Rhode Island state Senate candidate suspends campaign after showing video of attacking opponent in protest

The Republican candidate for the Rhode Island State Senate suspended his campaign on Saturday, and a video was released, which the Supreme Court ruled against Roe V. The protest, which followed the cancellation of the hunt, appeared to have beaten the opposition candidate.

Jean Lugo, a police officer on duty at the time As shown in the video A big providence, in the beating of rival Jennifer Rourke between the RIs, and the rally in response to the Jackson Women’s Health Organization against the Tops, decided to beat Rowe.

The Providence Police (PPD) on Saturday declared a “criminal investigation into the conduct of an officer who was not on duty during a protest in which a woman was assaulted.”

“The officer has served for 3 years and is on administrative leave with pay this morning. Criminal investigation and administrative review are pending.” Department wrote On Twitter.

PPD confirmed Providence Journal The store report said Jean Lugo was the officer involved and that Lugo was charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct after Saturday.

Lugo told the Journal that he was “not going to deny” the allegations that he had assaulted Rourke.

“It was so confusing, so I can not say right now. Everything happened so fast,” he said.

Lugo added in a statement Boston Globe: “As an officer who vowed to protect and serve our communities, I found myself in a situation where, unfortunately, no individual should see themselves. I took action to protect someone who was being attacked by a group of insurgents.”

Rourke wrote on Twitter that Lugo had “violently attacked” himself, saying, “This is a black woman running for office. I will not give up.”

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Lugo announced Saturday afternoon that he was ending his campaign for the state Senate.

“I have decided that this is the right time to look for a position, so I will not run to any office this fall,” Lugo tweeted, according to several outlets. His account appears to have been deleted.

Hill has approached both Lugo and Rourke for feedback.

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