LIME continues to support education

Telecommunications provider, LIME continues to demonstrate its corporate responsibility by adding 13 new students to its Scholarship Programme that is now into its 21st year. The new group of students was among seven other groups that was recognised last week Thursday during an awards ceremony held at the Grenada Trade Centre Annex. General Manager Angus Steele who addressed the ceremony said the support is to enable the students on their journey in becoming better persons, better assets to the country, and better individuals in the world. Steele spoke of education being a pillar of life, and LIME has invested over … Continue reading

Winty Frederick launches PULP

The island’s newest political party, the People’s United Labour Party (PULP) was launched Sunday at the Deluxe Cinema in St. Andrew’s by former parliamentarian, Winston Frederick. The lackluster affair attracted a small gathering of 20 persons including members of the local media. Frederick, who served as Member of Parliament for the rural St. Patrick East Constituency in the 1990-95 period in Parliament stood alone on the podium as he delivered a 75-minute address to promote the plans of the party. Most of the speech were directed at making a plea for PULP to be seen as the alternative to both … Continue reading

Motion is the work of ‘imposter and disgraced Pastor’

The Women’s Arm of the NDC notes with grave concern, the recent actions of the MP for the Constituency of South East St. George, who rode to prominence on the NDC Ticket and wish to register our utter disgust with the decision of this uncaring, heartless back-bencher. This action is callous, ill-advised and disruptive. We are therefore convinced that this MP never had the interest of Grenada nor his constituents at heart and is driven by selfish motives and vengeance.  How despicable for a man-of-the-cloth. At this time when Grenadians are still basking in the glory of our Gold Medalist … Continue reading

More support from Grenada Helping Hands Organisation

The Grenada Helping Hands Organisation (GHHO) is continuing to provide assistance to a group of students who are pursuing their secondary school education. The six students who are into their fourth year of secondary education were presented with school supplies, and their stipend for transportation for the first term of the school year, which begins on September 3. The ceremony was held last week Friday at the Grand Mal Community Centre for a scholarship package to the tune of $6,854.00. According to Augustine Jones, the Local Coordinator who handles the business of GHHO, the organisation is conscious of the challenges … Continue reading

No-confidence motion is about “greed, money and power”

ADDRESS TO THE NATION BY PRIME MINISTER TILLMAN THOMAS ON THE MOTION OF NO-CONFIDENCE FILED BY HIS FORMER CABINET COLLEAGUE, EX-MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS, KARL HOOD, THE MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT FOR ST. GEORGE SOUTH-EAST The NNP had the opportunity to govern Grenada for thirteen years. When they were voted out of Office, they did not leave behind an economy that was geared-up, productive and strong enough to pay our debts over the long-term. Unfortunately, their borrowing was not planned to produce future streams of revenues. The NNP fooled Grenadians into believing that things were good, but, in reality, we were … Continue reading

NNP will support the Karl Hood motion

The New National Party (NNP) has signaled its intention to support a motion of No-confidence filed by disgruntled former Foreign Affairs Minister, Karl Hood against Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and his administration. Hood, the Member of Parliament for St. George South-east filed the motion on Friday with the Clerk of Parliament, Ray Donald for the attention of House Speaker, George Mc Guire. Addressing reporters at a press conference on Monday, the Chairman of NNP, former Deputy Prime Minister, Gregory Bowen said that as “a principled party” the main opposition will offer its support to the Motion of No Confidence which … Continue reading

Chinese housing project completed

Just over three hundred low-income families would soon take ownership of housing units that have been provided by the Government of the Peoples Republic of China (PRC). The keys to the housing units totaling 353 that are located at Mt. Gay and Frequente, St. George’s, and at Soubise, St. Andrew’s were officially handed over last week Friday at the Mt. Gay project site by Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce, Li Jinzao who headed a Chinese delegation on a visit to St. George’s. Speaking through an interpreter, Jinzao labelled the project as a very fine example of the productive cooperation between … Continue reading

NNP raises electoral concerns

The opposition New National Party (NNP) has accused Prime Minister Tillman Thomas of demonstrating a lack of interest in some machines that were allegedly stolen recently at the St. Paul’s Office of the Parliamentary Electoral Office. Speaking at a press conference called by the NNP on Monday, St. Mark’s Member of Parliament, Clarice Modeste-Curwen said that the issue has been raised in Parliament on several times but the Prime Minister has not responded to it in a very positive manner. She told reporters that PM Thomas has prided himself as the most democratic individual in the world and as such, … Continue reading

Another winner with LIME

The Sports Timeline Treasure Hunt took place on the LIME Grenada Facebook Page with fans competing for a chance to win the much coveted Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone. At the end of the competition, Neville Noel was declared the Grand Prize winner. He received his prize at the LIME Bruce Street Store from representative, Cherry-Ann Thomas. Two other runners-up, Chrislyn Wilson and Ronelle Criss were also presented with gift vouchers from Samsung, valued between $400 and $1,000. The Samsung Galaxy SIII comes packed with features such as high definition display, photo/music share features, smart alert that highlights your missed calls … Continue reading

“Rooms at Grooms” in honour of Kirani

Grooms Beach Villas & Resort in the south of the island is bent on cashing in on the tourism coverage given to the island by newly crowned Olympic 400 Metres gold medallist, Kirani James. The hotel, located less than five minutes drive away from the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA), has become the first on the island to announce a package in recognition of James, Grenada’s first Olympic medallist. Managing Director, Gloria Forrester unveiled the “Rooms at Grooms” promotion that will celebrate not only Kirani’s victory but also his Birthday (September 01) by ushering-in guests at the luxury facility at … Continue reading