Misapplied Doctrine of Necessity

At the recently held New Democratic Congress (NDC) Convention, some ten members of the party were expelled. On the “You Decide” program on Channel Six on Wednesday 10th October, Mr. William Joseph sought to invoke the Doctrine of Necessity to justify the expulsion of the members without due process. This is a misapplication of the doctrine which is justifiable when virtually there are no other options available for addressing a problem. The standoff between the Prime Minister and his supporters and the so-called “Rebels” was essentially settled by the showing of support for the Prime Minister in Gouyave compared with … Continue reading

Noise from Simon Stiell

Well, well, Simon Stiell! In your haste to attack the NDC administration, you failed to do a little research. Go now to page 30 of the NDC 2008 Manifesto where we undertook to prepare a new Development Plan for the sector. Go next to the 2008 Throne Speech. There you will find a commitment to transition the GBT to a Tourism Authority (TA). A Tourism Authority is an administrative and governance structure, the implementation of which is a matter for the policy makers. It is Government’s responsibility to make the call. It has nothing to do with managerial discretion or … Continue reading

The NNP political advisors

In virtually every speech or public utterance Keith Mitchell and his band are singing the tired old song about Government Advisors. He is blaming Government Advisors for all the woes the country is facing: from Payroll difficulties to problems in servicing the massive Public Debt, which the NNP administration so recklessly accumulated in the 13 years when they ran Grenada. To hear Mitchell speak of Advisors, one would think that the very word was invented by the NDC Government in office. Consider that this is coming from the very man who will go down in history as the Prime Minister … Continue reading

Remembering October 19th 1983

As we approach the 29th year of the memory of October 19th 1983, some have begun to reflect on the loved ones that were lost and incidents that occurred on that day. Recently I was asked “Where were you on that fatal morning?” The question was being asked in an attempt to gather information for a television program. It occurred to me that the question that needed to be asked was: “Why I was there?” Answering the “why” will uncover the reasons behind the peoples’ motivation for where they were on October 19th, 1983. From School Children, Officers of the … Continue reading

Loud mouths on the rampage

The need for public visibility, the pursuance of political agendas and demonstrated manifested power aspirations appear to be powerful motivators for some people. Many are prepared to do anything to achieve political power. Some seem to think that frequent posturing in the media projecting their desired slants and spins will endear them to the unsuspecting Grenadian public. And they do so despite their checkered track record. They seem to think that Grenadians have short memories and that they are easily fooled. One such individual is the controversial self-anointed Trade Man who frequently lands in Grenada to berate the government. It … Continue reading

In-fighting in our politics

WHY do people like Sediqui Sylvester and Stanford Simon WANT to stay in the NDC … so BADLY? A Political Party is like a living organism; constantly changing – not static. In an organism, changes to the constitution can be (and are) made. The Clothe can be changed to fit ongoing situations. Changes are made “You guys – Get over it”. If I was in an organisation and I fell out with the majority, I would not fight to stay with them. It would be stupid; very uncomfortable and non-productive. (Nay! Counter-productive). We’d BOTH be tremendously uncomfortable and fighting the … Continue reading


Grenada is blessed with two (2) of the World’s finest tree crops – Nutmeg and Cocoa – sometimes said to be “Grenada’s Black Gold” & “Grenada’s Brown Gold. In this contribution, I shall discuss Cocoa as Cacao (Theobroma cacao, Linn.) -Grenada’s Brown Gold. Please note, the Grenada fine Flavour Cocoa Beans is Forty (40) times more valuable when converted to Finished Chocolate Products. Thus if we receive US$2.00 per pound (lb) for the dry cocoa bean in Crocus Bags, we can expect to receive up to US$80 for a total pound of Chocolate Bar, Truffles, Bon Bon and so on. … Continue reading

Politically dunce, immature upstart

It was not that long ago that certain members, now disenchanted with the ruling administration, were singing the praises of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and its political leader. The central theme of the NDC was “good governance” and the main target was anti-corruption. The virtues of the NDC Political leader, Mr. Tillman Thomas was on the tip of everyone’s tongue, foremost amongst them being Hon. Charles Peter David. He was the flag-bearer. He was the one who held up Mr. Thomas’ hand on the campaign trail and sold him as the best leader to manage Grenada after 13 years … Continue reading

Morality vs immorality

I cannot say that I have been given a message for the nation or that what I say is truth, but today, I feel compelled as a patriot and a believer of Jesus Christ, to publicly articulate my thoughts in an attempt to remind us of the past, awaken us to our present reality and register my concern regarding a prevailing wanton national destiny, the pursuit of which heralds impending disaster. I thank God that after 1983, we at least matured enough to know that the gun and the use of force are not the answer, not withstanding, that we … Continue reading

The game of “survival”

Well we Grenadians have been witnessing our own Grenadian version of the survivor game over the past weeks. Our Ministers and NDC party officials have been shuffling and realigning themselves in preparation for the NDC Convention and the inevitable upcoming elections What is really sad are the lengths that these party officials and supporters are willing to go to distance themselves from the current ruling fraction that is left. Arley Gill has now publicly renounced and criticised Nazim Burke and others whom they sat next to and forged allegiances with for the past 4 years. Peter David is taking the … Continue reading