The dark side of the Electronic Crimes Bill

The Electronics Crime Bill is now the law of the land of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique subject to the affirmation of the Governor General Dame Cecile La Grenade. There are many lessons to be drawn from the process which saw the enactment of this legislation. There is no doubt that legislation is required to deal with Cyber crime, Identity theft, Child pornography and Electronic stalking in this evolving Electronic age. However, the Keith Mitchell-led administration again displayed its deceptive character by “slipping in” some aspects of the bill that will effectively hinder free expression and compromise legitimate political activity … Continue reading

Airlines mishandling Grenada as a destination

As the mishandling of our visitors by the airlines industry during the Carnival season worsens, an urgent Impact Study is needed as it relates to damage control. Baggage delays, baggage and ticket price gouging, over booking, flight cancellations and late departures are creating a negative impact on the visitor’s experience. We cannot allow the Spice Isle’s premier tourism product to continuously take this type of hit. Grenada invests heavily in keeping its side of the bargain with the respective airlines and deserves the same level of service given on the other leg of the trip back to North America. Based … Continue reading

The economics of legalizing marijuana

Pay close attention to the breaking news coming from the world of marijuana. Mass social engineering has radicalised the status quo with a tidal wave of new thinking that is going to have serious socio-economic implications for Grenada and the whole Caribbean region. Since the thirties, prohibition eradication campaigns have criminalised and outlawed marijuana to the violent underworld subculture of drug cartels and crime syndicates. The legacy we inherited from draconian prohibition laws includes money laundering, financing of global terrorism, weapons trafficking, and other negative externalities. But now attitudes are changing and changing rapidly. The world’s 196 countries are nearly … Continue reading


Your paper of 23rd August had buried on page 15 a small notice to Port Users. This was dated August 15th, a Thursday, which meant that under normal circumstances it could NOT have appeared in the Friday 16th paper. It was duly carried in the Friday 23rd Edition. It announced the formation of a Committee to (1) “review the varied free time and storage regimes at Port St. George”, and (2) to consider the impact or contribution of the regimes to the GPA’s operation income…, give due regard to minimizing any adverse or negative impact to GPA’s finances”. Port users … Continue reading

Is “the leader” now a “toothless tiger”?

It has been six months that the New National Party won the last general elections and formed the government, and it must be admitted that Grenadians have been patient with them, and agreeably so. We have to face it, that after such an overwhelming victory for the second time, which is worthy of securing a place in the Guinness Book of World records, many were taken by surprise. Within Grenada the celebration among the majority was justified while the minority who voted for the NDC and who are among the more intelligent population was not even sufficient to win them … Continue reading


As LIAT continues to face the challenges that seems to be ever so present within its operations, one can only continue to wonder how long can the cash-strapped Airline continue under this condition with its present management structure, which has proven to be grossly inefficient in running a business as dynamic and heavily capital intensive as an Airline. Having been in business since 1974 and still is, demonstrates the viability and definite need for the Airline if placed in the right hands. LIAT without any dispute is indeed an essential service to the Caribbean Region and must be treated as … Continue reading

The absence of Stone Crusher

I take pride in reading your weekly newspaper when I can get them – otherwise I visit and make do with your selected articles there. Your efforts to enlighten Grenadians over the years must not be taken lightly. If many of the Grenadians who blindly voted last election, and those who refused to take it seriously by reclusing themselves (thus contributing to the unprecedented second 15-0 victory for the NNP) had listened to you and other advocates, they would not have been in the position they are in today. I believe, from where I sit that all the promises … Continue reading

Transition from boyhood to manhood

In many cultures special ceremonies are conducted which initiate a boy into manhood. Such events mark the point of departure from one stage of development to the next. It is a commencement juncture or line of demarcation whereby a youth is inducted into what it means to be a man. This might include being taken into the woods at night and exposed to darkness, danger, and doleful sounds. In other cases the youth may have to prove his mettle by killing some ferocious animal. In isolated cases in the west some fathers do their own thing in terms of inducting … Continue reading

NNP False promises and Bold face lies

We will deliver lies and false promises   * Is Political Correctness a case of giving Hope or spreading lies!*CCC work will start by the beginning of July.   *Nobody will be victimized, nobody will be sent home   *There is a lot of activity on the docks   *We have a plan to rescue Grenada   *We have reduced substantially unpaid claims in the Treasury   *Busmen are making 6 and 7 full trips from the country to town   *We will restructure the National Debt   *We will discontinue the Free School Programme only in Private Schools.   … Continue reading

‘Carnival is we Kulture!’

This line from the lyrics of one of the current musical mutations has given me much food for thought. Not that the line itself was nourishing but what it suggested awakened certain ideas in my mind. The chanter was evidently seeking to justify the character and content of his performance by his message. Recently, I was speaking to a group of over fifty kids and young people at the closing program of a vacation bible school out in the country. I asked them, “What do we celebrate at Christmas?” They replied, “The Birth of Christ.” Then I asked, “What do … Continue reading