A message to the Feminist Movement in Grenada

We are taking a very dangerous trend, and we are going down a slippery slope by how women are trying to revolutionise the social responsibilities of our men in the society. Could you imagine that these people are urging some of the wives and common law wives to leave their husbands to create more social decay in our society by children not having a father figure in their lives? Even after they have encouraged the women to leave the homes they cannot maintain them financially. They are intoxicated by the level of liberalism, and civil liberty like countries such as … Continue reading

The kidnapping of MWAG

Congratulations to all who entered stories and above all to the respective winners’ of trophies in Sunday’s Seventh DIGICEL Media awards at the Trade Centre! When the event was pioneered seven years ago the objective was to give recognition to those who produced excellent work in various areas of the media and to encourage higher standards in the profession. No doubt about it, TV journalism has seen some improvements, and print to a lesser extent. Unfortunately, radio has declined to an all time low! The exceptions are a handful of veterans! Of extreme concern, however, is what is left of … Continue reading

Desperation and vitriolic behaviour

It is said that the longer you live, you will see and experience a lot. Nothing is supposed to surprise or shock you and that you should expect anything. Especially from some people! The political atmosphere in Grenada over the past few months definitely was a learning experience and confirms that the above saying is true. The twists and turns, the intrigue, the betrayals and plots, the revelations and outbursts and the deception and cunning. All of those have certainly enlightened many Grenadians. But the last two weeks were particularly revealing. Lord ego, ego, ego, ego of Labour fame was … Continue reading

Tourism is not looking good

At least for the next two seasons the tourism sector is not looking very promising and things have changed within this vital industry and cruise ships are now complaining that due to the high fuel cost and Grenada’s geographical location, they have problems with continuing to come thus far south. This is the reason why Princess and other lines are pulling out some of their ships and sending them into Europe where it will be much cheaper. According to the Florida Cruise FCCA, we are above average and we as tour operators, tour guides and all other stakeholders should take … Continue reading

Power Struggle? Senator George Vincent is not convinced

In a break with the party line, National Democratic Congress, NDC, Senator George Vincent, Minister of the all important Ministry of Tourism, does not agree with the position taken by the political leader and hierarchy of his party, the ruling NDC government, that there was an internal power struggle. At center of vicious attacks coming particularly from Senator Glen Noel, the government’s Minister of Information, is the oft “party maligned” so-called “rebel leader” – the people’s duly elected representative from the Town of St. George and Member of Her Majesty’s Parliament, the Hon. Peter David. Dr. Vincent’s unblemished track record … Continue reading

Some Questions for the Union Boss

Since your expulsion from the Party you seem to have taken your ranting to new levels of hysteria. Quite frankly, Chester, you sound like you are hopping mad. Now, this is rather surprising since you declared in the media that this whole expulsion thing was of no consequence to you. So why you so vex then? You know, you have left me wondering. I am trying to understand where you are coming from these days. If you were younger, I would say you were going through some mid-life crisis. But you kinda old, and there is hardly anything more undignifying … Continue reading

Short memories

As we enter into another election cycle (silly season) let us not be fooled once more by all the promises of investors lined up to come and invest in Grenada. Let us become even more politically astute and let us become fully aware of our circumstances, our realities and our potential as a people. “Grenadians do not be fooled” by the cheap political tricks now being embarked upon by those who have gambled with our future as a nation for 13 years, or by those NDC losers who for one reason or another now have some axe to grind with … Continue reading

Call it a day!!!

During the 2008 election, I listened attentively to members of the National Democratic Congress as they gave reasons why they should be elected to office. Among the reasons given included that the Leader of the New National Party was corrupt, mismanaged the finances of the country resulting in big debt etc. Today some of these members are accusing the National Democratic Congress leader of being stubborn headed and dictatorial etc. Can anyone with a clean mind elect such persons? Are these people interested in the well-being of persons and the country’s successful growth? The building the Forrester’s started to house … Continue reading

The gunmen are restless

Grenadians, do you know what the two fiercest critics of the Prime Minister has in common? This is an important question the people must ask these two individuals whenever they come back on our radio and television stations to speak out in defense of their new idol, Captain Peter David and to try and castigate the Prime Minister. These two old revolutionaries have one thing in common – either using the gun to kill or to export arms and ammunition so that Maurice Bishop and Bernard Coard could have plotted the overthrow of a duly-elected government in Grenada. The one … Continue reading

Not all that glitters is Gold

In recent months Grenada was introduced to The Grenada Web Shop also called “The Blackberry and Android Store”. This business place has been advertising the sale of items (Blackberry’s, IPods, Tablets etc) on Hire Purchase. Sounds good right! However, in order to qualify for Hire Purchase one must have a job letter, proof of address, two pieces of identification and a deposit of $99.00. If qualified, the items will be ready for collection within the next seven working days. But as the old saying goes, not all that glitters is gold and oh how true that will continue to be. … Continue reading