not only relevant in the context of the Presidential elections in the United States.

We in Barbados will soon be presented with a similar choice once the election bell is rung. Let us be clear about one thing: campaigning for general elections is hard work.  While there is some room for “humour” our politicians cannot afford to waste too much time and energy in unproductive activities while there are so many critical national issues to be urgently addressed.

What are those issues? Anyone who has been keeping track of developments in Barbados over the past few years would be quite aware of some of the major challenges confronting this country legally, politically, socially, culturally, and economically.

Hence, there should be no shortage of national issues that our politicians can and must address during the election period. On the economic front, for example, I believe that two sets of issues should dominate the campaign: macroeconomic issues and sectoral concerns.

On the macroeconomic side, all of the political parties contesting the elections should at the minimum present the country with clear and specific plans for generating employment especially for our young people, lowering the incidence of poverty, reducing the cost of living, restructuring the local economy, and managing the fiscal and debt situation.

At the sectoral level, the public should be made aware of the roles to be played by agriculture, manufacturing, construction, international business, and tourism in growing and developing the local economy.

For example, what type of tourism (high or low end) do we want for Barbados?  What roles should communities play in the development of our tourism product?

You see, after all is said and done, just as the Red Plastic Bag has said, “the country is going through a phase.”

I am sure all and sundry know exactly what that phase has and continues to be.  The upcoming election is a great opportunity, therefore, for us to turn the tide in the right direction.  But that can only happen if the various political parties are totally dedicated to dealing with national issues and not personal attacks.

(Dr. Brian Francis is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics at the Cave Hill Campus in Bridgetown, Barbados of the University of the West Indies)

River Sallee Community Refurbish Hard Court with $30,000 from Digicel

Digicel’s Country Manager Patricia Maher with members of the group

Residents of the River Sallee Community in St. Patrick’s are rejoicing over the refurbishment of their hard court with financial support having been provided by telecommunications provider, Digicel.

After receiving an invitation from the committee led by Pastor Dave King, to consider the refurbishment of the court as a community project, Digicel’s Country Manager Patricia Maher, and Marketing Manager Kirk Seetahal made a site visit to ascertain that the $30,000 being requested would be money well spent. They were convinced that the project was both necessary and sustainable and proceeded to give the necessary support.

“River Sallee’s community has enjoyed Digicel’s bigger, better network and been supportive of the company,” said Maher. “So it is time Digicel supports the people with a newly improved lighted hard court for all to enjoy”.

As a result of the voluntary work of the men and women of the community the hard court is now awaiting the installation of the lighting equipment which would make it fully operational.

Pastor King who leads the team expressed his gratitude for Digicel’s generous donation to the community.

“This is what can be achieved is testimony to what can happen when a community and the corporate sector work together. This is ultimately the product of the hard, voluntary work of the men of this community.”

Project secretary, Annemarie Edwards assured the Digicel team that “a local committee would be put in place to ensure that the beautification and maintenance of the facility for many years to come.”

Today the youth of the River Sallee community and the surrounding areas now have a place to play their favourite sports of basketball, netball and tennis because Digicel, the bigger, better network gave back to their community.