Trump sued Letidia James to stop an investigation into his business

Donald J. Trump filed a lawsuit Monday against New York State Attorney General Letidia James, demanding that he suspend the lengthy civil investigation into his business practices and prevent him from participating in a separate criminal investigation.

In federal court in Albany, Mr. The lawsuit, filed by Trump and his family in the real estate business, argues that Ms James’ involvement in both trials was politically motivated. Mr. His statements are listed as evidence that Trump’s lawyers are arguing against him.

“His motive is guided only by the persecution, intimidation and retaliation of a private citizen whom he considers a political enemy,” the lawsuit states.

In a statement, Ms. James, a Democrat, said the case would not stop the trial.

“The Trump administration continues to seek to delay our investigation into its business dealings,” the statement said. “To be clear, neither Mr. Trump nor the Trump organization can dictate where they respond to their actions.”

If Ms. James finds evidence of wrongdoing, she will contact Mr. Trump can be prosecuted, but because it is a civil trial, he cannot file criminal charges.

Mr. Trump’s case comes two weeks after Ms James signaled she would Seeks to question Mr Trump under oath At the beginning of next month, on the same day she The New York governor withdrew from the race.

“I have decided to continue my work as Attorney General.” Said Ms. James. “There are a lot of important investigations and lawsuits going on, and I want to get the job done.”

Mr. Trump’s lawyers are expected to ask a judge to rescind Sapona, and they are expected to do so in the coming days.

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Mr. Trump’s lawyer Alina Hubba, Mr. Trump’s case, Ms James said in a statement, was an attempt to prevent a “bitter crusade to punish her political opponent.”

Progress will be made in the civil investigation An important stage in a separate criminal investigation Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus R. To a former president run by Vance Jr..

Mr. Trump’s case also seeks to block Ms James’ participation in the criminal investigation, arguing that parallel civil and criminal investigations are inappropriate.

That inquiry, in which Ms. James’ office participates, is central Mr. Did Trump deceive creditors by raising the value of his assets.

Mr. Vance will step down at the end of the year, and it is not yet signaled whether his trial will be handed over to his successor, Alvin Brock.

Ms. James’ civil trial began in March 2019, and she said Mr. Mr. Trump’s business. Vance has focused on a few aspects like that.

But Mr. against Mrs. James. Trump’s case, he argues, tainted the investigation based on his “long-standing animosity” towards the former president and his company.

Mr. The lawsuit alleges that Ms James violated Trump’s constitutional rights and sought to cool the former president’s legitimacy and political speech.

For many years Mr. This highlights the long list of public criticisms he has leveled at Trump, who announced in a 2017 tweet that he was “leading the opposition against Donald Trump in the NYC”.

The lawsuit alleges that Ms James, who was the New York City attorney general at the time, campaigned for the attorney general as part of an anti-Trump agenda.

During the campaign, Ms. James often called on Mr. Trump called on Twitter and in fundraising appeals. I write that“The people of New York need a fighter who will fight Donald Trump and stand up for our rights. I will be that fighter. Join my campaign.

“I need your help in this fight against Donald Trump,” another message read.

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