Waiting patiently on the D.P.P!!!

There was an inquiry into the misconduct of the right Hon. Dr. Keith Mitchell with a one man commissioner appointed by Sir Daniel Williams, the then Governor General of Grenada. Whenever an inquiry is being conducted with Taxpayers money as was in the case of the Duffus inquiry the report was published in the newspaper and the recommendation carried out. But in the case of the Cheltenham inquiry no report was officially published in the newspaper by the office of the then Governor General and no recommendation carried out especially the recommendation made on page fifty-eight of the report. I … Continue reading

PM Thomas vs Peter David

The warring factions in Grenada’s ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) are battling again in public. This time the issue at stake is the holding of an event on Sunday to mark the fourth anniversary of the party’s victory at the polls on July 8, 2008 to take power from the New National Party (NNP) of former Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell. Well-placed sources told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that a rebel faction of the party that is loyal to General Secretary, Peter David is planning an all-day event at the La Tante Beach while Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and his … Continue reading

Gill: There is no confusion

Public Relations Officer of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), Arley Gill has said that there is no confusion over the two-tier celebration to mark the fourth anniversary of the party’s victory at the polls on July 8, 2008. The Government of Prime Minister Tillman Thomas has planned a major rally at Gouyave on Sunday, the actual date of the anniversary, while another faction in the party has planned a fun-day at La Tante Beach to commemorate the anniversary. Gill who was promoting the fun-day through a Press Conference on Tuesday told members of the media that the Prime Minister’s … Continue reading

Grenadians; Take warning, dont be fooled

Grenadians, do not be fooled.  Do not be deceived.  Almost five years ago, you the Grenadian people, rose up against who is now the opposition leader, that is the then Prime Minister of Grenada.  You rejected him at the poll, because he was not satisfying you. You choose instead the present Prime Minister, the Honorable Tillman Thomas.  So far, he has proven to you that he is not God. Too many of you put pressure on politicians, to satisfy your needs as if they are God. Your greed, envy, covetousness and jealousy put you in a position where nothing satisfies … Continue reading

Rubis comes to Grenada

A French supplier of petroleum has made its way onto the Grenadian market. Rubis has formed a partnership with local businessman Lyden Ramdhanny to have the supplier become a household name in Grenada through the Melville Street Service Station. During the commissioning of the Rubis Melville Street Service Station last week Thursday, Chief Executive Officer of Rubis West Indies Limited, Mauricio Nicholls promised a modern, clean, appealing, and welcoming image. Nicholls who is based in Barbados pointed out that the investment made demonstrates the company’s commitment to Grenada, which he said is a very special and important market. “We hope … Continue reading

The political silly season

The smell of an impending election always seems to elicit political saliva. Many salivate even if the menu is not attractive, doesn’t smell appealing and even when the food does not even exist. So Grenada is alive and busy with all sorts of political intrigue and activity. The splurge of activities and the illogical nature of many have led to the characterisation of silliness. So the electorate is often amused and sometimes confused. July 8, 2012 seem to have some sort of strong appeal or significance. The NNP is scheduled to hold their convention, the NDC government is having an … Continue reading

Grenada Pan Man judged SVG Panorama

Grenada is recognised for its ability in producing people who are sincere to the art of pan and pan music. For the second consecutive year, Drill Master at the Republic Bank Angel Harps, Andy Chichester was invited to judge the panorama competition in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) that took place on Thursday. In an exclusive interview with The New Today Newspaper, Chichester said that having judged in Trinidad and Tobago from 2000 and 2005, and still being one of Pan Trinbago’s several judges, he would be recommended as one of their judges when other Caribbean countries are in … Continue reading

The struggle continues – While people wait

Last week Friday (29th June) was celebrated as always, as our Fishermen Birthday – based on the longstanding tradition dating back to the Disciples “Peter and Andrew”, who were Fishermen when Jesus called them to leave their boats and nets and become “Fishers of Men”. And as always the biggest celebration was held in the Town of Gouyave – which is the fishing capital of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. The Governor General, the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Member of Parliament for St. John’s parish – were all present for the R.C Church Service which traditionally begins … Continue reading

Time to break!!!

Recent developments within the National Democratic Congress (NDC) over celebrations to mark the party’s fourth year in government should send home the message to Grenadians that the group as currently existing cannot be taken seriously for another five-year term in office. The Prime Minister, Tillman Thomas needs to make a clean break from the other faction of Congress that is led by the party’s General Secretary, Peter David, who once held the portfolio of Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation. This is the only hope for PM Thomas if he wants to send a message to the Grenadian people that … Continue reading

Training for extension officers

The T.A. Marryshow Community College and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries on July 2 launched its joint training course in Animal Production and Health. Twenty-two (22) trainees from the Ministry of Agriculture will spend the next eight weeks at the Mirabeau campus completing a range of courses including nutrition and reproduction of farm animals, production economics and animal diseases. According to Daniel Lewis, Chief Agricultural Officer at the Ministry of Agriculture, “the aim of the training is to foster human capacity development with regard to animal health since livestock development is a high priority of the Ministry”. At … Continue reading