Trump asked the Supreme Court to block the January 6 release of his White House record to the Committee.

The House committee, which has been accused of investigating the U.S. Capitol attack, is expected to make recommendations to prevent similar attacks in the future. Searching for documents It explores Trump’s role in trying to overthrow the election. That includes his appearance at the January 6 rally. He then led the disciples to the Capitol. The documents are currently with the National Archives.
In Filed Submitted In the Supreme Court on Thursday, Trump asked the judges to fully review the case and to suspend the court’s decision under which they would allow him to release his records while they consider his position. Case.

“The committee’s limited interest in obtaining the requested records immediately is dim compared to President Trump’s interest in defending judicial review before facing irreparable damage,” Trump’s lawyers wrote in court.

Documents documenting events within the West Wing as Trump supporters gather in Washington – hundreds of documents including functional records, tables, speech notes and three-page handwritten notes by then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows are in trouble. It then disrupted the 2020 ballot and seized US capital. These recordings may respond to some of the most closely guarded facts about what happened between Trump and other top officials, including those who besieged Capitol Hill on January 6th.

Trump has been trying to keep secret the AA draft declaration paying homage to the two police officers who died in the siege, notes about election fraud and attempts to thwart Trump’s loss of the presidency, the National Archives said in court documents.

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The fight over documents came from a lawsuit filed by Trump against the House Committee on Documents, demanding an end to the release of records. So far, Trump has argued that those documents should be kept secret under the former president’s executive prerogative, despite lower courts rejecting his arguments. Thursday’s filing in the Supreme Court indicates the seriousness of the controversy, with President Joe Biden ruling that it is not in the United States’s to withhold documents on the basis of executive power. In a letter to the National Archives in October, White House adviser Dana A. Remus said, “The president has refused to guarantee privilege because Congress has a compelling need for its legislative functions to understand the circumstances that led to these horrific events.”

In a lawsuit filed in the Supreme Court on Thursday, the former president’s lawyers said Trump’s request for White House documents was “not incorporated for any valid legislative purpose and violates congressional authority under the Constitution and Presidential Records Act.”

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