We shall know them by their deeds

Those who are interested in the well-being of the Grenadian people are now well known. Those who are not, stood out clearly on Friday, 20 July 2012. Keith Mitchell, Modeste,  Bhola, Nimrod, Church and Hood demonstrated their wicknedness and screwed  the Grenadian people. All in the name of dirty politics! All because they are trying to make the government look bad and gain the elusive upper hand!  They were so blinded in their attempt to gain power that they lost sight of the people’s business. Could you imagine that the NNP group which presided over the poorest regulatory period in … Continue reading

NDC party – Hot potato or golden egg

Let’s be impartial for a moment and take an honest and real look at what is happening in our Country today: * We have a fragmented Government that is not functioning consisting of 2 fractions that are irreconcilable at this point. * We have a PM that  refuses to call elections * We have parliamentary representatives who refuse to support a no-confidence motion (hanging on to the fat paychecks) * Businesses are closing and Jobs are being lost left right and center. The ruling party appears to have absolutely no regard for us suffering Grenadians. * Our credibility internationally as … Continue reading

A dangerous Sub culture

While many of our institutions, stand by and watch our society, go down the drain, so too our social workers, homes and even some of our schools are guilty of condoning this practice, reluctantly. Today when one travels around this beautiful little island of ours, one will be shocked at what the eyes will see, but yes it is perfectly true believe it or not. Almost every young man with the exception of a few can be seen wearing their trousers far underneath their bottom with no respect for the society, the elderly or even the Law. This is discourteous, … Continue reading

It’s time to call it quits, Mr. Prime Minister

The Prime Minister’s address at the “Government’s rally” in Gouyave on July 8th  had been billed as an account of his government’s performance over the past four years. This was one of the most remarkable speeches made by the Prime Minister during his four years in office. It was refreshing to hear the Prime Minister give such an accurate and honest account of where we are in Grenada after four years of this Tillman Thomas “led” Government. What was so remarkable was the Prime Minister’s admission of his failed leadership, his failed policies and his failure to deliver on his … Continue reading

The message is clear!

The message is Clear. Tillman Thomas is the undisputed leader of the NDC and anyone who harboured hopes of replacing him, anytime soon should now be having second thoughts. That is, if they have any political sense remaining. The NDC is a family Party founded upon certain core principles and values and values which the general membership subscribe to and are prepared to defend with honour and pride. The NDC went through a period of growth which saw new members being accepted into the NDC family for the expressed purpose of building our nation together. Some members were skeptical and … Continue reading

It’s happy hour time

Political miscalculations, inept analysis and pure stupidity often destroy many dreams and aspirations of some people. When this is underpinned by stark immaturity and ‘dunceness’ things unravel. So when Peter called in his chips, Lett and Glynis had little choice for being pawns. So uncomfortable as they appeared on national TV, they blew their political capital that’s if they had any left. They obviously were led to believe that they had some sort of leverage, which could be used to negotiate back in their  errant friends. The group of boys in men’s bodies who temporarily now control the Executive of … Continue reading

All Zandoli find their hole

The games were declared open and the first race of the day, the Toddlers race, was called to a start, and the groundsmen managed to get the Toddlers to stand in a row, but they must hurry to start the race before they get distracted. In lane one (1) the Box Head Casino Minister Lane two (2) The Social worker MP from SW St Andrew Lane three (3) The Minister of Carriacou Affairs Lane four (4) The Glorified Secretary/Frock Lady Lane five (5) The Rum Sponge ex Senator Lane Six (6) “Our Beloved Minister of Agriculture” Lane seven (7) The … Continue reading

Peter, please leave now!!!

I hope you will give me an opportunity to deal with the so-called General Secretary of my NDC party who has selected a small group of non-thinking individuals to run his PRG style Central committee in the executive of the party. When Joe, Glynis and the rest of the gang were running around the country with their so-called endorsement meetings and they were taken to task by the Political Leader and some real NDC Executive members, a decision was taken to stop the process after much heated debate and the realisation by the rebel group that they were loosing ground. … Continue reading

Bishop is the best choice

A rather interesting battle is in progress in the constituency of St. George South East between Terron Gilchrist, Elliot Bishop and Randal Robinson, in a bid to get the nod from the NDC to be the choice to replace Karl Hood as the candidate for the next general election due in 2013. Gilchrist, an employee of the Ministry of Health, alleged to be pro Karl Hood and anti-Uncle Tilly, has resorted to placing of posters produced abroad with a photo of himself soliciting support and indicating that he has a plan for the constituency if elected. Randal Robinson, the River-tubing … Continue reading

Waiting patiently on the D.P.P!!!

There was an inquiry into the misconduct of the right Hon. Dr. Keith Mitchell with a one man commissioner appointed by Sir Daniel Williams, the then Governor General of Grenada. Whenever an inquiry is being conducted with Taxpayers money as was in the case of the Duffus inquiry the report was published in the newspaper and the recommendation carried out. But in the case of the Cheltenham inquiry no report was officially published in the newspaper by the office of the then Governor General and no recommendation carried out especially the recommendation made on page fifty-eight of the report. I … Continue reading