This controller converts your Android phone into a portable Xbox

It is not possible for Microsoft to ever build a portable Xbox. Between Sony’s failure with Vita, Nintendo’s dominance of the market by switch, and Microsoft’s device-conscious business model, there really is not much demand for such a product.

This does not mean that portable Xbox games are not required. Microsoft pushes cloud gaming hard with the Xbox Game Pass, as well as the ability to stream games directly to your phone from your own Xbox console. And even a Surprising number of players They do this with touch screen controls – I know people who swear by the touch screen touch screen HadesBelieve it or not – this is not a system suitable for most Xbox games.

That’s why I was eager to try out RIG MG-X, Nikon’s mobile controller. It is an officially licensed Xbox controller that works on any Android phone, providing all the buttons you would find on a standard Xbox One pad. It is very suitable for game pass games while traveling.

Mobile controllers are not a new idea and there are already solid options for Android Razor is like Kishi – including a Recently the Xbox-specific version was released. The RIG MG-X, however, has an attractive straightforward design for a product category that can be a little disgusting, creating an elegant approach when paired with Xbox buttons. It is better not to think about which icons map which commands; By default you can use the same buttons that you have on a regular Xbox system.

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The controller has a gap in the middle that extends to pull around your mobile, which connects via Bluetooth. Nacon says it should work on any phone running Android 6 and above with a screen up to 6.7 inches; I mostly used this with the Vivo X70 Pro Plus, which is a giant phone with a 6.78 inch screen and it works well. (However, this does not work with iPhones.)

This is a very tough device, and it is wider than the Xbox controller before you can extend the plug into your mobile. This is not a bad thing – it feels well structured and I have no problem throwing it in a bag while traveling. I do not mind using Bluetooth instead of the USB-C connector because it creates a more compatible design and ensures that I use the controller with the phone in one case. However, you will need to manually connect to the phone and charge the controller from time to time via USB-C; Nacon cites approximately 20 hours of battery life.

Overall, the controls of the RIG MG-X are small but effective. The analog sticks are not as large as the full-size Xbox controller, but they are larger than the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and are quite satisfying to use. The face buttons are very small but tactile and clickable, while the D-Pad is a bit smoother than I like but accurate enough. I have big hands and have found that most of the RIG MG-X games have reasonably good ergonomics over time.

Triggers of RIG MG-X are its biggest drawback.

However, there is one exception when it comes to triggers. For some reason, pressing them all the way is unusually difficult, which is a big problem for games like racers where you have to catch them too much. Such a game The halo is infinite It’s okay if you keep pressing individually to shoot weapons, but I was wondering why I’m failing in so many races. Forza Horizon 5 Before I realized that my foot was not pressing enough on the gas. You can do that, but it takes more power than other controllers I’ve used so far, and it’s not comfortable for extended gaming sessions.

It is unfortunate that this is not good Forza Horizon 5 Controller – You may have heard that this is a good game – But it works well for other types. You can use this for non-Xbox games, of course, whether they are in the Play Store or anywhere else – I played a lot Fortnight Plus, you’ll get native Xbox button indicators in the menus.

The RIG MG-X is a decent controller with one major drawback, so if you are a fan of racing games, find out what you get. I’m one, so I was disappointed, for that reason I personally use the Xbox version of Razor Kishi. But for many Xbox games, it’s a solid solution that brings you closer to the portable Xbox than ever before, and apart from the triggers, I love its design. Nacon announced the MG-X Pro this month, which looks like a standard Xbox controller – I hope the triggers are better.

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