Jason Kid says Mavericks need players other than Luca Doncie to advance 2-0 with Dallas against Phoenix Suns

PHOENIX – Dallas Mavericks coach Jason Kid has delivered a similar message after two games so far in the semifinals of the Western Conference: Luca Tansik A lot more help is needed against high quality Phoenix Suns.

Dallas wasted another brilliant attacking game by Danzik in Wednesday’s Game 2, where he scored 35 points in a 13-off-22 shooting to give the Suns a 2-0 lead in the 129-109 defeat. The Suns repeatedly targeted Dansik defensively when they burned Maws for 71 in the second half.

“He had a great game, but no one else showed up,” Kid said. “We have to bowl the other players better. He can not win if he only scores 30 runs in one night – not at this time of year. And we play as the best team in the league, so we have to take the others.”

Kid noted that the dough needed more production from the guards Jalan Brunson And Spencer Tinvit, 32.6% of the two losses in the footprint center added only 41 points in the shoot. This was in stark contrast to Brunson’s previous series, which saw him win the first round against the Utah Jazz, averaging 27.8 points in the six – game series.

Chris Paul And Devin Booker, Suns’ all-star guard, dominated Wednesday night by relentlessly hunting down Tansik. That particularly in the second half, Booker scored 21 of his 30 points and Paul 20 of his 28.

“Tough fit to defend,” Booker said of Tonsick, “but he has to guard a little bit.”

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According to Second Spectrum Tracking, Dansik was the screenwriter defender on 19 on-screen screens in the second half, making him the third-highest scorer of any half of his career. The Suns average 1.81 points per chance on those possessions. This is the maximum performance allowed by a defender who has been involved in at least 15 direct selections in the last three seasons.

“I want to play better defense,” Danzik said. “That’s it.”

The Suns opened the game in the first five minutes of the fourth quarter, extending their lead from six to 15 as Paul captured the game, blasting 14 points and two assists in that interval. Paul used and invented the tonic on switches for a pair of loop and pull-up jumper Cameron Johnson For a 3-pointer, decide 21-7 during the run.

“We have to do a better job of helping him,” Kid said of Suns targeting Dansik. “They’re raising him in everything. We knew it was coming in the series. We knew it in the last series. Not only Luca, we did a great job protecting each other. We need to get back to protecting each other. Another game 3 is back home.”

It’s a historic hit show by Booker, Paul and the Suns. Phoenix set a franchise playoff record by shooting 64.5% off the ground, including 84.2% in the fourth quarter. The Suns had an actual shooting percentage of 75.7%. According to ESPN statistics and information research, it ranks second all-time in the playoffs, just 77.8% behind LA Clippers in Game 5 wins against the Mavericks in the first round of 2020.

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Paul, who received eight assists, was particularly talented. He went 11-for-16 from the ground, including 9-for-10 in the second half. Booker went 11-for-19 from the ground and 5-for-8 from the 3-point range, all of which came after half-time.

“When you look at the CP and the book, they alternate,” Kid said. “Someone took the third quarter, the next took the fourth quarter, we have no answer. .We want to be even better. “

The Mavs, who are playing in the second round for the first time since the 2011 Championship run of the title, will be looking for solutions when they fly home to Dallas on Thursday.

“A lot of players, this is the first time in this situation,” Danzik said. “We believe, man, they have to win four, so it’s not over yet.”

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