Left heart-broken!!!

In an article published in the New Today Newspaper dated April 22nd, 2013 titled “Sexual molestation of a 9-month old baby”, the content of the article caused an immediate uproar of anger and frustration in my mind. To this date, I am heartbroken by such despicable acts of sex on this baby girl and the 9 year old child. I write this article to appeal to parents, particularly single mothers to protect, support and properly guide your daughters. Many single mothers struggle to support their children financially and emotionally. The absence of fathers in the home contribute to a large … Continue reading

Elections – Grenada’s Political Safety Valve

Elections in Grenada act like a safety valve through which the people vent their frustrations. How effective the venting is not so much a matter of the system’s design; but, as with a city sewer, it is the toxicity and viscosity of the sludge that is discharged or trapped in the system. In Grenada the sludge is economic hardship, the source of the people’s frustration. It is a bilious composite of intergenerational poverty, unemployment and hopelessness. And for the politicians, despite their seemingly confident on-stage persona, it is always the feeling of helplessness. The voters took to the polls last … Continue reading

Where are we heading?

I want to report a highly insulting incident which happened with me when I arrived at the Piarco Airport by LI-727 from Grenada. In Grenada, Protocol had checked me but no immigration form was given while checking in; I was brought through the VIP Lounge for departure. On the plane when I asked for a form, the air hostess said there was no form. Therefore, when I landed, I had not filled out the immigration form. There was no Protocol to receive me on arrival at Piarco Airport. I went to the Immigration desk to look for the form; there … Continue reading

Response & Contribution to the 2013 Budget Statement

On Tuesday April 16, 2013, less than two months following the New National Party’s massive landslide victory at the polls, the Prime Minister of Grenada and Minister of Finance & Energy, Dr. The Right Hon. Keith Mitchell, presented the 2013 Budget Statement to the nation for the current fiscal year ending December 31, 2013. The 1.1 billion dollar 2013 Budget, entitled “Restoring Hope, Building the New Economy and Empowering our People” was described by Dr. Mitchell as holding since, according to him, due to the shortage of time it strictly addressed the key policy areas of his government. I agree … Continue reading

Poor people money

N.I.S – the National Insurance Scheme, the name speaks for itself. What is the purpose of N.I.S? The N.I.S only benefits the government in hard times like these. The N.I.S should be helping the poor and needy but all the establishment does is to collect poor people money, most of the people never live to get benefits from their own money. My name is Dimeon Griffith Cadore of Mt. Moritz. I started working at my family Gas station at the age of fifteen. I was registered by the N.I.S and was paying my contribution as every other worker does. Three … Continue reading

KCM on course to a political miracle

In the competitive and quickly evolving world of politics, credibility is defined by flexibility, the ability to change with the tide and deliver; it stands at the cross roads to acceptance of the political directorate: success, money, power, transcendental admiration and the legacy of Queen Nefertiti – if the right cards are played. It seems that this time around Dr. Mitchell has gotten it right. Four and a half years of inspection and retrospection seemed to have made the positive impact in uniting and capturing the soul of the nation to stimulate and direct the national economy to acceptable levels … Continue reading


It has taken no time at all, for Mitchell to put pepper in the eyes of his newly-acquired puppets who stood against him hardly five years ago. Everyone knows that Peter David, Chester Humphrey and Karl Hood are now in bed with Keith Mitchell. In each case, they had declared that they had specific problems with the party to which they then belonged, the NDC. After posturing in the Parliament for months, in the case of Karl Hood and for years in the case of Peter David, they both quit the Government that they had helped to establish. In Chester’s … Continue reading

Let there be hope

From the very outset the theme of the 2013 Budget Presentation was going to lead us down a blind alley. “Restoring Hope” reminds me of the former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas saying “Help is on the way”. But then of course this is not surprising since the same technocrats who prepared the Tillman Thomas pronouncements are the ones who prepared this 2013 Budget presentation. The ordinary dictionary meaning of hope is ‘a chance that something good will happen; to want and expect something to happen or be true’. Our diet has changed from a bowl of transparency and tea in … Continue reading


Dear Hamlet,   A few days ago, you hosted a post-Cabinet Press Briefing at which you introduced yourself as the Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister responsible for Communications, Public Relations, Information and Media Relations! So, on this evidence, you are no longer an independent member of the media. Do you disagree? But were you really ever independent and impartial? Nevertheless, congratulations on your appointment. From all that has happened so far, it is also now emerging that you are a key member of the Mitchell’s ‘Second Cabinet’! You deserve all of that and more. Given our understanding of who … Continue reading

A budget of hope?

The results of the last election have made me become more and more selfish as a Grenadian. I did vote for my Congress party and will continue to vote for Congress because I like the philosophy of Uncle Tilly and the party. We lost the election because the people fell for the promises of delivery and delivery of jobs and more jobs as offered by NNP. It is too early to judge the NNP and all the pie in the sky promises that were made in the election. However, the budget as presented by the Prime Minister has nothing in … Continue reading