Trump Latest News Today: Former President Says Musk Will Not Buy Twitter ‘Absurd Price’ for Supporting Benz Kembe

In his speech on economics, Biden mocked Trump as the ‘best maca king’

As Donald Trump’s nominee David Bertu struggles to gain momentum in Georgia’s governorial primary, Mike Pence announces he will come to the state to vote for current Brian Kemp – a Republican who refused to submit to Mr Trump’s insistence. From Joe Biden in 2020.

Meanwhile, the select committee investigating the January 6 attack on US Capital has given sub-bonuses to four GOP lawmakers who are close associates of House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy and Donald Trump: Ohio’s Representatives Jim Jordan, Pennsylvania’s Scott Perry, and Andy Bux. Everyone was given the opportunity to testify voluntarily.

And this Department of Justice The former president is now investigating Trump Or any of his aides have violated federal law by mishandling secret documents that ended up in Mar-a-Lago instead of the national archives at the end of his tenure.

On Friday, the former president shared some thoughts on Elon Musk’s plan to buy Twitter, saying the billionaire would not pay a “ridiculous price” for the platform because it was mostly “BOTS or spam accounts”.


Trump says Elon Musk will not buy Twitter for such an ‘absurd price’

Donald Trump has announced that he will suspend the purchase of his $ 44 billion platform after billionaire Elon Musk announced that he would not buy Twitter “at such an absurd price”.

The Tesla boss says he is “still determined” to buy Twitter, but the deal has been put on hold until the platform gathers more information about spam and fake accounts.

Mr Musk has vowed to put Mr Trump back on stage as soon as he comes under his control, but the one-time president has raised doubts about what happens occasionally in a post on his own true social site.

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ICYMI: Pro-Trump Netflix might get in your way

The Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) is hiring staff for the new venture. In an ad released on Wednesday, the group announced that the streaming service, dubbed TMTG +, would be “a ‘big tent’ platform that offers a wide range of entertainment based on free speech.”

It added, “In addition to the social media site Truth Social, our SVOD [Subscription Video on Demand] The TMTG + operating system is the interface for a variety of unwritten, scripted, and original content.

Srivastava Dasgupta it is too much.

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Trump thinks about Elon Musk’s intention to buy Twitter

Former President Donald Trump has shared some thoughts on his own social media site Truth Social about Elon Musk’s intention to buy Twitter.

He wrote (Really?): “Elon Musk is not going to buy Twitter at such a ridiculous price, especially since he realizes that it’s mostly a company based on BOTS or spam accounts. Fake someone? ”

The former president continued, “By the time you get rid of them, if you can even do that, what do you have? Not much? Had it not been for the ridiculous billion-dollar breakup fee, Elon would have already been a long time coming. In my opinion, but the real community is much better than Twitter and totally exploding, incredibly involved!

Mr Musk had previously said he would allow Mr Trump back on Twitter, from which he has been banned since January 6, 2021. Earlier today Mr Musk reviewed the purchase of the micro-blogging social media site as “suspended”. How many bots and spam accounts were on the platform.

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Kevin McCarthy stands up …

After being sapped by a select committee on January 6, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy seems to have a lower profile than usual as he spends his day on Capitol Hill:

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Lindsay Graham’s suggestion on January 6 that Pita should be president is “wrong”

South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham was not pleased with the recent audio recordings after the January 6 riots, saying that Donald Trump was responsible for the events of the day and that Joe Biden was “probably the best person”. White House.

Now, Mr Graham has withdrawn his comments Fox News Editor Jesse Waters He said he was “wrong” about Mr Pitton.

“I have known Joe for 30 years. He’s a good guy, but he’s a disaster as president, ”he said. “No one is afraid of Joe Biden abroad, and his policies at home are failing.”

Eric Garcia The story is there.

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Benz breaks down with Trump in Georgia governor race

David Berdu, a supporter of Donald Trump in the Georgia gubernatorial race, failed to catch Republican incumbent Brian Kembe. With the vote on May 24, Mr Kemp has attracted his own supporter, Mike Pence.

Although Mr Pence has not publicly condemned Mr Trump’s actions since the 2020 election, he has ruled that Mr Trump cannot be included in the future presidential ticket. For his part, Mr Pence followed up with a nationwide talk of engagement and campaign-style appearances, raising some speculation that he could step down as president if Mr Trump did not run or not run.

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Report: The DoJ reporter’s phone records were subpoenaed under Trump

It has been revealed that during the Trump administration, the judiciary provided a sapona for the telephone records of an investigative reporter looking at his family separation policy on the US border.

Gino spocia The message is.

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Hillbilly “surprised” by Elegy director JD Vance’s far right turn

Directed by Ron Howard Widely banned film adaptation JD Vance’s Appalachian Memorial on Cultural Dysfunction, Hillbilly EligDonald Trump and far-right politics now say he is amazed at the candidate’s warmth.

“I always knew he was conservative, but [he] It struck me as a very center-right, a kind of moderate thinker, ”the director said in an interview. Hollywood ReporterThe film he directed also reflects that “he does not mean moving in the direction of politics”.

By the time his well-received book elevated him to national prominence, Mr Vance was an unavoidable critic of Donald Trump, warning that he might become “Hitler of America” ​​and describing it as the political equivalent of the deadly drug that destroyed lives. The area where he grew up. But during this year’s Ohio Senate primary, Mr Vance transformed himself into a radical Trumpist and militant cultural figure.

Read more from this Abe Usher Below.

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ICYMI: Lawyers investigating Trump’s Mar-a-Lago documents

The judiciary has launched an investigation into how several boxes of official documents of the Trump administration, some of which were classified, went to Mar-e-Lago instead of being legally transferred to the National Archives.

Under federal law, all records created during Mr Trump’s tenure must be US property and transferred to the archive by the time he leaves office on January 20, 2021.

The boxes of documents were aimed at determining how the boxes were transported to Florida, where they were responsible for the boxing, and if anyone knew of any improperly classified items being taken out of the White House. In Florida, According to The New York Times.

Andrew Feinberg And Gustav Glander Have the story.

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