Life after the Kirani euphoria

We are all elated over Kirani’s super achievement in the 2012 London Olympic games, taking home Grenada’s first gold medal. The elation will fade, but not entirely, in the months and years that follow we will gloat every time the opportunity arises to “show off our man” – what in effect we will be doing, in a seeming show of national pride,  is subconsciously placing ourselves in his shoes – we won gold at the Olympics. Not Kirani, we! Lessons from his success can realistically lead to a better and healthier nation: in body, spirit and mind. However, we must … Continue reading

Hippocracy and Ungratefulness

“Kirani James, you are the only one who can unite us,” “You better stay because I don’t know what will happen when you leave”. These were the utterances of Dr. Keith Mitchell. What does he mean? Why did he use such an occasion to make such a divisive, inflammatory and inciting comment? Under the 13-year rule of Keith Mitchell, he did not demonstrate inclusivity. The opposition was locked out from many things. Those perceived to be NDC supporters were in the barren desert. He behaved like he owned Grenada and the government. For instance, the opposition had no access to … Continue reading

A Nation in flux

For at least the last three years Grenadians have known that all was not well within the ranks of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the administration of Prime Minister, the Honorable Tillman Thomas. The festering seemed to have no end; with every passing day the tenure of the Thomas-led government appeared to hang perilously on the state of the Grenadian economy. No distraction or diverting attention from the core problem: high unemployment – an unsustainable jobless rate of more than forty percent; the national treasure on boot strings unable to meet timely payment to civil servants and other debt … Continue reading


Over the years the annual “Rainbow City Festival” has developed to be a brand in its own right.  It was the late Jim Adamski who burst on the scene with the idea that at the ‘end of the Rainbow is a pot of gold’ and Grenville will be the Rainbow City, where the pot of gold resides. It was, at that time, St. Andrew had lost the national airport to Point Salines and we the people of St. Andrew no longer had a drawing card for bringing people to Grenada via Pearls Airport at St. Andrew and therefore Grenville would … Continue reading

One for Kirani

La Fillette St Andrew’s Grenada W.I. 12th March 2012 My Dear Kirani, I send you sincere greetings from the radiant island of Grenada. Kirani, you are my centre of attraction, the athlete I admire the most. When I heard of this writing competition my first thought was of you. I therefore, welcome the opportunity to write to tell you, what the Olympic Games means to me. My name is Bevon McLean and I am practically your greatest fan. I am a student at the St Mary’s Roman Catholic School, who is currently preparing for the C.P.E.A. Examinations. Although I do … Continue reading

Farewell Neil Armstrong

The first known manned spacecraft to land on the surface of the moon did so on July 20th 1969. It was a flight of America’s Apollo space program. The mission was designated, Apollo 11. At a crucial moment during the lunar module’s descent from its orbit to the surface of the moon, the onboard guidance computer controlling the craft’s fuel flow, rocket burn and target trajectory, a device that provided vital information to facilitate the crews landing on a chosen and predetermined spot started to malfunction sending out fluctuating readings, that triggered a flurry of alarms and flashing warning lights … Continue reading


by Clare Briggs De-Gale Born in Gouyave, St.John, Grenada Kirani is a talented and gifted youngster Calm, collected and optimistic. He always aims at fulfilling his dreams, how fantastic. Kirani is really a king. Oh what joy to Grenada and the world he brings. Every time he runs the four hundred meters Nothing other than winning is what really matters. For his fans in Grenada and wherever they are Kirani, the jaguar, is truly a shining star On 6th August 2012 in the city of London Grenada’s first Olympic gold medal was won. Grenadians here and abroad was glued to … Continue reading

Reflections on London 2012 Olympics

Two months ago, the UK’s Conservative government appeared vulnerable against the backdrop of a deepening recession and a seemingly unpopular Prime Minister. Many were calling for a change of PM. This was the scenario prevailing before London 2012 Olympics. A skeptical media, nationals pissed about restrictive travel arrangements and some empty seats at early events threatened to negatively impact public perceptions about the relevance and importance of the Olympic games. Then came Romney’s unfortunate comments about the British readiness, and a magical moment ensued. The Olympic fever caught on. The British reacted. Patriotism unleashed. Massive public support, enthusiastic volunteers, comparatively … Continue reading

Use and dump!!!

It is unfortunate the names often attached by some people to the leader of the opposition. Over the years, many persons have called him, “Dr. Stone” because of his decision in the first NNP government of the late H.A. Blaize to import Stone from St. Vincent for the construction industry as if Grenada did not have enough quarry Stone. The man put a lie to his own theory years later when as Prime Minister, his NNP government gave the go-ahead to his brother, Dunbar to set up a quarry business in Woodford. This man is not really a “Dr. Stone” … Continue reading

Saint Peter’s message to Grenadians

Sensible people of Grenada, I urge you to be on your guard.  There is a crusade on to try to demonise and destroy the good image of the Prime Minister and Political Leader of the NDC Administration and Party.  This crusade, while it will not recruit the thinking among us, will cause the unsuspecting among us to be concerned. St. Peter and his disciples laid down a challenge to Prime Minister Tillman Thomas on July 8th 2012, and have not yet recovered from the rejection dished out by you the people of Grenada. What a wicked blow.  That was a … Continue reading