Heartland fire investigation; 6 people each died of gunshot wounds

Heartland Six people – including four children – were killed on Monday, October 24, police said. He was found dead in an apartment fire Shot last week. One of the six people appears to have shot himself.

Police Chief Doreen Misko said investigators found a “flammable liquid” not normally found in an apartment. However, he did not say whether the fire was set deliberately – or whether the man shot his family.

“All six people located in the 700 block of Mansfield Court in Hartland Village had a gunshot wound,” Misko said Monday. “Connor McKissick’s gunshot wound ruled self-inflicted.”

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FOX6 News has identified the dead as 34-year-old Connor McKissick, 33-year-old Jessica McKissick and 14-year-old Natalie Kleimeier. The other three have been identified as a 12-year-old girl and two 3-year-old boys. The boys, twins, are the sons of the McKisicks, the police chief said.

When a monument grows outside the apartment building, detectives try to establish what happened inside and when.

“We are still working Waukesha County The medical examiner is trying to determine the exact time, but we believe it is closely related to the time of our call, which was 5:11 a.m. that morning,” Misko said.

Misko also said officers recovered “several firearms” from the residence. The investigation remains open.

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“This is a tragic incident for the family of the deceased, for our first responders and for them Heartland community,” Misko said.

The cause of death and whether police believe Connor McKissick shot and killed five of his family members is still unknown. The police chief said it may take some time to know those answers.

Three families have been displaced from their homes by the fire. Now, the community collects gift cards for families’ immediate food and clothing needs. Bring gift cards Heartland Village Hall (210 Cottonwood Avenue) Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Fox Brothers Bigly Wiggly Heartland Also taking gift card donations.

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