Letter: Bolivia takes the fizz out of politics

In St Vincent and the Grenadines we have a Marxist-led government, and we are members of a Marxist institution called ALBA. We were taken into ALBA by Ralph Gonsalves without the consent of the people. Most of us in SVG will have noticed that neither Pepsi nor Coca Cola is produced in our country anymore. Was that a commercial decision by the companies or a political one by our Marxist government? These were the two most popular drinks available in SVG. Yes, it is true, neither Pepsi nor Coca Cola is now available in SVG. Our ALBA member friend, Bolivian … Continue reading

A mindless act

The world was recently shocked and saddened by the massacre of innocent students and teachers at the Sandy Hook Elementary school in Connecticut, USA. But before the tributes and the commiseration activities for the victims were completed, the public was subjected to a barrage of illogical ranting and ravings from Mr. Wayne La Pierre, the Executive Director of the powerful American gun lobby and conservative advocacy group known as the National Rifle Association (NRA). Some of the quotes from the U.S media coverage, described Mr. La Pierre’s press briefing as being delusional and mired in lunatic paranoia. I happen to … Continue reading

Losing his memory!!!

Keith Claudius is definitely delusional. At age 69 it appears that he is quickly losing his brain cells. This to me is still a generous assessment. To many it is not difficult to conclude that he is displaying psychopathic tendencies. He continues to tell lies and mislead his followers leaving them more ignorant and dependent on him to think, use and manipulate. KCM has no wrongs and is now blaming the NDC for what he is calling the worst deals in Grenada. What craziness? Then he still thinks that he is the Prime Minister of Grenada. He now wants to … Continue reading

2013 – The year of responsibility

  It is not uncommon for countries and International Organisations to give designations to calendar years in an effort to highlight a particular concern, campaign or sector for focus. I might be a bit audacious here but I would like to confer upon the impending year (2013), for all of Grenada and all Grenadians, the designation Year of Responsibility. Let us start at the very top. Mr. Prime Minister we have listened to you extol the merits of transparency…etc., when in truth and in fact the simple virtue of unity would have served you and Grenada much better. You and … Continue reading

The case for re-election of Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and NDC

Mahatma Gandhi once wrote, “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean, if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become filthy.” It is in this context that the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique should never lose faith in humanity and also never lose faith in Prime Minister Hon. Tillman Thomas and the National Democratic Congress (NDC). Prime Minister Tillman Thomas’ life is his message. He is a lover of his own liberties and as such he would do absolutely nothing to restrict the liberties of the people of these … Continue reading


It seems to me Tillman Thomas and the NDC Administration are trying to align themselves with the success of Democratic President, Barack Obama. How wrong could they be! Obama was handed a sinking ship four years ago but his people are now beginning to see the light. Thomas was handed a country that was working economically and socially, the people were happy. Unfortunately the people thought they needed a change and handed the reigns to Thomas who has systematically and painstakingly pulled the country apart, bit by bit over the past four years. Obama projects HOPE to the American people … Continue reading

The man called R.H. Fleary

I urge everyone to read this article in order to understand the type of human, and quality of person that lies within the NDC Caretaker for Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Was Mr. Randolph Harrison Fleary born to teach or born to lead? I think he was born to do both. Please allow me to elaborate. He had the opportunity to go to the UK: He didn’t. He had the chance to travel to Canada, he refused. He could have gone to the United States to con black people as some others have done but he stayed. He chose to remain … Continue reading

Grenlec kills renewable initiatives in Grenada

Facts: 1. The Energy Supply Act defines the Monopoly for Grenlec until 31st December 2073: “Subject as hereinafter provided in this Act, the Grant of Company shall have a sole and exlusive licence to licence, generate, transmit, distribute and sell electricity in Grenada until December 31, 2073”, i.e. whatever happens in the energy sector is regulated by Grenlec and not the Grenadian Government – FOR THE NEXT 61 YEARS! (2). You can install a Windmill or a Solar Photovoltaic plant BUT: you have to sell ALL generated electricity to Grenlec for approx. 0.50 EC/kWh and buy ALL electricity you consume … Continue reading

A message to the Feminist Movement in Grenada

We are taking a very dangerous trend, and we are going down a slippery slope by how women are trying to revolutionise the social responsibilities of our men in the society. Could you imagine that these people are urging some of the wives and common law wives to leave their husbands to create more social decay in our society by children not having a father figure in their lives? Even after they have encouraged the women to leave the homes they cannot maintain them financially. They are intoxicated by the level of liberalism, and civil liberty like countries such as … Continue reading

The kidnapping of MWAG

Congratulations to all who entered stories and above all to the respective winners’ of trophies in Sunday’s Seventh DIGICEL Media awards at the Trade Centre! When the event was pioneered seven years ago the objective was to give recognition to those who produced excellent work in various areas of the media and to encourage higher standards in the profession. No doubt about it, TV journalism has seen some improvements, and print to a lesser extent. Unfortunately, radio has declined to an all time low! The exceptions are a handful of veterans! Of extreme concern, however, is what is left of … Continue reading